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lounge » site news
Hello everybody, I'd like to announce my decision regarding the Mirrors poll:
As usual, I wanted to make everybody happy, so i decided to provide contributors with an option to disable mirrors module in their posts.

This way, Contributors who spent money to buy and share exclusive stuff (like DISCOVER), will be able to disable mirrors in their posts;
Option will be also used by those Contributors, who want to reupload their links by themselves.

Those Contributors who don't want to reupload their posts, will leave the Mirrors option untouched, so members+ will still be able to post mirrors.

As result, we all get what we wanted.
lounge » site news
our Contributor said to me that previous poll might be compromised my those who post mirrors;
since the results was like 91% (to keep mirrors) against 9% (to dismiss), the idea feels quite likely.

The overall noise around this thing is going on because:
- Contributors don't want anyone to post mirrors to their posts (for a well known reason...);
- I'm supporting mirrors because i don't want posts to die;
- now we decided to disable mirrors for Contributors only (you won't be able to post mirrors to Contributor's post), with condition that Contributors will keep their posts alive and reupload links themselves.

But, as i always said, AudioZ belongs to all of you, members;
so it's up to you to decide.

The current poll is a widget that i've got from a Poll Service Web-site, it's very well protected, so those who want to cheat and make multiple vote, won't be able to.

Simply choose your option, press Vote! and you'll be forwarded to another page with some text on russian and CAPTCHA - you know the drill, put those numbers in there and press the button.

Please participate in this poll!
results will rule the future of AudioZ.
lounge » site news
Funny thing, but only now i have realized that the site is practically empty.

we can definitely forget about MU and FileServe; FileSonic might come back in a few days, but still most of the posts and mirrors are dead.

this leads to a good question: wtf do we do now? :o))

i don't want to make a mess with mirrors and other stuff... after all about 20% of posts was dead anyway.

so it seems to me that the best thing to do is to start with a clean sheet.
some stuff will be lost forever, but most of it, i am sure, will be reuploaded in a month or so.

please vote in the poll.
i especially want to read our contributor's opinion.

UPD: unfortunately, i still do not have complete solution to this problem... neither my acquaintance who run much bigger web-sites.
although i can share some news with you...
lounge » site news
[obsolete] Report Dead Posts screenshot
Just want to remind that I always expect your help in keeping AudioZ clean and fresh.

If you found an article with no valuable links alive (like RS, MU, FS, Fs, Wu...), include mirrors;
please press Report Dead Article icon.

Our Moderators will review links in that post and remove it, or upload new links.

Anyway, it's very important to keep AudioZ clean, so please don't just walk away from this duty.
lounge » site news
Once again, I would like to warn you that things has changed.
Please take time, read the rules, understand new sections and how to post appropriately.

I take this very seriously and I will be lowering your status if you fail to follow the rules.

if you experiencing any confusions, please tell me about it in this thread.
lounge » site news
I'm just wondering, why would you still spam AudioZ with comments like "Thanks" and " ", even after we added the Thanks Button?

I really want to understand this behavior... maybe i'm missing something?

Please vote inside. I'm sure the answer is there.


lounge » site news
I want more members to become Residents, so i'm asking you to invite those you know and trust.

Simply paste link to member's profile in comments and i will review it.

P.S. don't forget that you won't see BlackListed Section from Feeds
lounge » site news
[obsolete] Neighborhood Watch Area screenshot
a few words about the recent situation with dukeiggi...
what amazes me most, is that only today i received a message with complains, while this has been up for for some time now.

so, if it's not obvious for you, i will say that i physically cannot check and review every article's comments;
and it should be an unspoken rule that if you see something you don't like, you report it to me.

i'm looking for a solution with dukeiggi right now, but the point of this message is to let you know that i'm counting on your support and i need to know what's going on!

UPD: you don't get it guys.. the point i'm trying to make is that in the next time, i expect to receive at least a little notice on what's going on, before it get's ugly :feel:
communicate with me please!
lounge » site news
un-fucking-thinkable thing has happened;
it turns out that one of our Composers has repeatedly disabled and removed comments, containing mirrors.
his name is MericG, and you can congratulate him, because today he was banned.

not more, not less... i will not tolerate this shit.
it is up to you to make money on your warez-uploads, however immoral it is;
but my primary goal here is to give our members a choice, and this applies to any status, especially those above the "member".

so once again, i will not tolerate this shit!

p.s. kiemtien001, you got to stop posting images bigger than 300x300px! don't make me hate you man :stop:
lounge » site news
Just want to remind that each of you can help keeping AudioZ clean and fast.
all it takes is to report Dead articles, where no links are working:
[obsolete] Report Dead Articles screenshot
- simply click the "close" button and we'll have your report investigated.

your help is very appreciated!

P.S. I also wanted to say thanks to all those, who clicking on banners.. I know it's a horseshit, so when I see a few clicks in my stats, I know that you doing this only to help AudioZ;
and I love the idea that there are a few people that do care.

ohh and btw, anybody have this book - Voichita Bucur Acoustics of Wood? - solved. thanks to Nanuhi
btw 2, anyone knows where iorel has gone?
lounge » site news
okay, you won.
pictures will stay on main page, but it is now a part of the rules that no picture will be processed if it's size over-exceeding 300px;
whether it's a thumbnail or direct link, it has to be within 300px!!!

also, i want to remind you again, that all links must be wrapped in CODE tag.

and by using this chance i want to introduce to you our new Warrior-Soundman, or merely Moderator - djking.
please respect him and listen to his advices. we all working hard to make this place look pleasant to you.
there is no need to offense or threat the administration team. there are rules that will be followed one way or another.

Please stay Audiwarezed.

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