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As you can see, we've changed a few things :dance:

First of all, make sure you have javascript enabled in your browser;
if you using NoScript extension, go on and Allow this page.

So, where do i start...
I wasn't up to web-design for a few years, when the time came to upgrade AudioZ i had to update practically my whole knowledge on this subject.
I have to say, it took me a really long time to put everything together, while somewhere in the middle of this process i understood that everything is just wrong:
design is not cool, logo does not express the idea, the engine that we've been working on all this time using too obsolete techniques...
but time is always against us, and all these things have to be considered in the future updates.

this is my first interface design in the last several years, and i hope it will be a decent temporarily replacement of the old one.

So many things have changed... I have described the most important of them in the Rules / FAQ, which you should definitely read. (by clicking the INFO button)

from now on, i'd like to move things to a new level, and this concerns most of you, especially our Contributors (in the past - Composers).

...and here's a quick What's New list:

New Domain
As some of you already know, we have a new domain -
specifically for the pros like you

Yes!!! You'll have it... probably on the next week.
nothing fancy for beginning, but with your support we'll make it the best place to study, collaborate and chat.

It's Fresh!!!
I've decided not to reinvent the wheel and resolve this situation simple:
Main page will display releases for the last month;
recent posts will display everything that has been submitted since your last visit;
everything page will ( day) display news from every section, and it will be presented in the "titles view" only with link to full article.
everybody will be happy now!

finally a decent Contacts page...

combining your wishes with sanity... :)

VJ's section

"retro" for all that ancient stuff

lounge - for news, thoughts etc.

Thanks Button
Please use it! From now on, you can get banned for posting meaningless/flame comments.
If you want to show your appreciation - press the button;
if you have something important to say related to the article - then go on and write a comment.

Country Flag
Small widget which will show you number of people visiting this site from your country.
I'm sure it will be nice to know that you're not alone :-)

Search is now working "by Titles" by default, which will make it a lot easier to find exactly what you looking for.

As a method of fighting double-posts, I've integrated a context search on Add Article page;
- paste your title, click the magnifying glass icon and engine will do the search for you right in place! my humble opinion, to say the least, it is awesome!!!

1. no PopUp message for New Messages;
from now on, you'll see your new messages notification left to the menu.

2. inbox size has increased + you will see how many messages you can store.

Mirrors module
don't even get me started... :dance:
you will read about it in the Rules.

I think it's the greatest concept that happened to links based web-sites in years!

New Profile Details
now you can describe your studio gear/DAW, specify social pages and... well, that's should do it for now :)

obviously, avatars uploading has been fixed.

WGTools Links Checker

Tweet / ILike / ADDThis buttons

New Members Statuses:
conductor (Admin)
contributor (poster)
member+ (member with abilities to post mirrors)

new emoticons

Supporting Older Versions of IE
AudioZ renders correctly under IE8 and IE9;
Although users of IE will see a banner advising them to install a better browser (FF/Chrome).

those who using previous versions of IE - i have no idea how this site looks under those, and frankly i have no words to describe how little i care about that.

obviously, there is still a lot to work on. I'll be busy on this at least one more week...

I have one small favor to ask you... please help us to keep the site clean!
I expect many mistakes from our posters, related to new categories and fresh releases.

If you see that something is wrong, please let us know about it!!!


  Administrator 1.01.2004 301 1139
I would like to say Thanks to Valter for spending two days on moving posts to appropriate sections. mates
  Resident 25.03.2011 2 47
Nice to have Audioz Back. You doing a good job Saint! Keep up the good work.
  Resident 2.05.2011 118 2612
the button are invisible, probably a compatibility
issue with some browsers...
In Firefox4 on mac i can see the buttons, but i can click them
if I try to get them blindly...
Good work BTW!!!
  Resident 24.11.2009 28
1.) Any chance to get back the monthly calendar? For example I come here only once a month to check out all posts from a past month (let's say all April posts).

2.) What's the difference between "" and ""? Which one should I use?
  Administrator 1.01.2004 301 1139
apologies about the menu guys.. dunno why but it simply wasn't on server dunno
and because i had it in my cache, i could still load it and see no problem wow
as you can see, it's all fine now... well, not all, but at least we have the menu now wink

owhsinchu, it was in the poll:
...but i understand your situation. even though it's rare.

hmm, i wonder if "recent posts" page can collect for one month....
you should try that for now.

!!! i just got the idea of what you should do!
register at
put /rss.xml to your feeds (along with other web-sites), and you should be able to see every single post in specified period yes
this will make your life much easier! mates

What's the difference between "" and ""

the idea of having several domains is that if one get's shutdown, others will be working.

use the one you like more, but remember the others.
  Resident 4.11.2010 1 1078
Page does not work on my Firefox any longer...damn...:(
  Resident 10.08.2010 1 64
glad to see you back, nice lay out
  Resident 28.07.2009 6 353
BTW, the only change worth mentioning:
rofl rofl rofl rofl

tongue mates tongue
headbang dance headbang

i liek everything so far... the look, the rules, the features... all
but i gotta go to sleep now
tomorrow i will shake the whole site till i find a bug and bring it down
then i ll be nagging about what's wrong so till then...
tongue mates tongue

ok already found something to nag about tongue
1. the 'rules' sexion has no direct link back to the main page
2. there should be a 'home' button in the menu bar and this bar should be there on top of every page

ok that's all...

really cool sexions and very practical rules with clear descriptions
thx again @SAiNT and @Valter
happy in here... <^.^>
  Resident 30.09.2010 1 50
Loving the new look and it's great that the site is back!

Onl;y issue I have is some text formatting which seems to be a little awry but thats not a problem - probably compatability view issue with IE8.

  guest -- 0
Great changes SAiNT, but just a couple of questions:
1. Why is this great site not working with Firefox?
2. Why the text formatting inside IE8 is so messy?
Hope you can fix this soon. thanks again for your efforts.
  Resident 23.02.2009 35
Great to have you back AudioZ !
Except for some inertia in my (old) brain when facing news & changes, everything seems fine here (Win7 / Firefox 4.0.1).
Take care & Long live AudioZ !
  Resident 13.11.2009 103
I'm i in the the right place i'm looking for audioz? dunno

Yes yes , im loving it great job wink
If Microsoft can be cracked then the rest is fair game
  Resident 19.07.2010 1 64
Hahaha. Calcatian finally got his way rofl

Already loving AudioZ that much more wink
  guest -- 0
Thanks for this new interface, well done :)
  Resident 16.11.2010 39
hey loving the new icons hahahha..


phones headbang dance
  guest -- 0
I love this siteeeeeeee

Thanks for the efforts to keep it running and rocking!
  guest -- 0
love it so far :) really a major upgrade to the old version!
  Administrator 1.01.2004 301 1139
the 'rules' sexion has no direct link back to the main page
- yeah, i know... i see what i can do with that later.

tomorrow i will shake the whole site till i find a bug and bring it down
- i would appreciate that yes

there should be a 'home' button
the logo itself is the home button. wink

Onl;y issue I have is some text formatting which seems to be a little awry but thats not a problem - probably compatability view issue with IE8
to say the least, you shouldn't be using IE8 sad

Why is this great site not working with Firefox?
i have no idea what you talking about no
FireFox is my primary browser and AudioZ works best with FF, Chrome, Safari.

Why the text formatting inside IE8 is so messy?
how should i know? :)))
I've upgraded to IE9 when it came out.

everything seems fine here (Win7 / Firefox 4.0.1)
- exactly!!! yes

digital.musician, mates

I'm so exhausted.... I'm gonna sleep for two days now. keys
  Releaser 11.04.2009 225 492
Fresh new stuff coming at the weekend :)
Check my AudioZ Files :)
  guest -- 0
Sick new look SAiNT !!!! thx for your time !!!!


  Resident 30.10.2010 21
Big big thanks and congratulations to all involved, looks very nice to me

bitbrain2101 wink
where the gods listen to the music
  Resident 26.05.2010 3 325
I'm not so sure about the new layout.

The contrast between the background and the postings is now as high as possible, I'm afraid that this will be very tiring for the eyes to watch and read for longer amount of time.
  guest -- 0
good to see audioz back with a new style!

my first impressions;

Handy to have the unread post after last visit and the additional submenus under the sections.
Also nice to have a extra domain extansion ( in case .info doesn't work

however noticed that (Like someone else already mentioned) I can't see the posts in Firefox (v3.6.17 on Mac here).
No problems in Safari however!
Also noticed the misspelling "undestanding" instead of "understanding" in the "Rules/Fac > Poster's guide"

just a few notes I wanted to let you know...

keep up the good work!

  Resident 12.11.2009 4 96
Looks Great SAiNT! Thanks you very much for the effort!!!!
Keep On Grooving!!
  Resident 1.11.2010 2 342
Ok, now I understand the changes of audioz, do not work easily in all brousers, Chrome do not get mouse passing over text to select copy and paste, then i'm using Opera, that's life, we don't like changes, but some times is needed to grow up.
  guest -- 0
Nice work.

Wouldn't be nice to see separate sections under Sections menu like FXs and VSTi? It makes navigation from that button (dropdown menu) a much easier.

Seems a little bit strange to me to see log in, profil and log out under Menu button. I'd expect something else there...

Some annoying ad is hanging over the text near the top of this page and also at the home page. Now I see, it's on every page and doesn't disappear when I click on it. For example, on this page LINK is right over the dl links so I can't get them. I'm using the latest Opera for desktop.
  Resident 18.08.2009 124
Great changes, interface, looks, and love the new rofl
Everything seems to be working just fine here on pale moon 4.0
Good idea to have as well, it will come handy!
Keep it up!
  Resident 13.01.2011 22
I love this new look, it feels very new and old school at the same time. I really appreciate the text from video in education very nice new upgrade.
-<3 Gothic
You can't catch me Im the stinky cheese man.
  Resident 24.03.2009 3 275
I had a few problems posting with FF and IE. I'll try again with this post also mobile version was in a foreign language.

obviously posting now works

i was getting

DELETE FROM dle_flood where id < '1305037253' AND flag='0'

android mobile

I just excited i can post at last :) :)

hey new site = great

Have i gotta have a short signature :) :) phones
  Resident 24.11.2009 28
Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I will try your suggestions.

Not being able to read all new posts now just a note that on WinXP/IE8 things still look a little messy here at the post section. For example the left gray bar (with date and time) appears in the middle of the post text and the same also for the right bar (with the avatars and nick names).

Keep going.

Update: All fixed here. Thanks.

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