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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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Education » Video Tutorials
SkillShare: How To Become A Lyric-Writing Machine (New Lectures Added) with Adam Sweeney screenshot
English | mp4 | 561 MB
This is a purely lyric-focused songwriting course based on my research and experiences in the combined fields of songwriting, psychology, and metaphysics.
This course is a sharing of my personal process that I use for my own songwriting practice. It is my hope that you will know the beautiful feeling and personal satisfaction of bringing a piece, a representation of who you are, into external reality so it may be appreciated by yourself and others.
Samples » Kontakt
Auddict United Strings of Europe First Violins KONTAKT screenshot
FANTASTiC | June 14 2017 | 7.35 GB
Auddict teamed up with the "United Strings of Europe", a London-based string orchestra, to create THE flagship string library. We are extremely proud to present the UNITED STRINGS OF EUROPE.

This astounding library has what we believe to be the most realistic string legato sampled and programmed to this date, recorded at the world-famous "Cadogan Hall" in London. Thanks to the USE musicians' pristine and flawlessly crafted sound, we have captured the most delicate, to the most gargantuan of string sounds for this library, which blends superbly well in a mix due to the fantastic acoustic of this concert hall.
Software » Windows
Myriad PDFtoMusic Pro 1.6.2 WiN screenshot
P2P | 15 June 2017 | 18,81 MB
The scores you created with your old score editor are no more compatible with the new one? You own scores in PDF format, and you'd want to modify them with your favorite score editor? Until now, the only solution was either to input your score again completely, or to print them and to use an optical recognition software to convert them, with more or less success, into editable documents.
Software » Mac OSX
Nightbirdsevolve Roland Juno 106 Preset Editor and Librarian 2.2 MAC OSX-TNT screenshot
TNT | 15 June 2017 | 9.9 MB
Save, Organize, and Edit Juno presets via a simple MIDI connection."

Presets can either be created from scratch or received from the synthesiser's inner memory
They are stored as “.jep” or sysex files on your hard drive, which is perfect for sharing or backup
Features include keyboard playback, undo, safe-editing, quick search and a retina-ready interface


Education, Methods
Finding Chords to Match the Notes In Your Melody: A Manual for Songwriters and Musicians screenshot
ilfsn | PDF + HiRes Image | 109MB
An easy-to-use guide to finding just the right chords to use with any melody. If you have ever composed a melody and then been at a loss as to which basic chords to play along with it . . . if you have ever wondered how to experiment with more complex chord substitutions . . . if you have ever wondered how the “experts” go about choosing which chords to use with their melodies . . . then this book is for you.
Education » Literary
Music and the Crises of the Modern Subject by Michael L. Klein screenshot
English | Publisher: Indiana University Press, 2015 | 206 Pages | PDF | 3,7 MB
Departing from the traditional German school of music theorists, Michael Klein injects a unique French critical theory perspective into the framework of music and meaning. Using primarily Lacanian notions of the symptom, that unnamable jouissance located in the unconscious, and the registers of subjectivity (the Imaginary, the Symbolic Order, and the Real), Klein explores how we understand music as both an artistic form created by "the subject" and an artistic expression of a culture that imposes its history on this modern subject.
Education » Literary
Future Days: Krautrock and the Birth of a Revolutionary New Music by David Stubbs screenshot
English | Publisher: Melville House, 2015 | 512 Pages | epub+pdf (conv.) | 8,2 MB
A sweeping history of the men and women who transformed postwar Germany—and created a musical genre that revolutionized rock and roll and gave birth to hip-hop.
West Germany after World War II was a country in shock: estranged from its recent history, and adrift from the rest of Europe. But this orphaned landscape proved fertile ground for a generation of musicians who, from the 1960s onwards, would develop the strange and beautiful sounds that became known as Krautrock.
Education » Literary
Composing the Modern Subject: Four String Quartets by Dmitri Shostakovich by Sarah Reichardt screenshot
English | Publisher: Routledge, 2005 | 144 Pages | PDF | 2,9 MB
Since the publication of Solomon Volkov's disputed memoirs of Dmitri Shostakovich, the composer and his music has been subject to heated debate concerning how the musical meaning of his works can be understood in relationship to the composer's life within the Soviet State. While much ink has been spilled very little work has attempted to define how Shostakovich's music has remained so arresting not only to those within the Soviet culture, but also to Western audiences - even though such audiences are often largely ignorant of the compositional context or even the biography of the composer.
Video Tutorials, Methods
Udemy - Mixing a Song From Start to Finish screenshot
ilfsn | 8 Hours | 8.88GB
Give your music a professional sound with this step-by-step guide
- create a pop style mix that is ready for mastering
- edit and pitch correct vocals
- use effects such as equalizers, compressors, noise gates, reverb, delay and modulation properly
- setup submix routing
- use automation to change elements in a song
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Madonna Songbooks Collection screenshot
English | PDF | 172 MB
A Collection of 12 Madonna songbooks
Like a VirginTrue Blue I'm BreathlessThe Immaculate CollectionEroticaBedtime StoriesSomething to RememberRay of LightMusicGreatest Hits Vol. 2American LifeConfessions on a Dance Floor • for guitar piano and vocal...
Education » Methods
Dave Celentano - Triads For The Rock Guitarist screenshot

English | 39 pages | PDF + WMA | 44 MB

This complete guide to understanding and using triads for rhythm and lead guitar unlocks the mysteries of triads. It includes theory, practical advice, valuable tips, and tons of examples to get you playing rhythm and lead guitar with triads. Many styles are covered – rock, classical, reggae, metal, blues and more!
Education » Methods
Bruce Emery - Fingerstyle Guitar From Scratch screenshot

English | 96 pages | PDF + WMA | 60 MB

This book illustrates the basics of the Arpeggio Style and the Travis Style (alternating bass) forms of guitar vocal accompaniment. More specifically, you’ll be using your fingers to pick the individual notes out of common chords to backup your voice instead of strumming or picking those chords with a pick. It’s just a kinder, gentler way to play rhythm guitar. Think of “Dust in the Wind,” "Blackbird," “Scarborough Fair,” “Landslide,” “Leader of the Band” and “Time in a Bottle.” These are among the songs we’ll use to explore this style.
Education » Methods
Bruce Emery - Travis-Style Guitar From Scratch screenshot

English | 93 pages | PDF + WMA | 53 MB

"Travis-picking" means that the thumb is responsible for laying down an alternating bassline while the fingers simultaneously add independent melody and harmony lines. Here’s how we’ll achieve our goal: We’ll start with a simple alternating bass and we’ll work on it until it becomes comfortable. Then we’ll add small, successive complications that will feel uncomfortable at first, but we’ll work them it until they become comfortable, before moving on to the next.
After some preliminary exercises, we get right into Six Songs You Know, two in each of three keys: “Camptown Races,” “Oh! Susanna,” “Red River Valley,” “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” “House of the Rising Sun” and “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen,” and much of the rest of book is devoted to revisiting these six songs at increasing levels of complexity (four levels in all). The first level is straightforward: All melody notes land squarely on the beat.

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