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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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Sonic Academy KICK 2 v1.0.4 [WiN-OSX] Incl Patched and Keygen-R2RArmy of Ninjas Sylenth1 v2.2.1.1 Bundle WiN (Updated 10/2016) TZ GroupCakewalk CA-2A Leveling Amplifier v2.0.1.97 WiN, v2.0.1.96 OSX Incl KeygenTritik Moodal v1.1.0 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2RMastering The Mix LEVELS v1.1.0Native Instruments Reaktor 6 v6.0.4 Update Incl Patched and KeygenToontrack EZX2 Dream Pop v1.0.0 HYBRID-R2R



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How is mixing done on this? Is it Possible to cut off muddy Low End in a Mix using Studio Headphones Only VerbSuite Classics - Steven Slated and Liquidsonic product (to be released) Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments SO... X3 has finally 'come' : ) THIS IS WHY I TRY BEFORE I BUY I'm net to the forum, not new to the site but have a couple of questions. Ableton Index exe Kontakt Wallpapers Only ( Neutron is Available


fresh releases

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Yemski - Duality Serum (Free Presets) screenshot
Duality for Serum is an exploration of the massive tonal pallete available in Serum. It encompasses a wide variety of textures from epic soundscapes and cinematic pads through dark drones to massive wobbles. A diverse selection suited to numerous styles, with an emphasis on left field expression, Serum Duality is tailored to the needs of the contemporary musician or producer, who wants to create something that deviates from the norm. A wide spectrum of sound that can be used in Drum and Bass, House, Techno, Chillout, Ambient and all types of media production genres.

typo. Articstorm

Samples » loops
Raw Loops Expressive Synths 2 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC 18 October 2016 | 832 MB
180 Super Underground Synth Lead, Bass, Percussive, & Pad Loops. Our follow-up to the smashing Expressive Synths 1, part 2 takes sound design to another level with some extremely unique synth sounds & melodies. These samples can be used in loop format or if you are just looking for the sounds, simply drag and drop the loops in your favorite sampler tweak the start time until you find the hit you want to grab and play it as iff you have the analog gear directly in front of you!
Windows, OSX
discoDSP OB-Xd v1.3 x32 x64 VST AU WIN MAC Free screenshot
18 OCTOBER 2016 | WIN | MAC | 20 MB
discoDSP has announced that it has taken over the OB-Xd synthesizer project. The OB-Xd is an emulation of the Oberheim OB-X, OB-Xa and OB-8 synthesizers.

While not copying originals, some of the features were taken to a better point. Continuous blendable multimode filter (HP-Notch(BP)-HP in 12 dB mode and 4-1 pole in 24 dB mode). 32 and 64 bit versions included.

Thanks to 2Dat for the original Ob-Xd and Soshi Studio for giving the rights to continue this wonderful product.
Software » OSX
Overloud Breverb 2 v2.1.9 Ked MAC-Kleen screenshot
Kleen | Oct 18 2016 | 48,65 MB
Of course, it would have all of the best reverb units used by the most famous engineers: a classic white '80s unit with its smooth and creamy tone that has been used on thousands of famous hits; a modern reverb unit with crisp and punchy tone, to forge your own unique sounding room; a dedicated post-production unit and thousands of ready-to-use presets created by some of the most respected people in the music and film industry to speed up your workflow.
Software » Windows
DigiOn DigiOnSound X v1.1.35 (Japanese Only) screenshot
TEAM R2R | 18.10.2016 | 28.15 MB | Language: Japanese
Windowsパソコン向けサウンド編集ソフトとして15年以上の歴史を持つ DigiOnSound(デジオンサウンド)シリーズは、非破壊型の波形編集機能を基本とした豊富な機能と、直感的で分かりやすい操作性が評価され、ハイアマチュア向け高機能アプリケーションとして支持されています。
Software » Windows
Spektro Audio CV Toolkit v.2.5 Standalone screenshot
Spektro Audio CV Toolkit v.2.5 Standalone | 19 MB
What is CV Toolkit?

CV Toolkit is a software that uses different virtual modules to control, modulate and sequence your synthesizers via control voltage (CV). These virtual modules can work independently or can bet set to influence and modulate each other via the Routing Matrix.
With CV Toolkit 2, you can create anything from multi-channel rhythmic sequences to complete polyphonic patches.
Windows, OSX
Togu Audio Line TAL-BassLine-101 v1.71 Incl Keygen (WiN and OSX) screenshot
TEAM R2R | 18.10.2016 | WiN 4.55 MB | OSX 9.32 MB
TAL-BassLine-101 is a monophonic bass synthesizer with a classic analogue sound. The GUI is intuitive and easy to use. It produces the raw sound you know from analogue devices without any effects. BassLine has a very smooth and authentic analogue sounding 24dB zero feedback delay resonance low pass filter. Especially designed and calibrated for extreme settings. It sounds even smooth with a lot resonance and a high oscillator pitch. Details as envelope transitions between overlapping notes are carefully modeled. The oscillators do not use any samples. BassLine generates all wave-forms in real time
Windows, OSX
Togu Audio Line TAL-U-NO-LX v2.80 Incl Keygen (WiN and OSX) screenshot
TEAM R2R | 18.10.2016 | WiN 4.29 MB | OSX 13.14 MB
TAL-U-NO-LX is a complete rewritten emulation of the popular hardware with a new engine and GUI. Up to date zero feedback delay filters and carefully calibrated controls make this synth a good replacement for the analog device with all the advantages software plugins have. As an addition, the TAL-U-NO-LX also supports portamento and different filter LFO waveforms and some more useful features. An arpeggiator with different sync modes and hold function is also included.
Education » Video Tutorials
Sonic Academy Mark Sherry Interview TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 18 2016 | 384 MB
Chris catches up with the pioneer of the tech trance scene - Scottish producer - Mark Sherry . Mark played an important role in the rise of Dutch Tech Trance label Detox Records as in-house DJ, producer, and A&R, but struck out on his own launching his own digital label Outburst Records in 2014, soon followed by Techburst records, giving a more techno edge to his output.
Samples » loops
Rob The Viking - Viking Drums WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC 18 October 2016 | 51 MB
The Drum Broker has teamed up with Rob The Viking to introduce one of the most slappin drum libraries we've released in years! Legendary Canadian Producer Rob The Viking is best known for his production with Canadian Super Group, Swollen Members. We've been after Rob for a few years to get ahold of his drum samples and we're super excited that he's handed them over. Rob is part of an elite group of contemporary hip hop producers still smashing out beats on the E-Mu SP-1200 and his drums SLAP!
Samples » loops
Dinma 31 Sample Pack Vol.2 ACID WAV Free screenshot
18 OCTOBER 2016 | ACID WAV | 150 MB
n this release Dinma is bringing you a sequel to the 31 series featuring some of the best composers ranging from Akira Yamaoka,Christophe Frutuoso, and Yoko Shimomura loaded with nothing but inspiration giving your beats a dark feel to them download this overwhelming pack so it will make endless possibilities for groundbreaking productions
• 16-Bit WAV format
• 155 MB of 31 Content


Education » Methods
Neil Miller - The Piano Lessons Book screenshot

English | PDF | 329 Pages | 36 MB

THE PIANO LESSONS BOOK by Neil Miller provides the essential information required to excel at playing the piano: what you should be learning in piano lessons so you can play to your full potential. It is the piano student's guide for getting the most out of practicing, lessons, your teacher and yourself. Whether your preferences are towards classical, jazz or popular music, THE PIANO LESSONS BOOK will show you organized practicing methods that take the mystery out of music, revealing how music is put together and easing the challenges of piano playing.
Education » Methods
Hal Leonard - Alex Webster : Extreme Metal Bass screenshot

English | PDF | 63 Pages | 37 MB

As the original bassist for the seminal death metal band Cannibal Corpse, author Alex Webster offers invaluable insight into the realm of metal bass guitar. This book provides detailed, hands-on training, featuring vital bass guitar techniques and concepts. Extreme Metal Bass further demonstrates how these techniques can be applied in real-life situations within the context of a song. No matter what brand of metal you subscribe to – from classic metal to modern metal and beyond – Extreme Metal Bass will supply the bass skills you crave.
Samples » loops
Deep East Music 60sec Guitar Hitters WAV screenshot
Deep East active & excellent in providing bespoke music and sound design. TV & radio advertising, trailers & promos', corporate production or wherever else tailored audio is required.
Our expansive pool of composer and musician talent are all experts in specific genres and production methods and have provided music for literally hundreds of commercials, TV shows, promos & more.
Our state-of-the-art Soho studios & suites not only mean production is always of unbeatable quality but that we're on hand to turn around projects double fast, or faster if thats what you require.
What this all adds up to is the provision of some seriously intuitive and nail-on-the-head audio... and some appreciated compliments and big-ups from happy creatives and producers.
Get in touch and let us show you why they are smiling.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Tone Report Weekly - 14 October 2016 screenshot
English | True PDF | 64 pages | 19 MB
The Premier Pedal Publication. Tone Report is a publication for guitar players obsessed with great tone. Featuring the newest gear reviews, interviews with both musicians and builders, DIY articles, and the best tone-tips around. For guitarists everywhere- play till your fingers bleed.
Featuring: • Double Jeopardy: 5 Ways to Double-Track Your Guitar • Choose Your Weapon: A Player’s Guide to Polyphonic Octave Boxes • Build Your Own Dan Armstrong Blue Clipper • 4 Combo Amp Volume Hacks You Need To Try Today • Reviews and More!
Education » Literary » Magazines
Guitarist - November 2016 screenshot
English | 156 pages | True PDF | 47 MB
Guitarist is the longest established UK guitar magazine. You'll find authoritative gear reviews, artist interviews, technique lessons and advice. Plus, Guitarist's digital edition now includes all of the same audio and video content as the print edition; available to download from a special area of the Guitarist website!
Education » Literary » Magazines
Guitar Player's Ultimate Gear Guide - Holiday Edition 2016 screenshot
English | True PDF | 148 pages | 75 MB
This new gear guide, which was produced in conjunction with Guitar Player, Bass Player, Electronic Musician and KeyBoard magazines, is packed with hundreds of essential products for guitarists, bassists, keyboardists and owners of home studios. Find the best gear for gift giving this holiday season, or just treat yourself to the presents you deserve.
Education » Methods
Slide Guitar screenshot
English |Pdf: 21 MB |
a book/record guide to electric lead and traditional slide and bottleneck styles,
with special chapters on
... improvising blues and country & western lead guitar
plus a riff on open tunings !
Education » Methods
Jazz Guitar Standards: Chord Melody Solos screenshot
English |Pdf: MP3| 147 MB |

This collection of jazz standard chord solos for guitar is compiled from Mel Bay and Warner Bros. collaborations Jazz Guitar Standards Vol. 1 and 2. What makes this work so special is that each artist has personally recorded their solo guitar arrangement. The book comes with online audio containing all 44 tunes. This book is a wonderful anthology of solo guitar that can be used for performances as well as educational purposes. Includes access to online audio.

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