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Vertigo Sound VSC-3 v1.6.92 READ NFO-R2RWave Alchemy Triaz Plugin Full Content WiNIK Multimedia T-RackS 5 MAX v2 v5.10.4 U2B Mac [MORiA]Vertigo Sound VSE-2 v1.5.73-R2RGForce OB-EZ v1.0.0 Incl Keygen [WiN & macOS]-R2RVertigo Sound VSM-4 v1.5.215-R2RNative Instruments Kontakt 7 v7.8.1 U2B Mac [MORiA]



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fresh releases

Windows, Samples
Karoryfer Samples Horse Pulse v1.000 for Sforzando-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2024.02.18 | 94.3 MB
While working on Three Tagelharpas, we also recorded this library of the bass tagelharpa played pizzicato - which is definitely not the main traditional use for any kind of tagelharpa. It was created with repetitive pulses in mind, so there are five different types of pizzicato with up to six round robins, plus percussive FX. It adds up to over 500 samples and 180 MB.
Software » Windows
Karoryfer Samples Frankensnare v2.100 for Sforzando-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2024.02.18 | 338.8 MB
Just like Dr. Viktor Frankenstein tried to put together the best parts of various humans, Frankensnare lets you create your own snares from a wide array of acoustic snare samples, from giants the diameter of a kick drum to a tiny 10" one, and also including the mad science "sympathy snares", which are recordings of a kick drum making six snares buzz sympathetically at once. There are also several varieties of claps, guitar chiks, and a tambourine. Over 3500 samples of snare drums, with an SFZ instrument built for layering
Windows, Samples
Karoryfer Samples Big Rusty Drums v1.100 for Sforzando-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2024.02.18 | 586.3 MB
Drums that are not nice and easy, but nice and rough! Samples of drums made by Zygmunt Szpaderski in a one-man workshop in Poland. They're big, and they've gotten kind of rusty over the decades. We matched them with an even larger floor tom made from an Estonian-made RMIF kick drum, and some nice modern cymbals. While we paid the equivalent of $111.68 for the Szpaderski kit with hardware, stands and cymbals, the Sabian ride cost more than four times as much, and we don't care - they are a good match sonically.
Software, Windows
NCH WavePad Masters Edition v19.00 incl Keygen-LAXiTY screenshot
LAXiTY | 18 February 2024 | 3 MB
This audio editing software is a full-featured professional audio and music editor for Windows and Mac. It lets you record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files, you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings, and then add effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction. WavePad works as a wav or mp3 editor, but it also supports a number of other file formats including vox, gsm, wma, real audio, au, aif, flac, ogg, and more.
Software » Windows
Vertigo Sound VSM-4 v1.5.215-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2024.02.18 | 24.7 MB
The valve distortion and saturation generators are based on the the W. Frank Custom Tube Desk circuitry from 1959 wich we brought back to life with my former company HE Studiotechnik. The W. Frank Custom Console is packed with huge transformers, clever valve circuits and passive filters.


Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Strange Loops Audio gRainbow Synth v1.0.1 x64 VST3 AU LV2 STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
27/01/2024 | x64 VST3 AU LV2 STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC | 9/34/29 MB
An open-source, cross platform synthesizer that uses pitch detection to choose candidates for granular synthesis or sampling.

gRainbow was created to overcome a few shortcomings of traditional granular synths.
gRainbow prefers longer, pitch-diverse audio clips, automatically produces harmonics matched for MIDI input and avoids too much timestretching by generating harmonics that are already near their target pitch. Voila!
Windows, Mac OSX
FKFX Sylab v1.0 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC (UNCRACKED) screenshot
27/01/2024 | VST VST3 AU WiN MAC | 92 MB
FKFX Audio is introducing SYLAB - a unique vowel filter, which includes LFOGRID, an innovative LFO Generative System.

Acting like Inception within your sound design, LFOGRID lets you create the right curves effortlessly. Explore a variety of LFO styles at the initial level, uncover additional options within the Patterns level, and then access specialized editing features at the advanced level.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
SampleScience Virtual Vocaid v1.0.0 x64 VSTi VST3 AUi WiN macOS [FREE] screenshot
FREE | WiN/macOS | 29MB/54MB
Virtual Vocaid is a software rendition of Texas Instruments' Vocaid, a vocal assistance device created for individuals with speech impairments. It accurately reproduces the distinct synthetic speech of the iconic astrophysicist Stephen Hawking.

The software can produce all feasible combinations of words, letters, and numbers generatable by the original device.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
SampleScience  Modular Synth VCO v1.0.0 x64 VSTi VST3 AUi WiN macOS [FREE] screenshot
FREE | WiN/macOS | 152MB/392MB
Modular Synth VCO is a virtual instrument meticulously crafted to replicate the distinctive sonic palette of the Doepfer A-110-1 module's four primary waveforms.

This digital marvel exudes an edgy and unconventional auditory character, setting it apart from the norm. Despite being digital, its waveforms are unstable, like analog oscillators.

Notably, the triangle and sine waveforms bear a delightful imperfection, endowing them with a unique charm.
Windows, Mac OSX
Rast Sound Mad Filter v1.01 x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
16/01/2024 | x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC | 9 MB
Your new go to filter to add movement and character.

Don't let its being free fool you, filter and drive circuits in Mad Filter are state-of-the-art, warm and sweet, it can suddenly become your go to filter.
"The complex LFO motion and mad states are the icings on the cake, which are mostly the reflection of our playful side."
Windows, Mac OSX
APU Software APU Loudness Meter v2.1.0 x64 x86 VST AU AAX WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
26/01/2024 | x64 x86 VST AU AAX WiN MAC | 135 MB
Loudness range meter (LUFS, True Peak, RMS, Peak)

The APU Loudness Meter plug-in is a free dynamic range analysis tool supporting a variety of loudness types (LUFS, True Peak, RMS, Peak). View changes to your audio’s loudness in real-time or get a bigger-picture look with configurable history and histogram views. View both real-time and accumulated statistical information all from one screen.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Blanketfort Audio Melloharp v1.0.0 VSTi AUi WiN macOS [FREE] screenshot
FREE | VSTi+AUi | 231MB
Melloharp is the first VSTi/AUi instrument plugin from Blanketfort Audio.

It’s a development on one of the very first Kontakt instruments I made public around 2016. Blending a nylon string acoustic guitar with a broken, rusted autoharp, that instrument was based around single samples stretched across the whole keyboard and this however, is very different.
Windows, Linux
Geonkick (Percussive Synthesizer) v3.3.1 VST3 LV2 STANDALONE LiNUX WiN [FREE] screenshot
25/01/2024 | VST3 LV2 STANDALONE LiNUX WiN | 18 MB
Geonkick is a free software synthesizer capable of generating a wide range of percussive sounds, including kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, shakers, and also unique effect sounds.

LV2, VST3, Standalone
16 Instruments, 16 MIDI Keys
16 Stereo Channels
3 Layers/Instrument, 3 Oscillators/Layer
Play, modify & blend samples with synthesis
Save (JSON) & Export (FLAC, WAV, Ogg, SFZ)
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Rubin AI Replay v3.3.3 STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
25/01/2024 | STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC | 523 MB
Elevate your audio with Replay, the ultimate AI-powered app for music innovators.

Clone voices and instruments with precision, enhance your workflow, and access a massive AI model marketplace.
Advanced AI Cloning: Capture authentic sounds or forge new ones.
Blend AI creations with your music seamlessly.
Replay works independently for smooth production.
Explore over 16,000 AI models at your fingertips.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Musescore v4.2.1 LiNUX WiN macOS [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 24 January 2024 | 665 MB
MuseScore is a company devoted to helping aspiring musicians in their journey to master the music they love. MuseScore offers free, powerful, and easy-to-use music notation software to create high-quality sheet music, with audio score playback for results that look and sound beautiful.

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