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fresh releases

Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Street Swarm v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 2.23 GB
In early 90s New York, hip hop swarmed from the underground onto Main Street. Raw and unpolished, it crackled with boom-bap drums spliced with sonic textures ripped from old soundtracks. Funky bass oozed beneath dusty pianos. Single-note psychedelic hits danced between disjointed vocal stabs. The sound exploded with power and strength, representing a new style that would change hip hop, forever.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Sierra Grove v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 1.19 GB
SIERRA GROVE combines the emotional impact of classic soul music with aggressive drums, hook-laden melodies, and the most up-to-date production techniques. Dripping with attitude thanks to classic sampling techniques, it boasts saturated drums, funky electric keys, and a trove of guitar, bass, and synth samples. And special kits including sound effects and talkbox vocals ensure you’re well-equipped for the deep-pocket, groove-drenched sound of today’s most soulful artists.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Rising Crescent v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 784 MB
Go east – RISING CRESCENT delivers an arsenal of unique instruments, evoking a new world of sound and rhythm. A huge library of sounds adds timeless spice to your tracks. Fresh presets add contemporary edge. And mesmerizing hand drums, micro-percussive cymbals, hazy rhythmic lutes and sitars, and more meld with exclusive presets for MASSIVE and REAKTOR PRISM for an exotic new hybrid flavor.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Expansion Resonant Blaze v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 896 MB
RESONANT BLAZE takes its cue from the breakbeats that form the foundation of bass and jungle music with its seismic low end, brooding atmospheres, and full-throttle rhythms. Lay down the heaviest breaks. Create floor-shaking basslines with MASSIVE presets. Then add finesse to the power with sampled cinematic ambiences, sound effects, and tempo-synced loops. A sonic punch as dense as concrete for drum and bass, dubstep, and trap styles.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion: Raw Voltage v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 709 MB
RAW VOLTAGE adds pure analog energy to your tracks with the unmistakable sound of a huge modular system. Grainy, noisy, and in your face, RAW VOLTAGE includes a wealth of drum and percussion sounds – from the thud of the kicks to the crunch of the snares and claps. Also included are sampled analog basses, alien leads, and crystalline pads and keys, plus atmospheric soundscapes and plenty of distinctive FX sounds.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Radiant Horizon v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 1.46 GB
RADIANT HORIZON offre les sons chaleureux de la pop urbaine tropicale à travers des kits de percussions et d'effets prêts à l'emploi. Ces rythmes d'inspiration caribéenne, à la fois variés et facilement interchangeables, serviront de base à une pop avant-gardiste riche en basses. 40 presets MASSIVE et 10 presets MONARK offrent des graves profonds pour créer des hymnes contemporains percutants portés par des basses entrainantes.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Pulswerk v2.0.2 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 770 MB
PULSWERK delivers the deep, clean, pounding intensity of contemporary minimal techno and house with edgy, precise grooves and a custom construction toolset that kicks with the cool, polished sound of electronic music’s most refined styles. Add sequenced, tempo-synced effects to your tracks with a wealth of tweaking and routing options, and use MASSIVE presets to bring an extra touch of thunder to your creations. Get ready for the main floor – this is PULSWERK.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Prospect Haze v2.0.2 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 1.12 GB
Sampling is at the heart of golden era hip hop. After the first wave of early 1980s drum-machine-oriented records, New York DJs and producers looked to their vinyl collections for material to sample for local MCs. Taking advantage of the first generation of sampling workstations, these artists sliced up jazz, rock, soul, and funk records, using them as the foundation for beats. PROSPECT HAZE relies upon the same techniques to recreate the smooth, silky sound heard on classic hip hop recordings.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Motor Impact v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 524 MB
MOTOR IMPACT embodies the musical tapestry woven by generations of Detroit’s enduring influence, from Belleville to Berlin and beyond. The industrial grit of pounding warehouse rhythms, the bold basslines, and the steady enveloping pads are all yours to explore – patterns tailored to techno, electro, and deep house styles are ready to shape in every kit.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion: Lone Forest v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 979 MB
The way is dark, but dub basses and crackling beats are your map. Chasms of reverb-drenched synth samples provide depth, while special kits for drones and atmospherics deliver hypnotic details along the way. LONE FOREST charts the vast landscape of dub techno, from Scandinavian experimentalism to the dubbed-out darkness of Detroit and Berlin – your beacon through the haze.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Lilac Glare v2.0.2 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 1.62 GB
LILAC GLARE walks the line between pulsating R&B attitude and dreamy anthemic pop with mass appeal. Bring your pop visions to life with a wide spectrum of expansive drums, and blanket them with evocative synth leads, shimmering guitar and piano licks, chords, stabs, and more. Capture the melodic atmosphere of modern pop rhythms with raw acoustic and electronic R&B flare – expertly sampled and studio-ready.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Hexagon Highway v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 904 MB
HEXAGON HIGHWAY is your road to up-front, expressive drums and percussive effects for genre-bending electronic styles. It provides the powerful, rhythmically sophisticated sound of experimental electronic music and is aimed at producers creating music that lives between the lines of established genres, with a strong focus on beat making.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Headland Flow v2.0.1 DVDR screenshot
P2P | 30 September 2020 | 1.22 GB
Throughout the 1990s, a new type of hip hop started bubbling up across the American South. Unlike its sample-driven cousins in New York and California, Southern hip hop dropped soulful keys, bluesy bass lines, and funky breaks played by live musicians on top of traditional drum machine programming. And although Houston and New Orleans helped lay the groundwork, the epicenter of the "Dirty South" was at the corner of Headland and Delowe, in the heart of Atlanta’s East Point neighborhood.


multi-libraries, loops
Big Fish Audio Gypsy Cafe MULTiFORMAT screenshot
MULTiS - 1,22 GB | REX - 719 MB| AIFF - 1,24 GB | WAV - 1,25 GB
Travel back to the old country where the soft glow of flickering candlelight lit your way to the band of gypsies serenading the moon at the gypsy cafe'.

Enjoy this vast 5.4 GB library of old time romanticism in the modern age. Traditional sounds of the mandolin, gipsy jazz guitar, accordion, wine glasses together with modern instruments like electric guitar, bass and drums gives you that old world vibe your tracks crave. The entire library is hand-crafted and has been painstakingly woven together from a mixture of Gipsy Jazz, Parisian, and Italian music to create the perfect combination of old meets new. Explore your bohemian side and discover the hidden world of the gypsies.
Samples, multi-libraries, presets, patches, impulses
Morevox announced the release of the free sound pack Free Pack 2020, combining several collections at once. The release brings patches for Battery, EXS, Drumagog and DrumeXchanger. Also in the archive are WAV impulse response samples called Vintage Soul. Various FX-effects, drums, claps, pulsations, interactions with surrounding objects and other atmospheric sounds. In the process of creating content, the developers used tube and solid-state harmonic distortion saturators. The 2020 Free Pack includes 1 GB of carefully selected premium samples.
Samples » multi-libraries
Steinberg SIMPLE Synthesizer by Chris St’Aubyn (HALion) screenshot
P2P | 09 March 2020 | 3.5 GB
SIMPLE is a forward-thinking, polyphonic synthesizer for HALion based on ease-of-use and maximum capability. The beautifully designed interface has been carefully crafted to put the most commonly used controls first. Also, the parameters in SIMPLE are designed to deliver musical results at any setting, making the creative process less tedious. SIMPLE stands for synthesis from a musical perspective.
Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Sample Magic Lo-Fi Pop MULTiFORMAT-Cashmere screenshot
Cashmere | MULTiFORMAT | 3.26 GB
Future-facing lo-fi pop...
Ambient melodics and lo-fi beats for modern Pop productions. Lush, futuristic and cinematic - this collection embodies the tape-saturated bliss of timeless synths and contemporary hits. Over 1.3GB of warm, evolving pads, cassette-warped leads, drum machined beats, cityscape atmospheres and bit crushed guitar licks for future lo-fi classics.

Links fixed!. PiRAT

Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Sample Magic MIDI Elements Lo-Fi Pop Drum Kits MULTiFORMAT-Cashmere screenshot
Cashmere | MULTiFORMAT | 317.97 MB
Tape driven, analogue and digital drum machine style drum kits...
MIDI Elements: Lo-Fi Pop Drum Kits brings together a collection of tape-driven 12-bit drum hits processed across 12 kits including Ableton Drum Racks, Battery, EXS24, Kong, and Maschine. Program authentic nostalgic drum machine grooves crafted for raw, DIY inspired shoegaze and chillout music. MIDI Elements: Lo-Fi Pop Drum Kits is a thrilling take on the fundamentals of lo-fi and indie.
Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Sample Magic MIDI Elements Future Pop Drums 2 MULTiFORMAT-Cashmere screenshot
Cashmere | MULTiFORMAT | 139.72 MB
Futuristic beats and trapped out percussion...
MIDI Elements: Future Pop Drums 2 brings together a collection of modern, heavy and pop-inspired drum hits curated into 10 kits (including Ableton Drum Racks, Battery, EXS24, Kong, and Maschine). Program authentic future pop and trap style grooves with these expertly crafted and curated hits from a host of classic drum machines and hits inspired by our Future Pop releases. MIDI Elements: Future Pop Drums 2 is the perfect drum toolkit for your next top 40 hit.
Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt, instruments, loops
Big Fish Audio Mariachi MULTiFORMAT FULL RELEASE screenshot
Embrace the swagger and sway of Mexican Mariachi music. Spice up your tracks with Son Jaliscience, Ranchera, Huapango, Jarabe and other traditional and modern rhythms of Mexico that will have you screaming ¡Que Viva el Mariachi! Seamlessly weave the spirit of Mexico into your track with the raw sounds of the Gritos vocals, the melodious Coro vocals, the low call of the Guitarron, the impetuous chords strummed from the Vihuela and Guitar, and no mariachi would be complete without the spicy, soaring melodies coming from the Violins and Trumpets.
multi-libraries, loops, presets, patches, impulses
Forward Audio faIR Modern Rock Impulse Response Pack MULTiFORMAT [FREE] screenshot
17.08.2019 | MULTiFORMAT | 4 MB
Why you’ll love these Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses

We believe that modern guitar players should not be bothered to invest too much time into finding the right tone. That‘s why we packaged this IR pack only with what we call „Super-Blends“. Every IR you get here is already mixed out of, at least 4 mics, in some cases even dozens of different mics on different speakers, different cabs and so on.
With this pack you‘ll be able to find a great sounding rock tone within seconds.

10 studio quality Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses
24-bit / 96 kHz resolution
Available in different formats: Wav, Aiff, Kemper (kipr), Scuffham S-Gear (different Sample-rates)

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