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Jazz, Classical - 367 (3.58%)
World, New Age - 104 (1.01%)
Avant-Garde - 107 (1.04%)
Folk, Country - 93 (0.91%)
Ska - 23 (0.22%)
Electronic (general) - 2224 (21.69%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 206 (2.01%)
- Club, Dance - 326 (3.18%)
- D&B - 360 (3.51%)
- House - 981 (9.57%)
- Trance - 513 (5%)
- Industrial - 166 (1.62%)

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fresh releases

Splice Machinedrum Ambrosia Frequencies WAV screenshot
fckmds | August 7 2020 | 192 MB
“In Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the food of the gods. Ambrosia Frequencies is a feast of sounds that will hopefully fill your gut with inspiration. Let these samples satiate your hunger for creation.”
Enter Machinedrum’s first sample pack on Splice: a sweeping journey through drum and bass, hip hop, future bass and more. Expand your palette with 162 original sounds, from dreamy acoustic guitar and crisp vocal hits to massive bass stabs, ambient drones and drum shots.
Samples, loops
Sample Magic Tape Downtempo WAV-FLARE screenshot
Flare | 07 August 2020 | 413 MB
Cassette chillout, organic textures, and tape-tinged melodics - Tape Downtempo features a curated collection of live and synthetic material, alongside field recordings and fusing elements of chillout, electronica, indie-chill and lo-fi across hazy synths, reworked live instrumentation designed for the forward-thinking producer.
Samples, loops
RARE Percussion Symbiosis WAV-FLARE screenshot
Flare | 07 August 2020 | 159 MB
Symbiosis is defined as a mutualistic relationship often beneficial to each other. Another pack by 2Scoops and Neighborhood watch brings together digital and analog sounds as well as hip-hop and electronic elements.
Samples » loops
About Noise Drum Loops Vol.02 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | 07 August | 73.9 MB
DRUM LOOPS Wav format @125Bpm 71x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. Featuring 143,5MB of organic Drum Loops percussive and groovy rhythms. Get your groove moving in a matter of minutes with this package. For djs who like to own and create their Dj set live.These sounds will help you create Underground Tracks, Techno, tech house, Minimal Techno, Dark Tech House, Dark Techno, Tribal Techno.
multi-libraries, loops
Dub Logics King Zion MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 07 Aug 2020 | 1.20GB
Dub Logics presents King Zion, a deluxe sample pack with a top grade Reggae compilation of production sounds in WAV & REX format!

King Zion is a live recorded set with over 1000 loops that will light up your studio in a blazing steam of authentic dubby vibes!
Samples » loops
Gravez Ascension Kit 3 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | 07 August | 494 MB
The long-awaited next-installament in the Ascension series has finally arrived !!!

It's unbelievable at how well the first two kits did that it was only right that I cooked up Part 3.


Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Hal Leonard Fingerpicking Blues PDF screenshot
PDF | 7 MB
The arrangements in this book are carefully written for intermediate-level guitarists. Each solo combines melody and harmony in one superb fingerpicking arrangement. The book also includes an easy introduction to basic fingerstyle guitar. Features 15 top blues tunes: Bright Lights, Big City • Come On in My Kitchen • Every Day I Have the Blues • How Long, How Long Blues • My Babe • Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out • (They Call It) Stormy Monday • and more.
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Garritan Orchestral Strings GiGA screenshot
GiGA | 5.07 GB
Gary Garritan took violin lessons as a child and later studied the harp as a teenager, providing the inspiration for creating GigaHarp, a sample library that helped put GigaSampler on the map in 1998. However, returning to his first instrument, Gary decided that none of the existing string libraries were good enough and resolved to create his own. The resulting achievement is an 8GB library on 16 CDs (or 2 DVDs) devoted to reproducing the performance nuances of orchestra-sized string ensembles — a vast and ground-breaking piece of work.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Hal Leonard Hell Bent for Lead Licks A Lead Guitarist's Guide to Judas Priest PDF screenshot
PDF | 20 MB
The first publication ever to give you an inside look into the guitar styles of this classic British metal band. Complete with full analysis of over 50 Priest licks. Other highlights include an exclusive interview with both K.K. Downing and Glen Tipton about their unique sound and style, a complete discography and and track-by-track breakdown of their guitar solos cross referenced with the Hal Leonard Judas Priest Recorded Versions folios.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Hal Leonard Best of Judas Priest PDF screenshot
PDF | 30 MB
Note-for-note guitar transcriptions with tab for 15 hard, fast & loud hits spanning the illustrious career of this menacing Birmingham metal band. Includes: Breaking the Law • Burn in Hell • Cathedral Spires • Electric Eye • Freewheel Burning • The Green Manalishi • Heading Out to the Highway • Hell Bent for Leather • The Hellion • Hot Rockin' • Living After Midnight • Ram It Down • Some Heads Are Gonna Roll • Turbo Lover • You've Got Another Thing Comin'.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Cherry Lane Judas Priest The Early Years PDF screenshot
PDF | 9 MB
Section 1 - Transcriptions with Melody, Chords and Lyrics. Section 2 - Guitar Licks and Solos
Traditional and Tablature Notation.
Caviar and Meths, Cheater, Deceiver, Deep Freeze, Dreamer Deceiver, Dying to Meet You, Epitaph, Genocide, Island of Domination, Never Satisfied, One for the Road, Prelude, Ripper, Rocka Rolla, Run of the Mill, Tyrant, Victim of Changes, Winter, Winter Retreat.

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