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fresh releases

Samples, sound effects, loops
Red Drum Beatz Drummatik Vol.2 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | 26 September 2020 | 215 MB
This DrumKit Has Been Asked About For Quite Sometime As Drummatik V1 Has Helped Music Producers So Much In Having A GoTo DrumKit They Can Depend On For All Kinds Of Diff Styles Especially That Dark Red Drum Sound This Kit Comes With Heavy Dark 808's clean Hi Hat's, Open Hi Hats, Claps, Snares and Crazy Sound Fx's Perfect For That Dark Trap Sound And Also Comes With Royalty Free Samples Enjoy!! Drum Kit Inspired By The Red Drum Dark Sound also Contains A Drake oVo Style Of Snares and Samples enjoy!!!!
Education » Video Tutorials
Skillshare Learning How to Use Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 26 September 2020 | 2.09 GB
If you are new to whole world of video editing, video production etc, maybe you've set your sights on becoming the world's greatest YouTube superstar, or maybe you just wanna make some entertaining cat videos that have a level professionalism above the rest, if you've decided that Adobe Premiere Pro is gonna be your video editing program of choice from now on to bust out some cracking videos, then this class is going to take you through all the basic skills and techniques that you need to create great looking videos in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020.
Software » Windows
UJAM Beatmaker DOPE v2.1.0 READ NFO-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 26 Sep 2020 | 44.2MB
Beatmaker DOPE: Street-credible Hip Hop tracks
Introducing Beatmaker DOPE – your fast-track ticket to the underground world of slick Hip hop beat production. There’s no longer any need to search through all that dusty vinyl at the local record store hoping to find the perfect sampled beat.
Samples, loops
PSE The Producers Library Out In The Streets WAV-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 26 Sep 2020 | 1.65GB
Enrich your track with a robust backdrop with "Out in the Streets". This collection contains diverse urban recordings from Paris, Shanghai, Brooklyn and beyond. From diffuse rooftop perspectives to bustling underground subway platforms, motorcycle revs, and horn honks, Out in the Streets is sure to capture the atmosphere your project requires.
Samples, loops
PSE The Producers Library Mechanistic WAV-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 26 Sep 2020 | 573.1MB
Augment your tracks with the mechanical chugs and rattles of "Mechanistic", a collection featuring various appliances such as lawnmowers, hair dryers, and even heart monitors. Use the clicks and beeps as raw elements in your track, or cut, process, and loop them to create your very own mechanical masterpiece.
Samples, loops
PSE The Producers Library Foley Finisher WAV-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 26 Sep 2020 | 342.6MB
"Foley Finisher" features a diverse collection of impacts, creaks, rattles, pops, scrapes, smashes and more. Featuring everyday objects such as refrigerators and velcro as well as more generic surface impacts both small & large, use Foley Finisher to beef up your track with naturalistic movements. Layer these sounds with drums or use them as is to create unique rhythmic arrangements.
Education » Video Tutorials
Sonic Academy How To Make Lo-Fi Hip Hop with Misc.Inc TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 26 2020 | 3.14 GB
Sonic Academy is proud to welcoSYNTHiC4TE | Sept 26 2020 | 3.14 GB
Sonic Academy is proud to welcome brand new tutor Misc.Inc this week for an all-new 'How To Make' course creating a super chilled Lo-Fi Hip Hop brand new tutor Misc.Inc this week for an all-new 'How To Make' course creating a super chilled Lo-Fi Hip Hop track.
Samples, sound effects, loops
David Beats ALONE DrumKit WAV screenshot
P2P | 26 September 2020 | 1.78 GB

•808 [69]
•808+ [18]
•Acapella [250+]
•Bass [26]
•Clap [22]
•FX [51]
•Haha, Classic [33]
•Hi-Hat [35]
•Kick [15]
•Open-Hat [19]
•Perc [50]
•Phonk & More [27]
•Rise [15]
•Snare [28]
•Vox [41]
Software » Windows
Karoryfer Merie Ork v2.000 REPACK-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 26 Sep 2020 | 653.8MB
Marie Ork is a voice bank for the free Plogue Alter/Ego singing synthesizer. She was created from recordings of a female death metal vocalist. Version 1.000 was created for the 2016 KVR Developer Challenge, and included two voices: growl which is a noisy unpitched vocal and space with capable of producing a discernible pitch with some unusual tones.


Education » Literary
Berklee Press Arranging for Strings by Mimi Rabson screenshot
English | 2018 | ASIN : B07CWG4PMW, ISBN: 0876391862 | AZW3 | 128 pages | 19 MB
Learn to use strings in your compositions and arrangements! From romantic chord pads to powerful grooves to gut-wrenching passionate melodies, strings do it all. This book presents time-tested techniques and contemporary developments in writing and arranging for strings. You'll learn strategies for authentic writing in many different styles and find ideas to take your personal sound forward. Discover voicings that work best for each project and explore the intricacies of bowing. Hear articulation approaches from pads to chopping in the online audio examples. See how other composers have used strings to heighten the impact of their music in the written examples. Make your work stand out with the drama and depth that well informed string writing can bring.

Added PDF and code for audio access. Sunny

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