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i7-12700k / UHD-770 Graphics - best 32" monitor? Is 192khz only marketing What plugin is your secret weapon ? Upgrading from a Ryzen 2700 to Ryzen 5700x, questions about audio That Bass Sound at 3:18 on "The Stranger" by The Midnight Waste of time audio shitposting meme thread vari-mu comp vs ssl comp for glue mix? What's your album of the year? Kontakt 6.7.1 Crashes [Windows]


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fresh releases

Samples » loops
LP24 Audio LOFI Daydream WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 19 January 2022 | 499 MB
LP24 is very proud to present our latest release LOFI DAYDREAM, featuring 313 professionally crafted loops and oneshots for bussing music producers and professionals alike. This collection is packed full of modern-lofi tape aesthetics that producers in hip hop, lofi and downtempo styles are using today.
Windows, Mac OSX
illustrate PerfectTUNES R3.4 Win / 3.1 macOS screenshot
P2P | 01.2022 | 25/8.0 MB
Optimizing your music collection can be a daunting task, from albums missing artwork, duplicated tracks, to corrupted tracks. Correcting these issues can be a time consuming task. No longer, imagine a trained professional on hand to help, PerfectTUNES is that professional…
Samples » loops
Day One Audio No Contest WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 19 January 2022 | 155 MB
'No Contest’ is a sophisticated trap-inspired kit. inspired by Drake, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and many more... ‘No Contest’ includes 5 radio-ready sample Construction Kits, this sample pack features everything you need to produce the next hit. Each beat is an Original Composition with unique and high-quality instruments such as Piano/Keys, Strings, Ambient Pads, Mean 808s, Punchy Kicks, Crisp Snares, HiHats, and more. All samples are in 24 Bit 48 kHz audio, allowing you to easily drag and drop directly into any DAW or sampler.”
Software » Windows
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2022 Premium (x64) screenshot
P2P | 01.2022 | 1.0 GB
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2022 is the next generation of video editing: faster, better and even more powerful than ever before! The software provides everything you need to design your movies. This MAGIX software also offers high-quality special effects, cinematic transitions and templates, Full 4K Ultra HD, Full Stereo3D and Full HD support (for HDV and AVCHD camcorders), advanced dubbing (Dolby Digital 5.1 mixer, etc.), 99 tracks, MultiCam editing, travel route animation, etc.
Software » Windows
MAGIX Video Pro X13 v19.0.1.138 (x64) screenshot
P2P | 01.2022 | 886 MB
Video Pro X is the only video editing software that makes professional video production accessible for everyone. With intuitive editing tools and workflows, getting started with Video Pro X is easier than with any other professional video editor. The new video engine allows for seamless, uninterrupted editing of high-resolution 4K Ultra HD material on any PC.
Samples » multi-libraries
Samples From Mars - 360 From Mars MULTIFORMAT screenshot
MULTiFORMAT | Rar 1.68 Gb | Unrar 1.83 Gb
One of the Earliest Multi-Sampled Synthesizers
The 360 Systems Keyboard is a rare, sampled-based synth made in California in the early '80s, featuring real strings, flutes, brass, electric piano, basses, guitars, percussion, and more. Sharing similar components (EPROMs and an analog filter) as some of our favorite vintage drum machines, it's no wonder the 360 is as punchy as our favorite samplers, and as silky as our vintage synths.


Software, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Shortcurcuit XT 2022-01-18 02:09:02 UTC NIGHTLY WINDOWS/MacOS/LiNUX [FREE] screenshot
What? Shortcircuit is open source? Well yes, but there are big big caveats. Right now there are no downloadable assets you can get to play music, and there is no runnable open source Shortcircuit plugin. We estimate this will be the case for much of 2021, and maybe indefinitely. You may never be able to run an open source Shortcircuit. Might just be too much work. But if you are dev you can help!
lounge » music
Music Box S01 1080p HMAX WEB-DL x264-NPMS screenshot
MKV | AC3 | 6EP | 34.85 GB
Music Box is a collection of documentary films created by Bill Simmons (Andre The Giant, Showbiz Kids) exploring pivotal moments in the music world. The first film in the series, Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage, is directed by Garret Price (Love, Antosha) and tells the story of Woodstock ‘99, a music festival promoted to echo unity and counterculture idealism of the original 1969 concert, but instead devolved into riots, looting, and sexual assaults.
Software » Windows
Serato DJ Pro v2.5.9 Build 1065 screenshot
Team V.R | 18 January 2022 | 709 MB
Professional DJ software - from the unknown to the greatest, Serato DJ Pro is the most popular DJ software globally. When you’re talking about Hip-Hop, Dance, and everything in between, you’re looking at the standard.
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Pakotec Productions Swedish Mou5e Chords Vol.3 MiDi-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
Team MAGNETRiXX | 22 September 2013 | 27.94 KB
'Swedish Mou5e Chords Vol 3' is the third installment in this popular series. Pakotec Samples are back with 50 inspiring melodies in MIDI format and suitable for House, Dance, Club, Electro, and more. These 50 amazing melodies are inspired by some of the biggest DJs and producers world wide, including David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, Avicii and Nicky Romero.
Education » Literary
The Frustrated Guitarist's Last Chord Book: How to Finally Learn To Play Rhythm Guitar screenshot
Eric Morrison | 2012 | ASIN: B008R1YDR0 | English | 170 pages | ePUB | 5 MB
Regardless of where you are in your guitar chord studies, "The Frustrated Guitarist's LAST Chord Book" will take your understanding of the guitar's fretboard and chord playing to new and unexpected places. Say goodbye to all other lesson materials you've tried to utilize to get you there. You're obviously not there yet or you wouldn't be here.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
HoRNet Valvola 1.1.0  MAC / WIN AU , VST2.4 , VST3 and AAX [Free] screenshot
January 19th 2022 | MAC / WIN AU , VST2.4 , VST3 and AAX | 8 MB
Realistic vacuum tube emulation and sound

HoRNet Valvola (the Italian word for vacuum tube) it’s an emulation of the electric behavior of a vacuum tube and its surrounding circuit.

The sound of the plugin is as close as you can get to the real tube behavior since the code it’s the direct modeling of the circuit characteristics obtained directly simulating the tube and the biasing circuit around it.
Education » Literary
Guitar Arpeggio Handbook, 2nd Edition: 120-Lesson, Step-By-Step Guide to Guitar Arpeggios, Music Theory, and Technique screenshot
English | 142 pages | Steeplechase Arts (May 31, 2013) | 0615822827 | EPUB | 10 MB
With over 250 lessons, guitar licks, exercises and arpeggio-over chords concepts, this new edition book and streaming video course is all you will ever need for learning guitar arpeggios and how to apply them to make your playing more expressive and musical!
Education » Literary
From Music to Sound: The Emergence of Sound in 20th- and 21st-Century Music screenshot
English | ISBN: 0367192136 | 2019 | 282 pages | PDF | 19 MB
From Music to Sound is an examination of the six musical histories whose convergence produces the emergence of sound, offering a plural, original history of new music and showing how music had begun a change of paradigm, moving from a culture centred on the note to a culture of sound. Each chapter follows a chronological progression and is illustrated with numerous musical examples.

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