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iZotope VocalSynth 2 v2.2.0 REPACK-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 02 Sep 2020 | 34.4MB
The evolution of vocals
Color and shape vocals with five blendable creative must-haves and stompbox-style studio effects. A one-stop for past, present, and future vocal sounds

REPACK : Wrong manual and preset location.

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  Resident 17.01.2012 12 607
REPACK : Wrong manual and preset location.

Thanks for the quick fix!
  Banned 10.06.2020 265
Fastest fix ever.
  Member 10.04.2020 91
R2R needs better quality control Thank You for the quick fixes but your team should be held responsible

- SPOKEN like a true corporate leader -

this is posted as humor and not intended for TROLLS :)
  Resident 1.07.2015 1 539
OMG! Not only that tragedy, PE: it's VocalSynth, not VocalSynths! How could anyone possibly overlook that huge error! This is surely the 98th Horseman of the apocalypse! 2020 is ruined now! :D j/k.

Thanks a load, Team R2R & sweet DECiBELLE!
Thx to anybody posting Spitfire / OTB libs!
  Releaser 15.11.2014 6119 438
have changed the title now. Even though VocalSynths was the release title.
Not really a big deal though?
  Banned 10.06.2020 265
no, not at all
  Resident 1.07.2015 1 539
Defo! None whatsoever.
Thx to anybody posting Spitfire / OTB libs!
  Member 18.08.2019 188
Lighning fast fix, thanks R2R
and also thanks to DECiBELLE for sharing
  Member 3.06.2020 68
  Member 23.10.2016 13
Important to say, only for Windows...
  Resident 3.06.2012 3 283
What's new for 2.2?
  Resident 26.07.2016 282
Thanks a lot DECIBELLE and R2R! Never liked version 1, but this looks and sounds out of this world!
If there's one thing you can say about mankind,
there's nothing kind about man.
  Resident 2.03.2012 3 895
Sorry DECIBELLE. Again shittiy installer. Does not install vst2 plugin, and there is no option to choose plugin installation folder either. And I dont want any vst3 plugins installed on my computer, but this installer installs them anyway. So the latest CE version is much more userfriendly than R2Rs.
Try'n Buy
  Resident 2.03.2012 3 895
Ok I did a reinstall but ı deleted the according registry entries. Now it works. hmm..
Try'n Buy
  Member 27.06.2013 46
For me works too slow!!
Have someone the same problem???

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