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fresh releases

REQ: Eplex7 DSP Psychedelic FM Superesonator screenshot
FM synthesizer sounds are one of mostly used elements in psytrance / darkpsy / hitech or psycore music. But classic saw osc FM sounds are sounding very similar and boring after you heard the same sound in set 100x. Many synthesizers have average quality filters (comparing to DSP-chip – Motorola or Sharc, based hardware synthesizers). So we recreated these hardware dsp + analog hardware filters for precise, clean, liquid and sharp sound that cuts through mix.
Psychedelic FM Superesonator do not create FM razor sounds with basic oscillators but use special super additive oscillators where you can „Draw“ your own oscillator! Stunning 128 high resolution drawbars available to create almost unlimited sound variations.
REQ: Native Instruments Low End Strings screenshot
Hybrid orchestral strings

- Lowest playable octaves captured from a real string orchestra, heavily processed through modern and vintage gear
- Combine and blend between four instrument layers for hard-hitting depth
- Explore super-low hybrid strings, rumbling basses, and deep, modern organic pads
REQ: Slate Digital Infinity Bass screenshot

Infinity Bass is a new sound-sculpting tool that makes low-end processing easier than ever. Four different sound profiles (or ‘Modes’) interact with a responsive set of controls that revitalize your track’s lower-end components with added depth and warmth and even generate missing or lacking subharmonics.
REQ: Sounds of Revolution Resonance Sound Shhh... I Am Speaking Bundle screenshot
SOUNDS OF REVOLUTION (SOR) presents the unique Shhh I Am Speaking BUNDLE with a discount of 40% on the individual purchase.
This vocal collection is your secret key to turning almost any music track into something magical. Enchant your track with a whispering voice, atmospheric, haunting syllables, or just a scream before your melody explodes on the dance floor.
REQ: Modus The NOVA Bundle screenshot
You want something big. Bold. Here it is!
This is a bundle containing ALL THREE of my NOVA packs (Supernova, Hypernova and Ultranova), totalling OVER 1000 SAMPLES - as close as it gets to a music superpower!
REQ: Sound Radix Radical Bundle 4 screenshot
Hi, i'd really like to see this here.for windows.its been out for a fair while and it seems like a powerful set of tools. anyone who can help provide this , i know R2R had a go at another sound radix post....and it was one of the few releases they had trouble with, kudos to them for having a i understand if these more recent SR releases might be a tough one. much appreciated.
REQ: Four4 Clubbin Tech House screenshot
"Clubbin Tech House" delivers sounds for producers looking to create high-energy, dancefloor-ready tech house tracks. Packed with expertly-crafted loops, and one-shots, this pack provides a vast array of sounds to inspire your next club banger. From driving basslines and punchy drums loops to shimmering synth riffs and atmospheric FX, "Clubbin Tech House" has everything you need to craft a professional-quality tech house track.


REQ: Origin Sound SOUL'N'B screenshot
A beautiful way to start your next song. ‘SOUL’N B’ is a perfect bedrock foundation to build upon and explore your creativity. Pitchy synths, gorgeous keys and knocking drums make this sound library a must have for beat makers of any genre. Get lost in this concise and vibey sample pack.
REQ: Avid Pro Tools Ultimate 2023.9 screenshot
Pro Tools makes music creation fast and fluid, providing a complete set of tools to create, record, edit, and mix audio. Get inspired and start making music with a massive collection of plugins, instruments, and sounds. Tackle your most ambitious visions with proven features that power you through the most demanding projects.
REQ: Mike Verta PLAYING BY EYE screenshot
In this class I’m excited to show you a visual approach to composing at the piano - I use this every day and it’s very powerful. You’ll learn to literally “see” your music as you improvise and the chordal development options at every step in real time. Instead of randomly guessing and noodling you are guaranteed to find natural inspiring progressions and melodies. It can be just the kind of fresh approach to break a writer’s block or build confidence in your writing. This one is fun and powerful!
Designed to be watched as an addendum to the comprehensive Cinema Sound education, the “Podcaster Survival Guide” covers everything that podcast producers and creatives need to know about how to record, edit, fix and deliver a professional and compliant podcast.
REQ: Audible Genius Primer v2.0.016 screenshot

This synth was not included with Syntorial 2.0 which was posted on this site awhile back, I would really like this plugin because it has the presets I need for Syntorial "On Your Own" sections.

The First version of this synth: Primer v1.1.900 has been posted before, but it's an old version for Syntorial 1.

If you could, please post Primer 2.0 plugin and it's presets for Syntorial 2.0
REQ: Waldorf Soundset ARP Varations Blofeld Soundset screenshot
All presets are programmed individually, carefully migrating settings from one over to another model. This is why it works on all 4 different models.

By Andrey Osa. This sound set contains various patterns of arpeggiator of various categories and styles. The sounds and arpeggios will be useful for working in multi mode!

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