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I can finally say that Diva is the best vst soft-synth to emulate analog machines reFX Nexus 3 (Mac/WiN) workarounds, fixes, crashes, etc ReFX old (discontinued) plugins and other archive Kontakt 6 activation? Instruments Loading As Demos Native Instruments Maschine 2 crashing a good yt loader Native Instruments - Melted Vibes - Kontakt Library - Play Series Output Arcade v1.6.1.4076 (WiN-MacOSX) Free Mixing and Mastering for 6 first to pm me


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Education » Video Tutorials
Lynda GarageBand for Mac Essential Training TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 10 May 2021 | 1.26 GB
GarageBand is one of the most accessible, affordable, and easy-to-learn recording software options around. It comes free on every new Mac, and its simple interface means you spend less time learning the software and more time making music. This course gives you a head start. Instructor Garrick Chow shows how to create your first project using the prerecorded loops, virtual drummer, and software instruments built into GarageBand. These features allow you to create an entire song without knowing how to play a single instrument. But if you want to record a live performance, GarageBand has you covered. Garrick also shows how to record real instruments in GarageBand, and how to use the Amp Designer to craft your own unique guitar sounds. Then learn how to arrange, edit, and mix your projects using the Arrangement track and the built-in effects. Last but not least, Garrick shows how to export your song from GarageBand and share it with the world.
Education » Video Tutorials
Skillshare Ultimate Ableton Live 11 Part 6 Mixing Mastering and DJing TUTORiAL screenshot
Team SkilledHares | 09 May 2021 | 3.62GB
Welcome to ULTIMATE ABLETON LIVE 11, PART 6: Mixing, Mastering, and DJing!
In this course, we will use the real-world experiences of the award-winning instructor and university music production professor Dr. Jason Allen. But don't be worried - Dr. Allen is best known around campus for keeping things simple, accessible, useful, and fun.
Education, Video Tutorials
Groove3 MYSTERIA Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 7 May 2021 | 153 MB
Studio wiz Larry Holcombe gives you detailed Native Instruments MYSTERIA video tutorials! Learn all about MYSTERIA's features and functions as well as how to use it to create interesting and deep patches for your songs and productions. These video tutorials are designed for new MYSTERIA users.
Education, Video Tutorials
Groove3 iZotope Music Production Suite Remixing a Stereo Mix TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 7 May 2021 | 222 MB
Studio pro Gary Hiebner presents comprehensive iZotope Music Production Suite video tutorials! Learn how to take a 2 channel stereo mix audio file and extract the different elements such as vocals, drums, bass, etc and then import them into a new session and mix them again for better sound, as well as alternate mixes. You also get the stereo mix file used in the videos so you can follow along on your system. These videos are for those who are already familiar with the different plug-ins included with iZotope's Music Production Suite.
Education » Video Tutorials
Udemy Learn And Internalize The Pentatonic Scale TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 04 May 2021 | 1.32 GB
This course is about memorizing and internalizing the pentatonic scale all over the fretboard. Beat subdivisions are also being introduced in this course. The pentatonic scale was presented vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Pentatonic box combinations or what we call pentatonic extensions are also here to study. This course is very useful when it comes to knowing your guitar fretboard. Especially when it comes to the pentatonic scale. But still, it is also very beneficial to apply the techniques when learning the other scales. You should not force yourself to memorize the pentatonic scale.
Education » Video Tutorials
SonidoPro Como Vender Beats TUTORiAL screenshot
FANTASTiC | 01 May 2021 | 3.48 GB
Los productores urbanos suelen pensar que vivir de la música es algo que solo algunos pueden lograr. Y es que reciben críticas de sus padres, amigos y hasta desconocidos, diciendo que no se puede.

¡Nada más lejos de la realidad! Aunque si es cierto que trabajar con esos artistas grandes puede ser un poco más retador, puedes vivir perfectamente de la música vendiendo tus beats online, pero debes hacerlo correctamente.


Education » Video Tutorials
Mel Bay Quartal Harmony Modern Jazz Comping & Voicings AVI screenshot
AVI | 349 MB
Quartal harmony deals with guitar chord shapes and chord voicings that are built in 4ths rather than 3rds. This type of harmony is used by pianists and guitarists alike and utilizes voicings that can be used in many settings. Quartal voicings, and their inversions, are displayed in the DVDs accompanying chart with very clear diagrams making it very easy to learn and understand this type of harmony. The 69-minute DVD not only presents teaching material, but also provides a play-along essence that will allow students to hear how to apply these great chord voicings.
Education » Video Tutorials
Sound Heals 2019 1080p WEB H264-ASCENDANCE screenshot
Video: MKV | 1920×1080 | 9 218 kb/s
Audio: English | AC3 | 224 kb/s
Runtime: 1 h 14 min | 4.95 GB

Have you ever been in a bad mood, turned on your favorite song and just felt better? Have you attended a group meditation or yoga class where they played sacred sound instruments, and you left feeling re-energized and refreshed?
Education » Video Tutorials
Songwriter 2018 Film 720p MKV screenshot
English | 720p | MKV | 1h 25m 42s | 702MB
Songwriter is an intimate and personal look into the writing process of one of the worlds leading artists – Ed Sheeran. Filmed by his cousin Murray, Songwriter details the creation of Ed’s third studio album “Divide” and gives an authentic insight into Ed’s life through never before seen home videos. Witness first hand the creativity, from the very first chord to the finishing touch – as the sounds become the songs.
Samples, loops, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai, Video Tutorials
Future Music December 2020 DVD CONTENT screenshot
23.11.2020 | DVD CONTENT| 21 GB
Future Music delivers the technique and technology behind modern electronic and forward-thinking music. Packed with inspiration for today’s modern musician there’s reviews of hot new gear, tons of tutorials to help you get the most out of your hardware and software, and exclusive In The Studio features where a broad range of artists take apart their tracks on video for our cover-mounted DVD.
Education, Video Tutorials
Producertech Secrets of the Mashup screenshot
Language: English |Duration: 2h+ | Video: H264 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48 kHz 2ch | 735 MB
Since 1996, Simon Shackleton has been producing and DJing across the globe as Elite Force. Famed for both his technical prowess and exceptional creative capacity, he has received support from legendary DJs like Sasha and Fatboy Slim. In this lengthy set of tutorials, he provides an insight into how this remixing master created his mix of M.A.D. (with Hatiras, Jelo, Stanton Warriors & Vandal), featured on his 2010 'Revamped' album.
Education, Video Tutorials
Lick Library Metal Rhythm Guitar for Absolute Beginners screenshot
Duration: 2h 11min | Video: .MP4 1920x1080, 25 fps | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz, 2 channels | Size: 1.22 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

This superb DVD includes a selection of easy to absorb lessons that are designed to teach the beginner guitarist some of the essential basics of Metal Rhythm guitar playing.
In this DVD course, Danny Gill takes you through all the techniques needed to be a great metal rhythm guitar player. From Tony Iommi to Dimebag and everything in between, we've got you you covered.
Education, Video Tutorials
Lick Library Learn Guitar Techniques Metal Zakk Wylde Style screenshot
Duration: 2h 2min | Video: .AVI 672x368, 29.97 fps | Audio: MP3, 48 KHz, 1 channels | Size: 782.2 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn Zakk Wylde's guitar styles and licks with Jamie Humphries.
Pentatonic sequences, harmonics and vibrato, hybrid picking ... This excellent two hour DVD will teach you some of the guitar techniques that influenced metal guitarists worldwide!
Education, Video Tutorials
Udemy QuickStarter The Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn Guitar TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 18 August 2020 | 1.35 GB
Studio33Guitar is well known for the KickStarter program, which combines learning guitar and music theory at the same time. But over the years, many people have asked about learning how to play guitar, but are looking for a course without all the theory. For this reason I developed the QuickStarter course. With this course you will learn proper guitar technique, but without the heavy theory to slow you down.

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