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the poll is over.
as you can see on results charts, UL and RG are still the best option;
BitShare is on third position, but like i said in comments, we're choosing one primary FFS and one additional mirror.
That being said, i will send mass message to Contributors letting them know that BitShare mirror would be very appreciated.

Thank you for your votes

previous poll can be found here...


  Administrator 1.01.2004 277 1015
Vote in our poll for your children's future! is still the best for me dunno
  Resident 26.11.2012 2 50
Y no
  Administrator 1.01.2004 277 1015
Scandi, MEGA is too specific for this matter, and if i understand correctly it still works in Chrome only sad
  Resident 19.05.2012 75 122
Mega works perfectly with firefox too, also you can use JDownloader for downloading from Mega more fast. Mega have minimal limitations on size, speed, etc.
  Contributor 3.05.2011 466 2999
UL is still nice for me. ok the 3 hours waiting time is horrible. but it also 70kb/s limit free user for my region, which is fine, since i do not download over 1GB from here anyway.
bitshare has sometimes script problems, means you get no download link or you had the restart the session again. (1hours Waiting after frinished download, 300kb/s for me as free user)
rapigator 2 hours, 50kb/s and when you miss a captcha you have to wait that 2 hours.
cloudzer is similar to UL also 70kb/s but without registration.
junodownload - well no constant service, download got chancled, because disconnect for me.
got like 80kb/s from there as free user.
Hulkfile - 1 Hours waiting time, easy captcha, no JD support, slow as the other hosters.
Extabit has low waitng time after finished download, but 30kb/s is really slow also that download with file manager is getting on my balls.
ryushare - horrible slow here, service not that stable here.

and Mega, Putlocker, MF, 2shared and all of them, dont give the uploaders any money to buy new stuff for us - so i would keep it with UL.

i talked as free user of course! ;)

@SAiNT site works perfect here, its the fast page i open daily. even youtube slower for me, not to talk about fakebook!
  Moderator 21.01.2012 869 6964
Thank you Saint to give change an opportunity.

It is important to explain that is deleting links each day faster.
This is one of the good reasons to change the primary primary File Storage Service.
  Resident 15.06.2012 46 1106
Nah Uploaded rock! Links remain valid one month wink

At All contributors, residents and users: They better check all their posts and reup all dead links on!

Here, we are sure yes
  Resident 19.05.2012 75 122
and Mega, Putlocker, MF, 2shared and all of them, dont give the uploaders any money to buy new stuff for us - so i would keep it with UL.

that's why i don't like UL, i don't want to take money from poor artists)))
MF is very incomfortable for me: slow speed, 200mb-filesize limitation for upload, +they deleting my files and even accounts)
Rapidshare made hard limitations on traffic to prevent piracy)

p.s.: 70-100kbit\s is terrible
  Resident 15.06.2012 46 1106
from poor artists

Ouais, sorter les violons et les mouchoirs tongueµ

@ SAiNT:

Your image is too big and goes beyond the field.. dance
  Resident 5.03.2012 1 219
+1214 is fine most links on there work and every cloud storage company deletes files, just rename the files like: 123456789 on UL and thats it. everyone cant afford to pay for pro accounts, u change it then people will complain again plus you will lose more people if there is no UL links bro.
  Resident 9.03.2013 178
I don't know which would be best, would be cool if there was a list of which sites offer what. You know the time limits, availability in which countries, data limits. Like a comparison chart?

I will tell you what I don't like about them. I don't like how rapidgator and bitshare lock you out for a day or so. At least uploaded no matter what you can get one every 3 hours. I like that feature. I would like the primary FFS to be one like that, with no daily data limit. Time limit, that's OK. Data limit, not cool.

And of course the most reliable is definitely a plus. And should be available to all countries too. Speed is not an issue for me, it's fuckin free. I won't complain on how long it takes to download. 50-100kbps, not an issue for me as long as the files keep comin!!

So, whichever FFS meets that criteria I will vote for!
  Moderator 21.01.2012 869 6964
At All contributors, resident and users: They better check all their posts and reup all dead links on!

You can reup 10 times they will delete 10 times, because they give access to companies who get money from deleting links of material of copyright owners that pay them. So they probably post too hahaha so they can get more work... Means they live from piracy.
You don't believe me? Look this:
and this:

I believe we should find different file hoster that don't spit in the hand that feed them.
  Resident 9.02.2012 13
  Member 2.09.2013 5
just a humble question...why aren't these uploaded to torrents instead? There are alot of things over here that still isn't around on torrents. I mean I know it's just linking to another warez site but wouldn't it be better since everyone who visits audioz can diverge traffic into audio torrents and create more seeds? It's still relatively the same speed if there are seeds and we don't have to worry about take downs... dunno
  Resident 4.04.2013 14

UL is really fine - when uploads are coded like those from pirat, they stay online for a long time -

my vote for UL
  Resident 19.05.2012 75 122

it was a joke, but 50-70kbit\s from is not a joke
  guest -- 0
How about we keep Uploaded and add MEGA, win win wink
  Resident 5.03.2012 1 219
look every storage site has limits, everyone on here downloads as a free user, how many people here have a pro account? i have never had a file taken down on my UL account unless i deleted it, most music sites like and freakenergy has UL and another 4 sites linked to the files, why get rid of UL the most solid storage out there, mega and the other are shit. what ever u guys decide thats good but my links will always be UL.

  Resident 26.02.2012 31
UL is still the overall best all things considered in my opinion.

  Resident 16.08.2013 4 80
Bitshare is a good one because of the pretty fast DL speed
  Resident 19.05.2012 75 122
I never had problems with deleting files on UL too, but upload and download speed are slow for me, at the same time - Mega works with maximum speed for upload and high speed (400kbit's and more) for download, and no files-deleting too)
When i asked people (around the world): which fileshare is more comfortable for them - 90% choosed Mega
Also, i think it's better to ADD fileshare, but not to replace
  Resident 5.03.2012 1 219
i get around 700kbit's on dl from uploaded. we will see what happens but i think uploaded should stay with 3 extra mirror sites but they have to be that we voted for.
  Resident 15.06.2012 46 1106
You can reup 10 times they will delete 10 times

Nah Niet if you change the archive name yes

I vote! nothing else wink
  Member 2.09.2013 5
I think the poll will speak for itself, so just vote and see what happens!

Thanks for the magic Saint!
  Member 23.01.2013 6 91
  Member 22.08.2013 37 102
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 3.09.2010 14 67
  Contributor 3.05.2011 466 2999
mega pays nothing and i bet with our downloads here the free traffic will be reached easily and then the file is limited in sharing. win win?

UL main, rapigator, maybe bitshare, hulkfile is good, cloudzer is a mirror option imo.
extabit is fine for files under 5MB.
fileom is also good atm - but its a new hoster, so i could maybe not stay to long.
RS uff so crappy, you get even on your own files now slow speed.
  Resident 19.05.2012 75 122
I think the poll will speak for itself,

i don't think so, we choosing from certain limited list of fileshares)
btw, i voted for UL, but for me - it's best from the worse =XD
  guest -- 0
I don't know about children's future..all my children are dead...stuffed into a bag and thrown into a river a long time ago when i found audioz.
its a toss up between ul and rapidgator..i could be wrong but i get the sense that Rapidgator keeps older links longer if they have obvious names to the files....even with parsed filenames seem to be able to remove links probably from specific users.if they even get a sniff of piracy..but their service is better overall...aren't you friends with the guy who runs, Saint?

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