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Bitwig Studio v. 3.0.2 WiN-iNDPlugin Boutique Scaler v1.8.1 [WiN-OSX] Incl Patched and Keygen-R2RQuikQuak UpStereo Pro v3.0.0 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2RLoopmasters Khords v1.0.4 Incl [WiN-OSX] Patched and Keygen-R2RLoopmasters Bass Master v1.1.3 [WiN-OSX] Incl Patched and Keygen-R2RWave Alchemy BASSYNTH v1.0 KONTAKT-DECiBELQuikQuak Copula v1.1.0 Incl [WiN-OSX] Keygen-R2R



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Soundtracks - 541 (5.8%)
Pop, R&B, Funk - 732 (7.84%)
Rock, Metal - 1240 (13.28%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 1751 (18.76%)
Jazz, Classical - 345 (3.7%)
World, New Age - 97 (1.04%)
Avant-Garde - 100 (1.07%)
Folk, Country - 82 (0.88%)
Ska - 20 (0.21%)
Electronic (general) - 2041 (21.86%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 192 (2.06%)
- Club, Dance - 304 (3.26%)
- D&B - 340 (3.64%)
- House - 914 (9.79%)
- Trance - 482 (5.16%)
- Industrial - 154 (1.65%)

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fresh releases

Software » Windows
FORTE Notation v10.2 Premium RETAIL-F4CG screenshot
F4CG | 08.2019 | 99 MB
For the professional musician… everything you NEED. For the amateur musician… everything you WANT. This full-version is the showcase edition in the FORTE 10 line of products, and provides high quality function and operation. The sky’s the limit and the possibilities are endless with FORTE 10 PREMIUM!
Software » Windows
JRiver Media Center v25.0.96 screenshot
P2P | 30 August 2019 | 76 MB
JRiver Media Center - all-in-one media management app turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub for complete control of your digital media: Audio, Video, Images, and Television. It connects PC to stereo, TV, remote control devices, digital cameras, scanners, and portable MP3 players. It plays all media, rips, burns, and organizes all your music, images, and video. MC encodes and plays all popular media formats.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
SoundSpot - Oracle Reverb  1.0.2 Mac / Win RETAiL screenshot
NU DiSCO | 30.08.2019 | 91 MB
A great sounding reverb is arguably one of the most important factors in achieving a full and atmospheric mix, and with that in mind, the SoundSpot® team set out to create a reverb that can deliver to the demands of modern production. After many months of development we are proud to announce the arrival of the Oracle Algoverb.
Windows, Mac OSX
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ v1.1.1 Incl Keygen [WiN-OSX]-R2R screenshot

Team R2R | August 30 2019 | WiN 14.5 MB | OSX 27 MB
Many people fondly remember the CZ synths and they have become retro-classics that are highly sought after, having been used on countless techno, house, rave and synth-pop records in the late 80s and early 90s.

Many artists still use the CZ today for its unique sounds, including great pads and synth strings, screaming leads, big basses, weird FX, metallic percussion and above all RAVE ORGANS.

Like many timeless synths, it has a unique sonic quality and will be a beneficial addition to anyone's synth collection.
Software » Windows
Aiseesoft Total Media Converter v9.2.22 screenshot
P2P | 30 August 2019 | 39 MB
Aiseesoft Total Media Converter is really the all-in-one media converter which owns functions of DVD Converter and Video Converter for multimedia users to convert video/audio files, rip DVD to any other video/audio formats like MPEG, AVI, MOV, FLV, SWF, MP3, AAC and any others. More useful editing functions are also available for you by using Aiseesoft Total Media Converter: adjust output file effect, trim any time-length clip, crop video play region, add watermark and join your selected file clips into a whole one. More specific output parameters are also provided for you to adjust to get the exact files for you.
Software » Windows
UltraMixer Pro Entertain 6.2.0 screenshot
P2P | 08.2019 | 318/321 MB
UltraMixer is the perfect tool to entertain your party crowd. With UltraMixer 5 you will become a “Mobile DJ 2.0“: Besides all common DJ-mix functions UltraMixer 5 brings a lot of new entertainment possibilities.
Software » Windows
Waves Complete v2019.07.10 Incl Emulator-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2019.08.29 | NUMBER : R2R-8123 | SiZE : 3.27 GB

Featuring 64-bit support, faster scanning, faster loading, and faster processing, Wαves Version 9 opens up new dimensions of high performance plugin power. From essentials like reverb, compression, noise reduction, and EQ to modeled analog hardware, surround and post production tools, artist signature collections and beyond, Wαves Bundles feature the best of Wαves GRAMMY award-winning plugins.
Windows, Mac OSX
Voxengo Voxformer v2.15 Incl Keygen (WiN and OSX)-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2019.08.29 | NUMBER : 8120/8121| SiZE : 8.7 MB/ 26.1 MB

Voxformer is a multi-functional vocal channel strip AAX, AudioUnit and VST plugin for professional streaming, sound and music applications. Combining several professional quality processing modules, Voxformer was designed to be a comprehensive solution for all your vocal processing needs – be it spoken or sung vocals.
Software » Windows
Sonible smartComp v1.0.2-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2019.08.29 | NUMBER : R2R-8122 | SiZE : 29.71 MB

smart:comp is the latest addition to the product line of A.I. powered plug-ins by sonible. This unique spectro-dynamic compressor finds the parameters for well-balanced compression results in just a few seconds. Through frequency-selective processing, smart:comp also ensures unparalleled transparency. With this multidimensional approach, compression has evolved to the next level.


Windows, Mac OSX
Lurker Beats ANA-1000 X64 VST AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
x64 vst au, win mac, 6mb
ANA-1000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Lurker Beats (formerly SynthIV) has released the ANA-1000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer (v1.0). This simple, but effective instrument plugin allows for a variety of sounds, ranging from heavy basses, screaming leads, to warm and wavy pads. It is available for Mac (AU) and Windows (VST3) in 64bit format.
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
U-he Triple Cheese v1.2.1 x64 x86 VST AU AAX WIN MAC LiN [FREE] screenshot
27.07.2019 | x64 x86 VST AU AAX WIN MAC LiN | 15 MB
Triple Cheese: Luscious and cheesy

Triple Cheese, winner of the 2006 KVR Developer Challenge, is a truly unique freeware synthesizer. No traditional oscillators or wavetables, no FM or phase distortion and no analogue modelled filters here. A touch unusual and a little cheesy, Triple Cheese is quite capable of some surprising sounds.

3 comb filters for sound generation (Read more below)
8 different modes per comb filter module (11 modes total)
Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), duophonic, monophonic (retriggered) or legato mode
VCA with amplitude modulation, pan
Skinnable UI
170 factory presets
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
U-he Podolski v1.2.1 x64 x86 VST AU AAX WIN MAC LiN [FREE] screenshot
27.07.2019 | x64 x86 VST AU AAX WIN MAC LiN | 55 MB
Created in 2005 and still going strong. Podolski is a free, straightforward, CPU-efficient virtual analogue synthesizer. One oscillator, one filter, one envelope and an arpeggiator / sequencer. Simple, but with a few tricks up its sleeve. Create high quality sounds with ease.

Oscillator with variable symmetry (sawtooth to triangle, PWM) and glide
Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), mono, legato and arpeggiator modes
4 envelope modes: ADSR or HDSR, linear or exponential. Sustain has Fall/Rise control
Multimode filter: lowpass, bandpass or highpass with drive and FM
Combination arpeggiator / 16-step sequencer with extra modulation source
Skinnable UI
Over 520 factory presets
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
U-he Zebralette v2.28 x64 x86 VST AU AAX WiN MAC LiN [FREE] screenshot
26.07.2019 | x64 x86 VST AU AAX WiN MAC LiN | 152 MB
Zebralette: mini Zebra

Zebralette is our version of a Trojan horse. A free synthesizer and an introduction to Zebra2’s fantastic oscillators. Perhaps it will persuade you to try Zebra2 and upgrade. If one oscillator is this powerful, imagine what you can achieve with four… and all the other great features available in Zebra2.

A single Zebra2 oscillator with a 16-slot waveset.
Oscillator waveform editing with geomorph, spectromorph, geoblend and spectroblend modes.
24 spectral effects including filter, sync, scatter, phase distortion and many more
Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), monophonic and legato modes
Stereo VCA with pan and volume modulation
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
U-he TyrellN6 v3.0 x64 x86 VST AU AAX WiN MAC LiN [FREE] screenshot
26.07.2019 | x64 x86 VST AU AAX WiN MAC LiN | 43 MB
TyrellN6: Classic racer with u-he engine

TyrellN6 is a compact, sporty synth. Based on concepts and ideas for a hardware synth: a few modules, novel features, analogue sound and low-cost. TyrellN6 is the software version manifestation of these ideas.

Virtual analogue with classic architecture plus extras
2 oscillators, noise, ring modulator
2 LFOs with 8 waveforms, host-syncable
Audio source mixer with authentic overdrive and filter feedback...
Software » Windows
Digital Steam Delay 1 DSD1 X64 VST WiN [FREE] screenshot
x64 vst win, 3mb
Delay 1 is a tape-like delay with static read and record heads. Delay time is changed by changing “tape speed”.

DSD1 is my first effect plugin written in JUCE. The idea was to implement something simple, but also interesting and cover many aspects of writing audio effects in C++ and JUCE.
I have started with very simple delay, just to meet JUCE and now I am adding more and more features. The ideal model for this effect is something like Line6 Echopark. Simple to use and great sounding.
Software » Windows
CodeFN42 Transition v1.12 x64 x86 VST WiN [FREE] screenshot
22.07.2019 | x64 x86 VST WiN | 24 MB
Transition is a generative MIDI sequencer. The basic idea is that bots move through a matrix of cells until they encounter a wall, another bot, or an obstacle.

When a bot hits a wall it will trigger a note, or a chord. The note/chord is based on the scale degree and octave settings of the wall cell. The output can be transposed up or down within the selected scale by incoming MIDI notes.

When a bot crashes with another bot they will both change direction. When a bot encounters an obstacle the effect on the bot is based on the type of obstacle (for example it can change direction, jump to another part of the matrix, change speed, or pause movement).
Windows, Mac OSX, Samples, Kontakt
Audio Animals Essential Percussion Hits WAV KONTAKT VST AU WiN/MAC [FREE] screenshot
WAV: 23 MB | KONTAKT: 102 MB | WiN: 64 MB | MAC: 140 MB
Essential Percussion Hits is a large collection of 315 individual percussion hits. Hits include cabasas, castanets, claves, cowbells, egg shakers, guiros, maracas, rainmakers, tambourines, temple blocks, vibraslaps, wind chimes and wood blocks. A wide range of different percussion instruments have been selected for this free sample pack, making it highly versatile and user friendly in all genres of music.

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