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Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Particular Sound de Synth Motions 80s Drum Edition Togu Audio Line TAL DRUM MAC / WIN PRESETS WAV MIDI screenshot
May 23rd 2022 | TAL DRUM MAC WIN | 47 MB
Synth Motions Drum Edition for TAL-DRUM
As Synthwave music was popular in the 80s, drum computers like the Roland TR808, the LinnDrum, the Korg Minipops or Oberheim DX were used very often.
Nowadays the Synthwave music is becoming even more popular and we took this opportunity, to go ahead and dive into sound making, again.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Particular Sound de Synth Motions 80s Vol 2 Togu Audio Line TAL Sampler Edition MAC / WIN PRESETS WAV screenshot
May 22nd 2022 | Wav | 660 MB
The all new Synth Motions Vol.2 – TAL-Sampler Edition, is the successor of the well known Synth Motions Vol.1.
It is our next 80s synthwave soundset, containing 223 presets containing Ambient, Arp, Bass, Bell, Lead Sounds and more. Newly programmed using the digital and analogue technology to get back the old 80s vibe useable for synthwave, retro pop, retro wave, retro electro or actual genres. Every instrument was recorded without any effects like reverb or delay, use your own trusty 80s reverb and delay and get your personal feeling. As a bonus we did add pad sounds from our flag ship library Aphelion!
Samples, loops, presets, patches, impulses
Splice Sounds Lex Luger Smoke Break Sample Pack MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 22 May 2022 | 252 MB
Hip hop and trap icon, Lex Luger serves up his third Splice pack brimming with all the ominous essentials. With a stage name inspired by the famous WWF professional wrestler, you can expect dramatics here. Adhering to the Atlanta trap approach, he employs hard-hitting 808s, crisp snare drums, frantic synthesizers, and sinister rhythms—just what you want in austere orchestral trap sounds.
Samples, sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses
Splice Sounds MJ Cole's House and Garage Essentials Sample Pack MULTiFORMAT (FULL) screenshot
FANTASTiC | 22 May 2022 | 494 MB
One of U.K. garage's first true stars, MJ Cole's work has spanned Mercury Prize-nominated albums and a lengthy career as a remixer and producer. Now he's brought his dance sounds to Splice. This pack features the sounds of the underground rounded out with samples fit for a radio hit. You'll find bumping house beats, syncopated percussion, R&B grooves, soulful vocals, bopping keys, and indie pop-influenced synths.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Roland Cloud SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 1for FANTOM-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 19 May 2022 | 149 MB
SuperNATURAL acoustic pianos are remarkable for their lifelike sound and responsive playability. They use our Behavior Modeling technology for ultra-realistic detail with smooth, step-less tone and natural dynamics. While some pianos are better suited for a specific genre, this piano excels at any style due to its incredibly rich and well-balanced tonality. Never too bright, too thin, or too dark, it sparkles on the top end, has powerful bass response, and easily handles rich complex chord clusters in the middle range.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Roland Cloud SuperNATURAL Electric Piano 1 for Fantom-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 19 May 2022 | 70 MB
This collection of electric pianos from the ‘70s and ‘80s range from bell-like clarity to warm and gritty. Using our Behavior Modeling technology, these tine-style EPs sound and feel like the real thing with authentic tone, natural dynamics, and fine details like adjustable mechanical noise. EP-friendly vintage effects are also on hand, including the famous BOSS CE-1 Chorus and Roland SDD-320 Dimension D. With FANTOM’s powerful Scene capabilities you can chain up to three effects—including your choice of preamplifier—for unique custom tones.
Samples, presets, patches, impulses
Roland Cloud EXZ015 Vintage Synth Wave Expansion v1.0.1 EXZ screenshot
HiDERA | 19 May 2022 | 128 MB
EXZ015 Vintage Synth is a premium wave expansion collection for the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and select Roland hardware instruments with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. This very special vintage synth collection features sounds from legendary Roland instruments like the JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, D-50, and more, plus many other classic synth sounds from the past. Includes 125 tones and 222 waveforms.
Samples, presets, patches, impulses
Roland Cloud EXZ014 Complete Piano Wave Expansion v1.0.1 EXZ screenshot
HiDERA | 19 May 2022 | 112 MB
EXZ014 Complete Piano is a premium wave expansion collection for the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and select Roland hardware instruments with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. This expressive title features an 88-note multi-sampled acoustic grand with four-stage velocity switching for clear articulation and maximum dynamic response. Includes 42 tones and 40 waveforms.
Samples, presets, patches, impulses
Roland Cloud EXZ013 Concert Grand Piano Wave Expansion v1.0.1 EXZ screenshot
HiDERA | 19 May 2022 | 128 MB
EXZ013 Concert Grand Piano is a premium wave expansion collection for the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and select Roland hardware instruments with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. Realized with detailed multi-sampling, this stunning collection captures the authentic tone and wide dynamics of a rare and luxurious grand piano from Europe. In addition to standard close-mic recording, there are plenty of samples recorded from a distance to bring out the instrument’s rich natural resonances. Includes 48 tones and 50 waveforms.


Samples, presets, patches, impulses
BRSO Articulate for FL Studio v1.17 [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 19 May 2022 | 4.34 MB
BRSO Articulate is a plugin I've been using privately for the past 5 or 6 years for FL Studio. It's a replacement for the MIDI Out plugin that simplifies the process of using 'Keyswitches' in your compositions. It allows you to utilise any of the 16 Voice Colours in the piano roll to activate a particular keyswitch, mod wheel value or UACC code in your sample libraries. Think of it as an FL Studio version of Cubase's VST Note Expression mapping. You have may seen this plugin in various walkthroughs, live streams and screenshots I've posted around social networks. I've spent some time giving it a decent UI over the past couple of weeks and I'm now making it publicly available as a free beta.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Easy Sounds Magical Pads (Yamaha Motif XS-XF-Montage-MODX) X0A screenshot
X0A | AudioZ Exclusive | 107.37 MB
Magical Pads provides mainly warm, analog and atmospheric synth pads, but also sweeps, swells, synth brass, and Atmo/FX sounds.

Synth pads crop up in lots of synth and sample based libraries but frequently they were programmed with very specific movement included which makes them difficult to use in a professional (“less is more”) setting.
Windows, presets, patches, impulses
Rapid XT Progressive House 1.0.0 Win [unckracked] screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | Presets | 755 MB
The continuity of the progressive and melodic house genre impresses with its gradually advancing song structures and distinctive chord sequences. If you are looking for tools to create evolving pieces of electronic music, this package supports your productions with punchy, driving basslines, dreamy ethereal plucking sounds and characterful leads, solos and synths. Remarkable filtered chords, stabs and basses complete the repertoire and will stimulate an inspiring and accelerating creation process.
Samples, presets, patches, impulses
Prophet64 for Commodore 64 screenshot
Commodore 64 | 1.03 MB
Prophet64 is a SID music software cartridge for the Commodore 64, created sometime in the early 2000s. The development was started in 1996 and after 8 years this version was finished and published by

By using the Prophet 64 cartridge in the C64, this homecomputer converts into a monophonic synthesizer with a TB-303 style sequencer. These modern music studio is user friendly and easy to handling.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Echo Sound Works Reese Basses SERUM VITAL PRESETS [FREE] screenshot
March 29th 2022 | SERUM VITAL | 43 MB
35 Presets for Serum & Vital
20 Serum Presets and 15 Vital Presets. Perfect for any genre
This is probably the best cover and soundset name we've ever come up with. The sounds aren't too shabby either. The "Reese Bass" or detuned saw bass, is probably the most used synth sounds of the past 5 years. And there's a good reason for that. It works in almost any genre. Reese Bass comes with 20 Serum presets and 15 Vital presets. Anyone who produces modern music is going to love this pack!
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
z3ta+ - Avant-Garde - Soundbank screenshot
Presets | 77 KB
The Avant-Garde sound bank contains 128 new Programs further expanding z3ta+'s sound pallet by offering new vintage and modern electronic music style synth sounds. Included in the Avant-Garde sound bank are evocative atmospheric soundscapes and moods, analog-digital hybrid pads, classic electronic music style arpeggios, vocal based sounds and a variety of different synths. There are also several lead, bass, keys and effects sounds included to round out the collection.

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