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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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Rock, Metal - 822 (12.94%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 1094 (17.22%)
Jazz, Classical - 224 (3.53%)
World, New Age - 72 (1.13%)
Avant-Garde - 69 (1.09%)
Folk, Country - 62 (0.98%)
Ska - 11 (0.17%)
Electronic (general) - 1404 (22.1%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 140 (2.2%)
- Club, Dance - 230 (3.62%)
- D&B - 239 (3.76%)
- House - 676 (10.64%)
- Trance - 359 (5.65%)
- Industrial - 109 (1.72%)

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Should I submit my music to a label(s)? My new ambient glitch techno track Rigid lines Windows XP Has More Users than Windows Vista and Windows 8 Combined, Avast Says Review of Realivox Ladies by Realitone Soul RnB Composition Production Is there an app that copies folder structure? Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments I have a track that will blow away Skrillex. Need big label guys to msg me. Proper Desktop Recording?


fresh releases

Education » Literary
Yo DJ Productor: El Manual Definitivo del DJ Productor screenshot
Spanish | 2017 | ASIN: B06XPF9JWK | 749 Pages | 23 MB
Manual de aprendizaje para el DJ productor. Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre la composición musical, estudios virtuales, instrumentos digitales, plug-ins y sintetizadores. Escrito por Microfusa y David Amo, con la colaboración de reputados DJ Productores. Con ellos aprenderás a producir desde cero, mezclar correctamente, masterizar tus trabajos y saber cómo trabajar tu marca artística.
Education » Literary
Talking Guitar: Conversations with Musicians Who Shaped Twentieth-Century American Music screenshot
English | 2017 | ASIN: B06XPJMMKW | 320 Pages | 3 MB
In this lively collection of interviews, storied music writer Jas Obrecht presents a celebration of the world's most popular instrument as seen through the words, lives, and artistry of some of its most beloved players. Readers will read--and hear--accounts of the first guitarists on record, pioneering bluesmen, gospel greats, jazz innovators, country pickers, rocking rebels, psychedelic shape-shifters, singer-songwriters, and other movers and shakers. In their own words, these guitar players reveal how they found their inspirations, mastered their instruments, crafted classic songs, and created enduring solos.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Mix Magazine - April 2017 screenshot
English | 60 pages | True PDF | 35 MB
Mix is the world's leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production technology industry. Mix covers a wide range of topics including: recording, live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video, and music technology.
Education » Literary
Dominique Paret, Serge Sibony, "Musical Techniques: Frequencies and Harmony" screenshot
English | ISBN: 1786300583 | 2017 | 304 pages | PDF | 9 MB
This book is built to start from elementary and fundamental bases to the first degrees of harmony. It provides many theoretical and technical bases of music, presenting in detail relations between physics and music (harmonics, frequency and time spectrum, dissonance, etc.), physiological relations with human body and education.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Computer Music - May 2017 screenshot

English | 116 pages | PDF | 42 MB

Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions.
Education » Literary
From Scratch: Writings in Music Theory by James Tenney screenshot
2015 | ISBN: 025203872X | English | 504 pages | PDF | 5 MB
One of the twentieth century's most important musical thinkers, James Tenney did pioneering work in multiple fields, including computer music, tuning theory, and algorithmic and computer-assisted composition. From Scratch is a collection of Tenney's hard-to-find writings arranged, edited, and revised by the self-described "composer/theorist." Selections focus on his fundamental concerns–"what the ear hears"–and include thoughts and ideas on perception and form, tuning systems and especially just intonation, information theory, theories of harmonic space, and stochastic (chance) procedures of composition.
Education » Literary
Rebel Music Resistance Through Hip Hop and Punk screenshot
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1623969093 | 193 Pages | PDF | 2.5 MB
Arising from the street corners and underground clubs, Rebel Music: Resistance through Hip Hop and Punk, challenges standardized schooling and argues for equity, peace, and justice. Rebel Music is an important, one-of-a-kind book that takes readers through fun, radical, educational chapters examining Hip Hop and Punk songs, with each section addressing a particular social issue. Rebel Music values the experiences found in both movements as cultural capital that is de-valued in the current oppressive, standard, test-driven, rule-bound, and corporate schooling experience, making youth “just another brick in the wall.” This collection is a “rebel yell” to administrators, teachers, parents, police, politicians, and counselors who demonize Hip Hop and Punk to listen up and respect youth culture. Finally, Rebel Music is a celebration of radical voices and an organizing tool for those who use music to challenge oppression.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Electronic Musician - April 2017 screenshot
English | True PDF | 68 pages | 38.9 MB
Electronic Musician is not merely a recording magazine but covers all aspects of music production—performance, recording, and technology, from studio to stage. EM finds the top artists and producers – as well as all the musical trendsetters – and gets them to advise, mentor, and detail their craft. Each issue gives you the tools you need to make better music, from production to performance. Plus tips and techniques, gear reviews, and insights from today’s top artists.
Education » Literary » Magazines
MusicTech - April 2017 screenshot
English | 148 Pages | True PDF | 32 MB
MusicTech is the magazine for producers, engineers and recording musicians. Every issue is packed with hands-on features written by professional producers and engineers. There are software workshops for every major DAW, interviews with top named producers, artists and engineers, plus reviews of the latest studio hardware and software. With a DVD packed with samples, tutorial videos and software, MusicTech is the ultimate package for today’s studio user.
Education » Literary
Music Production Essentials (Music Production Series) by Nan Jerry Smith screenshot
English | 2017 | ASIN: B06XKCLBGY | 127 Pages | PDF | 5.5 MB
What this Book is offer
Due to advances in modern technology, everyone can built lower cost personal music studios, Perform band recording、Composing、Arranging sessions.., This book provides music production hardwares and softwares introduction, Give the reader an understanding of entry, following is a brief introduction to each chapter:
Education » Literary
Lynda Media Composer 8.7 Essential Training 110 TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | March 14 2017 | 4.21 GB
Media Composer 8.7 Essential Training is a two-part, start-to-finish training series for new users of Avid Media Composer. Part two focuses on advanced editing techniques and effects, which will prepare video editors for almost any post-production scenario they encounter in the wild. Learn timesaving "quick edit" techniques that use features like phantom marks to speed up your editing workflow. Find out how to leverage more precise timeline controls to recut and fine-tune the timing of footage. Discover advanced audio editing techniques, and methods for working with high-resolution media without compromising on quality or speed. Then dive into advanced effects, such as blurring, time warping, and chroma keying, and animation with the NewBlue Titler Pro plugin. Avid Certified Instructor Maxim Jago explains each technique using examples from a documentary-style promotional project—helping you develop more advanced skills and understand how Media Composer fits into a real-world post-production workflow.
Education » Literary
100 Ultimate Soul, Funk and R&B Grooves for Organ by Andrew D. Gordon screenshot
English | 2017 | ASIN: B06XDYNTM6 | 67 Pages | PDF | 4.9 MB
Andrew D. Gordon, world renowned music educator, author of over 60 music educational products, has previously written numerous books on funk keyboard styles such as: “60 Of The Funkiest Keyboard Riffs Known To Mankind”, “Funky Organ Grooves”, “Outta Sight Funk & R&B Riffs For Piano/Keyboards” which have been well received by students, teachers and musicians all over the world. As playing funk styles is a passion of Andrew’s, he has written this instructional book “100 Ultimate Soul, Funk and R&B Grooves for Organ” based on the influences of the great Funk, Soul and R&B artists such as: James Brown, Herbie Hancock, The Crusaders, Average White Band, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Parliament, Ramsey Lewis, Booker T and The MG’s, MFSB, Billy Preston etc. Besides the afore-mentioned styles Andrew has also added a few grooves that are Afro-Caribbean such as: Latin, Reggae and Calypso. Each of the 100 grooves have been recorded with the organ part playing along with a rhythm section of guitar, bass, drums, and in many of the grooves, percussion. There is also a three minute Play-A-Long track for each of the 100 grooves minus the organ part so that you can practice along with the rhythm tracks adding up to over 5 hours of Play-A-Long tracks.
Education » Literary
Easy Beginning Guitar Method 2 : The Ultimate Guide for Beginners of All Ages to Learn Guitar Step by Step [Kindle Edition] screenshot
English | 2017 | ASIN: B06XC4KWJ1 | 136 Pages | 6 MB
The "Easy Beginning Guitar Method" is designed to learn contemporary guitar step by step. Comprised of three volumes, this innovative method covers everything a beginning guitarist needs to know: tuning, picking, reading notes, chords, scales, accompanying songs, basic music theory, and more. Written in a clear and progressive manner, students can proceed at their own pace and playing guitar will never be easier or more fun! Book 2 continues where Book 1 left off. It includes: 12-bar blues, basic riffs, notes in the 2nd position, repeat signs, key signatures, barre chords, triplets, fingerstyle, and more.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Future Music - April 2017 screenshot
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 34 MB
Future Music brings you the most in-depth news and reviews from respected industry professionals. We'll also give you all the advice you need to get the most from your current set-up, and interviews with musicians at the cutting-edge of technology
Education » Literary » Magazines
Audio Media International - March 2017 screenshot
English | True PDF | 44 pages | 53 MB
Audio Media International (AMI) will offer a combination of Audio Media’s 25-year print heritage and the unrivalled online strength of Audio Pro International, creating the leading technology resource for the pro-audio end user. As well as covering the recording, post-production and broadcast markets – Audio Media's specialist areas – AMI will also serve the live and commercial install sectors, where Audio Pro International has always been patricularly strong. Audio Media International will deliver a wide variety of in-depth industry content, including product news and reviews, a ‘how-to’ section, real-world end-user case studies, show coverage, technology focuses and features in a highly accessible format. Key figures from across the industry will offer their thought leadership on important issues in an Opinion section.


Education » Literary » Magazines
Hi-Fi+ - April 2017 screenshot
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 27 MB
Hi-Fi+ is Europe’s premier English-language high-end audio magazine. Whether it’s the latest in digital audio technology or the best turntable you’ve ever heard, Hi-Fi+ magazine is the ultimate audiophile authority.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Rock Sound - May 2017 screenshot
English | True PDF | 100 pages | 51 MB
Rock Sound has consistently been first to cover the best new bands. Creating rather than following trends, Rock Sound is created by a team of alternative music fans and provides flawless coverage of all things rock, metal and punk.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Guitar World - May 2017 screenshot

English | 124 pages | True PDF | 29 MB

Guitar World is the world’s leading guitar magazine. Professionals and beginners alike turn to Guitar World for top-flight coverage of their favorite artists, from rock titans like Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett to contemporary stars like the White Stripes’ Jack White and Tool’s Adam Jones. Every issue of Guitar World magazine offers broad-ranging interviews that cover technique, instruments and lifestyles as well as Guitar World’s famously thorough lessons and transcriptions.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Audio Media International April 2017 screenshot
English | 44 pages | True PDF | 22.8 MB
Audio Media International (AMI) will offer a combination of Audio Media’s 25-year print heritage and the unrivalled online strength of Audio Pro International, creating the leading technology resource for the pro-audio end user. As well as covering the recording, post-production and broadcast markets – Audio Media's specialist areas – AMI will also serve the live and commercial install sectors, where Audio Pro International has always been patricularly strong. Audio Media International will deliver a wide variety of in-depth industry content, including product news and reviews, a ‘how-to’ section, real-world end-user case studies, show coverage, technology focuses and features in a highly accessible format. Key figures from across the industry will offer their thought leadership on important issues in an Opinion section.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Tone Report Weekly - Issue 172, March 24 2017 screenshot
English | True PDF | 54 pages | 20 MB
The Premier Pedal Publication. Tone Report is a publication for guitar players obsessed with great tone. Featuring the newest gear reviews, interviews with both musicians and builders, DIY articles, and the best tone-tips around. For guitarists everywhere- play till your fingers bleed.
TONE TALK don’t mess with perfection: the many faces of the phase 90 TONE TALK eight actors that kill it on stage and screen FROM THE BUILDER’S MIND mr. black jds-50 TONE TALK a beginners guide to guitar buzzwords part II
Education » Literary » Magazines
DownBeat - April 2017 screenshot
English | True PDF | 100 Pages | 6.82 MB
DownBeat magazine is the granddaddy of American music magazines. DownBeat covers the world of Jazz, Blues & Beyond to bring back the best in jazz and blues as well as its offshoots.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Hi-Fi Choice - April 2017 screenshot
English | 132 pages | True PDF | 26 MB
Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Opera Now - April 2017 screenshot
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 27 MB
Opera Now celebrates the achievements of the Komische Oper Berlin, winner of the Company category at this year’s International Opera Awards; an historic meeting between Fidel Castro and Che Guevara provides the inspiration for Cuba’s first opera in 50 years; and Szymanowski’s extraordinary Król Roger receives its Covent Garden premiere.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Music Teacher - April 2017 screenshot
English | 68 pages | True PDF | 17 MB
Music Teacher magazine is the essential meeting point and resource for music education practitioners. Whether you teach class music, or are a peripatetic/private instrumental teacher, Music Teacher will provide you with invaluable ideas for your teaching, with substantial online lesson materials and a range of practical features. Packed with reviews, news, comment and debate, as well as the latest jobs, professional development opportunities and fantastic special offers, Music Teacher is all you need to teach music.

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