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Pulsar Audio Pulsar Massive v1.0.8-R2RSonible EntropyEQ v1.0.4-R2RSonible Smartcomp v1.2.0-R2RSonible Smartreverb v1.1.0-R2RSonible SmartEQ3 v1.2.0-R2RSonible ProximityEQ v1.0.4-R2RSonible Smartlimit v1.1.0-R2R



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Rock, Metal - 1733 (14.16%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 2447 (20%)
Jazz, Classical - 449 (3.67%)
World, New Age - 122 (1%)
Avant-Garde - 131 (1.07%)
Folk, Country - 104 (0.85%)
Ska - 25 (0.2%)
Electronic (general) - 2597 (21.23%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 241 (1.97%)
- Club, Dance - 376 (3.07%)
- D&B - 406 (3.32%)
- House - 1095 (8.95%)
- Trance - 571 (4.67%)
- Industrial - 204 (1.67%)

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fresh releases

REQ: CEDAR Audio CEDAR Studio Restore screenshot
CEDAR has led the world in audio restoration since the 1980s, introducing features and capabilities that many claimed were impossible before we released them. Real-time digital declicking and decrackling? A CEDAR 'first'. Digital noise reduction without a fingerprint? Also invented by CEDAR. Noise-free equalisation? Sub-sample phase/time correction? Spectral editing? All of these were researched, developed and released first by CEDAR.
tunepat screenshot

Download Spotify Songs without Premium
It is well-known that the ability to download Spotify songs for offline play is proprietary for Premium users, Spotify Free users are limited to stream Spotify music online only. But now things changed thanks to the coming out of TunePat Spotify Converter.
REQ: Pulsar Smasher 1.2.4 MacOS screenshot
Smasher is an unprecedented custom modification of the classic Urei 1176 compressor circuit, a unique formula that we stumbled upon while fine-tuning other algorithms.

The original 1176 compressor hardware offered a selection of four ratios, but studio engineers soon discovered that pressing them all at once led to a distorted, explosive and highly compressed sound. It’s this “All buttons in” or “British” mode that Smasher was painstakingly designed to recreate.
REQ: Sonible SmartEQ3 v1.2.0 MacOS screenshot
Smart:EQ 3 enhances detail, clarity and transparency in single tracks and in arrangements of up to six channels. Establish spectral balance in your sound within a few seconds.

World's 1st intelligent multitrack EQ
High-resolution precision at the push of a button
Give your creation a sound balance
Achieve spectral balance with smart:EQ 3 within seconds – whether you are working on a single track or a mix. The AI-powered equalizer will clean-up unpleasant resonances and unwanted notches, leaving you with a well-balanced sound – and therefore an ideal basis to take further creative steps.
REQ: FaderPro Timmo Hendriks Track from Scratch screenshot

Dive into a music production masterclass with rising star Timmo Hendriks, and get a first-class grounding in how to put together big-sounding progressive house tracks. Using Apple’s flagship digital audio workstation Logic Pro, Timmo works his way through a full session of melody writing, sound design, arranging and mixing.


REQ: Alpha Drums by Roblate screenshot

A premium catalogue of over 200 cutting edge drum samples & loops, Alpha Drums is an essential collection of meticulously crafted sounds designed from the ground up by Rob Late, processed and ready to cut straight through your mixes.
REQ: Splice WH0's Samples? screenshot
If your goal is to make people dance, Wh0 is offering up sounds that'll get even the least likely wallflowers on the dance floor. Find drums, FX, textures, and vocals for your next house (or any type of dance) jam. Notorious for their thumping, groove-ridden anthems and unquestionable danceability, the mysterious UK pair's music quickly garnered attention, accumulating over half a million streams on both YouTube and Spotify in less than a year. They've remixed for Sigma, The Prodigy, and Blonde. Their original cuts have received much acclaim as swell with releases on sought-after labels Toolroom Records, SubSoul, and 3Beat.
REQ: Loopmasters Wh0´s House screenshot
Loopmasters are proud to present Wh0’s House, a thumping dancefloor collection from one of the hottest UK duos in house music right now: Wh0! This one comes 100% royalty free and ready to cause devastation in the rave, with all manner of inspirational sounds to keep your studio sessions fresh.
The producer & sample pack creator ARCANDO has become one of the most influential names in the current EDM industry.

With his previous two sample packs reaching the top 10 most downloaded on Splice, he strikes back with another “must-have” for producers and musicians: Arcando’s Vocal Future Pop Vol. 3, in collaboration with the popular vocalist Britt Lari.
Hello everyone! Asketa and Requenze are in touch! We are producers and sounddesigners with big production experience and we have created new ultraquality sample pack which could make your sound groovy and outstanding.

In this pack you will find unique drum loops inspired by real modern trap, which can serve as an excellent rhythm start for your composition. A huge number of live instruments recorded in the highest quality, which accurately express the real trap vibe and will forever remain in the memory of your listeners. Also there are a large number of melodic one shots, so if you wish, you can come up with your own melody and quickly get the vibe that you need.

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