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Rock, Metal - 1935 (14.31%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 2767 (20.46%)
Jazz, Classical - 499 (3.69%)
World, New Age - 128 (0.95%)
Avant-Garde - 144 (1.06%)
Folk, Country - 113 (0.84%)
Ska - 27 (0.2%)
Electronic (general) - 2853 (21.1%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 267 (1.97%)
- Club, Dance - 408 (3.02%)
- D&B - 452 (3.34%)
- House - 1185 (8.76%)
- Trance - 605 (4.47%)
- Industrial - 224 (1.66%)

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Just curious to know which Vst's are still not cracked yet Multi-zone speaker home system Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments FL Studio 21 Browser CPU Spikes Any who has an old Bias Peak for mac could help me? Studio Monitors up to 7" that translate well. What are you listening to now? How To Make V10 Engine Sound Finishing Songs efficiently EastWest R2R Libraries problem


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Education » Literary » Magazines
Electronic Sound Issue 102, 2023 screenshot
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 18 MB
With her debut solo album rocketing into the UK Top 10 on the week of its release, we are delighted to have Alison Goldfrapp on the cover of the new Electronic Sound. We have a fantastic red vinyl seven-inch by the always stylish and often elusive singer to accompany the issue too.
Education » Literary
Voice Machines: The Castrato, the Cat Piano, and Other Strange Sounds screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 0226825140 | 429 pages | True PDF | 6 MB
An exploration of the castrato as a critical provocation to explore the relationships between sound, music, voice instrument, and machine.

Italian courts and churches began employing castrato singers in the late sixteenth century. By the eighteenth century, the singers occupied a celebrity status on the operatic stage.
Education » Literary
On Music Theory, and Making Music More Welcoming for Everyone screenshot
English | ISBN: 0472075020, 047205502X | 2023 | 332 pages | PDF | 2 MB
Since its inception in the mid-twentieth century, American music theory has been framed and taught almost exclusively by white men. As a result, whiteness and maleness are woven into the fabric of the field, and BIPOC music theorists face enormous hurdles due to their racial identities. In On Music Theory, Philip Ewell brings together autobiography, music theory and history, and theory and history of race in the United States to offer a black perspective on the state of music theory and to confront the field’s white supremacist roots.
Education » Literary » Magazines
BEAT Magazine issue 210 July 2023 screenshot
English | 84 pages | PDF | 44 MB
34 headphones rewiewed in comparison – plus reasons to mix with them
Not everyone has enough space in the studio for large speakers and correct placement. Besides, even the best monitoring system is useless if the acoustics aren‘t right. So why not mix with headphones? We‘ll show you which models are best for you and your sound, what to look for when buying them, and give you all the advantages for headphone mixdowns to give your tracks the final touch. Also included: a market overview with technical data and applications for all important and current headphones.
Education » Literary
Reimagining Sample-based Hip Hop: Making Records within Records screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: 0367461803 | 197 pages | True PDF | 4 MB
Reimagining Sample-based Hip Making Records within Records presents the poetics of hip-hop record production and the significance of sample material in record making, providing analysis of key releases in hip-hop discography and interviews with experts from the world of Hip Hop and beyond.
Education » Literary
Computing Taste: Algorithms and the Makers of Music Recommendation screenshot
English | December 6th, 2022 | ISBN: 0226822974 | 219 pages | True EPUB | 0.6 MB
Meet the people who design the algorithms that capture our musical tastes.

The people who make music recommender systems have lofty goals: they want to broaden listeners' horizons and help obscure musicians find audiences, taking advantage of the enormous catalogs offered by companies like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.
Education » Literary
Classification of Musical Objects for Analysis and Composition screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: 303130182X | 156 Pages | PDF (True) | 5 MB
This book presents and discusses the fundamental topic of classification of musical objects, such as chords, motifs, and gestures. Their classification deals with the exhibition of isomorphism classes. Our structure types include local and global constructions, the latter being similar to global structures in geometry, such as differentiable manifolds.

Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
How the World Listens: The Human Relationship with Sound Across the World screenshot
English | ASIN: B0C3RZSZD6 | 2023 | 11 hours and 47 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 322 MB
How the World Listens explores our everyday and professional interactions with sound. The book aims to uncover the human relationship with sound across the world and to reveal practical ways in which a better understanding of listening can help us in our daily lives.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Future Music Issue 397, July 2023 screenshot
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 33 MB
Future Music is the essential guide to success for the modern producer. Discover everything in the pages of your Future Music digital magazine - from interviews with some of the world’s top producers and DJ’s, to practical tutorials that will help you take your production to the next level.
Education » Literary
Create Video with Media Composer: Official Avid Curriculum screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 1538173557 | 325 pages | True PDF EPUB | 64 MB
Create Video with Avid Media Composer introduces users to the power of Media Composer software and marks the first steps toward developing core skills in video editing. The book covers the basic principles you’ll need to complete a film project using Media Composer | First, from initial setup to final output, and it is designed for those who are new to professional video editing and also for experienced editors who are unfamiliar with Media Composer software.
Education » Literary
Creative Health for Pianists: Concepts, Exercises & Compositions screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: 0197600204 | 425 pages | True PDF EPUB | 90 MB
Creative Health for Concepts, Exercises & Compositions is a practical method book for musicians of all abilities. It provides a new way of thinking about the piano, emphasizing the pianist-reader's innate capacity to respond creatively to a musical and technical stimulus. Author and veteran educator Pedro de Alcantara suggests that every pianist, from a complete beginner to a concert artist, may approach the instrument with the frame of mind of an improviser and composer, in which curiosity, inventiveness, and technical skills are inseparable.


Education » Literary
Rock 'n' Roll Heretic: The Life and Times of Rory Tharpe screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: 0578852365 | 338 pages | EPUB | 1 MB
It’s the late 1970s, and ex-Pentecostal Black female electric guitarist Rory Tharpe navigates the cutthroat world of corporate rock, dive bars, dusk-to-dawn recording sessions, and shady contracts as she travels the nation in a dilapidated tour bus with her bickering, boozing all-male band.
Education, Literary
Don Michael Randel The Harvard Dictionary of Music screenshot
Don Michael Randel | ~1000p | EPUB | 16MB | ISBN: 9780674011632 | 4th Ed 2003
This classic reference work, the best one-volume music dictionary available, has been brought completely up to date in this new edition. Combining authoritative scholarship and lucid, lively prose, the Fourth Edition of The Harvard Dictionary of Music is the essential guide for musicians, students, and everyone who appreciates music.
Education » Literary
Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers screenshot
English | 272 pages | Newnes (23 Dec. 1997) | 0750633565 | PDF | 9 MB
The audio amplifier is at the heart of audio design. Its performance determines largely the performance of any audio system. John Linsley Hood is widely regarded as the finest audio designer around, and pioneered design in the post-valve era. His mastery of audio technology extends from valves to the latest techniques.
Education » Literary
Do You Believe in the Power of Rock & Roll?: Forty Years of Music Writing From the Frontline screenshot
English | 27 April 2023 | ISBN: 180018218X | True EPUB | 400 pages | 0.6 MB
Do You Believe in the Power of Rock & Roll? is a history of alternative rock from John Robb, with the music still ringing in his ears. This collection follows John’s journey from the late 1970s, when he was first caught up in punk’s high-octane thrill, to the present day, via the early days of the rave scene, the birth of electronic and techno, and myriad bands that spun off on their own idiosyncratic paths.
Education » Literary
The Political Orchestra: The Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics during the Third Reich  screenshot
Fritz Trümpi | 2016 | ISBN: 022625139X | English | 344 pages | ePUB | 2 MB
This is a groundbreaking study of the prestigious Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics during the Third Reich. Making extensive use of archival material, including some discussed here for the first time, Fritz Trümpi offers new insight into the orchestras’ place in the larger political constellation.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Earl Klugh Originals : 20 Solo Arrangements for Finger-Style Guitar PDF screenshot
PDF | 12.41 MB
This volume contains the music to twenty compositions with production notes: Julie; Dream Come True; Rayne; Lode Star; Angelina; Spanish Night; I'll Never See You Smile Again; Alicia; Catherine; Sweet Rum and Starlight; If It's In Your Heart (It's In Your Smile); Amazon; This Time; Mayaguez; Dr. Macumba; Cry A Little While; Kari; Heart String; Living Inside Your Love; I Don't Want To Leave You Alone Anymore.
Windows, Mac OSX, Education, Literary
SampleScience Creative Strategies v1.0 x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC PDF [FREE] screenshot
11/05/2023 | x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC | 174 MB
Creative Strategies is a thoughtfully designed virtual instrument plugin for musicians, drawing inspiration from Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies cards. This tool is aimed at electronic music producers seeking inventive approaches to bolster their creative process. The plugin features 130 methods, providing valuable guidance in overcoming creative obstacles and dilemmas.

By incorporating Creative Strategies into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), you can access a wealth of techniques to help navigate artistic challenges and enhance your musical expression.
Education » Literary
Poetry in English and Metal Music: Adaptation and Appropriation Across Media screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: 3031291824 | 436 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 11 MB
Many metal songs incorporate poetry into their lyrics using a broad array of techniques, both textual and musical. This book develops a novel adaptation, appropriation, and quotation taxonomy that both expands our knowledge of how poetry is used in metal music and is useful for scholars across adaptation studies broadly.
Education, Literary
WA Production Music Producer Marketing Motivation And Mindset Vol.2 PDF [FREE] screenshot
30/04/2023 | PDF | 3 MB
Looking to make it big in the music industry? Look no further than W. A. Production's latest free e-book, "Music Producer Marketing, Motivation & Mindset Volume 2". This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into the world of music production, helping you hone your marketing skills, motivate yourself, and cultivate the right mindset to succeed in this competitive industry.
Education » Literary
Template Mixing and Mastering: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Professional Sound screenshot
English | September 21st, 2020 | ISBN: 1785007491 | 128 pages | True EPUB | 11 MB
Audio production is an incredibly rewarding craft. To take the raw, basic tracks of a fledgling idea and shape them into one glorious stereophonic sound wave is an amazing feat. The transformation from analogue to digital dominance has brought many advances in sound quality and new techniques, but producing digital music with only a standard computer and DAW can be problematic, time-consuming and sometimes disappointing without the right approach and skills. In Template Mixing and Mastering, renowned mix engineer Billy Decker tackles the challenges of in-the-box production through his innovative template approach.
Education » Literary
Vinyl Theory screenshot
English | ISBN: 1643150154 | 2020 | 168 pages | PDF | 1 MB
Why are vinyl records making a comeback? How is their resurgence connected to the political economy of music? Vinyl Theory responds to these and other questions by exploring the intersection of vinyl records with critical theory. In the process, it asks how the political economy of music might be connected with the philosophy of the record.
Education, Literary
WA Production Music Producer Marketing Motivation And Mindset PDF [FREE] screenshot
17/04/2023 | PDF | 4 MB
Having a successful music production career requires more than just skill and talent. Indeed, turning this passion into a profession necessitates that you learn how to market yourself, motivate yourself, and achieve the proper mindset needed to push through the challenges that come your way. Our fans love our motivational and informational social media posts, and now we've decided to take these helpful posts and put them in one easy-to-use eBook!
Education, Literary
WA Production Daily Music Production Tips Vol.2 PDF [FREE] screenshot
16/04/2023 | PDF | 5 MB
The second volume of our popular free ebook series is here!

Like all of us, I'm sure you deal with an overload of information on the internet. You might find a useful tip that you want to remember, but how do you save it? Do you take a screenshot? Save the post on Instagram? These can be helpful strategies, but wouldn't it be easier if they were all in one place?
Education » Literary
How to Play Mandolin in 14 Days screenshot
English | July 28, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09BGPFSKN | 80 pages | PDF | 3 MB
Are you ready to learn how to play mandolin? Start here! How to Play Mandolin in 14 Days is the ultimate mandolin book for absolute beginners.
In this practical, step-by-step guide, mandolin player and master instructor Tristan Scroggins, who's been nominated for a GRAMMY Award and the International Bluegrass Music Association's Mandolin Player of the Year Award, teaches you the essential elements you need to know to get started as a mandolin player. And the best part? No music reading is required! Inside this book, songs, melodies, and music exercises are presented in both chord diagrams and easy-to-use mandolin tab!

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