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[obsolete] Report Dead Posts screenshot
Just want to remind that I always expect your help in keeping AudioZ clean and fresh.

If you found an article with no valuable links alive (like RS, MU, FS, Fs, Wu...), include mirrors;
please press Report Dead Article icon.

Our Moderators will review links in that post and remove it, or upload new links.

Anyway, it's very important to keep AudioZ clean, so please don't just walk away from this duty.


  Contributor 29.06.2010 998 1266
Thanks SAiNT!
  Contributor 3.05.2011 470 3118
kool saint! mates
  Resident 3.09.2010 67
you are a machine its a good very very good idea THANKSssssss
  Resident 26.03.2009 16
wink sounds like a plan
  Resident 10.01.2009 12
What can we do, if only 1 mirror links died?
  Resident 16.11.2010 39
at last...

this is a chance for me to request for the age old links that were dead..

maybe the uploaders can RE-UP..instead of deleting the Article...

Hurrah for this one.. wink

  guest -- 0
Is that what happened to the Reason 6 post? I don't think it was a cracked version.
  guest -- 0
I'll do that!!! :)
  Resident 13.08.2010 4 436
headbang dance will do.
Loves AudioZ. 10/10
  Resident 18.09.2010 1091
On it Guv`nor! wink
And the truth shall set you free.
  guest -- 0
Will posts with renewed links have their date/time to set to current so they appear at the top of new posts lists or... ?

eg. "Renewed Links" or "Updated Links" ...

  Resident 20.10.2011 7
VERY NICE MOVE ;P THANX! Free filesonic|Wupload and more Premium ac
  Resident 15.08.2011 256
Yeah that's a great move.Thanks Saint.Will certainly do so!! mates
  Administrator 1.01.2004 290 1073
What can we do, if only 1 mirror links died?

as long as post has some valuable mirror (like RS, MU, FS, Fs, Wu) - you should use that mirror and not report dead article.

the saddest thing is that we had this feature long before the new design... and it always was explained in rules.
  Resident 22.05.2011 473
Yeah, It's a sensible move.
Sure, sometimes the coolest thing remains not noticeable because maybe it isn't that obvious.
and the head is so filled up with all kind of stuff ....
  Resident 9.04.2011 693
YES!!!. Let's keep the house a bit tidy and clean, I agree. Anyway, I hope the old-but-interesting ones are re-upped... (instead of gone forever).

Best wishes 2 all!

keys keys keys keys keys
.....::::: The best warez are yet to come :::::.....
  Resident 18.01.2011 26
u the man SAiNT
  guest -- 0
I have no problem reporting dead links. I think it's great for the site. But the Moderators should be doing their duties as well. A lot of inappropriate articles are being ticked as fresh releases and a lot of rules are being ignored. It's hard to take the responsibilities expected of me as a member seriously when the Moderators seem to not care about enforcing the rules.
  Administrator 1.01.2004 290 1073
JulianWaller, every member should participate and report that sort of shit yes
  guest -- 0
Love the They Might Be Giants reference :)

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