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Rock, Metal - 1414 (13.65%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 1990 (19.21%)
Jazz, Classical - 370 (3.57%)
World, New Age - 106 (1.02%)
Avant-Garde - 108 (1.04%)
Folk, Country - 94 (0.91%)
Ska - 23 (0.22%)
Electronic (general) - 2242 (21.64%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 207 (2%)
- Club, Dance - 329 (3.18%)
- D&B - 364 (3.51%)
- House - 987 (9.53%)
- Trance - 515 (4.97%)
- Industrial - 166 (1.6%)

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How to keep riff bpm in Ample Guitar? Recommendations for Audioz - Top Monthly Plugins Area Needed My George Michelle's "Quiero Otra Vez" Remix Who uses the cracked versions of their legit softwares? BCF2000 with Windows 10 Occamy.B trojan for all Windows downloads? Raul Rispa - new piece "numbers" how to stop overmixing? You Will Save Me (Cheesy Love Song) The Most Brainfucker Track You Ever Heard?


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fresh releases

Education » Video Tutorials
Masterclass Jake Shimabukuro Teaches Ukulele TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 02 Sep 2020 | 2.16GB
Called the “Jimi Hendrix of the ʻukulele,” Jake Shimabukuro won worldwide acclaim for his fresh and fearless musical interpretations. Now he’s sharing his approach so anyone can experience the joys of the ʻukulele, from the simple chords that make up hundreds of songs to more complex fingerings and compositions. Learn how to adapt songs you love for ʻukulele or write your own. Stop worrying and start strumming.
Education » Literary
The Geometry of Musical Rhythm: What Makes a "Good" Rhythm Good?, Second Edition screenshot
Second Edition | File Size: 21MB | Year: 2020 | ISBN: 0815350384 | 371 Pages
The original edition of The Geometry of Musical Rhythm was the first book to provide a systematic and accessible computational geometric analysis of the musical rhythms of the world. It explained how the study of the mathematical properties of musical rhythm generates common mathematical problems that arise in a variety of seemingly disparate fields. The book also introduced the distance approach to phylogenetic analysis and illustrated its application to the study of musical rhythm.
Software, Mac OSX
iZotope RX 8 Audio Editor Advanced v8.00 (MacOS) [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | September, 2 | STANDALONE, AU, VST, VST3 | 1.4 GB
RX has long been the go-to audio repair and polishing suite for film, television, music, podcasts, video games, sample libraries, and more. With RX 8, we’ve created new tools and improved beloved modules to help you accomplish more in less time than ever.
Rescue your rig with Guitar De-noise: powerful tools to control fret squeaks, amp hiss and noisy pick sounds.

Fixed (Voice & Spectral De-noise). MORiA

Software » Mac OSX
KORG Polysix v2.0.7 macOS-CODESHiNE screenshot
APP/AAX/AU/VST| 09/01/2020 | 25 MB
The programmable 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer released in 1981: Polysix.

Everything from Polysix has been completely reproduced: the 1VCO (with sub-oscillator) /1VCF/1VCA/1EG configuration which enables a choice of SAW/PW/PWM waveforms, the chorus/phase/ensemble effects, and performance functions such as chord memory, arpeggiator, and unison.
Software » Mac OSX
KORG MS-20 v2.0.7 macOS-CODESHiNE screenshot
APP/AAX/AU/VST| 09/01/2020 | 51 MB
The analog monophonic synthesizer with the potential for patching that went on sale in 1978: the MS-20.

The entirety of the MS-20 is reproduced with its two oscillators (which can be ring-modulated), high-pass/low-pass self-oscillating filters with unique distortion, and a patch section with an external signal processor that can accommodate external audio input.
Software » Mac OSX
KORG MDE-X v2.0.2 macOS-CODESHiNE screenshot
AAX/AU/VST| 09/01/2020 | 11 MB
MDE-X is equipped with 19 different effect programs carefully selected from KORG digital effects, including Compressor, Limiter, Overdrive, Equalizer (EQ), Talking Modulator, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb.
Software » Windows
Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop EQ v1.0.1 Incl Patched and Keygen REPACK-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 02 Sep 2020 | 17.6MB
Chop Shop is a faithful digital recreation of our 500 Series analog EQ. The plugin not only accurately reproduces the pristine sound of the original but also offers extra features that extend the functionality of this already versatile tone shaping tool. Chop Shop sports an intuitive interface that allows users of all skill levels to quickly address tonal issues in their audio and enhance the original character of sounds in a musical and transparent way.
Software, Mac OSX
iZotope Nectar Plus v3.2.0 (MacOS) [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | September, 2 | AU, VST, VST3 | 257.3 MB
Nectar 3, the most sophisticated set of tools designed for vocal production. Address every part of your vocal chain and get professional-sounding vocals in seconds with new machine learning features, stunning visualizations, and more.
Get your vocals to sit in the mix with the most sophisticated set of tools for vocal production. Bring out your intended performance with everything you need for a professional sound, fast.
Samples » loops
Nik Dean Disneyland Kit WAV screenshot
P2P | 02 September 2020 | 52 MB
From a Fan - For a Fan! My new Kit „Disneyland“ is OUT NOW! S/o to all Producers in the World - This Kit is a Homage to all Upcoming and Super Producer so i named almost every Single sound after them ???????? - Thx to all Supporter and special Thx to @len.sttlr for this amazing Coverart!


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