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Samples » loops
Diginoiz RnB Love Songs 4 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | Feb 17 2018 | 169 MB
R&B loops for pros! Smooth, warm, gentle, melodic and fresh! Ideal for all kinds of love or romantic songs in the R&B / Pop genre! A great base for your upcoming songs. Lots of inspiring highest quality sounds.

Inspired by music from the top of the charts and most popular artist last days like: Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, Mila J, Jhene Aiko, 6Lack and others. We are sure that you can fit our lops to your best productions, composition, beats and we bet that you will love the sound!
Software » Windows
Steinberg WaveLab Elements v9.5.15 eXTender-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 17 February 2018 | 42.43 MB
WaveLab Elements is an audio editing and mastering software, perfectly tailored to hobby musicians, radio freelancers and home studio owners. Based on the approved WaveLab Pro mastering solution, the WaveLab Elements highlights proven editing and analysis tools, a valuable selection of restoration and mastering plug-ins, a CD burning engine and much more — all accessible through an intuitive user interface.
Software, Windows
Cubase Elements v9.5.10 eXTender-V.R screenshot
Team V.R|17th February 2018|79MB
Cubase Elements welcomes you to the world of Cubase, offering a streamlined music production environment with plenty of features that help seize the moment when musical creativity strikes. Sharing the same pristine audio quality as its larger siblings in the Cubase family, Cubase Elements provides the perfect starting point for intuitive song writing, studio-grade recordings and finalizing your mix. Do you want to elevate your sound to a new level? Cubase Elements is your next step.
Software » Windows
NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition v7.14 incl.Keygen-LAXiTY screenshot
TEAM LAXiTY | 17 February 2018 | 1.35 MB
This audio editing software is a full featured professional audio and music editor for Windows and Mac OS X. It lets you record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings then add effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction.
Education » Video Tutorials - Creating a House Buildup in Ableton Live screenshot
MP4| 192 MB
In this tutorial, Sem will demonstrate exactly how to create an effective House buildup from scratch in Ableton Live.

The process involves strategically layering multiple elements to tastefully build tension as the drop approaches. Sem will start with FX samples, including downlifters, risers, and impacts to lay the foundation of the build up.
Samples » Kontakt
Soundiron Antidrum Machine KONTAKT screenshot
FANTASTiC | Feb 16 2018 | 7.8 GB
Antidrum Machine is the ultimate compendium of alternative instruments, experimental percussive sounds, toys, junk, machines, tools, surfaces and objects and all kinds of other uniquely musical and acoustically interesting sonic sources. This vibrant palette of musical inspiration contains a vast collection of "found-sounds", field recordings, prepared objects, surfaces, machines and noisy contraptions, booming bass to tight clicks, clacks, zips, zings, ticks and tocks.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz Analogue Producer Toolkit Vol 2 screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 226 KB
Analogue Producer Toolkit 2 is a suite of effects racks for use within Ableton Live and is the follow up to our extremely popular original Analogue Producer Toolkit.

The Analogue Producer Toolkit series is designed so that the user has a highly usable suite of tools inspired and modelled on true outboard analogue hardware. The unmistakable sound of analogue is present in each one of the fifteen audio effect racks contained within this package.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz Analogue Producer Toolkit and Compressors Bundle screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 219 KB
The Ultimate Analogue Racks for Ableton Live

Get our Analogue Producer Toolkit and Analogue Compressors packs together as a bundle.

Analogue Producer Toolkit

The 'Analogue Producer Toolkit' pack is a suite of racks produced for Ableton Live. The pack contains 68 Instruments, preset, and racks designed to add analogue character to you mixes. Many racks are modelled on actual hardware such as the 1176 and LA2A Compressors or the Bettermaker EQ 230P and Blue 1073 EQ's.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz Studio Tools screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 194 KB
To further bolster your Ableton Live tool set we are pleased to introduce Studio Tools, a premium effect and instrument rack collection. Our in-house sound design and development team were each tasked with designing one rack each and they certainly did not disappoint. They really did pull out all the stops and each member of the team came up with racks that are both unique and useful. Whether you are a Producer, DJ, or Live Performer this pack will give you some fantastic tools to add to your sonic arsenal.


loops, presets, patches, impulses
Sonar Essentials Bigroom Sample Pack Vol.1 WAV SYLENTH MASSiVE SPiRE [FREE] screenshot
Wav, Massive, Spire, Sylenth Presets. 560 MB
A first volume of bigroom house samples awaits from relatively new producer; Sonar Essentials.

Although the sounds may be intended for a specific genre, it is more than likely that you crafty producer types can transpose the samples into a multitude of other genres, not least other subsets of the house music genre…
loops, presets, patches, impulses
Sonar Essentials Future House Sample Pack Vol.1 WAV SYLENTH MASSiVE [FREE] screenshot
Wav, Sylenth, Massive. 64 MB
A first volume of free future house samples awaits from relatively new producer; Sonar Essentials.

Although the sounds may be intended for a specific genre, it is more than likely that you crafty producer types can transpose the samples into a multitude of other genres, not least other subsets of the house music genre…
Mutekki Media Namzilla Loops WAV screenshot
WAV | 140.96 MB
Sample libraries from Mutekki Media are not only prevalently used tools in the compositions and live performances of triumphant producers and DJs, sometimes they’re even the production force behind them. In case of „Namzilla“ it’s Berlin based well-known producer Namito who puts all his studio knowledge and sense for igniting sounds into his first ever sample collection, packed with far more than 500 precious loops.
Samples » loops
Looplords 80s Drums Vol.1 WAV [FREE] screenshot
WAV | 4,5 MB
The sample pack includes the sound of these fine drum machines from the 80s:
BOSS DR-220A, BOSS DR-220E, Korg DDD-1, Korg DDM-110, Korg DDM-22, Roland TR-606, Roland TR-707,Yamaha DD-10.

80s Drums Vol.1 is a collection of drum sounds sampled from 8 different drum machine from that era. The samples are high quality 24 bit sounds recorded directly from the machine themselves. All the sounds have been perfectly edited and are ready to use in your DAW of choice.
Samples » loops
Looplords Crispy Dinner WAV screenshot
WAV | 145 MB
Crispy Dinner is a collection of high quality electronic samples featuring reese abrasive bass & various high quality percussion. The reese bass samples include loop points and are tuned in C. The percussion samples have been edited to perfection.

A comprehensive pack to add to your collection… Over 200 snares are included in this mega pack which contains a grand total of 474 sounds for you to incorporate into your latest musical production! As well as claps and kicks, we are also treated to ‘abrasive reece’ bass sounds, so make sure you acquire the pack to enjoy the full set of samples…
Samples » loops
Looplords Minimal Structures WAV screenshot
WAV | 142 MB
The contained samples are purported to be ideal for the dancefloor, so if you want to infuse your music with some energetic and dance-friendly sounds, this may be the ideal pack for you! The inclusion of 10 construction kits, collectively totalling at 88 sounds, means you have plenty of content to enjoy and utilise in your latest productions!

Minimal Structures is a collection of high tech, cutting edge loops and samples ready-made for the dance floor! Analog drum machines as well as circuit bent instruments have been sampled to give Minimal Structures a different take on the genre. The sample pack includes a variety of one-shots, loops and construction kits in 24-bit wav format.
Samples » Kontakt
Kralc Toaster Percussion KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
Toaster Percussion is exactly what the name suggests – a sample library made entirely from a toaster!
Every part of a toaster was recorded creating a great range of sounds that are perfect for underscore or percussive music.

Every part of a toaster has been sampled to create a range of interesting percussive sounds, from high “ticki ticki” sounds to lower, more frame drum type sounds.

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