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Output arcade install help needed Reaper + Playtime( Helgoboss ) question. Download videos from Sonic Academy? Pop-ups on audioz lately Arts Acoustic Reverb Skins? R2R 10k How to activate kontakt 6.6.1? Sister site text in Spanish Can someone help me with the decryption of a PDF ebook? the sound of "tyres on" grass/gravel/dirt


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fresh releases

Education, Video Tutorials
GuitarZoom Creative Blues Soloing 2021 TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 16 September 2021 | 2.27 GB
Welcome to this guitar course! We will look at various things you can add to your playing in order to avoid using the same old phrasings again and again over blues and rock progressions and get more creative with your solos. As you learn each new element make sure to spend some time practicing with it and exploring all the options it can open up when integrating it into your playing.
Education » Video Tutorials
Skillshare Intro to Digital Audio Recording Learn the Basics of Reaper DAW TUTORiAL screenshot
FANTASTiC | 14 September 2021 | 563 MB
Whether you’re just learning about recording audio for your podcast, setting up your home studio to record your next single or you're a veteran audio engineer frustrated with Avid ProTools, this course is the place to start. You’ll learn the basics of Reaper DAW from tips on preferences to steps for rendering your final mix. I'll also give you downloadable sample tracks so you can follow along.
Education » Literary
What Every Pianist Needs to Know About the Body screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: 1579992064 | 173 pages | True PDF | 10 MB
Techniques on how to gain greater fluidity of movement while playing to improve the quality of the experience are offered in this manual for serious piano players. This book encourages musicians to develop a broader understanding of the involvement of the entire body in playing—and the strains playing places on the body—by focusing on body mapping to increase awareness of the body's function, size, and structure. Ways in which piano, organ, harpsichord, clavichord, and digital keyboard players can eliminate or prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other debilitating conditions without traditional medical treatments are also explored.
Education » Literary
Teaching Music Theory : New Voices and Approaches screenshot
English | 2020 | ISBN: 0190879955 | 330 Pages | PDF | 21 MB
In recent years, music theory educators around the country have developed new and innovative teaching approaches, reintroducing a sense of purpose into their classrooms. In this book, author and veteran music theory educator Jennifer Snodgrass visits several of these teachers, observing them in their music theory classrooms and providing lesson plans that build upon their approaches. Based on three years of field study spanning seventeen states, coupled with reflections on her own teaching strategies, A Teaching Music Theory: New Voices and Approaches highlights real-life teaching approaches from effective (and sometimes award-winning) instructors from a wide range of institutions: high schools, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and conservatories.
Education » Literary
DIY House Shows and Music Venues in the US: Ethnographic Explorations of Place and Community (SOAS Studies in Music) screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: 1032049170 | 283 pages | True PDF | 49 MB
DIY House Shows and Music Venues in the US is an interdisciplinary study of house concerts and other types of DIY ("do- it- yourself") music venues and events in the United States, such as warehouses, all- ages clubs, and guerrilla shows, with its primary focus on West Coast American DIY locales.
Education, Video Tutorials
GuitarZoom Rock Licks Limited Edition with Steve Stine 2021 TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 12 September 2021 | 10.36 GB
What You’ll Learn…
• How to tune your guitar the fast and easy way, so you can always sound your best when you play. (HINT: Being in tune is CRUCIAL.)
• 3 essential soloing skills every guitarist MUST know: hammer-ons, pull-offs, and trills. And how to perform them the “right” way, so your solos sound authentic from beginning to end.
• How to perform a variety of string bends, like anchor bends, unison bends, and “blues” bends. And discover how David Gilmour made his guitar “sing” with string bends.
• How to create sweet-sounding vibrato and use it with any lick. So you can add a more “vocal” sound to your licks and solos.


Education » Literary » Magazines
Guitar World - July 2021 screenshot
English | 112 pages | PDF | 83 MB
Guitar World is the world’s leading guitar magazine. Professionals and beginners alike turn to Guitar World for top-flight coverage of their favorite artists, from rock titans like Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett to contemporary stars like the White Stripes’ Jack White and Tool’s Adam Jones. Every issue of Guitar World magazine offers broad-ranging interviews that cover technique, instruments and lifestyles as well as Guitar World’s famously thorough lessons and transcriptions.
Education » Literary
Ukulele Soloing Secrets Book For Beginners: Uke Like The Pros screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: B0949PJQQ8 | 48 pages | PDF | 7 MB
Welcome to the Ukulele Soloing Secrets Book For Beginners by Uke Like The Pros and written by Terry Carter. View the links inside the book for the free included backing tracks. Learning how to solo is one of the biggest mysteries that ukulele players face. It is also the top requested topic that I get at Uke Like The Pros. I wrote this book for you and to answer the question of how to solo on the ukulele. All the lessons for this book are written for ukuleles tuned G-C-E-A and will only use strings 1-3, so it doesn’t matter if you have High G or Low G ukulele. For this book we are going to start at the very beginning.
Education » Literary
Great Church Sound: a guide for the volunteer screenshot
English | 2019 | ASIN : B07SWZ9M2P | EPUB | 4 MB
This practical guide is the BEST PLACE TO START for anyone needing to gain a better understanding of the church sound system and how to get a great sounding mix.

Church sound techs from all backgrounds and experience levels will benefit from the clear explanations, plain instruction, and focus on the fundamentals that matter most.
Education » Literary
Edm Production Secrets (2 in 1 Value Pack): The Ultimate Melody Guide and EDM Mixing Guide (How to Make Awesome Melodies Without Knowing Music Theory and How to Mix Like a Pro With 12 EDM Mixing Secrets) screenshot
English | September 28, 2018 | ISBN: 172402017X | 170 pages | EPUB/PDF | 1 MB

Do you want to find out how to make awesome melodies for your EDM songs, even if you don’t know anything about music theory? Do you also want to discover how to mix your EDM songs like a pro to get these superior quality tracks?
Education » Literary
SYNTHESIZER COOKBOOK: How to Use Envelopes (Sound Design for Beginners Book 3) screenshot
English | 2019 | ISBN: 1797513818 | 75 pages | EPUB | 0.5 MB
NEW: The ultimate 4-part series for sensational sound design
Learning how to do synthesis (the fundamental part of sound design), can be quite overwhelming, especially when you’re a beginner. That’s why music producer, best-selling author and CEO Cep from Screech House transformed his book Sound Design for Beginners into 4 exclusive editions. This allows you to start immediately with the subject you need right now. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to access one specific topic for an advantageous price.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Best of the Beatles for Acoustic Guitar screenshot
English | November 1, 2001 | ISBN: 063401417X | EPUB | 80 pages | 86 MB
Learn the trademark acoustic guitar elements of rock's most influential band! This book with online audio files by guitar dean Wolf Marshall provides in-depth analysis of 21 songs, including: Across the Universe * And I Love Her * Blackbird * Girl * Here Comes the Sun * Hey Jude * I Will * I've Just Seen a Face * Julia * Norwegian Wood * Rocky Raccoon * Til There Was You * Yesterday * You've Got to Hide Your Love Away * and more.
Education » Literary
Listen to Punk Rock! Exploring a Musical Genre (Exploring Musical Genres) screenshot
English | 2021 | ISBN: 1440865728 | 292 pages | True PDF | 5 MB
Listen to Punk Rock! provides readers with a fuller picture of punk rock as an inclusive genre with continuing relevance. Organized in a roughly chronological manner, it starts with an introduction that explains the musical and cultural forces that shaped the punk genre. Next, 50 entries cover important punk bands and subgenres, noting female punk bands as well as bands of color. The final part of the book discusses how punk has influenced other musical genres and popular culture.
Education » Literary
Memoirs of a brass tube blower screenshot
2021 | ISBN: 9798723454262 | English | 135 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
Dennis Wilby's career as a professional musician could not have been planned or expected. These memoirs provide an insight into the career of a propfessional musician and the journey from brass bands to orchestras to big bands and back to brass bands again. These memoirs are full of interesting and amusing anecdotes from the varied stages of his career and journey.
Education » Literary
Spirit of the Greeks: Greek music for classical guitar screenshot
English | 66 pages | Independently published (April 23, 2021) | 979-8711044109 | MOBI | 3 MB
As the numerous genres of world music radiate further from their roots, so too does the instrumentation and technique that governs their execution. Greek music has changed in many ways over the last 100 years, most recently by the spread of western popular culture throughout the world. The Mediterranean however, remains a region with a rich pool and history of string playing musicians. Laying somewhere between the ‘oud’ players of the east and the flamenco guitarists of Spain are the bouzouki players of Greece and Cyprus, whose music has been heavily influenced by the tragedy of Greeks fleeing persecution in 1923 from Turkey. This publication pays tribute to the music that stemmed from this period through to modern times via an interpretation on classical guitar. A brief account of the history of Greek music and its development precede numerous classical / flamenco guitar arrangements of songs that have become deeply embedded in Greek culture. Each one of these beautiful arrangements has been carefully written out in standard notation and tablature for non-reading musicians. Listen to all the arrangements contained within this book and played by Mark Hussey on his album 'Spirit of the Greeks' at

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