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Samples » Kontakt
Native Instruments Spotlight Collection : Ireland v1.0.2 KONTAKT screenshot
Kontakt | 12.2Gb
From the haunting echoes of uilleann pipes to the spirited twang of the banjo, Spotlight Collection: Ireland delivers 11 traditional Irish instruments, captured in the heart of Milltown Malbay with renowned musician Noel Hill. Whether layering melodies into lively ensembles or infusing a touch of Irish influence into modern productions, this collection offers a genuine and evocative journey into the soulful world of Irish musical traditions.
Authentic Irish instruments
Samples » Kontakt
Native Instruments Crosstalk Piano KONTAKT-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 11 April 2024 | 14.3 GB
A totally new sound
Discover a fresh approach to piano. Faithful piano samples with a soft, dark tone have been combined with a huge selection of processed multisamples. Choose from fragile, resynthesized, and deconstructed sounds, including field recordings, weird FM pianos, guitar-like feedback loops, and much more. Then layer any sample, use the Crosstalk feature to modulate individual layer volume over time, and shape the sound with six different macros. Crosstalk Piano will take you in new directions with a deep, atmospheric sound perfect for emotional compositions.
Samples » Kontakt
Marcos Ciscar Surf Guitar KONTAKT screenshot
Inspired by the sound of electric guitars in surf music, "Surf Guitar" is a simple, yet effective instrument that lets you add a surfy mood to your production. It offers a selection of electric guitar chords performed while altering the whammy bar.
Samples » Kontakt
Marcos Ciscar Eternity Church Organ v2.0 KONTAKT screenshot
A highly detailed and exquisitely sampled Church Organ for Kontakt.
Covering various stops and combinations from the most subtle to the roaring tutti with pedals.

Eternity Church Organ was recorded from the organist's perspective on a Swedish church organ built in 1790.
The organ was modernized in 1981 and newly renovated and expanded in 2015.
Samples, Kontakt
Wrongtools With The Lows KONTAKT-ohsie screenshot
ohsie | 9 April 2024 | 4.88 GB
With the Lows consists of a huge collection of taped analog bass synth kontakt-instruments that caters most low-end needs.

First 3 banks are filled with sinus based patches. We use it for sub fundamentals and for building low-end on any kind of track

The other 7 banks have more characteristic sounds, with saw waves, left-field tape-based instruments.
Samples, Kontakt
Wrongtools Northwest Passage KONTAKT-ohsie screenshot
ohsie | 9 April 2024 | 3.09 GB
A tribute to the ocean’s vast narrative, encapsulating its depth, mystery, and perpetual motion through a tapestry of cinematic guitar tones and textures.

“Northwest Passage” was created with violin bow on electric guitar, recorded through freeze and looper pedals and amps.
Samples, Kontakt
Wrongtools Nodal KONTAKT-ohsie screenshot
ohsie | 9 April 2024 | 3.77 GB
Nodal is a bass library for Kontakt that features not just standard shorts and longs, but focuses primarily on rich, deep bass textures and vibrant patches. Musicians were instructed to evolve each note timbrally, providing a fluid, forward-moving feel. Two of the basses dropped the lowest string an octave, reaching unprecedented depths in bass notes.
Samples, Kontakt
Wrongtools Kosmos KONTAKT-ohsie screenshot
ohsie | 9 April 2024 | 6.19 GB
With patches put together from organic sound-sources that are blowed, bowed, plucked or stroked (+ a few synths). Then cuddled with, time-stretched, granulated and processed into a sumptuous universe.


Samples » Kontakt
Pianobook Electric Mandolin Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 806 MB
An custom-made Electric Mandolin played with fingers, a plectrum and a hard mallet
I have the best friends, and Lola is one of them.
Last year, her brother, Tom, found me an old bouzouki in his father’s workshop, Jean, a guitar maker in Tours, France.
A few months ago, I was working on a project and Lola thought that this Electric Mandolin, built by Jean, could be helpful for this project, so she lent me it. The sound of the Mandolin didn’t really fit in the mix, so I decided to sample it for future projects. I asked Lola if I could share this instrument with the Pianobook community as part of the Christmas Calendar, she said yes. So here is the Electric Mandolin!
Samples » Kontakt
WitchPig Harmulator Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 1.8 GB
A dark, distorted, and irredeemably corrupted sample library. Ideal for horror themed ambiances and gothic industrial soundtracks. Use the ADSR controls, or the XY pad, to further enhance these tortured tones.
Samples » Kontakt
Lucid Storm Audio Somnium Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 91 MB
Somnium is a sample library for Kontakt that allows you to create rich and evolving sounds using analog synth waveforms. Blend triangle, saw, and square waveforms with the XY pad, and add depth, dimension and textures with 6 unique convolution effects. Somnium is perfect for ambient, cinematic, and experimental music.
Samples » Kontakt
Westwood Instruments Roots Untold Strings KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
13/04/2024 | KONTAKT | 163 MB
Strings transfigured into a mesmerising wall of sound.

For any story; real, imaginary or that blurry place between the two. Made from the violas in our award-winning library, Novella Origin. Made from experiments in sampling and our favourite sounds from past projects. We take a singular musical notion and combine it with a set of simple controls. We believe that the overwhelming number of choices you have as a music maker can lead to decision paralysis and become the enemy of creation.
Kontakt, presets, patches, impulses
Pianobook Global Swarm Kontakt Decent Sampler [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library Decent Sampler | 1.04/1.02 GB
Another Pianobook community collaboration sample pack, this time created from different “swarming” instruments played slow, medium and fast. Different instrument layers are controllable to find that perfect blend of textures for your next composition.
Big thanks to all the contributors (too many to list!) and volunteers who helped pull together the final sample pack.
Samples » Kontakt
Hunter Rogerson NAMMbience Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 277 MB
A rich, playable instrument comprised entirely of recordings from NAMM 2022
My first ever trip to NAMM was a thrill and a shock.
I couldn’t believe how little one could do to escape the constant noise. But, while the whole of it was an unrelenting roar, the individual parts were interesting, often beautiful. I returned on day two determined to turn this offensive barrage into something useful.
Samples » Kontakt
Pianobook Portals Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 253 MB
Our best work is done with others
Become transported to sonic realms with this evolving engine. Each build provides a unique center control that adjusts multiple processors uniquely chosen for the sounds presented by the samplists involved. Sam Ecoff captured thick synth tones from his beloved ARP 2600. Sage Reynolds recorded rhythmic found sounds from the bells of a musical toy. Hunter Rogerson converted a sentimental portrait of his Grand Mother to audio. Ryan Weeks beta tested the instrument and created the first demo.
Samples » Kontakt
Hunter Rogerson Hearth & Hollow Lite Version Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 1.70 GB
Seven deeply sampled acoustic folk instruments assembled as a fully arrange-able ensemble.
Songwriting means everything to me and I’ve spent a lot of my living and learning in that world. Even when its tenets are taken from their original context and employed in movies or video games it tends to stir the quiet and honest parts of us. When I sat behind the mics to start making this library I played the instruments the way I do when I’m writing and producing folk music...
Kontakt, presets, patches, impulses
Hunter Rogerson Hunter's Percussion World Kontakt Decent Sampler [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library Decent Sampler| 955/143 MB
Djembe, Conga, Bongo, Udu and Taiko Family
This is the world percussion portion of a multi-part percussion library I put together during my final year of university. For a few years now, this library has been a secret sauce/garnish that I would blend into my other paid and professional libraries and figured it was about time to share!
Kontakt, presets, patches, impulses
Hunter Rogerson The Spellsinger (Choirs) Kontakt Decent Sampler [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library Decent Sampler| 495/431 MB
Spellbinding vocal drones and phrases captured in an old church
Toward the end of the summer, my partner (the star of this library) and I had a couple of hours to ourselves in a 173yr old church. We spent that time capturing these samples.
We took full advantage of the space despite only having one stereo mic, so what you hear in this library is what would be a “far” or “ambient” mic signal.
multi-libraries, Kontakt, presets, patches, impulses
Tom Wolfe Synth Vault Presets Collection (incl. April 2024) MULTiFORMAT [FREE] screenshot
06/04/2024 | MULTiFORMAT | 340 MB
Tom Wolfes's Synth Vault includes huge collection of 670 presets for Omnisphere, Kontakt, Massive, Arturia Pigments and other synths presets!

FIND INSPIRATION: Get access to a stream of high-quality presets to keep the inspiration flowing when you need it!
MAXIMISE YOUR SYNTHS: Boost your favourite synths with presets that push the boundaries of their capabilities!
IMPROVE YOUR SOUND DESIGN: Create your own high-quality presets with sound design tips and tricks from a professional!

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