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Soundtracks - 675 (5.47%)
Pop, R&B, Funk - 1080 (8.76%)
Rock, Metal - 1750 (14.19%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 2461 (19.96%)
Jazz, Classical - 450 (3.65%)
World, New Age - 123 (1%)
Avant-Garde - 132 (1.07%)
Folk, Country - 104 (0.84%)
Ska - 25 (0.2%)
Electronic (general) - 2614 (21.2%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 243 (1.97%)
- Club, Dance - 381 (3.09%)
- D&B - 410 (3.33%)
- House - 1100 (8.92%)
- Trance - 576 (4.67%)
- Industrial - 205 (1.66%)

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Choose a DAW? TZH167 // Andrei Voica - Resemnat EP incl. Lumieux Is there a 64bit version of Soundtoys for Mac? Cussed at by Elton John for messing up his monitor mix. WTB: Reason 11 Intro, Pulsar Mu audio shitposting meme thread Italo Disco (Music - Videos - History) new track I wrote yesterday Interesting Live Drum Mix/Recording Baby Audio, Liquid Sonics, Slate Digital, Softube, SSL, and +


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fresh releases

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
We Make Dance Music Logic Pro X Film Score Template | EDM Sessions EP101-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 10 January 2022 | 289 MB
In episode 101 Mikas takes on a remix of one of his best work, Explorers is an ambien orchestral song with an electronic twist. We begin by opening the original project of Explorers in Logic Pro X. After a quick listening of the original we delete all of the MIDI parts and start from a fresh MIDI chord progression.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
We Make Dance Music Ambient Film Score Logic Pro X Template | Live Electronic Music #199-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 10 January 2022 | 2 MB
Learn how to make ambient film score music by watching our free live tutorial and study the Logic Pro X Template from the session to practice what you have learned. The Live Electronic Music Tutorials give everyone the opportunity to learn music production at their own pace anytime anywhere. Unlock the secrets of electronic music now.
F9 Origins Beats Classic House Beats, Stems & Kits Logic Pro X screenshot
10th January 2022 | Logic Pro X | 3.9 GB
Nearly 7Gb of House Beats!

Are you looking to inject the boom, crunch, crack, and power of the legendary SP1200, 909, 707, 727 808, MPC3000, and friends into your contemporary productions?

This exceptional retro-edged pack was designed to bring home the sound and mojo of these beyond-classic machines ( and more ) alongside the programming and feel of classic house music.
Software » Windows
Abelssoft Recordify 2022 7.04 Retail screenshot
P2P | 01.2022 | 41 MB
Music from streaming services is very popular, but unfortunately the free versions don't let you save the music offline. Recordify has been developed exactly for this. It works like live recording and saves the music as MP3 or FLAC files. It's brilliant!
Education, Video Tutorials
Truefire Tom Dempsey's Practice Sessions: Jazz Melodic Approaches Tutorial screenshot
Audioz | 10 Jan 2022 | 3.92 GB
Melody is king in Jazz music, perhaps even more so than in any other style. Students of jazz guitar frequently find themselves overwhelmed by scales, arpeggios and theory, which can be a barrier to getting to the sound and feel of jazz. Having a solid grasp on melodic devices, fretboard layout, and understanding how to navigate jazz harmony is the key to improvising fluidly and truly bringing your jazz solos to life.
Education, Video Tutorials
Truefire Ted Ludwig's 30 Jazz 2-5-1 Licks You MUST Know Tutorial screenshot
Audioz | 10 Jan 2022 | 2.42 GB
The most commonly encountered chord progression across the entire jazz standard songbook is the 2-5-1 in both major and minor keys. The broader your vocabulary of 2-5-1 lines, the more creative you can be with your solos. And once you understand how to craft your own 2-5-1 lines, you can take your improvisational skills to a whole new level.
Education, Video Tutorials
Truefire Seth Rosenbloom's Blues Soloing Handbook Tutorial screenshot
Audioz | 10 Jan 2022 | 6.10 GB
Like any other language, the language of the blues relies on a player’s command of its vocabulary coupled with their ability to express themselves creatively with that vocabulary. Stringing blues licks together and running pentatonic scales up and down over the changes may get you up and running quickly but that’s only the first step of your learning journey as a blues guitarist.
Education, Video Tutorials
Truefire Nicki Parrott's Upright & Upfront Tutorial screenshot
Audioz | 10 Jan 2022 | 4.32 GB
Upright bassist, recording artist and highly acclaimed jazz singer, Nicki Parrott has released more than 30 records, is a first-call bassist for mainstream jazz players, and a frequent headliner at jazz venues and festivals worldwide. We’re thrilled to welcome Nicki to the family with her first TrueFire course, Upright & Upfront!
Education, Video Tutorials
Truefire Brad Carlton's Guitar Lab: Blues Riffs Vol. 1 Tutorial screenshot
Audioz | 10 Jan 2022 | 2.98 GB
Hi, I'm Brad Carlton. Welcome to Guitar Lab: Blues Riffs Vol. 1. This course is designed to equip you with a vocabulary of standard blues riffs. You will be presented with technical tips to assist you in executing these moves, and also the theory behind these note groups. But most importantly, you will learn how to practice creating variations by using rhythmic and melodic principles.


Education » Literary
Practical Music Education Technology screenshot
English | 2020 | ISBN: ‎ 0199832234 | 133 pages | True PDF EPUB | 19 MB
Today's music teachers are caught in a conundrum about technology - while all are interested in it and told to utilize it in music instruction, a lack of equipment and funding act as enormous barriers to technology access. In fact, studies indicate that the mere perception of these obstacles may be partly responsible for the gap between these teachers' interest in technology and the lack of technology integration in the classroom. As a result, students potentially miss out on active, hands-on music technology instruction at school.

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