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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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FabFilter Totalbundle 15-2-2018 Win Vst3 & Vst x86 x64 - incl. R2R KgAoN Synapse Audio Dune v2.5 Bundle 2018 02 18 WiN x86 / x64Mastering the Mix REFERENCE v.1.02-AUDiTORAoN Sylenth1 v2.2.1.X installer x86/x64 2018 02 18 (Air Method)AoN Reveal Sound Spire v1.1.13 Bundle 2018 02 18 WiNMastering the Mix LEVELS v.1.2-AUDiTORSonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition v4.0.85 Antitrial-V.R



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fresh releases

Education » Video Tutorials - Creating a House Buildup in Ableton Live screenshot
MP4| 192 MB
In this tutorial, Sem will demonstrate exactly how to create an effective House buildup from scratch in Ableton Live.

The process involves strategically layering multiple elements to tastefully build tension as the drop approaches. Sem will start with FX samples, including downlifters, risers, and impacts to lay the foundation of the build up.
Samples » Kontakt
Soundiron Antidrum Machine KONTAKT screenshot
FANTASTiC | Feb 16 2018 | 7.8 GB
Antidrum Machine is the ultimate compendium of alternative instruments, experimental percussive sounds, toys, junk, machines, tools, surfaces and objects and all kinds of other uniquely musical and acoustically interesting sonic sources. This vibrant palette of musical inspiration contains a vast collection of "found-sounds", field recordings, prepared objects, surfaces, machines and noisy contraptions, booming bass to tight clicks, clacks, zips, zings, ticks and tocks.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz Analogue Producer Toolkit Vol 2 screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 226 KB
Analogue Producer Toolkit 2 is a suite of effects racks for use within Ableton Live and is the follow up to our extremely popular original Analogue Producer Toolkit.

The Analogue Producer Toolkit series is designed so that the user has a highly usable suite of tools inspired and modelled on true outboard analogue hardware. The unmistakable sound of analogue is present in each one of the fifteen audio effect racks contained within this package.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz Analogue Producer Toolkit and Compressors Bundle screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 219 KB
The Ultimate Analogue Racks for Ableton Live

Get our Analogue Producer Toolkit and Analogue Compressors packs together as a bundle.

Analogue Producer Toolkit

The 'Analogue Producer Toolkit' pack is a suite of racks produced for Ableton Live. The pack contains 68 Instruments, preset, and racks designed to add analogue character to you mixes. Many racks are modelled on actual hardware such as the 1176 and LA2A Compressors or the Bettermaker EQ 230P and Blue 1073 EQ's.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz Studio Tools screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 194 KB
To further bolster your Ableton Live tool set we are pleased to introduce Studio Tools, a premium effect and instrument rack collection. Our in-house sound design and development team were each tasked with designing one rack each and they certainly did not disappoint. They really did pull out all the stops and each member of the team came up with racks that are both unique and useful. Whether you are a Producer, DJ, or Live Performer this pack will give you some fantastic tools to add to your sonic arsenal.
Education » Video Tutorials
Groove3 - Ableton Live 10 Explained screenshot
ilfsn | 3 Hours | 1.32GB
Ableton Live 10 Certified instructor Scottie Dugan brings you awesome videos designed for beginner to intermediate Ableton Live 10 users. Learn to get going with Live 10, understand its main features and functions, as well as get more advanced topics and creative ideas. If you’re new to Live 10, this is the series to watch!
Education » Video Tutorials
Groove3 - Exploring: Electronic Music screenshot
ilfsn | 1.5 Hours + Project Files | 1.02GB
Production guru Tyler Coffin takes you on a journey into the world of Electronic Music! Designed for the EM newcomer, this series gets your feet wet with many of today’s popular electronic music genres, including sound design tips, production insights, as well as history to base your EM foundations on.

Add Course listing. ilfsn

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz Analogue Compressors screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 24 KB
Boost your Ableton toolset with the fantastic Analogue Compressors Rack Pack. This pack consists of seven audio effect racks that accurately model real hardware compressors from our studio. If you are looking for the sound of hardware compression from directly within Ableton then this pack is for you.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz Future Sounds of Operator Vol 1 screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 300 KB
We are big fans of Ableton and especially the Operator Synth. FM synthesis is a powerful and complex beast and many producers love the sound but find programming and designing usable patches time consuming, often detracting actually producing music. Our new range of sample packs starting with 'Future Sounds of Operator' aim to give you a powerful sonic arsenal that will enable you to concentrate on creating stunning music.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz  Future Sounds of Operator Vol 2 screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 211 KB
We are proud to introduce Operator: Future Sounds Volume 2, designed exclusively for the fantastic Ableton Live Operator Synth. FM synthesis is a powerful and complex beast and many producers love the sound but find programming and designing usable patches time consuming, often detracting actually producing music. This new preset pack gives you a powerful sonic arsenal that will enable you to concentrate on creating stunning music.
Software » Windows
G-Sonique TrebleCream X86 WiN screenshot
X86 WiN | Feb 2018 | 6.7 MB
G-Sonique TrebleCream - Mid/Treble & Transients softening technology

One of the most annoying thing in sound/music are for sure sharp, harsh and screaming mid-trebles and distorted transients.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Studio Toolz Glue Compressor Mastering Presets screenshot
P2P | 16 February 2018 | 17 KB
Glue Compressor: Mastering Presets is the follow up to our hugely popular Glue Compressor: Drum Mixing presets. These presets have been produced for Ableton Live 9, more specifically the fantastic Glue Compressor. This plugin is designed to, as the name suggests “glue” your buss or master mixes together to create a more uniform sound much like the famous SSL Buss Compressor.


Software, Windows
VST Zone : QUO v1.0 x32 [FREE] screenshot
Win 32-Bit|Vst|1.8MB
Quo is simple "stage" panner. It place two virtual microphones to simulate virtual stage. It does not simulate realistic room acoustics but rather focus on audible effect usable on headphones and loudspeakers.
Ueberschall Brazil Electro Disc 1&2 CDDA+ISO screenshot
P2P | Disc 1: CDDA + Disc2: ISO | 936MB
TAKE A TRIP TO BRAZIL ! electric lounge, club music, easy listening meets brazil, afro cuban, salsa and bossa nova. genuine electric lounge club sounds flavoured with spicy south american styles. a unique collection of construction kits, beat loops, live/electronic perc., guitars, basses, key loops, horns and single sounds. inspire
Education » Literary
Touch and Expression in Piano Playing screenshot
2012 | ISBN: 0486488284 | English | 80 pages | 4.57 MB
This brief yet comprehensive guide shows pianists how to produce every possible variety of tone, including note values, pulsation, phrases and their combination, dynamic contrasts and shadings, tempo, color, and style. The two-part treatment addresses kinds of touch and the application of touch to expression, offering methods for achieving more sensitive execution in practice and performance.
Samples » loops
Titan 100 Bass Loops And Shots WAV [FREE] screenshot
WAV | 82 MB
+ 70 Bass Loops (125-140 BPM)
+ 30 Bass One Shots (modulated for interest)
Expect super thick and classic basslines perfect for House & Techno, especially when you want an old-school feel for your tune. One shots allow for endless arrangement possibilities, and are versatile - Trap, Hip Hop, EDM, you name it, they'll get you a step closer to a great track.
Samples » loops
AudioKit Vintage Casio/Yamaha Toy Keyboard Sample Pack WAV [FREE] screenshot
WAV | 470 MB
Over the holidays, I discovered an old project I started as a kid almost 20 years ago-
Over 600+ megabytes of vintage Casio/Toy Keyboard sample loops.
As some background, I saved up my money from working after school at White Castle (a dangerously delicious burger chain) to buy a Sound Blaster 16 card. It was thrilling. The Sound Blaster transformed my family’s Windows 95 machine into a futuristic recording studio. Thus, my dreams of working in the music tech industry were alive and well. (I’m still working on that dream).
Education, Literary
Jim Hall Guitar Signature Licks PDF screenshot
PDF | 25.19 MB
Discover the quiet elegance of one of jazz guitar's most renowned players with this Signature Licks book/CD pack. Each song chapter contains in-depth analysis and audio with slow demos. Songs covered include: Angel Eyes • Autumn Leaves • Prelude to a Kiss • St. Thomas • Scrapple from the Apple • Tangerine • You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To • and more.
Education, Literary
Stan Ayeroff The Music Of Django Reinhardt PDF screenshot
PDF | 3.97 MB
The solos of Django Reinhardt are an endless source of inspiration and amazement for any musician. In this exciting book, the author has compiled precise solo transcriptions (in notation only), as well as a thorough analysis of each. There is also a complete "how to" section that is like a book in itself. This book contains some of Django's best work.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Supplemental Sounds Lazy Rich Massive Soundset Vol. 1 NMSV screenshot
NMSV | 74.20 KB
Supplemental Sounds teamed up with Electro House veteran Lazy Rich for their latest offering for NI’s Massive synthesizer. Lazy Rich Massive Soundset Vol. 1 features 32 exclusive patches that Rich hand selected from his personal production arsenal. You may recognize a lot of these sounds, because many of them were used in Rich’s own chart-topping productions!
Samples » Kontakt
Past To Future Samples Juno Pad KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
Juno Pad is a sampled instrument for kontakt.

We sampled a very cool pad patch from an 80's analog Alpha Juno Synthesizer through a Studer A800 tape recorder.
We are excited to bring you sounds you can't find anywhere else!
*Requires lates version of Kontakt
*Works with Kontakt Player

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