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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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Anyone used Yousician or similar to learn an instrument? Roland unveil SPD::ONE Series, many more products to come Need some graphics help with a custom project (SoloStuff) SoloRack Instrument from a library can't be opened? Kontakt 5.5.2 Reveal Spire - Vintage Skin ( Sales Started 8$) Hello everyone my name is SignalFlow VPS Avenger from Vengeance: opinions? Future house/modern dance Piano? RIP LEGEND Roger Moore!


fresh releases

With the recent Studio One 3.5 update finally making it apparently stable enough to run VSL VE Pro template, it would be great to get the new 6.2 version of Notion too so that it could be one cohesive and complete scoring unit.
In this studio session, watch Jay begin writing a track from scratch! You can hear it by playing the trailer video above. He demonstrates his fluid production workflow that he has been crafting and refining for years! You can now can get a first hand look into the mind of Jay Hardway.
Trance Vocal Hooks offers an outstanding collection of Trance & Psy voices to enrich your productions. These vocals were inspired by the biggest hits of today. You know how hard is to find good vocal hook for your track, so we made it easy for you: recorded over 700MB of vocal loops. Ethnic, tribal, psychedelic - it's all there.
As American roots music became electrified in the years after World War II, blues musicians in thriving urban centers like Chicago and Los Angeles began transforming earlier, prewar blues sounds into a variety of vibrant, groove-oriented styles. The innovative sounds and vocabularies first waxed by icons like T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Lightnin' Hopkins and Ray Charles in the 1950s still form the foundation of every modern blues musicians' sensibilities.
Scales are the foundation of any musician’s improvisational vocabulary. Understanding how scales relate to specific chords and progressions broadens the player’s palette of possibilities when improvising. Using Tom Dempsey’s Jazz Scales Handbook as your guide, you’ll learn how to apply and improvise with 20 of the most commonly used scales found in jazz.

20 Jazz Scale Studies: Major Pentatonic Scale, Minor Pentatonic Scale, Blues Scale, Auxiliary Blues Scale, Major Scale (Ionian), Dorian Scale, Phrygian Scale, Lydian Scale, Mixolydian Scale, Aeolian Scale, Locrian Scale, Diminished Scale, Whole Tone Scale, Harmonic Minor Scale, Jazz Melodic Minor Scale, Lydian Augmented Scale, Lydian Dominant Scale, Altered Scale (Super Locrian), Mixolydian b6 Scale, and BeBop Scale.
Modalities is a plugin instrument inspired by the sound of Depeche Mode. It features 162 multi-sampled and hand-crafted sounds inspired by the music of one of the greatest band to ever come out of the eighties. Each sound have been carefully tweaked to be rich in tones and highly playable. An easy to use and elegant interface gives access to sound shaping parameters including an amp ADSR, a reverb, a glide and a voice mode selector.


The MPC Live is a standalone music production center in the true sense of the word: no computer is required, and with the internal rechargeable battery, you don’t even have to be tied to an electrical outlet either! With its gorgeous 7” multi-touch display and 16 amazingly responsive pads, it really begs to be played, tweaked and programmed. In this in-depth 27-tutorial course, renowned MPC specialist Booker Edwards explains in great details all features of this incredible music production center.
Two Waves presents the new series of artist sample packs.
A series where we intend to offer the sounds of our favorite artists.

In our first delivery we have YAMIL

A young Spanish with productions on labels such as
REQ: IQ Samples - 813 Hypercolor Bass Vol. 2 screenshot
After 6 month of hard work, 813 (artists of Mad Decent and Atlantic Records) is very proud to share with you some brand new sounds from his own arsenal!

Volume one helped many artists to add some pure Hypercolor sound to their tracks and became an absolutely bestselling sample pack! Volume two will impress you even more with a brand new fresh loops, percussions, midi parts and creative one-shots.
This update introduces Ideas View – a new view for mixing and matching patterns independent of the timeline. Try out new beats, vamps, and fills. Audition melodies and alternate elements to find combinations you like.
The Ideas view resembles the layout of the MASCHINE JAM controller where you can see all Patterns in your various Groups at the same time. Building Scenes then becomes as easy as just clicking on all the Patterns you want to be part of the Scene--no need to switch between Groups and select Patterns from the Pattern Manager menu.
Sound Forge Pro Mac is back, now with version 3 launched by MAGIX!

With the ability to record at 24-bit/192kHz, expect astounding audio clarity. With the ability to edit down to the sample level, expect absolute audio precision. Audio mastering engineers around the world depend on the award-winning SOUND FORGE Pro Mac to generate flawless audio.
Back again with more of what is considered one of the best drum kit series in hip hop. More kicks, snares, hats and special percussion loops from my handmade collection. There are no bullshit recycled sounds in my kits. These are the sounds that I personally use in my productions.
Arch FX - Xfer Serum Hardstyle Bank VOL.1-4

Ready to produce some hardstyle ? I think you are. Arch FX - Xfer Serum Hardstyle Bank vol.4 is crafted specially for Hardstyle Producers.60 Preset Files with is made mostly focusing on well known Euphoric hardstyle artists . Soundbank can also fit for various dance music styles like Trance,Hard Trance, Hardcore,Jumpstyle EDM, and so on

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