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Education » Literary
Smart Video: How To Make Videos With Smartphone: Mixing Audio Techniques screenshot
English | 21 May 2021 | ASIN : B095LJL1WJ | 313 pages | PDF, AZW3, EPUB | 54 MB
In recent years, videos have been making inroads in digital marketing, emerging as a powerful promotional tool for businesses to promote their wares in an exciting and engaging way. Though when it comes to video marketing, there’s some pretty definitive ‘rules’ businesses should stick to in order to get their videos right. Get them wrong and marketing videos can be more hindering to a company than profiting.
Education » Literary
Super Sonic Logos: The Power of Audio Branding screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: 163742082X | 150 pages | epub | 8 MB
This book looks at the best of the best of sonic logos from the people who gave them notes. Whether you consider them to be music to your ears or earworms, these are the ten most noteworthy sonic logos of all time and one future hall of famer. So open your computer and meet Water Werzowa the creator of the Intel logo and Brian Eno who gave Windows 95 sound.
Education » Literary
Intro to Home Audio Video Systems screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: B09BW4VKJ5 | 254 pages | PDF EPUB | 4 MB
Are you confused trying to figure out what audio-video gear to buy? Did you already buy a new system, but can’t figure out how to make it all work? Or are you ready to take your legacy system to the next level?
Education » Literary
The Complete Guide to High-End Audio, 6th Edition screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ 1736254502 | 592 pages | True EPUB | 8 MB
In this newly updated directory, the latest in cutting-edge audio equipment is provided, including how to choose the best audio equipment on a budget, how to get the best sound for the money, and how to set up a system for maximum performance. Revised and expanded to include all the latest audio technologies, this book is packed with expert advice how to make speakers sound up to 50 percent better at no cost, avoid the most common system set-up mistakes, and how to choose the one speaker in 50 worth owning.
Education » Literary
Digital Audio Signal Processing 3rd Edition screenshot
English | ISBN: 1119832675 | 416 pages | EPUB | February 24, 2022 | 34 MB
Digital Audio Signal Processing
The fully revised new edition of the popular textbook, featuring additional MATLAB exercises and new algorithms for processing digital audio signals

Digital Audio Signal Processing (DASP) techniques are used in a variety of applications, ranging from audio streaming and computer-generated music to real-time signal processing and virtual sound processing.
Education » Literary
Audio Production Worktext: Concepts, Techniques, and Equipment, 10th Edition screenshot
English | ISBN: 0367640368, 0367640376 | 266 pages | EPUB | 25 Feb. 2022 | 14 MB
Now in its tenth edition, the Audio Production Worktext offers a comprehensive introduction to audio production in radio, television, and film.

This hands-on, student-friendly text demonstrates how to navigate modern radio production studios and utilize the latest equipment and software. Key chapters address production planning, the use of microphones, audio consoles, and sound production for the visual media.
Education » Literary
Working with the Web Audio API screenshot
English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1032118687 | 248 pages | True EPUB | 2 MB
Working with the Web Audio API is the definitive and instructive guide to understanding and using the Web Audio API.

The Web Audio API provides a powerful and versatile system for controlling audio on the Web. It allows developers to generate sounds, select sources, add effects, create visualizations and render audio scenes in an immersive environment.
Education » Literary
The Music of Frederick Delius: Style, Form and Ethos screenshot
English | ISBN: 1783275774 | 2021 | 564 pages | PDF | 12 MB
Frederick Delius' (1862-1934) music has proved impervious to analytical definition. Delius's approaches to genre, form, harmony, orchestration and literary texts are all highly individual, not to say eccentric in their deliberate aim to avoid conformity. Rarely does Delius follow a conventional line, and though one can readily point to important influences, the larger Gestalt of each work has a syntax and coherence for which conventional analytical methods are mostly inadequate.
Education » Literary
Music and Power at the Court of Louis XIII screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ 1108830633 | 339 pages | pdf | 12 MB
What role did sacred music play in mediating Louis XIII's grip on power in the early seventeenth century? How can a study of music as 'sounding liturgy' contribute to the wider discourse on absolutism and 'the arts' in early modern France? Taking the scholarship of the so-called 'ceremonialists' as a point of departure, Peter Bennett engages with Weber's seminal formulation of power to consider the contexts in which liturgy, music and ceremonial legitimated the power of a king almost continuously engaged in religious conflict. Numerous musical settings show that David, the psalmist, musician, king and agent of the Holy Spirit, provided the most enduring model of kingship; but in the final decade of his life, as Louis dedicated the Kingdom to the Virgin Mary, the model of 'Christ the King' became even more potent – a model reflected in a flowering of musical publication and famous paintings by Vouet and Champaigne.
Education » Literary
Edinburgh German Yearbook 13: Music in German Politics / Politics in German Music screenshot
English | ISBN: 1640140603 | 2021 | 198 pages | PDF | 1 MB
A particularly iconic image of German Reunification is that of Mstislav Rostropovich playing from J. S. Bach's cello suites in front of the Berlin Wall on November 11, 1989. Thirty years on, it is timely to reconsider the cross-fertilization of music and politics within the German-speaking context. Frequently employed as a motivational force, a propaganda tool, or even a weapon, music can imbue a sense of identity and belonging, triggering both comforting and disturbing memories. Playing a key role in the formation of and "Germanness," it serves ideological, nationalistic, and propagandistic purposes conveying political messages and swaying public opinion.


Education » Literary
Music around the World: A Global Encyclopedia [3 volumes] screenshot
2020 | ISBN: 1610694988 | English | 1017 pages | EPUB | 73 MB
A perfect resource for students and music enthusiasts alike, this expansive three-volume set provides readers with multidisciplinary perspectives on the music of countries and ethnic groups from around the globe. Students will find Music around the World: A Global Encyclopedia accessible and useful in their research, not only for music history and music appreciation classes but also for geography, social studies, language studies, and anthropology. Additionally, general readers will find the books appealing and an invaluable general reference on world music.
Education » Literary
The Listening Book: Discovering Your Own Music screenshot
English | 2011 | ISBN: 159030831X | 192 pages | MOBI | 0.3 MB
The Listening Book is about rediscovering the power of listening as an instrument of self-discovery and personal transformation. By exploring our capacity for listening to sounds and for making music, we can awaken and release our full creative powers. Mathieu offers suggestions and encouragement on many aspects of music-making, and provides playful exercises to help readers appreciate the connection between sound, music, and everyday life.

Education » Literary
Melody in Songwriting: Tools and Techniques for Writing Hit Songs screenshot
English | 2000 | ISBN: 063400638X | True EPUB | 192 pages | 5 MB
Melody is a subject too often neglected in the teaching of music. This unique resource gives melody that attention it deserves, and proves that melody writing is a skill that can be learned. Through proven tool and techniques, you will learn to write interesting melodies, how melodic rhythm influences rhyme, what makes harmony progress, and the many dynamic relationships between melody and harmony.
Education » Literary
Historical Acoustics: Relationships between People and Sound over Time screenshot
English | 234 pages | Mdpi AG (April 15, 2020) | 3039285262 | PDF | 6 MB
This book is a collection of contributions to the Special Issue "Historical Acoustics: Relationships between People and Sound over Time". The research presented here aims to explore the origins of acoustics and examine the relationships that have evolved over the centuries between people and auditory phenomena. Sounds have indeed accompanied human civilizations since the beginning of time, helping them to make sense of the world and to shape their cultures.
Education » Literary
The Cambridge Companion to Women in Music since 1900 screenshot
English | ISBN: 1108455786 | 2021 | 356 pages | EPUB | 1 MB
This Companion explores women's work in music since 1900 across a broad range of musical genres and professions, including the classical tradition, popular music, and music technology. The crucial contribution of women to music education and the music industries features alongside their activity as composers and performers. The book considers the gendered nature of the musical profession, in areas including access to training, gendered criticism, sexualization, and notions of 'gender appropriate' roles or instruments. It covers a wide range of women musicians, such as Marin Alsop, Grace Williams, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell and Adele. Each thematic section concludes with a contribution from a practitioner in her own words, reflecting upon the impact of gender on her own career. Chapters include suggestions for further reading on each of the topics covered, providing an invaluable resource for students of Feminist Musicology, Women in Music, and Music and Gender.
Education, Literary
Microsound by Curtis Roads (PDF/ named AIFF) screenshot
16/595MB | TruePDF/AIFF | named AIFF files | 423p | Curtis Roads | MIT Press | 2001
Below the level of the musical note lies the realm of microsound, of sound particles lasting less than one-tenth of a second. Recent technological advances allow us to probe and manipulate these pinpoints of sound, dissolving the traditional building blocks of music—notes and their intervals—into a more fluid and supple medium. The sensations of point, pulse (series of points), line (tone), and surface (texture) emerge as particle density increases.
Education » Literary
Popular Music and Human Rights: 2 volume set screenshot
English | ISBN: 0754668525 | 2011 | 224 pages | PDF | 3 MB
Popular music has long understood that human rights, if attainable at all, involve a struggle without end. The right to imagine an individual will, the right to some form of self-determination and the right to self-legislation have long been at the forefront of popular music's approach to human rights. At a time of such uncertainty and confusion, with human rights currently being violated all over the world, a new and sustained examination of cultural responses to such issues is warranted.
Education » Literary
100 Guitar Chords: For Beginners & Improvers screenshot
Pauric Mather | 2020 | ISBN: 1679794655 | English | 130 pages | PDF | 15 MB
Pauric Mather's ground breaking guitar books and lessons are truly unique. Easily the most individual and personalised you will ever find. They have helped thousands of people to learn guitar. What's even more remarkable is that you need no knowledge of music to learn from his teaching style.
Education » Literary
Learn Acoustic Guitar: The Ultimate Beginner Acoustic Guitar Book screenshot
Pauric Mather | 2020 | ISBN: 1547245697 | English | 130 pages | PDF | 11 MB
Pauric Mather's ground breaking guitar books and lessons are truly unique. Easily the most individual and personalised you will ever find. They have helped thousands of people to learn guitar. What's even more remarkable is that you need no knowledge of music to learn from his teaching style.

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