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Ska - 25 (0.2%)
Electronic (general) - 2633 (21.17%)
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- D&B - 414 (3.33%)
- House - 1104 (8.88%)
- Trance - 578 (4.65%)
- Industrial - 207 (1.66%)

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Some acid at 146 bpm (6 minutes) Studio One 5 Vs Cubase 12 Cpu Usage sylenth1 question...attack is heard Anyone else missing the AMEK EQ 250 TMT function? AS Vintage Channel Emulation Mixing Contest Part 2 something music 8.14.22 Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments Zenology automation parameters (FL Studio) Is JST the only company that sells NFR licenses? Trilian in cubase template : When I select another track, then trilian, I have to hit play and stop


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Education » Literary » Magazines
Electronic Sound Issue 91 2022 screenshot
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 18.4MB
With a deep understanding of electronic music’s roots and a passion for its future, Electronic Sound places the music in a wider context of culture and technology. This unique blend of high calibre music journalism and lifestyle content makes it the essential music magazine.
Education » Literary
Noise as a Constructive Element in Music Theoretical and Music-Analytical Perspectives screenshot
English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003307020 | 233 pages | True PDF | 5 MB
Music and noise seem to be mutually exclusive. Music is generally considered as an ordered arrangement of sounds pleasing to the ear and noise as its opposite: chaotic, ugly, aggressive, sometimes even deafening. When presented in a musical context, noise can thus act as a tool to express resistance to predominant cultural values, to society or to socioeconomic structures (including those of the music industry). The oppositional stance confirms current notions of noise as something which is destructive, a belief not only cherished by hard-core rock bands but also shared by engineers and companies developing devices to suppress or reduce noise in our daily environment.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Computer Music September 2022 screenshot
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 45.61 MB
THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO ANALOGUE DIRT Are your mixes too clean and clinical? Time to add some humanity and soul! SYNTH MASTERCLASS Dave Gale gets a go-getting bass sound with Zebra CM CINEMATIC BEATS Your in-depth guide to creating huge and bombastic beats for film and trailer soundtracks HANDS-ON TUTORIALS AND WORKSHOPS We explore some of the common ways to filth up your sound, and all for free with the Plugin Suite Interview: WILLIAM ORBIT After producing Madonna, Blur and many more high profile artists, William Orbit took an extended break from music. But after a fateful beginner’s Pro Tools course he is back with a new album and working with some of the greatest female artists of our generation…
Education, Video Tutorials
Truefire Brad Carlton's Guitar Lab: Minor Blues Vol. 1 Tutorial screenshot
Audioz | 12th July | 837 MB
Intensive Examination of Blues Vocabulary and Techniques for Guitar Players
Guitar Lab: Minor Blues Vol. 1 is designed to equip you with a vocabulary of minor blues riffs. You will be presented with technical tips to assist you in executing these moves, and also the theory behind these note groups. But most importantly, you will learn how to practice creating variations by using rhythmic and melodic principles.
Education, Video Tutorials
Truefire Justin Roth's Song Lesson: A Horse With No Name Tutorial screenshot
Audioz | 12th July | 993 MB
Learn How to Play "A Horse With No Name" by America on Guitar with Tab, Video Lessons, and More!
Taught by our top educators, TrueFire’s Song Lesson System is a hands-on contextual music-making experience designed to accelerate the learning process and simulate a full-band setting. Whatever level of player you happen to be, from beginner to advanced, there’s a rhythm or lead guitar part you can learn to play that sounds great in a full band context.


Education » Video Tutorials
Total Training Propellerheads Recycle MOV screenshot
MOV | Video: AVC, 960x540, 10.000 FPS, 179 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC , 44.1 kHz, 2 channels, 96.0 kb/s | 123.06 MB

In this tutorial David Alexander, an electronic recording artist, will show you how adding the right groove or loop can often elevate your music to completely new heights. Usually incorporating loops and grooves can take hours of hard work just to get the loop to fit your song's tempo and timing. Propellerheads ReCycle gives you full creative control over utilizing your looped material. David demonstrates how ReCycle has revolutionized using sampled loops and grooves by giving you the ability to use sampled loops by altering the tempo, replacing sounds and processing them individually.
DVD Lernkurs Hands on Massive German-RESTORE screenshot
Team RESTORE | 12-06-01 | 2.45 GB
Grundlagen, Modulation, Synthese und Praxis

Jetzt Massive mit diesem Videolernkurs für PC, Mac und iPad verstehen und beherrschen. In über 60 Lektionen vermittelt Autor, Dozent und DJ Björn Torwellen Schritt für Schritt alle Grundlagen und Funktionen für den erfolgreichen Einsatz von Native Instruments Massive. Alle wichtigen Themenbereiche, Grundlagen, Modulations- und Synthesefunktionen werden dabei ausführlich und anschaulich beschrieben. Praxisbeispiele, bei denen Sounds komplett von null auf erstellt werden, runden die Erklärungen ab und geben Anregung für eigene kreative Experimente mit Massive.
Education » Literary
The Frustrated Guitarist's Last Chord Book: How to Finally Learn To Play Rhythm Guitar screenshot
Eric Morrison | 2012 | ASIN: B008R1YDR0 | English | 170 pages | ePUB | 5 MB
Regardless of where you are in your guitar chord studies, "The Frustrated Guitarist's LAST Chord Book" will take your understanding of the guitar's fretboard and chord playing to new and unexpected places. Say goodbye to all other lesson materials you've tried to utilize to get you there. You're obviously not there yet or you wouldn't be here.
Education » Literary
Guitar Arpeggio Handbook, 2nd Edition: 120-Lesson, Step-By-Step Guide to Guitar Arpeggios, Music Theory, and Technique screenshot
English | 142 pages | Steeplechase Arts (May 31, 2013) | 0615822827 | EPUB | 10 MB
With over 250 lessons, guitar licks, exercises and arpeggio-over chords concepts, this new edition book and streaming video course is all you will ever need for learning guitar arpeggios and how to apply them to make your playing more expressive and musical!
Education » Literary
From Music to Sound: The Emergence of Sound in 20th- and 21st-Century Music screenshot
English | ISBN: 0367192136 | 2019 | 282 pages | PDF | 19 MB
From Music to Sound is an examination of the six musical histories whose convergence produces the emergence of sound, offering a plural, original history of new music and showing how music had begun a change of paradigm, moving from a culture centred on the note to a culture of sound. Each chapter follows a chronological progression and is illustrated with numerous musical examples.
Education » Literary
The Art of Appreciation: Music and Middlebrow Culture in Modern Britain screenshot
English | July 13, 2021 | ISBN: 0520351673 | True EPUB | 306 pages | 21 MB
From the BBC Proms to Bernstein's Young People's Concerts, initiatives to promote classical music have been a pervasive feature of twentieth-century musical life. The goal of these initiatives was rarely just to reach a larger and more diverse audience but to teach a particular way of listening that would help the public "appreciate" music.
Education » Literary
Practical Music Education Technology screenshot
English | 2020 | ISBN: ‎ 0199832234 | 133 pages | True PDF EPUB | 19 MB
Today's music teachers are caught in a conundrum about technology - while all are interested in it and told to utilize it in music instruction, a lack of equipment and funding act as enormous barriers to technology access. In fact, studies indicate that the mere perception of these obstacles may be partly responsible for the gap between these teachers' interest in technology and the lack of technology integration in the classroom. As a result, students potentially miss out on active, hands-on music technology instruction at school.
Education » Literary
Beyond the Aria: Artistic Self-Empowerment for the Classical Singer screenshot
2020 | ISBN: 1538137933 | English | 210 pages | EPUB | 1 MB
It is no secret that the opera industry is contracting and that there are fewer professional opportunities. But what causes one singer to be in demand over another is not exclusively a special instrument or exceptional vocal technique-rather, the ability to interpret the music and portray character convincingly plays an increasingly vital role in today's opera industry.
Education » Literary
Music around the World: A Global Encyclopedia [3 volumes] screenshot
2020 | ISBN: 1610694988 | English | 1017 pages | EPUB | 73 MB
A perfect resource for students and music enthusiasts alike, this expansive three-volume set provides readers with multidisciplinary perspectives on the music of countries and ethnic groups from around the globe. Students will find Music around the World: A Global Encyclopedia accessible and useful in their research, not only for music history and music appreciation classes but also for geography, social studies, language studies, and anthropology. Additionally, general readers will find the books appealing and an invaluable general reference on world music.
Education » Literary
The Listening Book: Discovering Your Own Music screenshot
English | 2011 | ISBN: 159030831X | 192 pages | MOBI | 0.3 MB
The Listening Book is about rediscovering the power of listening as an instrument of self-discovery and personal transformation. By exploring our capacity for listening to sounds and for making music, we can awaken and release our full creative powers. Mathieu offers suggestions and encouragement on many aspects of music-making, and provides playful exercises to help readers appreciate the connection between sound, music, and everyday life.

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