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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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sound effects, loops
Sonicsoundsupply Billboard Kit WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC August 29 2016 | 147 MB
Are you looking for that chart-topping sound? The Billboard Kit is an absolute essential to producers who are looking for high quality industry sounds, samples, and loops. This kit is packed over 153 MB’s of mixed and mastered samples; optimizing workflow and giving your composition a nice polished sound. This exclusive over is only available here on Sonic Sound Supply so hurry and check out this pack now!
multi-libraries, Kontakt
Samplephonics Gerra & Stone: Upfront DnB MULTiFORMAT screenshot
FANTASTiC August 28 2016 | 1.68 GB
Get ready for some of the most hard hitting Drum & Bass samples you’re ever likely to hear! Precision, intensity and complexity form the perfect foundations for this essential collection of DnB sounds. Utilising their finely tuned production perception and an incredible array of analogue weaponry, dancefloor slayers, Gerra & Stone really go the full distance with this, their debut sample collection.
Samples » loops
Function Loops VOX Reloaded ACID WAV Free screenshot
29 AUGUST 2016 | ACID WAV | 110 MB
We were digging in our stash, found these and decided to remaster and reload them, because these vocals will blow your head off!
All of this, brought us back to the past, when the sample packs just started to be so popular. Of course there were CDs from some companies already in the 90's , but we are talking about the digital revolution with Beatport Sounds and others among. This reminded us the first Vocal packs created and just to remind you (in case you forgot hehe), that Function Loops were the pioneers in the Vocal sphere. We brought the first Acapella packs to Beatport Sounds and other stores and still, by this day, our packs are dominating the charts.

Corrected. Olymoon

Samples » Kontakt
Cryptocipher Solo Dholak KONTAKT-0TH3Rside screenshot
TEAM 0TH3Rside | August 29 2016 | 952 MB
As already mentioned in our previous product “Dholak Loops”
Dholak has two sides – the bigger side produces bass sounds and smaller side produces treble pitches.It looks like Punjabi dhol but smaller in size and played with fingers/hands instead of sticks.The instrument shell is made of high quality sheesham wood.
Dholak is quite popular percussion instrument of India. Its has been used in Indian Film Industry and Folk music of India since inception. Its widely used in qawwali , bhajans , kirtan , lavani and bhangra. These days dholak is used in many fusion genres of music.
Samples » sound effects
Myloops Ultimate FX Volume 2 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC August 28 2016 | 950 MB
Ultimate FX Volume 2 is a brand new sample pack containing sound effects for your electronic music productions. This pack contains 280 FX, categorized into the following folders : Tonal FX, Risers, Descenders, and Impacts.

White noise and sound effects are the number #1 tool to become a master of energy control in your arrangements and more specifically in transitions. This is why Risers, Descenders (Falls) and Impact sounds are used so much in electronic music. They help in making the energy in your track go up and down in the right places, which makes your arrangement sound logical and enjoyable.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
KEVU Next Level Sounds - Sylenth1 Soundbank screenshot
Audioz Exclusive
The Next biggest Festival House bank is here. KEVU Next Level Sounds is a soundbank for Sylenth1 with sounds proven to work. KEVU coming off being supported by many of the top DJS bring you the next soundbank that will take your sound to the next level. The bank contains ready to use sounds out of the box that will give you the festival house sounds being used in most of the biggest festival house tracks. Are You Ready To Level Up?
Education » Literary
Acting the Song: Performance Skills for the Musical Theatre 2nd Edition screenshot
English | Publisher: Allworth Press; Revised edition (Aug. 23 2016) | epub | 336 pages | 3 MB
Acting the Song offers a contemporary, integrated approach to singing in musicals that results in better-trained, smarter performers everyone wants to work with. In this new, thoroughly updated edition of the paperback, directors and teachers of musical theater will find guidance in developing and leading musical theater elements, classroom workshops, and the world of professional auditions and performances.
Samples » sound effects
Audio Imperia Epic Trailer Sounds Vol. 2 - Produced by Generdyn WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC August 28 2016 | 33 MB
We have yet again teamed up with Australian composer and sound designer wunderkind Joshua Crispin, better known as Generdyn (producer of our bestselling Scenes From The Multiverse library). Joshua is well known for his music placements in the trailers for Star Wars The Force Awakens, Captain America: Civil War, Independence Day 2, The Shallows and many others.
Samples » loops
Phil Gallardo Vintage Vocal Ocean 2 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC August 28 2016 | 657 MB
This is number 5 of 9 vocal kits we are launching this year created by Phil Gallardo

Need to add some retro feeling? This kit is the one you want as it is packed full of vintage voices, cute kids and serious adults. Classic. 175 Cuts & Phrases
Samples » loops
Sonicsoundsupply Synth Loops WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC August 28 2016 | 58 MB
Synth Loops” Contains 22 custom Synth Loops in the Hip Hop, EDM and Ambiant genre.. All Loops are tweaked for superior quality in sound, royalty free and WAV formated to work with all DAWs to help inspire composer/producers


Education » Literary
Historical Dictionary of Sacred Music screenshot
English | Publisher: Scarecrow Press, 2006 | PDF | 331 pages | 3 MB
Nearly all religious traditions have reserved a special place for sacred music. Whether it is music accompanying a ritual or purely for devotional purposes, music composed for entire congregations or for the trained soloist, or music set to holy words or purely instrumental, in some form or another, music is present. In fact, in some traditions the relation between the music and the ritual is so intimate that to distinguish between them would be inaccurate.
Education » Literary
The Lennon Companion - Updated and Expanded Edition screenshot
English | Publisher: Da Capo Press, 2004 | PDF | 339 pages | 11 MB
John Lennon lives on. Forty years after the Beatles invaded America in 1964, and more than twenty years after Lennon's death, his work is perennially popular and continues to appeal across the generations. A man shrouded in myth and controversy, Lennon led a complex, enigmatic life.
Education » Literary
Measured Tones - The Interplay of Physics and Music 2nd Edition screenshot
English | Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd, 2002 | PDF | 386pages | 14 MB
There has always been a close connection between physics and music. From the great days of ancient Greek science, ideas and speculations have passed backward and forward between natural philosophers (physicists) and musical theorists. Measured Tones: The Interplay of Physics and Music, Second Edition explores the story of that relationship in an entertaining and user-friendly way.
Education » Literary
Approaches to Meaning in Music screenshot
English | Publisher: Indiana University Press, 2006 | PDF | 250 pages | 4 MB
Approaches to Meaning in Music presents a survey of the problems and issues inherent in pursuing meaning and signification in music, and attempts to rectify the conundrums that have plagued philosophers, artists, and theorists since the time of Pythagoras. This collection brings together essays that reflect a variety of diverse perspectives on approaches to musical meaning.
Education » Literary
Rudiments and Theory of Music screenshot
English | Publisher: The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, 1958 | PDF | 155 pages | 53 MB
This book on the Rudiments and Theory of Music is laid out on new lines. It follows closely the requirements for each of the eight grades of The Associated Board of the
Royal Schools of Music in their examinations on the Theory of Music. By this method the student will have before him the information that he is likely to require for each grade.
Education » Literary
The Cambridge History of World Music screenshot
English | Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2014 | PDF | 877 pages | 9 MB
Scholars have long known that world music was not merely the globalized product of modern media, but rather that it connected religions, cultures, languages and nations throughout world history. The chapters in this History take readers to foundational historical moments – in Europe, Oceania, China, India, the Muslim world, North and South America – in search of the connections provided by a truly world music.
Education » Literary
Studio Recording Procedures - How to Record Any Instrument screenshot
English | Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, 2005 | PDF | 497 pages | 5 MB
The prices of recording equipment continue to drop dramatically, giving musicians and sound engineers increasing opportunities to make quality-level recordings. The Ultimate Guide to Music Recording takes a unique approach to this growing market, giving readers two books in one: a concise, tutorial audio engineering text in Part One, and then a ‘cut to the chase’, how to record any instrument fast guide in Part Two.
Education » Literary
Music Piracy and Crime Theory by Sameer Hinduja screenshot
English | Publisher: LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC, 2006 | PDF | 218 pages | 3 MB
Hinduja examines the social, psychological, criminological, and behavioral aspects of Internet crime. Guided by the most prominent general theories of criminal behavior, he explores music piracy - an all too-common form of cybercrime - by attempting to answer a number of questions.
Education » Literary
The Art of Practicing - A Guide to Making Music from the Heart screenshot
English | 1997 | epub, mobi | 271 pages | 15 MB
This landmark book enlightens amateur and professional musicians about a way of practicing that transforms a sometimes frustrating, monotonous, and overly strenuous labor into an exhilarating and rewarding experience. Acclaimed pianist and teacher Madeline Bruser combines physiological and meditative principles to help musicians release physical and mental tension and unleash their innate musical talent.
Education » Literary
Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory 3rd edition screenshot
English | Publisher: Pearson, 2005 | djvu | 283 pages | 4 MB
For undergraduate/graduate-level courses in Twentieth-Century Techniques, and Post-Tonal Theory and Analysis taken by music majors.
A primer–rather than a survey–this text offers exceptionally clear, simple explanations of basic theoretical concepts for the post-tonal music of the twentieth century.
Education » Literary
The Remix Manual by Simon Langford screenshot
English | Publisher: Focal Press, 2011 | PDF | 439 pages | 12 MB
Can you turn a soulful ballad into a hit dance track, or make any Billboard hit your own? With this all-in-one guide to remixing, you can! Whether you're a professional DJ or producer, or are just beginning to mix tracks, this step-by-step guide will bring you through the entire process of making your own professional-quality remixes.
Samples, Kontakt
Ilio Dirk Campbells Origins KONTAKT WAV screenshot
The creator of the popular World Winds sample library, Dirk Campbell, brings us a new production that journeys to a place where no one has yet traveled. Deep into the sonic terrain of worlds past, Origins is an exhaustive collection of authentic, atmospheric historical sounds that will add color to any composer's palette. Along with a huge collection of multisamples presented in a variety of different dynamicsand articulations, the library features a large number of expressive phrases and performances.

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