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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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Orchestral Tools METROPOLIS ARK 1 The Monumental Orchestra v1.1 KONTAKTTone2 - Icarus - VST/AU OSX/WiN - iMPRESSiVEPlugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio 100 Bundle v1.0.0 Incl Patched and Keygen (WiN and OSX)Sample Magic Stacker v1.0.1 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2ROutput Movement v1.0.3 Incl Keygen-R2RPlugin Alliance Lindell 100 Bundle v1.1.0 Incl Patched and Keygen (WiN and OSX)Sugar Bytes Factory v1.0.1 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2R



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fresh releases

Windows, OSX
Beat Delamar Zampler//RX v2.0 x32 x64 VST AU WIN MAC Free screenshot
24 SEPTEMBER 2016 | WIN | MAC | 10 MB
The new Zampler//RX is also available now in the 64-bit version for Mac OS; you can test it with this exclusive sample pack, but also works fine with the old libraries. Zampler//RX version 2.0 comes with a new GUI and an improved engine. The free sampler includes good sounding filters, 3 LFO’s, 3 envelope generators, arpeggiator and various effects, which make it more than just a simple SFZ player. With the Zampler / / RX Beat updates the professional sample Workstation for Windows and OS X that can compete in terms of sound and features loosely with the major operators.
The plug-in is available and enthusiastic with a thoughtful amenities for VST and AU support. Besides REX loop and SFZ compatible sample oscillators offering Zampler / / RX a tone shaping at its best: In the integrated multimode filter types lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filters as well as various combinations are resulting to choose from.
Windows, OSX
Plugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio 100 Bundle v1.0.0 Incl Patched and Keygen (WiN and OSX) screenshot
TEAM R2R | 23.9.2016 | WiN 20.62 MB | OSX 20.12 MB
Unfiltered Audio’s passion shows through the plugins they design by reimagining some of the most useful and interesting sound design tools available. As a small team of electronic music producers and synth enthusiasts, Unfiltered Audio constantly seeks to not only improve upon the existing set of tools the plugin world has to offer, but to expand into new and strange territories that push the imaginative limits of computing power.
Windows, OSX
Plugin Alliance Lindell 100 Bundle v1.1.0 Incl Patched and Keygen (WiN and OSX) screenshot
TEAM R2R | 23.9.2016 | WiN 33.69 MB | OSX 47.85 MB
The 100% Lindell Bundle gives you the complete collection of Lindell’s plugins, from his stellar emulation of the classic Neve® 2254E™ limiter, to the Pultec inspired sweetness of the PEX-500 EQ, to the FET based “76” style compression of the 7X-500 limiter. Never before has there been a plugin bundle that delivered so much authentic vintage tone for such a low price.
Windows, OSX
MusicLab RealEight v4.0.0.7252 Incl Patch and Keygen (WiN and OSX) screenshot
TEAM R2R | 23.9.2016 | WiN 615.91 MB | OSX 618.42 MB
We are proud to present the RealEight virtual guitar instrument - the ideal guitar for creating lead, rhythm riff, and even bass tracks in your future rock and metal masterpieces! New RealEight 4 now got full-featured chording/strumming engine letting you successfully use it in a wide range of rock and pop music styles as well!
Windows, OSX, Linux
Extent of the Jam Digits v2.1 x32 x64 AU VST MAC LINUX x32 VST WIN Free screenshot
22 SEPTEMBER 2016 | x32 WIN | x32 x64 LIN AND MAC | 5 MB
Digits is a phase distortion synthesizer inspired by Casio’s CZ series but takes that form of synthesis to the limit. Create warm pads, glitchy sounds, dirty basses, filthy sweeps, screaming leads, and anything in-between.

The interface is minimal and designed to enable the user to create sounds from scratch in record time!
Windows, OSX
Auburn Sounds Panagement FE v.1.0 x32 x64 VST AU WIN MAC Free screenshot
21 SEPTEMBER 2016 | WIN MAC | 10 MB
What's this?
Panagement is a spatialization powerhouse that lets you control the stereo space quickly, with numerous carefully designed features:
•The Binaural Panner positions a track from left to right in the sound stage,
•The Distance Fader brings that track near or far,
•The Mono-to-Stereo enlarges a thin track or simulates early reflections,
•The Tilt Filter adjusts spectral balance between lows and highs,
•The Phasescope control displays mono compatibility visually,
•Finally, a LFO allows to create periodic or even random moves.
Windows, OSX
Maizesoft Maize Sampler 2 v2.4.0 [WiN-OSX]-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | Sept 21 2016 | WiN 12 MB | OSX 7.4 MB
Have you ever dreamed publishing your samples as a VST and Audio Unit virtual instrument? With Maize Sampler 2, this is easy and affordable. In minutes, your instruments will be ready to be used by musicians all over the world.

Maize Sampler 2 is a cross-platform tool for sound developers to create sample-based virtual instruments. The following are some highlighted features
Software » OSX
Audirvana Plus 2.5.4 MAC OSX-TNT screenshot
TNT | Sept 21 2016 | 13 MB
Audirvana Plus is an user friendly audio player that is capable to import your iTunes music library, but can also scan specific folders and automatically integrate any new tracks. The player offers support for editing the track’s metadata, helps you create smart playlists, is processing the audio with 64bit precision to provide the best quality possible, and much more.
Software » OSX
Felt Tip Sound Studio 4.8.2 MacOSX screenshot
P2P | Sept 21 2016 | 19 MB
Record, edit, and produce your audio with Sound Studio, an easy-to-use Mac app for recording and editing digital audio on your computer. Digitize tapes and vinyl records, record live performances, create your own mixes with crossfades, tweak the levels and EQ, apply digital effects and save in all major file formats with Sound Studio!
Software » OSX
Avid Sibelius 8.4.2 build 231 MacOSX screenshot
P2P | Sept 20 2016 | 945 MB
Sibelius is the world’s best-selling music notation software, offering sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that are proven and trusted by composers, arrangers, publishers, educators, and students alike. And with the new Sibelius, you can access the software in more affordable ways than ever.

Compose with a low-cost subscription. Own the software outright. Manage multiple copies with Sibelius network licensing. Or get started with Sibelius | First. The choice is yours. And with the integrated Annotate feature, multi-touch gestures, Surface Pro 3 pen support, and more, Sibelius enables you to express your creativity in brand new ways, whether composing for a live performance, movie, television, media entertainment.
Software » OSX
Cockos Reaper 5.25 Mac OS X screenshot
P2P | Sept 20 2016 | 28,17 MB
Exhaustive and powerful audio editor, processor, recorder, renderer, arranger and mastering solution for multi-track waveform audio content. REAPER has been designed with compatibility with almost all types of hardware in mind, making it simple to use with a huge amount of software solutions and dedicated audio plug-ins of all sorts.
Windows, OSX
LeadStation Lite ROMpler LITE x32 x64 VST AU WIN MAC Free screenshot
20 SEPTEMBER 2016 | WIN | MAC | 4.10 GB is a producer of sample-based instrument for Mac and Windows. This rompler is built with a focus on high quality sounds and ease of use (“turn on and play”). Offers 128 presets type “Synth Lead” and is intended for the production all types of Dance Music.
Windows, OSX
HY-Plugins HY-Mono Synth v1.1 x32 x54 VST AU WIN MAC Free screenshot
19 SEPTEMBER 2016 | WIN | MAC | 15 MB
HY-Mono takes inspiration from the structure of Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module) analog synthesizer. Just like the hardware, HY-Mono has two VCO’s, each with sawtooth or variable-pulse waveforms, but also a Sub/Noise unit. With sync button, the oscillator of VCO2 will be synced to oscillator of VCO1.
Next, we find a filter unit where you can control the balance of lowpass and highpass and turn on the “Bp” button, filter output switch to bandpass. The modulation depth range from -100 to 100 %, and you can switch from two modulation sources, Env2 or LFO.


Windows, OSX
Isotonik PrEditor 1.3.6 screenshot
One of the beauties of Ableton is it’s configurability, add more tracks, redefine your channel strip effects, i don’t think i’ll ever finish the perfect set up…

Some things are non-negotiable though! And even with months of thoughtful debate by the Ableton team they’re never going to keep everyone happy with their map of how parameters are ordered in Live…
Software » OSX
Lawo Plug-ins Collection 1.1.42 RTAS AU VST MAC OSX INTEL screenshot
Get the mc2 sound for your workstation!
Sounds good: Enjoy that quality audio from the mc2 series on your workstation.
Whether it's Formula 1, the soccer world championship or the Eurovision Song Contest: when excellence is the goal, the mc2 series is the clear answer. No wonder, as the three mc2 series mixing consoles have set new milestones around the world - again and again. With outstanding sound processing. With the greatest ease of operation, and with many innovative features.
Windows, OSX
Toontrack EMX Metal Guitar Gods v1.0.0 WIN OSX-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2014.01.11 | 9.15 MB
Guitar and bass tones, custom-made by four of the most iconic and trendsetting guitarists in modern metal.

Metal Guitar Gods is an expansion pack for EZmix 2, focusing solely on amp and cab simulation presets for guitar and bass. It comes with everything from rhythm, lead and clean sounds to settings for acoustic guitar and bass. All content was custom designed by four of the most iconic and trendsetting guitarists in metal: Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Misha “Bulb” Mansoor (Periphery) and Devin Townsend (ex-Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Project).
Windows, OSX
Lethal Audio Lethal VST/AU/AAX (UNCRACKED) screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive - Uncracked Version Plugin only - File Size: 26 MBs - iMPRESSiVE
Lethal is an incredibly powerful software synthesizer plug-in with a simple, yet comprehensive interface to suit every type of producer and genre. Easy to use, dynamic interface with impressive features and functionality.
Software » OSX
Sonic Academy KICK Nicky Romero Edition 2 v1.0.2 OSX screenshot
R2R | 18.05.2016 | 119 MB
Kick 2 - a new version of a drum synthesizer by Sonic Academy and Nicky Romero, which will allow user to create drums, and set them at your track. The plugin integrates synthesizing sub-oscillator and sampled clicks to create a wide range of drums, percussion and bass sounds, but also contains the EQ section, sub-drive, and built-in distortion limiter. Kick includes 150 factory presets and 40 exclusive presets by Nicky Romero.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Windows, OSX
Sonic Timeworks Equalizer V1 VST AU v1.00r1 MAC/WiN-ArCADE / AiR screenshot
Teams: ArCADE / AiR | 11/2010 | 9.49 MB
The classic EQ, now as a VST and an AU... This equalizer comes packed with features, and more importantly, it sounds AWESOME. High cut and Low cut filters, High and Low Shelf filters, up to 6 bands of Bell filters (all with completely sweep-able filter points and adjustable Q sizes). 2 world class EQ algorithms to choose from (good luck!). 30 band spectrum analyzer 'on board', along with an intuitive 'dual surface' graphical interface...
Software » OSX
IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX v1.1.3 VST AU RTAS MAC OSX Incl. KeyGen-DYNAMiCS screenshot
DYNAMICS | MAC | 09.09.09 | 20 MB
Legendary Bass Tones in a Plug-In
Ampeg SVX: Humungous Sound Waves causing Aural Tsunami-Type Euphoria
Ampeg SVX recreates the sounds, operation and feel of the world's most influential line of bass amplifiers and brings it to your desktop. You'll get the legendary sounds of the SVT-CL, the B-15, the 4Pro and BA500, all in a convenient lightweight and easy-to-use package.
When you think Ampeg, you think huge stadium bass tone… the Rolling Stones '69 tour with the wall of SVT Classic Heads and 810 cabinets. The sound of Rock & Roll — early Van Halen through AC/DC to Dave Matthews Band. You think the Motown sounds of James Jamerson and that fabulous "round" bass sound only a B-15 Flip Top can provide — the sounds that DEFINED, and DEFINE, bass.
Software » OSX
Soundboard 2.2.2 screenshot
2016 | MacOSX | 12 MB
Like the cart machines from broadcast radio days, Soundboard provides a quick way to enhance your podcasts or broadcasts with sound clips, effects, or musical accompaniment.

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