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Kush Audio Blyss v1.0.1 FIXED-RET screenshot
Team RET | 29 Jul 2021 | 52.5MB
A mastering-style EQ, sandwiched inside six stages of delicate Saturation, feeding a dead-simple 'finishing compressor'. It's an EQ with a vibe, the likes of which could only come from Kush.

Blyss Mastering Channel is a 3-stage processor designed specifically to make busses — both mix and instrument — sound “prettier”. It also happens to sound incredible on individual tracks too. While it has multiple cascading Saturations, a 6-band EQ and a mastering grade Compressor, all sections have been greatly simplified to reflect Kush’s old-school approach to processing: less is more, choices are limited but comprehensive, and all sections are designed to work together, making it nearly impossible to produce a bad sound.

Blyss’ Saturation is far and away Kush’s most lush color circuit to date, leaning towards “delicate” with a sensitivity and voicing that stays mellow and rich even when driven to extremes.

When first launching Blyss, it’s tempting to grab the big EQ knobs and go to town, but be aware: the heart of this machine is really the unassuming Saturation section, which integrates painstakingly modeled Input, Interstage, and Output transformers plus 3 discrete op-amp stages into one knob with one meter. You can do a lot for your sounds with the Saturation alone!

FIXED : Timebomb

Thanks R2R for the anti MetaFortress trick!

* No iLok driver installation needed.
* It launches faster and more RAM friendly than original.

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  Member 24.05.2020 27
Wow, so fast! Amazing work, RET!
  Resident 10.01.2009 2 667
Thanks for the quick fix RET. You are amazing
  Member 1.01.2021 1 162
Damn that was quick, i still dint uninstall the last version lol
  Member 31.05.2020 29
Fixed version is out
  Member 4.08.2017 291
What, really?
  Member 29.09.2017 242
Yikes!!! Nice one
  Member 22.08.2017 82
Firstly, big thank you to RET. Secondly guys, I don't know much about RET only really check out r2r for demos. Can anyone explain the difference between the two? Are they working together? Have R2R split up and RET is going his own way? I'm really a noob when it comes to this. Cheers
  Resident 8.07.2021 191
Read my comment here.

If I had to sum up: RETSU and R2R are two completely different teams.

R2R have obviously (reading the .nfos) decided to share their big and long-time knowledge with RETSU (apparently a new and less experienced team), which (I think) is a blessing for RETSU.
I'm alive!!! :D Isn't it astounding??? ;)
  Member 1.01.2021 1 162
the Comment has been Removed
  Contributor 3.05.2011 519 3521
the Comment has been Removed
If you want to support me, you can here:
  Member 1.01.2021 1 162
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 7.10.2018 2 355
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  Member 24.03.2013 341
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  Member 7.10.2018 13 322
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 8.07.2021 191
the Comment has been Removed
I'm alive!!! :D Isn't it astounding??? ;)
  Member 6.02.2021 47
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1515 13113
Please, stay on topic: Kush Audio Blyss
  Member 18.10.2016 8 228
No VST3? Strange
  Contributor 3.05.2011 519 3521
Why is this strange? If you are not using some kind of toolkit eg JUCE, iPlugin, then you have to wrap VST3 manual, which is just extra work.

And if nobody has required that yet, then the dev didnt do it.
If you want to support me, you can here:
  Member 25.04.2020 11 133
quote by JaynSNo VST3? Strange

I agree, that's weird nowadays...
  Member 11.03.2021 17
What? How are you doing this? Holy cow.!!!! I didn't even expect it this year. I thought R2R had to show up someday to see this.
  Member 1.04.2015 1 84
Okay, Retsu is beginning to drop severe releases...
Thank you for the share :)
Who remember the first RET release ?
  Member 27.11.2019 3 95
  Resident 30.12.2017 1 1373
Wasn't that the one that ran on Windows 7 while the original didn't? That was legendary
  Member 19.04.2018 11 37
thank you
  Member 14.05.2018 107
Thank You so much!!! RET R2R DECIBELLE!!!
  Member 22.12.2018 459
I wouldn't call this 'A mastering-style EQ'. Tests show that is just a heavily distorting plugin. You have two bands with three fixed positions each, from 40Hz up to 800 Hz. With the top right knob you can introduce the third band centered at 20 KHz. So you are ear-juggling (because there are no graphs) bass and/or mid bass and possibly the very high end with arbitrary dips and peaks. That can not be called EQ-ing in any sensible meaning of the word.
THD is tremendous @ -46.2 dB. FIR filters show signs of irregularity of balance between pre ringing and post ringing phases.
Saturation is also given with non-consistent spectral curves of each harmonic (together they create a real mess).
Harmonic response.
It should be used in the end of the processing chain, because if you experience a ruined sound as a bliss, let it stay ruined for good.
  Member 23.04.2015 4 463
This plugin is overly hyped on GS.
Come here just to try the software and buy it afterwards.
If I don't like the software I will just DELETE it.
  Member 24.02.2016 1 72
Which newly released plugin is not?
  Resident 8.07.2021 191
I think it's simply a creative tool, not an "EQ" in the strict sense of the term.

I'm not tech-savvy, but personally I'd don't ever never use these kind of plugs on a master / charged buss / subgroup because they introduce confusion / inter-modulation.

I prefer generally use them on individual instruments or voice, because it colors deeply the sound and can do wonders on - for example - an electric piano or an organ track.

But of course it depends deeply of the mood / atmosphere / style of song.
I'm alive!!! :D Isn't it astounding??? ;)

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