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Education » Video Tutorials
Groove3 FabFilter Pro-R 2 Explained TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC  screenshot
FANTASTiC | 16 December 2023 | 256 MB
Come along on a detailed overview of FabFilter's Pro-R 2 with studio guru Eli Krantzberg and hear how the impressive feature set of this reverb plug-in can take your productions to new heights and cavernous depths. You'll learn about all the parameters, from the most pedestrian to the most advanced, so that you'll be able to make musical use of everything this plug-in has to offer. These FabFilter Pro-R 2 videos are designed for new Pro-R 2 users.
Education » Video Tutorials
Groove3 Tech House Making a Track from Scratch TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC  screenshot
FANTASTiC | 16 December 2023 | 233 MB
Join production expert Thomas Cochran for a complete video course on producing a tech house track from scratch! If you want to produce tech house, you're in the right place, because Thomas will take you through the entire process from the ground up. You'll learn sound design tips, some music theory concepts for the harmonic and melodic instruments, mixing techniques, and much more. By the time you finish this tech house video production course, you'll be ready to tackle creating your own tech house track with confidence and purpose. These tech house video tutorials are designed for users with functional DAW knowledge and basic production and mixing experience.
Education » Video Tutorials
Groove3 bx_console AMEK 9099 Explained® TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC  screenshot
FANTASTiC | 16 December 2023 | 399 MB
If you're like most people who won't be able to afford a Neve console anytime soon, brainworx's bx_console AMEK 9099 is certainly a nice consolation prize. In this bx_console AMEK 9099 video course, veteran Groove3 instructor Eli Krantzberg takes you on a guided tour of this impressive plug-in, demonstrating how to use it in numerous situations to transform your tracks from "ok" to "wow!" From vocals and guitars to keys, drums, bass, and more, you'll learn how to coax every bit of sonic magic it has to offer on your very next production. This bx_console AMEK 9099 video course is designed for new users.
Education, Video Tutorials
Groove3 UVI Synth Anthology 4 Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 16 December 2023 | 183 MB
In this UVI Synth Anthology 4 video course, synth wiz Eli Krantzberg takes you on a guided tour through UVI's Synth Anthology 4, a collection of 200 emulated hardware synths complete with professionally designed patches and exciting, effective performance tools for easy tweaking and adjusting. You'll learn all about the features and functions—both surface-level and under-the-hood—so that you'll feel comfortable piloting this amazing collection in no time at all. These instructional videos are designed for new Synth Anthology 4 users.
Education, Video Tutorials
Groove3 D16 Silverline Modulation Effects Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 16 December 2023 | 250 MB
Join production expert Larry Holcombe for an in-depth look at D16's Silverline modulation effects, including Antersol (stereo flanger), Godfazer (advanced modulation), Fazortan 2 (phaser), and Syntorus 2 (chorus). Learn all about the parameters, routing options, and features so you'll know exactly which knob to turn when searching for that specific sound. These D16 Silverline video tutorials are designed for new D16 Silverline users.
Education » Literary
Practical Audio DSP Projects with the ESP32 : Easy and Affordable Digital Signal Processing screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: 3895765678 | 256 pages | True PDF | 29 MB
The aim of this book is to teach the basic principles of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and to introduce it from a practical point of view using the bare minimum of mathematics. Only the basic level of discrete-time systems theory is given, sufficient to implement DSP applications in real time. The practical implementations are described in real time using the highly popular ESP32 DevKitC microcontroller development board. With the low cost and extremely popular ESP32 microcontroller, you should be able to design elementary DSP projects with sampling frequencies within the audio range.
Education » Literary
GarageBand For Dummies, 3rd Edition screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: 1394204019 | 435 pages | True PDF | 40 MB
GarageBand For Dummies gets you started with the popular audio software included with Apple devices. This simple app lets you do everything from building basic beats to creating multi-track recordings. You’ll learn how to build a song from the ground up in this beginner-friendly Dummies guide.
Education » Literary
Automated Sound Design screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: 0895798948 | 426 pages | True PDF | 9 MB
Sound design is a ubiquitous subject for electronic musicians working across a staggering array of contemporary musical styles and practices. There is an extensive literature covering the creation of Foley effects, and another body of literature addressing domain-specific applications of sound design technique, e.g., how to make bass sounds for Dubstep or how to produce drum sounds for Trap.
Education » Literary
Scoring to Picture in Logic Pro: Explore synchronization techniques for film, TV, and multimedia composers screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: 1837636893 | 412 pages | True/Retail PDF EPUB | 77 MB
This book will help you leverage the Logic Pro digital audio workstation (DAW) for scoring to picture. With the help of expert insights from a Hollywood film composer, you'll understand how the film music industry works and be ready to meet the demands of film directors or producers, exploring common scenarios and the process of post-production and final film score delivery. Packed with all the technical and practical skills needed when scoring to picture in Logic Pro, along with insights into real film scoring tasks, this book will prepare you for success in the industry.

Education » Literary
Game Audio Programming 4: Principles and Practices  screenshot
English | 2024 | ISBN: 1032362391 | 338 pages | True EPUB | 8 MB
Welcome to the fourth volume of Game Audio Programming: Principles and Practices – the first series of its kind dedicated to the art, science, and craft of game audio programming. This volume contains 17 chapters from some of the top game audio programmers in the industry and dives into subjects that apply to diverse game genres and from low-level topics such as thread-safe command buffers and pitch detection to high-level topics such as object management, music systems, and audio tools.
Education » Literary
Fender: The Official Illustrated History screenshot
English | 2023 | ISBN: 0760387303 | 224 pages | True EPUB | 40 MB
Celebrate the legendary guitars and amps of Fender®with this authoritatively written, lavishly illustrated, and officially licensed history of the company and the culture it inspired.

Originating in Leo Fender’s modest radio and amplifier repair shop in Fullerton, California, Fender Musical Instrument Corporation went on to become the world’s preeminent name in musical instruments. Today, Fender guitars and amplifiers are icons in popular culture, their shapes and sounds instantly recognizable even to those with only a casual interest in music.


Education » Literary
The Psychology of Music (Cognition and Perception), 3rd Edition screenshot
English | November 27, 2012 | ISBN: 012381460X | True EPUB/PDF | 786 pages | 12 MB
The Psychology of Music serves as an introduction to an interdisciplinary field in psychology, which focuses on the interpretation of music through mental function. This interpretation leads to the characterization of music through perceiving, remembering, creating, performing, and responding to music.
Education » Literary
Ludwig van Beethoven: The Piano Sonatas; History, Notation, Interpretation screenshot
English | November 30, 2021 | ISBN: 0300251602 | True EPUB | 336 pages | 48 MB
A comprehensive and immersive survey of thirty-five Beethoven piano sonatas

“Beethoven piano sonatas accompany every pianist, amateur or professional for his or her entire life and constitute one of the most miraculous constants of the human civilization. To help us around the exciting journey through those masterpieces Jan Marisse Huizing combines his expertise, knowledge, and above all his unconditional love for this music.”— Alexander Melnikov, pianist
Education » Literary
Classical Jazz: Jazz Piano Solos Series Vol. 63 screenshot
English | May 1, 2022 | ISBN: 1705162754 | True EPUB | 96 pages | 36 MB
Each volume in the Hal Leonard Jazz Piano Solos Series features exciting new arrangements of the songs which helped define a style. In this unique volume, 30 classical favorites are given entertaining new jazzy arrangements.
Education » Literary
The Pathetick Musician: Moving an Audience in the Age of Eloquence screenshot
English | April 8, 2016 | ISBN: 0199373736 | True EPUB | 360 pages | 28 MB
What is rhetorical music? In The Pathetick Musician, Bruce Haynes and Geoffrey Burgess illustrate the vital place of rhetoric and eloquent expression in the creation and performance of Baroque music. Through engaging explorations of the cantatas of J.S. Bach, the authors explode the conventional notion of historical authenticity in music, proposing adventurous new directions to reinvigorate the performance of early music in the modern setting. Along the way, Haynes and Burgess investigate intersections between music and oratory, dance, gesture, poetry, painting and sculpture, and offer insights into figural elaboration, articulation, nuance and temporality. Aimed primarily at performers of Baroque music, the book situates the study of performance practice in a broader cultural context, and as much as an invaluable resource for advanced study, it contains a wealth of information that pertains directly to anyone working in the field of early music.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
20 Easy Piano Sheet Music for Beginners: 20 Easy and Simplified Sheet Music for Beginners kids and Adults Sort screenshot
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09SYH2MS1 | 60 pages | EPUB | 8 MB
20 Clear Piano Sheet Music for Beginners

•On écrit sur les murs
•Baby shark
•Waltzing in the Rain
•Children's shofar March
•Forest of Hope
•Skill Building
•Painful Trauma
•Wheel on the blues
•Asad story
•Breuty and The Beast
•BTS inner Child
•child in the time
•Dance Monkey
•Dancing on the stairs
•Folk dance
•Baa Baa Black Sheep
Education » Literary
The Oxford Handbook of Music and Intellectual Culture in the Nineteenth Century screenshot
English | August 18, 2020 | ISBN: 019061692X | True EPUB/PDF | 568 pages | 7 MB
Rarely studied in their own right, writings about music are often viewed as merely supplemental to understanding music itself. Yet in the nineteenth century, scholarly interest in music flourished in fields as disparate as philosophy and natural science, dramatically shifting the relationship between music and the academy.
Education » Literary
Computational Analysis of Sound Scenes and Events screenshot
English | EPUB | 2017 (2018 Edition) | 417 Pages | ISBN : 3319634496 | 4 MB
This book presents computational methods for extracting the useful information from audio signals, collecting the state of the art in the field of sound event and scene analysis. The authors cover the entire procedure for developing such methods, ranging from data acquisition and labeling, through the design of taxonomies used in the systems, to signal processing methods for feature extraction and machine learning methods for sound recognition.
Education » Literary
After Debussy: Music, Language, and the Margins of Philosophy screenshot
English | February 10, 2020 | ISBN: 0190066822 | True EPUB | 396 pages | 11 MB
Classical music shows a close relationship to language, and both musicology and philosophy have tended to approach music from that angle, exploring it in terms of expression, representation, and discourse. This book turns that idea on its head. Focusing on the music of Debussy and its legacy in the century since his death, After Debussy offers a groundbreaking new perspective on twentieth-century music that foregrounds a sensory logic of sound over quasi-linguistic ideas of structure or meaning. Author Julian Johnson argues that Debussy's music exemplifies this idea, influencing the music of successive composers who took up the mantle of emphasizing sound over syntax, sense over signification. In doing so, this music not only anticipates a central problem of contemporary thought–the gap between language and our embodied relation to the world–but also offers a solution.

Education » Literary
Bach's Legacy: The Music as Heard by Later Masters screenshot
English | May 22, 2020 | ISBN: 0190091223 | True EPUB | 192 pages | 8 MB
Johann Sebastian Bach's legacy is undeniably one of the richest in the history of music, with a vast influence on posterity that has only grown since his rediscovery in the early nineteenth century. In this latest addition to his long list of Bach studies, renowned Bach scholar Russell Stinson examines how four of the greatest composers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries - Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner, and Edward Elgar - engaged with Bach's legacy, not only as composers per se, but also as performers, conductors, scholars, critics, and all-around musical ambassadors.
Education, Literary
Mona Rejino Piano Solos from Encanto, Frozen II, and Coco Nine Beautiful Intermediate Arrangements True EPUB screenshot
EPUB | ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0B5C5WG18 | 12 MB
(Educational Piano Library). 9 great piano solo arrangements of songs from your favorite Disney movies! Excellent for recitals, lessons, or just for fun! From COCO: Proud Corazon * Remember Me (Lullaby) * Un Poco Loco * From ENCANTO: Dos Oruguitas * Surface Pressure * We Don't Talk About Bruno * From FROZEN II: All Is Found * Into the Unknown * Show Yourself.
Education » Literary » Songbooks, Sheets
Encanto: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack (Beginning Piano Solo) screenshot
English | March 1, 2022 | ISBN: 1705166156 | True EPUB | 32 pages | 9 MB
(Beginning Piano Solo). Now even earliest-level players can enjoy the infectious music from the Disney favorite Encanto ! This songbook features eight songs as well as great color photos from the movie. Songs include: All of You * Colombia, Mi Encanto * Dos Oruguitas * The Family Madrigal * Surface Pressure * Waiting on a Miracle * We Don't Talk About Bruno * What Else Can I Do?

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