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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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Avant-Garde - 69 (1.09%)
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Should I submit my music to a label(s)? My new ambient glitch techno track Rigid lines Windows XP Has More Users than Windows Vista and Windows 8 Combined, Avast Says Review of Realivox Ladies by Realitone Soul RnB Composition Production Is there an app that copies folder structure? Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments I have a track that will blow away Skrillex. Need big label guys to msg me. Proper Desktop Recording?


fresh releases

Software » Mac OSX
[demo] Neuratron PhotoScore and NotateMe Ultimate 8.8.2 MacOSX screenshot
P2P | March 23 2017 | 43.4 MB
Scan printed or handwritten sheet music into your computer, play it back and edit it with the world's leading music scanning software. PhotoScore Ultimate 7 picks out virtually every detail and even recognizes 4 and 6 line guitar tablature, 1, 2 and 3 line percussion staves. It is the world's first and only commercial program available that is also designed to read handwritten scores.

it's demo. SAiNT

System Tools, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
C-Ram Beats It's Coming Now WAV MiDi screenshot
FANTASTiC | March 22 2017 | 80 MB
“Now Its Coming” brings you five Construction Kits with a Trap vibe in the style of artists such as Future, Migos, Tyga, and Lil’ Wayne. Take your productions up a level with this high quality and inspiring pack.
WAV and MIDI files are included and all files are 100% Royalty-Free.
Education » Video Tutorials
Udemy The Essentials of Acoustic Guitar Strumming Patterns TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | March 22 2017 | 2.22 GB
Learn how to play the 5 most important strumming patterns used in real songs for acoustic and electric guitar.

Most guitarists suck at strumming. Yes, they are awful.

Why? Bad teachers, bad learning habits and bad information. They are not taught the proper ways to strum, they lack technique, they don`t understand rhythm and worst of all they don`t know that this is holding them back. All this all leads to a LOT of wasted years with the guitar and a lack of confidence when they are playing and strumming it.
Software » Windows
Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition v12.4.2 Incl Keygen-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2017.03.22 | NUMBER : R2R-5766 | SiZE : 667.24 MB

FL Studio 12 totally reworks the user interface and adds exciting new features you have been asking for. FL Studio 12 is a complete software music production environment, representing more than 14 years of innovative developments and our commitment to Lifetime Free Updates. Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music. FL Studio 12 is the fastest way from your brain to your speakers.


Education » Literary
Music in Theory and Practice Vol. 2, 8th edition screenshot
English | Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2009 | 385 Pages | PDF | 20 MB
This best-selling text gives music majors and minors a solid foundation in the theory of music. It strengthens their musical intuition, builds technical skills, and helps them gain interpretive insights. The goal of the text is to instruct readers on the practical application of knowledge. The analytical techniques presented are carefully designed to be clear, uncomplicated, and readily applicable to any repertoire.
Education » Literary
Musical Creativity: Multidisciplinary Research in Theory and Practice screenshot
English | Publisher: Psychology Press, 2006 | 444 Pages | PDF | 2,8 MB
This collection initiates a resolutely interdisciplinary research dynamic specifically concerning musical creativity. Creativity is one of the most challenging issues currently facing scientific psychology and its study has been relatively rare in the cognitive sciences, especially in artificial intelligence. This book will address the need for a coherent and thorough exploration. It comprises seven sections, each viewing musical creativity from a different scientific vantage point, from the philosophy of computer modelling, through music education, interpretation, neuroscience, and music therapy, to experimental psychology.
Education » Literary
Organising Music: Theory, Practice, Performance screenshot
English | Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2015 | 446 Pages | PDF | 2,3 MB
Organisational theorists have become increasingly interested in the creative industries, where practices that are commonplace are of particular interest to organisations in other sectors as they look for new ways to enhance performance. Focusing on the music industry, this book sets up a unique dialogue between leading organisational theorists and music professionals.
Education » Literary
The Biology of Musical Performance and Performance-Related Injury by Alan H. D. Watson screenshot
English | Publisher: Scarecrow Press, 2009 | 392 Pages | PDF | 8,3 MB
Music performance requires a high degree of physical skill, yet until recently, musical training has paid little attention to the considerable demands made on the mind and body. The Biology of Musical Performance and Performance-Related Injury presents singers and instrumentalists with accurate information on the physical processes that underlie their craft. The book provides a concise overview of the biological principles associated with performance technique while assuming no prior scientific knowledge, making it accessible to both musicians and to health professionals who treat performance-related medical conditions.
Education » Literary
Musical Performance - A Comprehensive Approach: Theory, Analytical Tools, and Case Studies screenshot
English | Publisher: Springer, 2011 | 304 Pages | PDF | 34 MB
This book is a first sketch of what the overall field of performance could look like as a modern scientific field but not its stylistically differentiated practice, pedagogy, and history. Musical performance is the most complex field of music. It comprises the study of a composition’s expression in terms of analysis, emotion, and gesture, and then its transformation into embodied reality, turning formulaic facts into dramatic movements of human cognition.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Guitar & Bass - April 2017 screenshot
English | 156 pages | True PDF | 46 MB
Guitar & Bass magazine provides in-depth and essential reading for the serious guitarist, with dozens of guitar tests, playing techniques, an exclusive bass section and in-depth features on guitar heroes past, present and future. Each issue is packed full of reviews of the latest guitars, amps, effects and basses. Guitar & Bass magazine also delivers the informed verdict on home recording equipment and regularly offers tips on buying second hand and vintage gear. When you occasionally put down that guitar, it is also packed full of interviews with the great and good of guitardom!
Education » Literary » Magazines
Guitar Fair - Marzo 2017 screenshot
Spanish | 44 pages | True PDF | 59 MB
Guitar Fair Magazine es una revista especializada destinada al mundo profesional de los luthiers. En ella se dedica espacio a los artesanos de guitarras y tecnología tipo “boutique” y también a distribuidores y tiendas que dedican su trabajo y esfuerzo a este sector.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Tone Report Weekly - Issue 169, March 3 2017 screenshot
English | True PDF | 58 pages | 14 MB
The Premier Pedal Publication. Tone Report is a publication for guitar players obsessed with great tone. Featuring the newest gear reviews, interviews with both musicians and builders, DIY articles, and the best tone-tips around. For guitarists everywhere- play till your fingers bleed.
tone talk made of glass: the ned evett story d.i.y. shiver in the dark: build your own dan armstrong orange squeezer from the builder’s mind chemistry designwerks holeyboard dragonfly tone talk he string guide you should be using
Education » Literary » Magazines
Billboard - March 11, 2017 screenshot
English | 60 pages | True PDF | 17 MB
Staying connected to the music & entertainment industry just got easier! Written for music industry professionals and fans. Contents provide news, reviews and statistics for all genres of music, including radio play, music video
Education » Literary » Magazines
NME - 3 March 2017 screenshot
English | 48 pages | True PDF | 17 MB
NME is a British weekly music magazine. Featuring agenda-setting news, the UK's most comprehensive gig guide, definitive reviews of the week's hottest gigs, tracks and albums, and fiery comment from the nation's most opinionated writers, it's the essential guide to the week in music.
Education » Literary
Music and Space: A systematic and historical investigation into the impact of architectural acoustics on performance practice screenshot
English | Publisher: Peter Lang, 2011 | 444 Pages | PDF | 13 MB
This book explores a paradox: how can a musical work that was written specifically for a certain architectural space «survive» dramatic changes in performance conditions, as in the case of Handel’s Messiah? From the chamber music hall in Dublin where it was first performed in 1742, small baroque theaters, and the chapel of London’s Foundling Hospital, performances of Messiah after Handel’s death moved to cathedrals, to new and large 19th-century concert halls, and finally to the immense Crystal Palace in Sydenham.
Education » Literary
Rock and Popular Music: Politics, Policies, Institutions screenshot
English | Publisher: Routledge, 2005 | 322 Pages | PDF | 1,7 MB
Rock and Popular Music examines the relations between the policies and institutions which regulate contemporary popular music and the political debates, contradictions and struggles in which those musics are involved. International in its scope and conception, this innovative collection explores the reasons for and ways in which governments have sought either to support or prohibit popular music in Canada, Australia and Europe as well as the impact of broadcasting policies in forming and shaping different musical communities.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Tone Report Weekly - Issue 157 (December 9, 2016) screenshot
English | True PDF | 68 Pages | 65.6 MB
The Premier Pedal Publication. Tone Report is a publication for guitar players obsessed with great tone. Featuring: • Best Effects of 2016 • A Study in Guitar Synthesis: Cracking the Code of the Boss SY-300 • Family Values: A Field Guide to the Cry Baby • Build Your Own Tychobrahe Octavia • Reviews and more!

The issue that was posted on AudioZ as 157 was actually issue 158. This is issue 157.

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