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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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fresh releases

Samples, sound effects, loops
Lucid Samples Cut Sax Party WAV REX screenshot
FANTASTiC | June 23 2017 | 928 MB
Cut Sax Party contains 256 wav and 256 rex2 loops with cut sounds of saxophone, 679 'one shot samples' and tons of additions like drum loops, kicks, keys loops and sound effects. We recommend this sample pack especially to music producers who work in House/ Electro/ Oldskool/ EDM climate. All of the sax samples are prepared without any effects ie. in their dry form. They can be easily cut and set in new sequences and transitions. The saxophone which became very popular recently can become a part of your own productions.
Samples » loops
Dan Ward Nodal Drums WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | June 23 2017 | 41 MB
A collection of loops and hits generated from a range of modern and classic synths, 5u analogues, and digital modular synthesisers, including some of the most expensive high hats in the world!
Samples » Kontakt
Thephonoloop Cassette Mallets.01 KONTAKT screenshot
FANTASTiC | June 22 2017 | 321 MB
Cassette Mallets.01 is a collection of 3 bell / mallet instruments recorded on a cassette with an old & wonky recorder. Every instrument from this library is a mixture of physical modeling & fm synthesis with a range of E2 to E6 and 3 velocity layers which were designed from the ground-up for good playability range.
Samples » multi-libraries
The Loop Loft Omar Hakim Drums Vol 2 MULTiFORMAT screenshot
FANTASTiC | June 22 2017 | 1.86 GB
The Groovesmith is back! Omar Hakim (David Bowie, Daft Punk, Miles Davis) Drums Volume 2 picks up where his critically-acclaimed Volume 1 release left off. Featuring 8 complete sessions in styles ranging from blues, rock, fusion, funk, indie rock and folk, this massive collection gives you instant access to one of the world's most renowned session drummers.
Samples » loops
MegaBit Rhythmic Evolution WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | June 22 2017 | 802 MB
R:E - is an exploration of rhythmic expression within the harmonic realm. Ranging from the calm tranquillity of the Indian Harmonium and Toy Pianos, the rustic joy of a varied range of Percussive element, to both the crisp and clean rhythm synths and down right mangled pads, this pack has it all!
Samples, sound effects, loops
Industrial Strength Xenous Drum and Bass WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | June 22 2017 | 384 MB
Xenous Drum & Bass' from Industrial Strength Samples picks up the pace with another essential Drum & Bass sound pack for the most serious producers.

Xenous has been experimenting with Drum & Bass for some time now. He is currently working on collaborations with upcoming artists Darkan and Lowder and he has released tracks on lables such as Neurofunkgrid, Breakout Recordings and Kinetik Records.
Loopmaster Future Drum & Bass MULTiFORMAT screenshot
Loopmaster Future Drum & Bass MULTiFORMAT | 1.6 GB
Loopmasters present Future Drum & Bass – a forward-moving selection of sounds to tear up the arena and ignite the sonic fuse of the future. Every element is locked and loaded for high-octane audio adventures, with 100% of the content Royalty Free for your productions!
Samples, sound effects, loops
Jeka Jones Celestial Footwork WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | June 22 2017 | 393 MB
On the look out for quirky dance elements decorated by abstract sound design, then this pack might be the exact remedy for slipping into a recognisable but also undefined sound world, leaving enough space for you to put your own stamp on your project.
Samples » sound effects
Lucid Samples Large FX Collection WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | June 22 2017 | 1.27 GB
Large FX Collection is a huge collection of original and unparalleled SFX sounds! In this extraordinarily big and high quality collection you’ll find over 2300 fantastic samples which can be successfully used in broadly comprehended music production. Characteristic and rare sound effects make the music original and with character. Undoubtedly they can be used to create many different music ambiences which free imagination and emotions. We recommend this collection specially to those who want to add a little bit of innovativeness and variety to their music, to those who want to abandon commonplace schemes and open to a new world of sounds. Large FX Collection is a very interesting proposition in this respect. The whole collection is divided into intuitive categories which facilitate searching for certain sound effects types. We encourage you to listen to the demo and we wish you a fantastic music experience.


Education » Video Tutorials
JTC - Andy Wood Box Set screenshot

Publisher: Jamtrack Central | Language: English
Video: MKV, 640x360 (16:9), 25.000 fps
Audio: WMA, 96 Kbps, 44,1 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 50 Mb | Includes Tabs, video & Jamtracks

Andy Wood is generation Y's emerging guitar rock phenom. This box set contains three tracks:
- Fallen Heroes - Chelmsford - Shredneck.
Education » Video Tutorials
Adrian Figallo - Funky/Disco Rhythm Guitar screenshot

English | TABS (GP5) + WMA + MKV | 61 MB

Hello boys and girls, welcome to a new groovy lesson, today i'm showing how to play some Funky/Disco Rhythm Guitar, it's a very FUN style to play, i'm basing this lesson on the John Frusciante way to play funk, but i'm also using influence from the James Brown band and the Parliament Funkadelics (Check them out!)
Education » Video Tutorials
Adrian Figallo - Experimental Funky Guitar screenshot

English | TABS (GP5) + WMA + MKV | 54 MB

For this lesson i want you all to forget about theory and technique, this kind of experimental funky music is more about the overall feel of the sound and not how good are you playing. As guitar players we have the responsibility (on this kind of music) to propose a mood for the song, a sound, it has to be hypnotic, steady and groovy.
We are going to play just a few chords, that i'm sure everyone is going to be able to play, you need to focus instead on the groove, the tone and the mood.
Software » Mobile » android
Bass Guitar Note Trainer 4.0 for Android screenshot
Bass Guitar Note Trainer 4.0
Bass Guitar Note Trainer is a tool to assist in learning the 4-string, 5-string and 6-string bass guitar notes. This app provides all you need to meet this goal, in an intuitive and flexible way. It is useful as for beginners, so for those who already have basic skills and want to make them perfect.
Bass Guitar Note Trainer is a good choice for learning notes (English, German and Latin), octaves (Traditional and Scientific), sight reading (Treble and Bass clef), sight playing, finger memory and ear training.
Samples » Kontakt
Sample Logic Synergy X KONTAKT screenshot
Weighing in at over 20 Gigabytes, the newly expanded Synergy X pushes the envelope far beyond today’s standard of music and sound design. This breathtaking collection of over 1600 innovative instruments, tempo-synced loops, and jaw-dropping multis delivers the next generation of diverse cinematic sampling with a user interface designed to inspire.
Education » Video Tutorials
JTC - Al Joseph : Progressive developments 1 & 2 screenshot

Publisher: Jamtrack Central | Language: English
Video: MKV, 640x360 (16:9), 25.000 fps
Audio: WMA, 96 Kbps, 44,1 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 80 Mb | Includes Tabs, video & Jamtracks

Introducing Al Joseph and his debut jam track package Progressive Developments at JTC.
The first pack contains three incredibly inspirational progressive Metal tracks which are going make you want to grab the nearest guitar and jam along! Al has created a superb series that showcases a blend of classic Rock/Blues style licks in a Metal setting.
The second pack contains eight incredibly inspirational progressive Metal tracks.
Education » Video Tutorials
JTC - Al Joseph : Wastelands screenshot

Publisher: Jamtrack Central | Language: English
Video: MKV, 640x360 (16:9), 25.000 fps
Audio: WMA, 96 Kbps, 44,1 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 22 Mb | Includes Tabs, video & Jamtracks

Al Joseph is one of the most innovative and talented guitarists on the scene! And as can be seen in this awesome 6 minute track 'Wastelands' he is also a superb composer as well! Mixing an abundance of catchy riffs and progressions, with that raw rock vibe that shows exactly what Al is capable of with his axe. This guy seriously ROCKS and has a huge career ahead of him!
Software, Windows
VIRTINS Multi-Instrument Pro 3.7 screenshot
Team TSRh | 2017 | 91 MB
Multi-Instrument is a powerful multi-function virtual instrument software. It is a professional tool for time, frequency and time-frequency domain analysis. It supports a variety of hardware ranging from sound cards which are available in almost all computers to proprietary ADC and DAC hardware such as NI DAQmx cards, VT DSOs, VT RTAs and so on. It consists of the following instruments and functions.
Software » Mobile » android
Musepad for Android v2.02 screenshot
MusePad lets you record your musical ideas on the go, with your phone or tablet, enabling you to write simple melodies or complex chords / rhythm patterns. It's perfect for musicians, students and music enthusiasts who want to write their ideas quickly, analyze and communicate them effectively.
Education » Video Tutorials
Coursera - University of Rochester - Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Part 1 Musical Sound & Electronics screenshot
TUTORiAL | 1.23 GB
This 6-week course is for students who are interested in learning the basic concepts of sound & acoustics and signals & electronics as they relate to music. The goal is for students to understand the basic concepts and principles of musical acoustics and electronics and to learn how equipment such as electric guitars, amplifiers, and loudspeakers are designed and operate. Students are encouraged to put the theory into practice by building a simple guitar practice amplifier. The course employs high-school level algebra and trigonometry, no calculus is required.

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