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Avant-Garde - 132 (1.07%)
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- D&B - 410 (3.33%)
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- Industrial - 205 (1.66%)

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Choose a DAW? TZH167 // Andrei Voica - Resemnat EP incl. Lumieux Is there a 64bit version of Soundtoys for Mac? Cussed at by Elton John for messing up his monitor mix. WTB: Reason 11 Intro, Pulsar Mu audio shitposting meme thread Italo Disco (Music - Videos - History) new track I wrote yesterday Interesting Live Drum Mix/Recording Baby Audio, Liquid Sonics, Slate Digital, Softube, SSL, and +


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Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Plughugger - Cellos of Darkness for Omnisphere screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | Presets | 2.51 MB
Cellos of Darkness is a cinematic and ambient collection entirely based on the sound of strange cellos in Omnisphere. This soundset is the spiritual cousin to Inferno, which is based on the infamous burning piano. This collection of sounds is mainly based on the psycho-acoustic recordings of cellos in Omnisphere, many of which made by sound designer mastermind Diego Stocco.
Software » Windows
Reason RE SKP Sound Design Zoetrope v1.1.4-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 06 Jan 2022 | 96.6MB
Introducing Zoetrope Organic Synthesizer by SKP Sound Design. Zoetrope is an elegant and intuitive 3 oscillator subtractive synthesizer with a rich and evolving sound. It's strong focus on ease of use and fast, efficient workflow ensures that everyone from novice users, right through to seasoned professionals will feel completely at home and in total control.
Software » Windows
Reason RE SKP Sound Design Sugar-Q v1.1.1-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 06 Jan 2022 | 11.8MB
Introducing Sugar-Q by SKP Sound Design. Sugar-Q Sweetening Equalizer is a 1U Rack Extension inspired by Peter Baxandall's legendary tone control circuit, the classic that graced us with the world's most popular EQ curves. Whether you are tracking, mixing or mastering, Sugar-Q will improve the sound of any source, without altering the core characteristics of the material.
Software » Windows
Reason RE SKP Sound Design Q-FX v1.1.2-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 06 Jan 2022 | 32.8MB
Q-FX Quad Multi Effector from SKP Sound Design is a Swiss Army FX unit that combines 4 independent effect processors with 23 FX types into a simple but highly tweakable 2U Rack Extension. Q-FX allows the creation of custom serial effect chains ranging from simple EQ and filtering algorithms to spaced-out reverb and delays, twisted distortions, bit crushers and other-worldly experimental FX. Q-FX Quad Multi Effector is your one stop shop for creative effect processing.
Software » Windows
Reason RE SKP Sound Design FAT50 v1.1.2-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 06 Jan 2022 | 10.4MB
Introducing FAT50 Organic Character by SKP Sound Design. FAT50 quickly and easily adds analog warmth or digital character to your sounds and mixes. Add organic mojo to flat digital synths, fatten up thin sounding guitar tracks or even emulate classic studio samplers. FAT50 is the ultimate go-to "sound good" box in an elegant and easy to use 1U Rack Extension.
Software » Windows
Reason RE SKP Sound Design Aura-7 v1.1.0-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 06 Jan 2022 | 223.2MB
Aura-7 Cinematic Atmosphere is an inspiring new soundscape generator from SKP with a strong focus on mood-setting sound design and fast, no-nonsense workflow. Aura-7 utilises 45 organic waveforms in conjunction with a simple, but powerful synthesis engine allowing the creation of expansive, cinematic soundscapes and film score textures in seconds.
Education » Literary
Values and Music Education screenshot
English | ISBN: 0253058228 | 2021 | 328 pages | PDF | 2 MB
What values should form the foundation of music education? And once we decide on those values, how do we ensure we are acting on them?
In Values and Music Education, esteemed author Estelle R. Jorgensen explores how values apply to the practice of music education. We may declare values, but they can be hard to see in action. Jorgensen examines nine quartets of related values and offers readers a roadmap for thinking constructively and critically about the values they hold. In doing so, she takes a broad view of both music and education while drawing on a wide sweep of multidisciplinary literature. Not only does Jorgensen demonstrate an analytical and dialectical philosophical approach to examining values, but she also seeks to show how theoretical and practical issues are interconnected.
Education, Video Tutorials
Truefire Jack Ruch's Shades of Blues Tutorial screenshot
Audioz | 5 Jan 2022 | 6.42 GB
Most blues tunes share very similar chord progressions and so, if you’re stuck on using just pentatonic approaches when you solo -- you’re greatly limiting your creative potential. On the other hand, if you know how to apply a variety of relatively simple -- yet still sophisticated -- harmonic, melodic and improvisational approaches to “color” your playing, you’ll unleash an unlimited resource for crafting engaging, fresh and distinctive solos that your audience will never tire of hearing.
Education, Video Tutorials
Truefire Evan Taucher's Classical Melodies Handbook Tutorial screenshot
Audioz | 5 Jan 2022 | 6.45 GB
Musicians, composers, and even listeners across all genres of music would all agree that “melody is the essence of music,” to quote Mozart. Whatever style of music you study as a guitarist, exploring classical melodies will reveal countless key learnings about performing instrumentals and composing your own original melodies and songs.


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