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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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GlitchMachines Fracture XT v1.0 x64 x86 VST AU MacOSX WINDiscuss how to post freeware on Audioz?Glitchmachines Plugins Total Bundle WiN OSXScuffham Amps S-GEAR v2.6.0 CE-V.RMellowMuse Plugins Bundle CE Win64 AAX VST3-V.RToneBoosters Morphit v1.1.4 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2RJu-X Frosting v1.0 CE-V.R



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Mixing Contest - Criticism Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments Alternative to BIAS AMP Drum Kit Trades and Such... What kind of bass and bells are and how to make it Is crack time over? Eye vision and monitors. My "go-to" piano AAX (Pro Tools) ALternative to Smexoscope my dream is omnisphere 2


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Software » Windows
Audreio Revival v1.0 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | Jan 13 2017 | 37 MB
The power of modern synthesis with the soul of vintage organs

A new instrument that spans multiple genres. Drawbar additive synthesis, harmonic modifiers, and vintage effects create an incredible sonic palette and outstanding playability.
Education » Video Tutorials
Mike Verta Scoring 1 Masterclass TUTORiAL-TZ Group screenshot
TZ Group | TUTORiAL | 5.77 GB
Writing music is one thing; writing music to picture is another. In this class I’ll be talking about strategies for thematic development within film structure, handling cue entrances/exits and transitions, techniques for orchestration in and around dialog/sound effects, working with temp tracks, and more. Plus I’ll give you some of speed-writing scoring tips for getting scenes cued and mapped out under the gun, as we look at before-and-after examples from several real-world projects.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Perimeter Sound Synthwave Digitized Presets for u-he Hive H2P-TZ Group screenshot
TZ Group | Presets for u-he Hive H2P | 953.98 KB
Hive - Synthwave : Digitized is a collection of 60 patches for the Uhe Hive synth vsti created in the Synthwave style. Modern takes on vintage sounds, Digitized is a collection of patches ready to be played & sequenced. No fx or arps, just lots of the usable stylistic presets you need to give your tracks a signature sound.
Education » Video Tutorials
Mike Verta Putting It All Together Masterclass TUTORiAL-TZ Group screenshot
TZ Group | TUTORiAL | 3.47 GB
Discussion of technique is great, but nothing beats real-world experience. This class is a comprehensive, start-to-finish analysis and breakdown of an orchestral piece – from initial conception and sketch, through orchestration, notation, vi-mockup, and live recording at Fox Studios by legendary recording engineer Shawn Murphy. In this class I’ll be taking you through the entire creative and production process on a real-world project, using the techniques discussed in Composition 1, Orchestration 1, Secret Weapons, and many others. We’ll be talking about every aspect of the composition, orchestration, notation, and production, including contracting the orchestra, and a look at the budget breakdown!
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
FutureSpeak Beyond Earth Presets for u-he Bazille H2P-TZ Group screenshot
TZ Group | Presets for u-he Bazille H2P | 602.16 KB
This soundset contains over 128 presets, most of which are geared towards composers and producers who enjoy merging gritty synth sounds with orchestral instruments. My influences are, but not limited to: Daft Punk's Tron Legacy, M83's Oblivion, Michael McCann's Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Jonsi, and Ryan Tedder.
Education » Video Tutorials
Lynda Intermediate Acoustic Guitar TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | Jan 13 2017 | 1.09 GB
Once you've mastered the basics of acoustic guitar, you're ready to expand your repertoire and tackle more challenging techniques. Join guitarist Jared Meeker as he guides you through intermediate concepts like soloing patterns and altered tunings in a relaxed, easy-to-follow instructional style. Learn about suspended chords, tuning with harmonics, and slides. Take on a variety of new styles, including acoustic funk, New Orleans grooves, modern Celtic rhythm guitar, bluegrass, and Delta blues. Jared also touches on harmony for writing and arranging, as well as Drop D, Double Drop D, Open G, and Open D tuning. Tune in and take your acoustic guitar skills to the next level.
Education » Video Tutorials
Lynda Learning Modular Synthesis: Arturia Modular V TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | Jan 13 2017 | 836 MB
One of the most exciting areas of music creation is modular synthesis, where you get to interconnect the fundamental building blocks of a synthesizer to create your own instrument. In this course, music industry veteran and synth designer Chris Meyer uses the Arturia Modular V software—a realistic emulation of the original Moog modular synths of the 1960s and 1970s—to teach you how to "patch" a modular synth to create your own sounds. Chris starts with the fundamentals of how harmonics and sound work, as well as how to connect the modules together. He then goes through the main modules individually, explaining the differences between oscillator waveshapes, filter types, and more, while demonstrating how to use them in a musical context. The third chapter teaches advanced techniques such as frequency and amplitude modulation, as well as using the effects and advanced filters in Arturia Modular V.


Education » Literary
The World's Your Stage: How Performing Artists Can Make a Living While Still Doing What They Love by William F. Baker and Warren C. Gibson screenshot
English | 2016 | ISBN: 0814436153 | 251 Pages | PDF | 1.32 MB
If you're like most performing artists, you're not in it for the money. Whether you're a musician, a dancer, or an actor, you've spent years mastering your craft. But to make it your career-you need to figure out how to get paid.
Jobs are scarce and talent alone no longer assures success. Today's performers need to hone their entrepreneurial skills and create their own careers. Inspired by the celebrated Juilliard course, The World's Your Stage explains the business side of the performing arts.
Windows, Mac OSX
Audio Assault BassAmp CM Edition x32 x64 VST AU WIN MAC Free screenshot
Audio Assault say that BassAmp CM is loosely modelled on a favourite Ampeg amp pumped through an Ampeg 4x10 cab. As aficionados know, when it comes to bass guitar tone, it doesn't get much more classic, solid or reliable than Ampeg.

The no-nonsense interface will be instantly familiar to anyone who's ever used a guitar amp, and you also get two cab options (actually the same 4x10 cab but with a different mic). It also has a Mix knob that lets you blend the dry, DI'ed input signal with the amped one - a classic bass mixing technique that normally requires parallel routing. Plus, there's nothing stopping you pumping synths, drums or whatever you like through the plugin - give it a shot anytime you need heft, thump and attitude!
Education » Literary » Magazines
DownBeat - February 2017 screenshot
English | True PDF | 108 Pages | 6.24 MB
There are many roads to jazz, as any collection of fans will demonstrate. But for many of those fans, whose age today can fall anywhere between 10 and 80, that road has been paved with issues of DownBeat magazine.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Keyboard Recording Home-Studio - Janvier 2017 screenshot
French | 100 Pages | PDF | 43.12 MB
Keyboard Recording Home Studio - le magazine de la création musicale ! Suivre l'évolution du matériel et des techniques d'enregistrement, découvrir des conseils et astuces pour progresser vite et bien (quelque soit le niveau, le style de musique ou l'équipement) : cest la promesse de KR!
Education » Literary » Magazines
audioXpress – January 2017 screenshot
English | 68 pages | True PDF | 16,06 MB
Combining great articles, projects, tips and techniques for producing the best in quality audio, audioXpress connects manufacturers and distributors with audio engineers and enthusiasts eager for innovative solutions in sound, acoustic and electronics.
Software » Mobile » android
FL Studio Mobile Full v3.1.6.0 UNLOCKED Android screenshot
P2P | December 29 2016 | 603 MB
FL Studio Mobile allows you to create and save complete multi-track music projects on your Android phone or tablet device. You can even load the FL Studio Mobile projects into the 'FL Studio Desktop PC' version and take them to the next level.

If it’s a beat on the step sequencer, a melody on the piano roll or a full song on the playlist, FL Studio Mobile has you covered. Never lose that idea again. Get it down and happening wherever you are.
Software » Mobile » iOS
Propellerhead ReBirth v1.4.4 iPad-Widow screenshot
Widow | March 20 2016 | 43 MB
ReBirth faithfully emulates dance music's three backbone devices: The Roland TB-303 Bass synth and the Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines.

Combine these with FX units, fully featured pattern sequencers and a gorgeous-looking interface and you're ready to make killer tracks on your iPad. Share your music with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more using the built-in sharing features.
Software » Windows
XT Software energyXT 3.0 + Loops & Instruments screenshot
2016 | x86 | 623.62 MB
With energyXT you will be creating tracks faster than with any other music application. Create and record music with virtual instruments and drum loops. Multi-track audio recording, editing and built-in guitar effects. Export to mp3, wav, aif and SoundCloud. Easy on the CPU and laptop friendly with dockable windows.
Samples » multitrack, acapella
Sandunes - Switching Rails (Remix Pack) screenshot
The sample pack you’ve created features lots of really interesting percussive hits gathered at wood and metal mills, flower and vegetable markets and elsewhere in Bombay. Which of the sounds did you end up using in the track you made and what was that process like?

When I was collecting all the hits and metallic sounds, I was looking at them as 'one-shots' even before I took them into the studio. The first round of my process of sifting entailed going through each piece of audio and highlighting the hits that sounded good to me, and also had enough head room. (The recorder I used, the Zoom H6 is amazing because it can record a backup file where the gain is set to -12db relative to the level, so even if something seems like it's clipped, you've got a backup which isn't)
Sandunes - Searching for Sounds [FREE] screenshot
As the commercial and entertainment capital of India, Bombay is one of the densest amalgamations of sights, smells, sensations and sounds on the planet. Who better then, than Bombay-based producer Sanaya Ardeshir, aka Sandunes, to take us around the city and explore its rich sonics in a new episode of Red Bull’s Searching for Sound documentary series.
Join Sandunes as she visits some of Bombay’s places of work and worship – collecting recordings, drawing inspiration from the city’s vibrancy and working to incorporate found sounds into her own music. Check out the trailer for Searching for Sound below. Be sure to download the free sample pack and read our interview with Sandunes to learn more about the sounds, the place they come from and how she uses them in her own work.

fixed category. Articstorm

Rewind 4Ever: The History of UK Garage (2013) screenshot
Documentary|2013|mkv format|25fps
From underground to over-ground, Rewind 4Ever is the definitive UK Garage music documentary. From the confines of the house party to the vibrant club scene and beyond, there has never been a more in depth look at the Garage genre.
Software » Windows
Rekordbox DJ 4.2.4 Portable screenshot
2016 | Portable Trial Reset Release | x86 | 172 MB
Rekordbox DJ delivers DJ software that provides a stable performance whatever spec laptop is used. The software’s GUI precisely mirrors the layout of our controllers, to give you instinctive, effortless control of rekordbox dj’s features. The software’s packed with all the usual performance tools – Hot Cues, Sampler, Slicer, Sound Colour FX, Beat FX – plus Beat Jump and the industry’s first Pad FX.

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