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fresh releases

Samples » loops
Reflekt Audio Red Rose Drum Pack WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | July 29 2021 | 6 MB
Red Rose Drum Pack is unique and one of a kind as it contains hand recorded percussion samples and loops. From metal hits to percussive clicks this pack will surely add value to your productions and have your listeners interested in more.
Software » Mac OSX
Native Instruments Spektral Delay v1.6.0 MAC OSX screenshot
marcelliX | Date: 2021.07.29 | 53 MB
The NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY differs from the many other audio effects in that it uses real-time FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) to split each channel of a stereo signal into as many as 160 separately modifiable frequency bands (even up to 1024 bands internally). The level, delay time and feedback amount for each of this bands can be set separately. Additionally, various modulation effects can be applied to the signal in the frequency domain, which allows for even further sound manipulation.
Samples » loops
Trip Digital HELLA-DRUMS WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | July 29 2021 | 4 MB
Hella-Drums by DJ Journey gives you drum loops of all genres in the beats per minute ranges of 60, 75, 90, 92, 102, 120, 140, 150 & 170. Journey's drums are the templates to your next hit record. So let your creativity run wild!
Software, Windows
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol v2.6.3 WiN screenshot
WiN | 29 July 2021 | 181 MB
KOMPLETE KONTROL opens the full potential of KOMPLETE series products. Feel the most advanced software tools come to life right under your hands - a more expressive, intuitive and inspiring than ever. View and download sounds with a single click - KOMPLETE KONTROL governs the entire universe in a single plug-in KOMPLETE through browser-based tags.
Samples » loops
Trip Digital Loose Drums WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | July 29 2021 | 29 MB
James "J Dilla" Yancey was the best to ever program the Akai MPC drum machine. He inspired all Hip Hop producer that have chopped and sampled beats. Just ask the super producer, Kanye West. In an interviewed statement, Dilla was asked to describe his secret sauce to programming drums. And he answered. "I never quantize my drums. I keep them loose for more of a live feel." In this catalog of 15 drum loops, DJ Journey attempts to give you the classic JD loose drum technique.
Samples » multi-libraries
Bogren Digital - Jens Bogren Signature Drum Sample Pack-Deluxe screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | Kontakt / WAV / TCI (for Slate Trigger 2) | 2.44 GB
This is no ordinary drum sample pack. Jens Bogren, the producer working under the Fascination Street Studios banner for over twenty years, has put together a collection of drum samples that have been his essential tool kit when crafting drum tones on some of the biggest albums in the world.
Education » Literary
Rainbow in the Dark: The Autobiography screenshot
English | July 27th, 2021 | ISBN: 1642939749 | 264 pages | True EPUB | 67 MB
The long-awaited autobiography by one of heavy metal's most revered icons, treasured vocalists, and front man for three legendary bands—Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Dio.

Prior to his tragic death in 2010, Ronnie James Dio had been writing his autobiography, looking back on the remarkable life that led him from his hometown in upstate New York to the biggest stages in the world, including the arena that represented the pinnacle of success to him—Madison Square Garden, where this book begins and ends.
Software » Windows
NUGEN Audio Paragon v1.1.1.2-RET screenshot
Team RET | 29 Jul 2021 | 172.0MB
Boundless reverb
Paragon is a true convolution reverb with the flexibility and control of a classic algorithmic reverb, giving you the sound of real spaces, now with unprecedented tweakability. Via re-synthesis, Paragon offers full control of the decay, room size and brightness of reverbs modelled on 3D recordings of real spaces - with no time-stretching, which means no artefacts - not to mention spectral analysis and precise EQ of the Impulse Responses themselves.
Software » Windows
ReLab LX480 Complete v3.1.1 (READ NFO)-RET screenshot
Team RET | 29 Jul 2021 | 22.0MB
For decades, the 480 has been the standard by which all other reverb processors have been measured. Ask any pro and you’ll soon learn that the 480 is widely considered to be one of the best-sounding reverbs ever built. Nothing compares to the distinctive, smooth, rich “480 sound”.


Education, Video Tutorials
Jordan Valeriote Live Mixing Walkthrough - Silverstein "Replace You" [FREE] screenshot
VisionSierra | Mp4 | 1 GB
The best way to learn how to mix like a pro is to watch over a pro’s shoulders as they’re mixing.

And today, we’ve got that just for you - an entire mixing walkthrough!

It’s from producer/mixer Jordan Valeriote (Silverstein, Neck Deep, Universal Music, Hopeless Records), and he’s mixing an acoustic version of Silverstein's “Replace You”.
Samples, sound effects
Buriya Rain Sound Library WAV [FREE] screenshot
WAV | 571MB
Burya is a free premium-quality sound library featuring 37 minutes of assorted rain recordings, captured in a calm urban environment. It has been recorded in 24 bit, 48 kHz stereo mode and masterfully processed until silky-smooth frequency balance was achieved. This essential rain sound library consists of 16 audio recordings with varying length up to 4 minutes which have full Soundminer® metadata and differ in location and surface materials. You can download Burya for free or pay what you want and support us produce more brilliant sound libraries.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
SampleScience French Violin v1.0 x64 VST AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 29 July 2021 | 272 MB
French Violin is a beautiful multi-sampled violin with a lot of character and charm. Played to sound authentic, French Violin has a very warm and natural sound. It's the perfect violin plugin to add a touch of strings to your music production without using GBs of hard drive space.

French Violin comes with 6 articulations: arco vibrato, arco non-vibrato, pizzicato vibrato, pizzicato non-vibrato, spiccato, and tremolo.
Education » Literary
Community Custodians of Popular Music's Past: A DIY Approach to Heritage screenshot
English | ISBN: 0367875330 | 2019 | 210 pages | EPUB, PDF | 7 MB
This book examines do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches to the collection, preservation, and display of popular music heritage being undertaken by volunteers in community archives, museums and halls of fame globally. DIY institutions of popular music heritage are much more than ‘unofficial’ versions of ‘official’ institutions; rather, they invoke a complex network of affect and sociality, and are sites where interested people – often enthusiasts – are able to assemble around shared goals related to the preservation of and ownership over the material histories of popular music culture.
Samples, Kontakt
Spitfire Audio Spitfire Solo Strings KONTAKT-Minified screenshot
P2P | 29 July 2021 | 4.08 GB
Sometimes you need the intimacy and detail of a single voice to rise above the force of an orchestra. Reach for Spitfire Solo Strings, featuring exceptional first-call London virtuosos, ideal for adding individuality and definition to your scores and production. Solo Strings is designed to stand out, but also to fit in: this entirely new library sits perfectly alongside the Spitfire orchestral ranges, utilising the same location, peerless signal chain, mic positions and range of articulations that make up the DNA of our high quality orchestral packages. Single players, recorded in the acoustic luxury of The Hall at AIR Studios, captured on rich sounding 2” tape.

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