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fresh releases

sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Roundel Sounds The Vocal Collection Vol.11 WAV MiDi SPiRE SERUM PRESETS screenshot
14/04/2024 | WAV MiDi SPiRE SERUM PRESETS | 1.84 GB
'The Vocal Collection Vol 11' by Roundel Sounds is a massive pack filled with 7 female and male vocal Construction Kits with numerous tempos ranging from 90 to 110 BPM, to fit a variety of EDM styles and more. Each and every Construction Kit comes with MIDI and WAV stems that fit perfectly to the project's vocals. This product is packed with inspiring melodies, pumping kicks, bright sounding snares and claps, as well as warm basslines, perfectly fitted FX sounds, playful plucks and synths, great-sounding and carefully processed leads, clean guitar strumming chord progressions and some sweet piano sounds too.
Software, Mac OSX
uJAM Virtual Guitarist SILK 2 v2.3.0 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AudioZ Exclusive | AUi | VSTi | VST3i | 7.1 GB
SILK 2 beautifully captures the essence of nylon-string guitars with its completely new guitar model. A large collection of phrases, and a wide variety of chords, octaves and riffs makes SILK 2 perfect for crafting elegant pop and rock songs, or adding an intimate touch to just about any genre. Next generation acoustic nylon guitar Elegance in Every Note. Strummed and picked accompaniments.

- NEW Instrument mode
- Picking and strumming styles
- NEW Open Chords feature
- 40 Stomp box emulations, 75 Finisher FX Modes
Sample Magic Analogue & Modular Sequences WAV-ARCADiA screenshot
Team ARCADiA | WAV | 563.62 MB
Dusty and dirty basslines, sawtooth sequences and analogue arpeggios rendered from an expansive collection of analogue and modular kit. Analogue & Modular Sequences comes packed with 101 24-bit Wav loops and one-shot samples. Get to grips with raw oscillators, esoteric synth experiments, and chugging analogue sounds - all one-shots curated into Ableton Racks for instant inspiration. A one-stop shop for non-stop underground tech, house, leftfield electronica and beyond.


Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Rubin AI Replay (Advanced AI Cloning) v3.10.1 STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
01/04/2024 | STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC | 521 MB
Elevate your audio with Replay, the ultimate AI-powered app for music innovators.

Clone voices and instruments with precision, enhance your workflow, and access a massive AI model marketplace.
Advanced AI Cloning: Capture authentic sounds or forge new ones.
Blend AI creations with your music seamlessly.
Replay works independently for smooth production.
Explore over 16,000 AI models at your fingertips.

Updated to v3.10.1. LDVN

Samples, sound effects, loops
Sound Planet Kris Beautiful Shield Sample Pack WAV FREE screenshot
Quirk | 31.03.2024 | 316.0MB
"Kris Beautiful Shield Sample Pack " is a mesmerizing collection brought to you by Sound Planet, comprising 316 MB of pure auditory delight spread across 92 meticulously organized folders. Immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds of acoustic guitars, captivating drones, enchanting flutes, traditional gamelan melodies, soul-stirring Nepalese flutes, majestic sitar compositions, and the evocative resonance of various stringed instruments.
Samples » Kontakt
Syrinx Samples Membranes Drummash Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 146 MB
This is a library of 5 different, most popular drum machine kits (over 800 samples) that you can use to create modern electronic drum parts in different genres, or creative cinematic percussion textures. Adjust the pitch of sounds with Pitch, change the essence of the sound with the Color knob, create a special tone with the LP and HP filters, or add dimension with the special IR preset and the Reverb knob.
Windows, Mac OSX
SoundWare Vybe (Multi-Effects Tool) v1.1 x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
30/03/2024 | x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC | 33 MB
With VYBE, you can create half-speed effects, lofi effects, reverse, auto-pan, and trance gate instantly, without any setup.

Or get deeper with powerful creative controls. It can be used on loops, virtual instruments or even done live. You can switch between three speed modes to access classic half-speed, tight harmonies, and euphoric quad-time grooves. Adjustable loop lengths give you the option to create multi-bar slow-downs, atmospheric rhythm shifts.
Windows, Mac OSX
SoundWare Tize v1.1 x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
30/03/2024 | x64 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC | 1.15/1.24 GB
A powerhouse with 220+ mesmerizing factory presets, that will provide you exceptional quality sounds!

Loaded with effects such as 2-Layer Sampler / Reverb / Delay / Trance Gate / Filter / & more! Tize Plugin effortlessly adapts to any genre you explore and guaranteed to fit into every genre such as : HipHop, Trap, RnB, Pop, EDM, and many more! Unlock Your Creative Potential!
Steinberg Electronic Mode (Wav Extract) screenshot
WAV| 44,1Hz | 48Hz | 96Hz
Electronic Mode enhances your sound library with a club-proven selection of electronic loops. Comprising four-to-the-floor beats, propulsive bass lines and Paris-flavored synths, this chameleon-like collection is perfect for dance floor addicts and electronic music producers alike.

*****Wav files extracted for use in all daws*****
Each loop bounced at its original Bpm
Steinberg Bloom (Wav Extract) screenshot
WAV| 44,1Hz | 48Hz | 96Hz
Amy Kirkpatrick's vocals are the content for Bloom, which provides a wide range of vocal phrases and one shots for your music production.

*****Wav files extracted for use in all daws*****
Each loop bounced at its original Bpm
Samples » Kontakt
Jon Meyer Sounds Flute+Violin Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 395 MB
Flute and violin sampled in the style of Olafur's Chamber Waves.
I made the mistake of using the Olafur Arnalds Chamber Waves in a project where my intentions were to stay out of the box as much as possible. We all know how beautiful those samples are, so replacing the samples was a difficult task. I grabbed a student violin and a handmade Native American flute and did my best to match the rise and fall of the Chamber Wave samples as best I could.
Samples » Kontakt
Jon Meyer Sounds Woven Strings Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 208 MB
The library includes a collection of drones and phrases performed by Avery Bright, featuring violin, viola, and octave viola.Woven strings is a collaboration between myself and violinist extraordinaire Avery Bright. We sampled his violin, viola and octave viola in 2 separate articulations, drones and phrases. All of the samples were recorded in his other-worldly home studio in Nashville.
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Cymatics Slayer Secret Expansion WAV MiDi [FREE] screenshot
29/03/2024 | WAV MiDi | 1.37 GB
SLAYER Secret Expansion: Get 2.4 GB+ of Unreleased Melodies, Drums & More From The Full Version.

In celebration of SLAYER and all of the hype surrounding it, we put together these secret expansion packs! Instead of releasing these after the full version of SLAYER drops, we decided to hook everyone up for free. These packs give you another exclusive taste of the unreleased sounds from our recent sessions for SLAYER. This includes unreleased Melody Loops, Drum Loops, Percussion Loops & Hi-hat Loops that our producers put together.
Samples » Kontakt
Fracture Sounds Blueprint Toy Piano KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
29/03/2024 | KONTAKT | 149 MB
Introducing the playful chiming sounds of a vintage Toy Piano, captured in exquisite detail with additional tools to extend the sound.

The sound of the Toy Piano is produced by hammers striking metal rods (tines), resulting in a unique bell-like tone. The instrument was close mic’d in stereo, in a dry studio, and has controls available in the Faulkner Dulcichord, an instrument that was part of our previous release, Trails by Alexander Parsons.
Samples, sound effects, loops
Sound Planet MoonDrop Mystery Sample Pack WAV screenshot
Quirk | 29.03.2024 | 326.0MB
The Moondrop Mystery Sample Pack is an expansive collection of ethereal sounds and haunting melodies, contained within a captivating 326MB package. Within its depths lie five distinct folders, each offering a unique sonic experience that transports listeners to otherworldly realms.
Samples » Kontakt
Performance Samples Fluid Shorts III Freebie Kontakt [FREE] screenshot
Free | Kontakt Library | 1.03 GB
This freebie consists of a few, limited patches from Fluid Shorts III. The patches are:
1. Fluid Shorts III – 6 Cellos – Spiccatos DEMO FREEBIE (limited register: E1 through G3 – C3 being middle C)
2. Fluid Shorts III – Solo Bass – Staccatissimos DEMO FREEBIE (limited register: C0 through B0)
3. Fluid Shorts III – Solo Cello – Staccatissimos DEMO FREEBIE (no register limits – the full register)
4. A basic multi combining #2 and #3 above for easy playing.

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