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un-fucking-thinkable thing has happened;
it turns out that one of our Composers has repeatedly disabled and removed comments, containing mirrors.
his name is MericG, and you can congratulate him, because today he was banned.

not more, not less... i will not tolerate this shit.
it is up to you to make money on your warez-uploads, however immoral it is;
but my primary goal here is to give our members a choice, and this applies to any status, especially those above the "member".

so once again, i will not tolerate this shit!

p.s. kiemtien001, you got to stop posting images bigger than 300x300px! don't make me hate you man :stop:

i was surprised to get so many positive feedback.
i am really greatfull for you support guys!
feedback like this and my responsibility before you, is the only thing that making me keep AudioZ alive!


  guest -- 0
Wow! Did I ever have a totally naive concept of what this was all about. These posters are making money everytime I download one of their posts??? So where is the share in that?

Guess I am going to get much more selective about who I contrribute to the cause. Some of these guys/gals post links without passwords, incomplete files, non-working soft, etc. - 'course I am sure you all knew this.

Too bad about MericG cause when I downloaded his (her) posts everything seemed to work pretty well, and MericG always seemd to offer some pretty good stuff.

Regardless, rules are rules and I applaud your decision Saint. Keep up the great work you are doing!!

Kind regards,
  Resident 3.12.2008 92
May the traitors burn in hell!
  Resident 20.12.2008 49
Insane. What a jerk...
  Banned 17.05.2010 364
I was wondering why there were no comments allowed on some of his recent posts. Kinda lame, since at least recently he wasn't posting a mirror for any of his stuff and you had said awhile back that mirrors would be allowed. He uploaded some decent stuff now and then though, so I wish he had chosen to follow the rules. Sounds like you did what you had to do though.
"It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken"
  Resident 14.11.2008 7 91
this is a amazing webpage, and i am thankfull.
but this is a crazy situation here:
some people seem to do some guerilla marketing here and talking how wonderull this and that is....other seem to have much hate in their heart and try to hurt other people....some other are just very weak concerning their knowledge and their way to come along with others and are talking as if they know something but their know nothing...and also there are some people here makin money with warez with has become a real industry now, since all this filehosting is a legal biz....
saint, again, i love this place here, and I am thankfull and you are surely right and the things I described above is just a mirror of the worldwide reality of human beings, so surely all the people you met in real world can be found here, too...its allright, there is no good or bad but weak and strong...
one last word: I made a request concerning ocr modules for jdownloader and it was surely not the right topic here but somehow had something to do with all this discussion and I wondered if you will allow this did but it was very well hidden in the request section and couldnt be found under all the other topics...also it took some days till it was i guess you are trying here to give peace a chance which is absolutly right for the end I just want to say that I still cant undeerstand how such an amazing place here still exists cause I guess its hard times for the www scene..thanks and over...
  Resident 9.07.2009 8 67
well done saint
that is one of the reasons why audioz is still
my favorite site`s !!

btw. what`s abuot the policy & posting rules of audioz ?
it seems to me that more and more damn old crap is posted her.
wich is ok if some one requests an old release !
but please not the some old shit over and over again
sorry, i dont want to be ungreatful but that suck`s

peace to all audioz friends

  Resident 19.07.2010 1 64
Woah. Damn, glad you picked this up, I had know clue that this would ever happen. But enforcing the rules is what makes Audioz what is it.

Nice job SAiNT. keep up the spirits! :)
  Resident 13.08.2010 4 436
True, did u warn first...a second chance to him??
Loves AudioZ. 10/10
  Resident 15.08.2009 47 48
I`m pleased to here that you have brought this kind of action to light. And rightly so that MericG should be named & shamed and banded for his selfish actions, one can only assume it is pure greed that he did these selfish actions. I feel you have taken the correct & appropiate action SAiNT, as I`m sure others will agree the same. I also did like where you have wrote in your statement that this won`t be tolerated and is applicable to any status, especially those above the "member".

You also stated about the primary goal here is to give our members a choice I think that is excellent and is definitely the way forward. I just wish all Moderators used your attitude towards their sites.
This is definately my favourite site for music production, I come on this site everyday its kinda like a ritual for me to do this like I`m sure many fellow members do this aswell.

SAiNT on behalf of myself and other members may I take this opportunity thank you for all the good and surely at times, time consuming work.

◄◄ ♫ Music Is The Key To Life ♫ ►►
  guest -- 0
  Resident 18.08.2009 79
Well done!
  guest -- 0
Deleting members' mirrors on a regular basis and disabling comments sounds to you like a 2nd chance?

Only those who want to profit from warez, are the ones who kill mirrors.

@SAiNT and All

MG indeed posted good stuff, but his goal was obviously to make good money out of warez, which is basically a free evaluation service, because there are so many products offered on the market, but most people have few hundred bucks to spend at max, so warez allows the people to try and choose a product that suits them best, which is fair enough, and also helps to optimize the concurrent levels, which does translate in better and cheaper products, and more sales for the companies that really strive to do good and bring things forward, instead of you ending giving your hardly earned tip to support monopoly, that basically strives not just to get sick money and become undying corporate beast, but to ruin the human race and break down any possibility to actually make life better for anyone else instead of them. Now, how pathetic would be for the people to actually continue to support such a corporate bullshit? Suicidal don't you think?

All in all, I fully support such actions according to the rules, but also respectful of the scene, because doing otherwise would surely make this place look really, really bad and pathetic, which I'm sure it's not what AudioZ stands for, arguably being one of the hot spots for daily news on audio tools and production.

Keep up the good work, and don't be so heartfelt when dealing with those who are keen on breaking the rules. Rules are given and ought to be followed, so everything would be ship-shape most of the time around here, instead of a growing mess.

And definitely, people should be completely free and allowed to post as many mirrors as they like, since hardly one size could fit all for all the AudioZ members and users. Different users need different mirrors, so anyone with a plan of getting the bucks from around here and generally from the scene, is indeed eligible for a ban according to the rules.

Keep it good, guys!
  guest -- 0
Another reason this site is still the leader - an active admin that stays on top of things! Keep up the good work, Saint - We depend on it! ;)

  Resident 26.08.2009 26
I really liked that one.
Let’s keep things simple...
Rules were made to be followed.
  Resident 12.07.2010 230
I love this site, and I understand rule iz rules, but I do have to say that MericG was posting lots of good stuff, and there were others who-shall-not-be-named that were swarming all over his (and others') posts with alt links to the SAME HOSTS. so I can't blame him for being pissed off... he just shouldn't have gotten radical about it, but should have discussed the problem openly.
I'm the first to admit I'm just a leach and don't have the patience to do a proper post myself, but I think it's just tacky for people to post alternate links for the SAME FILE HOSTS as the original poster in his comments... but I'll never use those alt links, and I think most other downloaders wouldn't either (unless the original poster's are down), so MericG should have just ignored the flies and they would have buzzed off soon enough.
Oh well, he blew it, but I'll miss his posts!
  Resident 12.04.2010 41
I agree he should have checked first before acting. If you (Saint) believe he knew better, than I believe you did the right thing. If he was just angry because he felt people were disrespecting him, than I think that warrants at least a conversation to get to the truth.

To some of you high-and-mighty "there's no honor among thieves", how dare anyone try and make money for their work - naysayers; relax. Unless you can honestly say you pay for everything you use - maybe you shouldn't be so judgmental. I don't know this guy, but he did provide some value to me and others. I know it's work to gather and package all this stuff and make sure it works and fix it if it doesn't. Personally I could care less if he gets a few bucks or a free account for his efforts.

@boukey, nothing wrong will a little kindness and understanding. I don't agree with your assumptions regarding MG, nor do I subscribe to your rant regarding corporations being evil and trying to ruin the world. At the end of the day, we all have to answer to ourselves..
  Banned 17.05.2010 364
I posted earlier, but was thinking about this some more. I'm not sure why no one mentioned it (unless I just missed it in one of the posts above), but why not try to resolve this problem by making it so that only the mods can turn off comments on a thread? If you do that, then this never happens again.
"It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken"
  Resident 28.07.2009 6 342
i really like the feeling of almost perfect sense of anarchy in this place. too bad MG never really got the idea. I support SAiNT's stand on this and this was a very needed course of action which should be regarded as a lesson to anyone else who is thinking about making profit in such a way. sharing is a fun thing to do. keep sharing and you will inevitably get what you really need. push a little harder to turn the game selfishly in your favor and it will turn sour eventually.


MG was deleting/reporting other's links to the host sites for taking them down. i feel sorry for such a person.
happy in here... <^.^>
  Resident 16.01.2009 154

Personally, I'm happy to see some of the older releases being re-upped here. Mainly because now the files are being hosted on sites other than Rapidshare. I'd much rather download 5 500mb files from Fileserve (at 500kb/sec) than 25 100mb files from Rapidshare (at 200kb/sec) WITH a 15 minute wait in between. Because of this, I've been able to get some older releases that I would have never been able to get before.

Also, good work SAiNT!
  Banned 17.05.2010 364
@Calcation -- geez, I had no idea the situation was that U-G-L-Y. Why in the world would he do that? If he already had deleted all the comments, no one, or at least very few, would have been able to download from the other sources anyway, right? It's just like totally mean-spirited. Someone who would do that just can't be saved! I personally never fully trusted the guy after a few weeks back he posted jamstix with a picture and info of the newest version, and when I downloaded it, it was some version from 4 years ago.

Reporting other people's links? R.I.A. (rest in agony) MG!!! angry
"It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken"
  Resident 19.07.2010 1 64
Audioz. Brutal, but fair.
Keep up the good work SAiNT. wink
  guest -- 0
That was my input on the subject with kindness and understanding... Anyways, everybody should express themselves and not be searching for approvals. Truth has sides, and even what one says is true, it may be completely the opposite on some other side of it. That's why we need to communicate our opinions and not search for approvals. If you believe that corporations are good and care for the human benefit - that's fine, but then you probably need to watch Zeitgeist and gaze a little at the landscape behind the Hollywood.

Not that Zeitgeist is the ultimate revelation of the truth, but it is a great mind opener and should help people evaluate the ways how they are enforced to see and function in certain ways in the society, as a corporate-based system, routinely degrading the human aspect. That's exactly why the situation in humanity is so passive and constantly widening the borders of highly sophisticated brutality, because most people continue to falsely follow what they are told on TV, without any real world evaluation, and that is how the corporations are establishing themselves as harmless, funny, and human-friendly.

Is it so? Well, reality speaks a way too differently on the subject, far and wide, and out of the box. Neither little kindness and understanding can cut it, only a little awareness to start to realize what's happening in this world beyond the frames of re-arranged history, cutting edge in human-molding by abusing the tools of culture, and all the heavy and elaborate layers of mass-media make up, to make it all look lawful, justified and simply irresistibly believable to the everyday people.

Again, I couldn't care less for yours or anyone's approval, but different opinions are welcome, since they can help to a wider understanding what's happening with the human world behind the glittery stage and secret-hiding curtains, and that is what I am interested in hearing about, because I'm fed up of all the media games and fairy tales, whose only goal is to turn the human minds passive and think as little as possible, which should really be alarming, rather than amusing to most people. They make entertainment from human destruction, to ease the way to it, and yet the people applaud it. Now, that's not a story, but the reality.
  Resident 9.08.2010 43
I'm dont understand the principe of making money with warez link ! Maybe it's with google ads or someone can explain me ?

Thx Saint for the moderation ! Keep good work !
  Resident 9.07.2009 8 67
Quote: telkmx
I'm dont understand the principe of making money with warez link

most filehoster have a point system and the uploader get`s points for every download over a specific size.
then the uploder collect the points and is able to change them back into money
(for example: 1000 points = 10 $)
  guest -- 0
It's not too difficult to recognise who the "pro" sharers are, and MericG isn't the only one operating on this site. It makes me laugh when people are sooooo grateful for these peoples "generosity". They're not doing it to be nice, or to contribute to the scene. They're doing it to make money, people!

Saying that, there are those up-loaders who are genuine scene members/audiophiles/musicians (we know who you are, and appreciate you) and they contribute a lot. If they make some money on the side, then that's cool with me.
  guest -- 0
Just have to say that twice i posted some warez but it never had showed up on the site, and usualy one day later the same warez was added by mericg with is own link under his own name.
  Resident 10.04.2010 143
pff fmking money with warez's just a fkg SHAME !!!!

so byebye MG.....and long life to our favorite Audio board ! All your work is awesome SAINT, so you'll always have my support

  Resident 24.05.2009 107
I love this site so much that it's my first destination in my RSS reader. Even if I don't grab anything it's still fun to see the stuff that's out there. I usually discover stuff here first, and even if I don't DL, it's neat to see how audio SW is advancing. I look at most of this stuff as "non-limited" demos, and have supported the developers by purchasing their product. That's how I make money off this; I try it, I buy it if I need it and like it, and I make music and sell my music. I hope people who are profiting from these "points" are at least donating to a charity. Just sayin'.

Kudos to you, SAiNT, and everyone else, for providing a great service to the music community. bow
  guest -- 0
A good decision.

It's about sharing warez and people first - and then about making money with warez, if you absolutely have to.

Greetings to everyone!
  guest -- 0
i guess sharing is love. thank you for keeping up the true STW spirit!

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