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fresh releases

Software, Windows
Kuassa Amplifikation 360 v1.2.2-TeamCubeadooby screenshot
TeamCubeadooby | 07 December 2023 | 189 MB
Kuassa is a company specializing in developing great sounding audio plugins # VST – Audio Units – Rack Extension digital guitar amp and mixing – mastering effect plug-ins software. Established 2009 in Bandung by a collective of like-minded musicians who are passionate about music creative process. As musician ourselves, we believe that music tools should be as straightforward as possible, putting aside all obstruction that can slowing-down the inspiration will be an essential goal for any kind of musicians and engineers alike, from bedroom studios to major studios in Hollywood.
Software, Windows
Kuassa Efektor Vibracula v1.0.0-TCD screenshot
TCD | 7 December 2023 | 8.23 MB
Lush, Emotional, Undulating, Wobbling Blood-Thirsting Effect

Reimagining Classic Vibrato: Explore the soulful undulations of vibrato with Kuassa Efektor Vibracula. Elevate your performance with precise vibration, bringing timeless vibrato magic to your musical expressions.

Software, Windows
Kuassa Efektor Rotarion v1.0.0-TCD screenshot
TCD | 7 December 2023 | 6.79 MB
intage, Three-Dimensional, Space, Immersion

Vintage Swirl with Modern Precision: Kuassa Efektor Rotarion faithfully reproduces the warm, swirling, and immersive rotary modulation effect that defined classic recordings. Revive the iconic sound with modern convenience, adjusting rotation width, depth, speed, and intensity. Immerse your music in three-dimensional, swirling bliss.
Software, Windows
Kuassa Efektor Ringmojo v1.0.0-TCD screenshot
TCD | 7 December 2023 | 6.95 MB
Otherworldly, Robotic, Experimental, Complex Harmonic, Avant Garde

Dive into uncharted soundscapes with Kuassa Efektor Ringmojo, a revolutionary ring modulator that transforms your audio into a symphony of metallic resonance, ethereal chimes, and experimental frequencies. Crafted for sonic explorers and avant-garde creators.

Software, Windows
Kuassa Efektor Omnivibe v1.0.0-TCD screenshot
TCD | 7 December 2023 | 6.75 MB
Psychedelic Revival: Kuassa Efektor Omnivibe channels the iconic spirit of the classic 60s Uni-vibe modulation, delivering swirling, pulsating, and phasey sounds that add a psychedelic character to your guitar tone. With intuitive controls for speed, intensity, and tone shaping, this plugin offers a versatile palette for both vintage swirls and modern vibes, transcending time in a sonic journey.
Software, Windows
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard v0.8.10 & LoopBe Package-TCD screenshot
TCD | 7 December 2023 | 62 MB
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a MIDI events generator and receiver. It doesn't produce any sound by itself, but can be used to drive a MIDI synthesizer (either hardware or software, internal or external). You can use the computer's keyboard to play MIDI notes, and also the mouse. You can use the Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard to display the played MIDI notes from another instrument or MIDI file player. To do so, connect the other MIDI port to the input port of VMPK.
Software » Windows
Adobe Media Encoder 2024 screenshot
P2P | 12.2023 | 893 MB
Ingest, transcode, create proxies, and output any format you can imagine. This powerful media management tool allows you to work with media in a unified way across applications. Tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and other applications provides a seamless workflow.
Software » Windows
Adobe After Effects 2024 screenshot
P2P | 12.2023 | 2.5 GB
Make a big scene bigger. Create cinematic movie titles, intros, and transitions. Remove an object from a clip. Start a fire or make it rain. Animate a logo or character. With After Effects, the industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects software, you can take any idea and make it move.
Software » Windows
Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 screenshot
P2P | 11.2023 | 1.8 GB
Video editing that’s always a cut above. Premiere Pro is the leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web. Creative tools, integration with other Adobe apps and services, and the power of Adobe Sensei help you craft footage into polished films and videos in one seamless workflow. And Premiere Rush, our new app, is included with your subscription so you can capture footage and start editing on all your devices, anywhere.


Software, Mac OSX
Acustica Audio Amethyst 4 2023 AAX ONLY macOS screenshot
P2P | 7 December 2023 | 27 MB

Amethyst is a high-performance channel strip that gives you the warm sound of the most celebrated British consoles from the late 1970s and early '80s. Version 4 also adds a new preamp module, giving you 53 juicy preamps to choose from, illuminating your path to absolute analog awesomeness.
Software, Mac OSX
Acustica Audio Aquamarine 5 2023 AAX ONLY macOS screenshot
P2P | 7 December 2023 | 27 MB

Aquamarine5 is a high-end mastering and mixing plugin suite which includes a monster compressor - sampled from one of the most highly regarded units on the market - featuring a smooth and warm sounding Opto comp section and a punchy, discrete VCA-style dynamic processor which can go from a subtle 1.2:1 ratio to savage ‘Flood’ limiting.
Software, Mac OSX
Acustica Audio Azure 2 2023 AAX ONLY macOS screenshot
P2P | 7 December 2023 | 7 MB

Azure2 is a true-to-life emulation of a passive, hand-made equalizer characterized by tube make-up stages and the finest transformers, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The transparency and three-dimensional quality of the original hardware is simply unmatched in the industry. The life it can breathe into mixes, vocals, and instruments will astound you and its infinite possibilities will blow your mind. Compared to similar designs, it makes everything sound more “like a record.”
Software, Mac OSX
Acustica Audio Gold 5 2023 AAX ONLY macOS screenshot
P2P | 7 December 2023 | 54 MB

Gold 5 is a plugin suite that is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to incorporate the legendary sound of vintage British consoles into their workflow. Gold includes 9 different equalizers, 2 extremely rare compressors, and 7 preamplifiers improved with our Hyper 2 technology. — which means you get a total of 52 preamplifiers inside the Gold5Pre standalone version of our plugin. It sounds almost too good to be true, right?
Software, Mac OSX
Acustica Audio Honey 3 2023 AAX ONLY macOS screenshot
P2P | 7 December 2023 | 27 MB

Honey 3 packs all the power and musicality of a world-class American console that’s consistently been put on a pedestal by industry professionals thanks to its musicality and logical layout. Since 1975, numerous top-selling records have been crafted on this impressive piece of audio equipment, including gems such as Michael Jackson's "Thriller,” Paul Simon's "Graceland,” as well as hits by AC/DC, ABBA, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, and countless others.
Software, Mac OSX
Acustica Audio Jet Bundle 2023 AAX ONLY macOS screenshot
P2P | 7 December 2023 | 13 MB

The "Jet Bundle" is a pack of our Jet Volumes which includes all the emulations of different algorithmic and sampled equalizers that can be loaded into the dynamic EQ section. Jet Volumes use our innovative Acqua technology, which will help you take your mixes to the next level.

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