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Arturia Pigments v1.0.0.473 CSE-V.RSonible smartEQ2 v1.0.2-R2RPlugin Boutique Scaler v1.6.1 Incl Patched and Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2RREQ: Synapse Audio - Dune 3 WiN MACToneBoosters Plugin Bundle v1.2.3 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2Ru-he Hive CE-VRArturia Pigments v1.0.0.473 macOS App, au, vst ,vst3 [64 bits]-[k]offset



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Rap, Hip Hop - 1593 (18.55%)
Jazz, Classical - 317 (3.69%)
World, New Age - 90 (1.05%)
Avant-Garde - 91 (1.06%)
Folk, Country - 75 (0.87%)
Ska - 19 (0.22%)
Electronic (general) - 1901 (22.14%)
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- D&B - 311 (3.62%)
- House - 856 (9.97%)
- Trance - 456 (5.31%)
- Industrial - 138 (1.61%)

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My dad used to be a DJ in the 70s/80s and I wanted to buy him a turntable so he can reminisce on his Spectrasonic Keyscape First "Soundsource not found" - now "inconsistent index data" What audio interface have a good headphone amp? (AKG Q701) Superliquidsunshine Says Goodbye To Audiosex Xfer Cthulu Chords Yamaha SY77 Firefox stoped native RSS feed ! Maschine can't load Kontakt Libraries [HELP] Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments Sample packs....


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fresh releases

BOOM Library - Urban Explosions Bundle WAV screenshot
When you carry the word "BOOM“ in your company name, your first dedicated explosion sound effects library should be a decent one. For the recordings, we teamed up with the sound department of EA DICE (Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront) and we created the biggest explosion sound FX library ever. DICE uses the recordings heavily to impressively blow up the world in their AAA title Battlefield V and now you can get the recordings and our ready-to-use designed sounds in stereo and 5.1 surround for your very own projects. It’s a highly explosive pack with 13.4GB of explosion sound effects.
REQ: WavesFactory TrackSpacer v2.5.4 OSX/Win screenshot
One of a Kind

Trackspacer creates space in a mix by carving the frequencies that the main track needs into another track in real time. Similar to a sidechain compressor, but a thousand times more powerful and transparent. It's considered a secret mixing weapon by many artists, producers and engineers.
REQ: Red Room Audio - Palette - Orchestral FX screenshot
An extensive collection of cinematic aleatoric orchestral FX for strings, brass, woodwinds and choir! 6 categories for all 4 sections of the orchestra.
Also includes a powerful FX Builder patch that allows you to create your own unique FX by layering up to 4 sources with individual controls for adjusting volume, pitch and timing. Kontakt Player and NKS compatible.
REQ: Toontrack CUSTOM SHOP EZX screenshot
Some of the most rare, hard-to-come-by and unique handcrafted drums in the world.
Even though some of the greatest drums in the world roll straight off assembly lines before they end up on store shelves, there is something irrefutably unique about the handcrafted – the ones where the artisan has steamed, bent, screwed, bolted and riveted their instruments together from the first slab of produce to final product. We’re talking about the made-to-order, custom and rare instruments in which each man-made little characteristic contributes to something that can’t be mass-produced or mimicked: personality. Welcome to the Custom Shop EZX, a collection of some of the most rare, hard-to-come-by and unique handcrafted drums in the world.
REQ: u-he Hive v1.2 (MAC) screenshot
Hive: lightweight synth, heavyweight sound. Sleek, streamlined and super fast. Hive was built for speed. An effortless workflow, low cpu use and a single page interface means you can build your tracks in no time. Being ‘fast and simple’ does not mean sacrificing sound quality or creative control. Hive is packed with features, controls and enough flexibility to deliver stunning sounds. A lightweight synth with a heavyweight sound.
REQ: Re-Compose - I2C8 screenshot

A New Way to Explore Loops..
A different type of idea generator with an innovative layout for chord sequence generation.
I2C8 is an innovative real-time MIDI generator and MIDI sequence generator for both studio and live application, featuring a unique and highly interactive user interface. The plug-in is powered by Re-Compose's trademark music intelligence algorithms that result in near-limitless possibilities for chord sequence generation.
Our second high-quality soundset for DUNE 2

After the big success of our first EDM soundset, we decided to create an even better set, Premium EDM Vol. 2, a new, fresh collection of 64 world-class patches, ready for your next production! All patches support the modulation wheel, and many patches respond to Aftertouch and Velocity as well, offering great flexibility and expression for your live performance.
Our third high-quality soundset for DUNE 2

Following the successful release of our EDM 1+2 soundsets, we bring you another collection of 64 chart-topping patches produced by world class sound designer Kevin Schröder, ready to inspire from the first second! All patches support the modulation wheel, and many patches respond to Aftertouch and Velocity as well, offering great flexibility and expression for your live performance.


REQ: Max for Cats - COLOR (Max for Live) screenshot
I hope someone has this and can upload as soon as possible, at least just for a day

Simulate sounds from the past to create the future.

Color is a sound texture device to bring the feel of analogue media such as vinyl or tape to your digital recordings. Add different types of vinyl noises, hiss, drive and wobble to your music. Color’s filter effects also fit right into the most modern club track.
REQ: J74 PitchControl (Max for Live) screenshot
I hope someone has this and can upload as soon as possible, at least just for a day

J74 PitchControl is a Max for Live tool for real-time synthetic pitch treatment and harmonization. It allows you to manipulate an input signal through pitch-processing stages such as tuning, re-pitching, vocoding, space placement, LFO modulation and to harmonize it up to four voices all in real time and controlled by MIDI. J74 PitchControl has been made primarily with the human voice in mind (although it can be used with anything else). While the tool can be used as a classic T-Pain style auto-tuning effect (for automatic pitch correction), its main goal is to do pitch manipulation and harmonization via MIDI control: you can indeed play the device in real-time (improvising with a keyboard or MIDI controller) or sequence it upfront (using Live MIDI editor), controlling tuning, harmonization and vocoding, at the same time.
REQ: Red Room Audio - Palette - Runs & Arps screenshot
The most complete orchestral runs & arps library available!
Features both strings and woodwinds ensembles performing scales in 6 common modes, each with up to 13 variations, plus 20 kinds of arpeggios.
Over 1600 unscripted, real recorded phrases in total! 3 microphone positions, an 8-slot onboard FX rack and drag and drop MIDI data. Kontakt Player and NKS compatible.
VCV Rack screenshot

I've been (ab)using VCV Rack a lot lately. There's a ton of free modules available for this nifty program, but some of the more complex modules are rated 'premium'. Before i'm willing to pay real $$ for some of those it would be nice if we could have a trial or testing period. If i buy a 30$ module, i want to make sure it suits my needs exactly. Since there are no trials ( apart from Vult i think ) it would be fun to see some of the Premium modules available here.
REQ: RodeTest FuzzMeasure v4.2.2 screenshot
FuzzMeasure is an audio and acoustic measurement tool to produce, analyze, and publish beautiful graphs. It delivers a comprehensive suite of features for professionals in research, acoustics, live sound, room design, and pro audio. By combining sophisticated technology with an elegant user interface, FuzzMeasure offers an unparalleled experience.
'Cinematic Guitars' by Black Octopus Sound is a chilled-out, late 80s, early 90s inspired pack by Basement Freaks. It is inspired by the styles of Industrial EDM, Electronica Surf, and Synth Punk.
Using leading effects popular of the era, Basement Freaks injects even more warmth and essence with his use of a vintage Fender Stratocaster and British Tube DIs, to add that extra beefy saturation tone and character.

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