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which "online tools" are helpful to have while writing lyrics? Debrid - Download from Multiple File Hosters Can we please ban people like this from the Sister Site? FS: XLN Audio XO (insanely low price) Which reverb would you sell and which you'd keep? beware: vstpluginz dot com & vstplug dot is scam, selling warez The Olymoon Appreciation Thread What's the best studio desk (or desk feature) you've ever seen? Hello, please introduce the best website for artificial intelligence translation. How to link two channels' faders with an inverted formula ? While live


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fresh releases

REQ: Polyverse Music Filterverse screenshot
Filterverse | Polyverse Music (MAC)


Filterverse is a groundbreaking audio filter plug-in that offers filter types never heard before. It seamlessly blends bleeding-edge innovation with meticulous attention to detail and sets a new benchmark for filters.
REQ: BLEASS Arpeggiator for Mac screenshot
BLEASS Arpeggiator takes the inspirationally melodic power of a classic synth arpeggiator and supercharges it with modern features demanded by today’s musicians. Developed in collaboration with top French producer Canblaster, BLEASS Arpeggiator’s capabilities extend far beyond the clichéd up-and-down monophonic patterns of an old-school synth arpeggiator, with polyrhythms, polyphony, and a large collection of highly configurable arpeggio patterns built in.
REQ: Savage (Multi Kit) by Mxney Flp screenshot
Savage n'est pas qu'un kit... C'est une experience.Plonge dans l'univers hostile de la faune et explore la jungle sonore avec plus de 1300 éléments inspirés par la puissance des animaux sauvages.Créé des prods uniques qui capturent l'essence indomptable de la nature.Avec le Multi Kit - Savage, libère ta créativité et transforme ta musique en un voyage épique à travers la jungle musicale.
REQ: Bitscape 95 by Venus Theory & Dave Hilowitz (Decent Sampler library) screenshot
I've just found this on a Youtube video. There's a free version, but I also wanna try this full version.

Description: A treasure trove of lo-fi magic, meticulously crafted from the YakBak: a 90’s childhood staple. Combining a world of digitally crushed, nostalgic textures and characterful imperfections with all the grit and vibe you’d expect from a device about as lo-fi as lo-fi can get.
I don't know how recently it was released but I couldn't find it here or anywhere else. No requests either. This comes in two packages. One package for the album transcriptions and one package for all the stems.

This is a great album and the pricing seems fair too but unfortunately I'm short on money so maybe someone has it and would like to share.
REQ: Eiosis Air EQ 1.2.6 (MAC) screenshot
The Eiosis AirEQ could change the way you think about EQ-ing.

It’s hands down one of the most versatile equalizers on the planet, loaded with unique sonic characteristics and complimentary tonal shaping parameters which make it the perfect Swiss Army EQ for mixing and mastering ANY genre of music.
REQ: CARP Audio Krossbow screenshot
Krossbow - Dynamics Processor
A new kind of Dynamics Processor using our new special technique. Sculpt and Enhance the Attack, Punch and Impact of your Audio without leaving unwanted artifacts, flattened dynamics and distortion behind. Emphasize the Impactful parts of your Audio while leaving the Natural dynamics intact.
There's a new Midi Pack for EZ Keys 2 that came out recently which is to be paired w/ the Melodic Percussion EKX EZ Keys 2 Expansions. It's called Melodic Mallet Midi Magic.

This EZkeys MIDI pack was developed primarily for use with mallet-type instruments, particularly the Melodic Percussion series of EKXs. Featuring a wealth of different ostinatos, arpeggiated patterns, rhythmical themes and all the classic styles you would expect to be played on a marimba, xylophone, vibraphone or glockenspiel, this is the quintessential collection of go-to material for any songwriter.


michelangelo screenshot
Michelangelo is an all-tube stereo EQ and harmonics generator designed and handbuilt by Chris Henderson from Hendyamps. Admired for its raw sonic beauty and inspiring ease of use, it ranks among the most remarkable EQ’s available today.

Built in close collaboration with Hendyamps, the officially endorsed Michelangelo plugin carries the same signature sound and intuitive "right-brained” workflow, but goes far beyond the capabilities of the hardware. You get instant tube vibe and effortless tone sculpting combined with precise band control, musical dynamic EQ with transient/body separation, sound stage enhancements, and deep customization of the tube circuitry - all with the Michelangelo sound.
REQ: Clubgrade Club Culture Serum Pack screenshot
"Club Culture" is the ultimate pack for producers looking to create high-quality tech house tracks. The pack contains a total of 80 expertly crafted Serum presets made by producers who have released music on industry leading house music labels such as Insomniac Records, STMPD RCRDS, and Confession. This assures that every sound has a level of quality that cannot be found anywhere else. So if you want to reach your maximum potential as a house music producer, "Club Culture" will set you on the right path.
REQ: Equinox Sounds Total MIDI : Ambient & Trance Chords screenshot

Hi everyone,
I have searched everywhere but didn't find this pack. There doesn't seem to be any piracy at all. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has and shares it. Thanks a lot!

'Total MIDI: Ambient & Trance Chords' from Equinox Sounds includes their most popular collections featuring pad chord progressions in MIDI format suitable for Chillout, Ambient, Downtempo, Cinematic, Chill Trance, Emotional Trance, Ambient Trance and Dream Trance into one bundle. You'll get a total of 140 MIDI melodies. All phrases are 100% royalty-free.
With Mixed In Key 10.0.2395, accurate just got… even more accurate. It’s at least 10% more accurate than the next best key detection software. It can accurately detect the key of almost any song, even songs without an obvious key. With a slick new design and refined user interface, Mixed In Key 10.0.2395 means better mixing.
REQ: Vengeance-Sound Avenger 2 Expansion Pack Hypertechno screenshot
The past is the future... Embark on a sonic journey into this new dancefloor hype with our "Hypertechno Expansion Pack" for VPS Avenger 2! 90's Rave meets modern Techno and EDM. Fast, energetic and full of wonderful oldschool melodies. Explore a universe of dynamic beats, driving basslines, pulsating arps, chopped vocals and mind-bending synths designed to propel your music into uncharted territories. Created by sound designer Stephan Endeman, this expansion pack features a lot of current club styles and chart hits. Ignite your creativity and elevate your productions with the next evolution of techno sounds. Step into the future of EDM with this must-have collection of Hypertechno sounds!
REQ: Spitfire Audio Originals Intimate Grand Piano screenshot
Classic and versatile — the new intimate piano sound

A versatile, up-close-and-personal piano, designed to suit a range of styles — whether for solo composition, accompaniment, or as part of a larger ensemble. A vintage Steinway Model A grand, expertly recorded in the intimate acoustics of Castlesound Studios, Scotland.

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