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iZotope RX 9 Audio Editor Advanced v9.0.1-R2RPreSonus Studio One 5 Professional v5.4.1 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2RFuse Audio Labs Plugins Bundle v2.2.1 Incl Keygen [WIN OSX]-R2RNative Instruments SEQUIS v1.0 KONTAKTOutput Arcade Sound Library Content V2 READ NFO-FLARETEAM FLARE Output Arcade Utility Tool v2.0 [WiN MacOSX FIXED]-FLAREOutput Arcade v2.0.5.R11831 Regged [WiN MacOSX] PROPER READ NFO-FLARE



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R2R - Sep 2021 Releases - NFO (AZ) & PIC (AZ) supplements Predator 3 Is out audio shitposting meme thread Experiences with FL Studio 20.8.3 - Audiowarez version Looking for Audio Interface with 2 usb Ports to connect to mac AND pc Music theory question Pop-ups on audioz lately Output Arcade v1.6.1.4076 (WiN-MacOSX) Cheap-ish usb audio interface for my retro windows 98 laptop Volume Envelope VS Lfo controlling volume


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fresh releases

Samples, loops
Disciple Samples Samplifire Power Pack Vol. 1 WAV-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 30 September 2020 | 844 MB
If you haven’t heard of Samplifire before then where have you been?? Samy Beyou (FR) is fast becoming one of the leading sound designers in the heavy bass music scene. Specializing in heavy Riddim, Power Pack vol. 1 is an incredible debut sample pack from the Frenchman boasting some of the best drum hits, bass lines, synth shots, FX around right now.
Samples, loops
Origin Sound Late Night Vibe WAV-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 30 September 2020 | 251 MB
Late Night Vibe uniquely fuses the feel and emotion of the musicality of RNB with production aesthetic and groove of Trap, providing beat makers with a refreshing library to source creative inspiration from.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples, loops
TrakTrain Night Ride WAV-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 30 September 2020 | 296 MB
Traktrain is happy to present the "Night Ride" sample pack with 300 high-quality samples created by affiliated producers. The pack includes an abundance of different drum shots, as well as fills, drum, bass, and melody loops, and some special effects samples.
Samples, loops
Capsun ProAudio Bedroom Beats And Lofi Hip Hop Vol. 2 WAV-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 30 September 2020 | 984 MB
Bedroom Beats & Lofi Hip-Hop Vol. 2 welcomes you back home. Warm lofi melodic samples fuse with saturated synths, cosy pianos, vintage keys and textured drum samples to create the comforting sound of homegrown hip-hop instrumentals. All royalty free, high quality inspiration ready to drop into your DAW or sampler of choice.
Samples, loops
AudeoBox Vibes WAV-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 30 September 2020 | 304 MB
This pack took a LONG time to finish. Every time somebody came up with a vibey new loop to play for the team, we all started staring into space, getting all cerebral, talking all deep about feelings and stuff. It’d go on for hours. And if anyone breathes a word of those conversations, they are OUT of here.
Samples, loops
AudeoBox The Loop WAV-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 30 September 2020 | 171 MB
Usually, we like to mention an artist or two who inspired a particular pack, but there’s no room this time. The Loop draws inspiration from across the contemporary soundscape to give you the most usable assortment of grooves you’ve ever seen…um…heard.
Samples, loops
AudeoBox Clarity WAV-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 30 September 2020 | 411 MB
Clarity is the first pack in a genre we created, called “Just Dope.” It takes the best essential sounds from several genres and puts them in one place for your creative pleasure.


Samples, loops
samples.but.happy FARFISA KEYS WAV [FREE] screenshot
FREE| 30 September 2020 | 160 MB
One of the whackiest organs from the '60s is the Farfisa Professional. From the color coding to the percussive elements, I love the shit out of this thing. It stays cool. It is as ominous as it is chripy and, for that, I can find a use for it on any track.

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