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Anyone used Yousician or similar to learn an instrument? Roland unveil SPD::ONE Series, many more products to come Need some graphics help with a custom project (SoloStuff) SoloRack Instrument from a library can't be opened? Kontakt 5.5.2 Reveal Spire - Vintage Skin ( Sales Started 8$) Hello everyone my name is SignalFlow VPS Avenger from Vengeance: opinions? Future house/modern dance Piano? RIP LEGEND Roger Moore!


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Samples » Kontakt
Global Audio Tools GridLock KONTAKT screenshot
FANTASTiC | 26 May 2017 | 138 MB
GridLock is now available and up for grabs ! We guarantee this Kontakt 5 Drum Bank will be one you will use in all of your productions hands down! As it contains over 450 drum sounds ranging from true authentic analog kicks, hard hitting 808’s, to even Custom multie layered RARE drum shots that have been recorded from the real world,layered to make sounds that have never been heard and brought to our DAW’S in ways no one has done for music producers across the globe ! With onboard FX and the elegant custom user interface renders GridLock a tool for the books and a must grab for any and every producer! We assure you quality and quantity within this drum bank!
Samples » Kontakt
Neocymatics The Clarinet Collection KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | 312.72 MB
"The Clarinet Collection" is Sample Library for Native Instruments' Kontakt 5, containing a detailed selection of 8 Solo Clarinets, suitable for a wide spectrum of music styles, such as Ethnic, Jazz, Classical or Soundtrack and their sub-genres.
Aiming at Real-time performance, each instrument was designed to be not only highly playable but also extremely expressive and responsive.
Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
5Pin Media Melodic Techno MULTiFORMAT screenshot
FANTASTiC | 25 May 2017 | 1.51 GB
5Pin Media and aclaimed sound designer/engineer Adam Pietruszko team up for a second time to bring you a phat slice of Melodic Techno heaven. Inspired by the works of Techno heavyweights Minilogue, SCSI-9, Agoria, John Dahlback, Guy-J, Vince Watson, Slam and Stephan Bodzin to name but a few, we guarantee this stellar juggernaut collection will fuel your Techno productions with unparalleled originality and quality for years to come.
Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Ocean Lost Dreamscape + Complementary Elec Percussion pack MULTiFORMAT screenshot
P2P | May 23 2017 | 977 MB | 1.46 GB
A collection of ambient inspired textures and soundscapes, this pack has been inspired by the sonic landscapes of ambient, post-rock and experimental electronica

Lush Sounds

From warped synths and lush guitar atmospheres to industrial inspired beats it is a creative toolkit created with atmospheric cinematic music in mind.
Samples » Kontakt
Sound Dust Prepared Pianet KONTAKT screenshot
P2P | 21 May 2017 | 309 MB
A plebeian Pianet T : poked, prodded and pampered produces powerful, pleasing and pretty perverse powered pianic possibilities.

This little marvel comprises three instrument sets – acoustic, muted and amped. Each set features a number of fully tweakable sounds which can be edited, blended together and given the full Sound Dust treatment to create your own unique Prepared Pianet.
Samples » Kontakt
Sound Dust OddHop Modular Chaos Engine #3 KONTAKT screenshot
P2P | 21 May 2017 | 154 MB
OddHop is packed to the gills with 100's of original acoustic and electronic sounds arranged into 5 octaves of oneshot kits with plenty of control for an infinity of sound design and beat making possibilities. But things get really exciting when you use the new drum and bass sequencing engines, each with twelve tracks of draw-able per note control over nine parameters.
Samples » Kontakt
Sound Dust Modular Chaos Engine 4 KONTAKT screenshot
P2P | 21 May 2017 | 195 MB
A kit of lovely, dusty, binaurally recorded acoustic drum samples and slightly prepared steel drums….a kind of Tom Waits percussion machine featuring drums in all shapes and sizes.
There are huge flappy marching band bass drums, ripped and rattly snares and kicks, frame drums, congas, bongos, toms, hi-hats, cymbals, boxes, broken metal shelving…
Samples » Kontakt
Findasound Fayez Saidawi Egyptian Ney KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | 85.15 MB
Egyptian Ney is a set of 3 neys: A,B, and C . Where ney A is more like a synth ney or a lead ney with fast attack designed for synth sounds gurus who want the ney to sound like a synth lead sound, and B is darker sound with slower attack that sounds more like a Turkish - Persian ney, and finally C which sounds more like a Kawala with mid attack and more airy sound. All sound samples are looped and scripted to work with Kontakt version 5.4 to get a realistic performance of the instrument as much as possible.
Samples » Kontakt
Findasound Oriental Soloist 2 KONTAKT FULL RELEASE screenshot
Oriental Soloist 2 is a set of 335 sounds designed for oriental solo style playing sampled by Dr Raid Marji, sounds are designed to be mixed together through a four channel / sound output where the user can design, manipulate, and combine sounds together to get the desired results not only for solo playing but also for unison mixed oriental instruments. One unique feature in Oriental soloist 2 is the ability to select intervals of each of the four sounds separately according to scale, with the ability to control Octave, Volume, and pan separately as well.
Samples » Kontakt
Legatone Hand Chimes for KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | 326.45 MB
Hand chimes are musical instruments which are rung by hand, similar to handbells. Typically, they are tuned square tubes with an external clapper mechanism. The hand chime is characterized by a soft, clear, sonorous tone.
Samples » Kontakt
Audio Animals Organic Snares Vol.1 KONTAKT screenshot
TEAM BYS | 15 May 2017 | 50 MB
Organic Snares Vol.1 is a collection of 2040 live snare hit samples recorded within a studio environment. All samples are recorded in 24bit/44,100kHz wav. Within the download is a custom kontakt sampler that includes, ADSR, stereo widener, lowpass filter, highpass filter, 2 band EQ, 4 band master EQ, master bus compressor and convolution reverb.
Samples » Kontakt
Zero-G ETHERA Soundscapes KONTAKT-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | May/16th/2017 | 13.5GB
ETHERA Soundscapes takes you into an amazing world of stunning Male and Female Voices, Synths and Ambient Sounds for your Cinematic and Electronic compositions. Ethera Soundscapes is a massive 14 GB Library created for soundtrack producers everywhere. It is armed with a custom Kontakt GUI and over 500 Kontakt Patches.
Samples, multi-libraries, Kontakt
Big Fish Audio Empire Trap Construction Kits MULTiFORMAT screenshot
FANTASTiC | 14 May 2017 | MULTiFORMAT: 2.93 GB | KONTAKT: 1.15 GB
Empire: Trap Construction Kits brings you 50 kits of bangin’ Trap hits in the styles of DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Buku, The Weekend and more! Empire gives you tons of content including everything from Synth arpeggios and leads to iconic trap snares, 808s, vocal hooks and chops to help you ensure that your next track is a hit!


Samples » Kontakt
Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass v1.1 Close mic only KONTAKT screenshot
Kontakt | 55.4 GB
Since its first release, the Berlin Series has become the premium standard for major composers around the world. Composers who believe in technology, an extraordinary room, the finest musicians and a variety of many useful articulations that keep the Collections versatile and up to date for many years to come. The long awaited final Main Collection within the renowned Berlin Series is on the way: Berlin Brass
Samples » Kontakt
Atom Hub Trumpette KONTAKT Free screenshot
03 APRIL 2017 | KONTAKT | 85 MB
The sounds were sampled of little paper trumpet I bought to my son some time ago when attending a local circus show. It is a little paper trumpet rolling out, when the air is pushed in and immediately rolling back, when the air pressure stops.
You know that funny satirical sound, best thrown right in someone´s face – takes me back to the world of my slap-happy childhood. Anyway, as you will find out, this little trumpet does a little more than that. Explore the Trumpette for yourself, it is FREE – as a thanks to you all, friends, musicians, sample and Kontakt lovers all over the world – for your continuous support and music you write.
Samples » Kontakt
Sonuscore Sustained String Chords KONTAKT Free screenshot
02 APRIL 2017 | KONTAKT | 300 MB
SUSTAINED STRING CHORDS features exactly the same natural and warm sound. You can play wonderful sustained chords with the whole orchestra. You can play the low strings, the mid strings, the high strings or all together on four different sections of your master keyboard. The mod wheel gives you control over the dynamics and you can mix sustain and tremolo chords. Playing with low velocity triggers the major chord, playing with high velocity triggers the minor chord.
Samples » Kontakt
Sonuscore HD Orchestra Chords KONTAKT Free screenshot
02 APRIL 2017 | KONTAKT | 80 MB
The warm and natural sound of this free Orchestra Kontakt Instrument immediately reminds you of big Hollywood blockbusters such as “The Lord Of The Rings”.

You can play the chords with the whole orchestra, layer it with additional low string notes or high string chords or simply play everything at once. Playing with low velocity triggers the major chord, playing with high velocity triggers the minor chord.
Samples » Kontakt
Embertone Gobbler KONTAKT Free screenshot
Free (Fund Raiser Project) | 27 March 2017 | 189 MB
GOBBLER is a strange & silly virtual instrument that follows our hero, Gobbles the Turkey. Gobbles is a happy, free-range animal, wandering gorgeous landscapes.
Please read the full post.
Samples » Kontakt
Reworked East West Strings screenshot
This is the final section of the East West Symphonic Orchestra , using the original 24bit samples I've loaded them up with all the options you will need to get the perfect balance of techniques. Tweaked for fast playing sections and adapted to get the best sound out of them
Samples » Kontakt
Reworked East West 1st Violins KONTAKT screenshot
This is the1st Violins additions from the East West Strings reworked to sound more realistic and play fast sections. I used the samples at the original 24bit and added in a reverb script that you can change to the way you like or switch off altogether.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » Kontakt
Reworked East West Trumpet screenshot
This is the Trumpet addition from the East West winds reworked to sound more realistic and play fast sections. I used the samples at the original 24bit and added in a reverb script that you can change to the way you like or switch off altogether.

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