the Scene FAQ


I see a lot of people around , who are confused by the way the Scene works.

This is where I come in and clarify how the entire warez industry works and behind the scenes info..

1) At the top we have the release groups.. Such as AiR, CRD, DYNAMiCS, UNION Etc...

-> These groups are sometimes run by few people and sometimes by just an individual person. But not all of these groups release on torrents. Some of these groups hate torrents and anything to do with peer to peer. This is where the real secret trading goes on.

-> The above mentioned are all scene groups. The Scene has no central leadership, location, or other conventional distinguishing marks of existence, but some general guidelines apply globally, considering the historical usage of the term and the history of the communities the term has been used to represent. These guidelines include a rigid set of rules that groups must follow in releasing pirated stuff.

These groups Hate torrents, usenet, rapidshare and all other peer to peer programs such as limewire etc..because such programs expose your Ip's to the public and other anti-piracy organizations and is a big risk for them to expose their members. By not releasing stuff via this method they maintain longevity and secretiveness and a constant supply of warez.

So then you ask how come all their stuff is reaching the torrents and forums?

This is where the next set of releasers come in.

2) Topsites. Topsites are FTP servers connected to high speed lines minimum 100Mbit to 1Gbit to multi-Gbit. FTP is another way of transferring stuff but much secure as it uses SSL encryption so it is very very hard to snoop around an FTP server.

Scene groups use FTP aka Topsites aka Scene sites to trade releases between each other. FTP Sites have trusted users called racers or traders who trade releases from one FTP site to another FTP site.

Every FTP site has certain sections on the wish of its owner who owns the servers (eg. TV-XVID, TV-X264, DVDR, XVID, X264, APPS, 0DAY, GAMES, XBOX360, XXX, WII ETC...). These are basically the most important sections but other FTP sites could have foreign sections such as French, Spanish, German, Italian etc depending on the FTP owners nationality and his needs. Each FTP site has it's own rules and every Racer must have to adhere to every FTP sites rule.

Why are there rules on FTP sites?

Rules are there to maintain consistency and ignore spam and bullshit. IF you don't adhere to the rules you get Nuked. What does the term nuked mean?

When a racer races he earns credits set according to a certain ratio. For example if the owner of the ftp site sets all racers ratio to 1:4; and say there are 2 racers who race Presonus.Studio.One.Pro.v1.5.0.x86.x64.incl.Keygen-AiR . Say racer1 uploaded 400MB of Studio One and racer2 uploaded 300MB of Studio One for a combined total of 700MB.

Then according to the ratio 1:4 racer1 gets 400MB x 4 = 1600MB credits and racer2 gets 300MBx4 =1200MB credits to his account. (MB = Megabyte). Say now the owner doesn't like Studio One or it was packed wrong and nukes both racers 3X. That means racer1 will lose 400 x 3 = 1200MB credits from his account and racer2 will lose 300 x 3 = 900MB credits. When u lose credits and don't have enough a FTP site will delete you as you are of no good

3) You know why we have such good quality torrents and links on the forums always? Scene is run and maintained by rules for every section! for example: there are rules written by owners of various groups and approved by other groups to be a certain standard.
If Scene groups don't follow these rules thy will get nuked, Its like a university degree, you don't want to have 10 failed courses, then you are not looked as a smart student. Similarly, a group doesn't want too many nukes besides its name. It destroys their reputation and doesn't let them get on good FTP sites

Scene groups are known as affils or affiliates when they release on a FTP site. When they release something..racers and traders start racing that release to other FTP sites at Gbit speeds using auto mated scripts.

When they Release something on a ftp site it is known as to pred or a pre. pre means the release is ready to be raced to other ftp sites NOT torrent sites. Remember all scene groups hate torrents and do not want ANY of their stuff on torrent sites or forums. If they see someone on their FTP sites releasing stuff on torrents/forums, his/her Ip gets banned and he/she gets NFOed sending a warning to other FTP sites to delete purge him/her and never to allow him/her anywhere near scene ever again.

Now you ask, well if the scene groups hate torrent sites so much, how come uploaders are able to release so much stuff from these FTP sites?

4) Because a few uploaders hide their identity and don't say that they are releasing on torrent sites. Other FTP sites ask for money secretly from p2p uploaders to let them upload to torrent sites. These FTP sites take a risk that if they get busted by other scene groups their ftp site will be NFOed and will be shut down and the owner of that FTP site will be considered supporting P2P or torrents forever and he forever will be banned from Scene. Uploaders have to be very careful in hiding their information so that they don't get caught!

What about other groups such as AudioP2P and ASSiGN Etc,Etc...

5) These groups are all P2P groups that is they are not scene and these groups release their stuff directly to torrents or as 3rd party server links on some of the better forums like Audioz. They have no relationship with FTPs or the Scene.Although they do use a Private FTP network to share with others that upload to sites.Now a proper Scene FTP site is never going to be interested in letting these groups PRE or RELEASE on their FTP sites

In Summary, a release gets pred by scene groups such as AiR or DYNAMiCS etc on FTP sites and then those releases get traded to other ftp sites from where a few uploaders who hide their identities..upload it to torrents. An UPLOADER has nothing to do with the release itself. He is just a messenger. DO NOT blame the uploader for a faulty release, as it is the groups fault that their release is not up to the mark . Always respect this knowledge, never go around mailing the scene groups if u are a torrent user. That brings unnecessary attention and reveals your lack of knowledge and puts the Uploader as well as the site at risk!!

On that note, feel free to discuss this information here Remember this is to gain knowledge and appreciate the warez world. This is not to start demanding stuff, just to appreciate how the entire pirated world works.

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