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WinRAR 7.1Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx Bundle 05.2024 U2B Mac [MORiA]Plugin Alliance Brainworx Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor v1.5.1 U2B Mac [MORiA]Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx_clipper v1.0.1 U2B Mac [MORiA]GForce impOSCar 3 v1.0.0-TeamCubeadoobyPlugin Alliance Brainworx bx_console AMEK 200 v1.0.0 U2B Mac [MORiA]Maor Appelbaum Mastering & Hendyamps THE OVEN v1.1.1 U2B Mac [MORiA]



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fresh releases

Software, Mac OSX
Devious Machines Duck v1.3.9 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AU | VST | VST3 | 15.2 MB
Side-chaining made easy
Duck is your one-stop-shop for ducking or “side-chaining”– an essential technique for achieving a modern, punchy sound.

Carve space in your bassline to let the kick punch through, or get that pad track pumping. Duck’s graphical envelope makes precise volume shaping a breeze. And with a host of thoughtful features and optimised workflow, achieving that professional-sounding mix has never been easier.
Software, Windows
Adobe Media Encoder 2024 v24.4.0.46 (x64) Multilingual screenshot
P2P | Date: 2024.5 | Size: 906.3 MB
Ingest, transcode, create proxies, and output any format you can imagine. This powerful media management tool allows you to work with media in a unified way across applications. Tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and other applications provides a seamless workflow.
Software, Windows
Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 v24.4.0.62 (x64) Multilingual screenshot
P2P| Date: 2024.5 | Size: 1.57 GB
Video editing thats always a cut above. Premiere Pro is the leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web. Creative tools, integration with other Adobe apps and services, and the power of Adobe Sensei help you craft footage into polished films and videos in one seamless workflow. And Premiere Rush, our new app, is included with your subscription so you can capture footage and start editing on all your devices, anywhere.
Software, Mac OSX
Plugin Alliance Brainworx Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor v1.5.1 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AU | VST | VST3 | 30.2 MB
Brainworx Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor - Tame your dynamics with tremendous tone and precise control

The supreme tycoon of master bus compression
Meticulously modeled by Brainworx after the instantly legendary hardware original, no details have been spared in crafting this digital version of one of the most musical and versatile compressors out there. A well known staple in the music industry, the Shadow Hills compressor easily tames even the most unruly and chaotic transients with flawless control and amazing tone. It’s no wonder that it has been the go-to buss compressor on timeless records by Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Beck, Green Day, Coldplay and countless others.
Software, Mac OSX
Plugin Alliance Brainworx Millennia TCL-2 v1.11.1 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AU | VST | VST3 | 17.8 MB
Brainworx Millennia TCL-2 - FET & Tube Opto-Compression with stellar sonics

The Millennia TCL-2 delivers the stellar, transparent sonics of the beloved Millennia Twincom in plugin form. The original hardware Twincom features Millennia’s “Twin Topology” technology, which gives users the ability to select either a full tube, or full J-FET/solid-state signal path.
Both the complete tube and solid-state signal paths have been faithfully modeled in the plugin version. In addition, the plugin version provides the ability to process Mid (M) and Side (S) information separately, as well as a Dry / Wet signal control for each individual channel.
Software » Windows
Sugar Bytes Drum Computer v1.3.3 b2024 Rev1-TeamCubeadooby screenshot
TeamCubeadooby | 05.2024 | 181 MB
Calculating Beats...
DrumComputer is the new specialist for synthetic drums, combining classic and modern synthesis with flexible modulations and luxurious sequencing. Intelligent randomizers, elegant pattern editing and import of your own samples are just a few of the mind blowing possibilities. Enjoy new drums everyday and get inspired by all the creativity that DrumComputer sets free. Just because, there still is all the unheard of.
Software, Mobile, android
MuseLead Synthesizer v3.2.3 (Paid) APK Android screenshot
P2P | 11 May 2024 | 58.4 MB
MuseLead is a multi-touch synthesizer performance surface to play music. It's a musical instrument that simulates the electric guitar. It has an interface similar to the IOS instrument GeoShred.

With MuseLead, you can play solos and achieve guitar sounds such as continuous bends, sweepings, shredding, tappings and more..
You can edit presets with a complete list of guitar pedals to achieve original tones.
In addition to that you can select a preset with a synthesizer interface and play around with the knobs to create unique sounds.
Windows, Mac OSX
DHPlugins Halo 2 Cyberfunk Expansion Win/Mac screenshot
Win/Mac | 877Mb
Introducing “CYBERFUNK” – Join us in a deep dive into the world of analog synthesis resampling, cut from two legendary analog synthesisers. From Euphoric to Dystopian, Cyberfunk covers a vast array of sonic ground, with Sweeping Soundscapes, Earthshaking Subs, Blissful Melodies, Moving Chord Sequences, Punchy Plucks, Piercing Arps, Huge Leads and Bass.
Software, Mac OSX
Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx Bundle 05.2024 U2B Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | AU | VST | VST3 | 1.6 GB
Since 2006, Brainworx Audio has developed a reputation for creating sonically-advanced plugin tools as well as a multi-platform development framework that is second to none.

Brainworx highlights include the M/S-standard EQ, bx_digital V3, world-class analog mixing console emulations with patented TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology, US Patent No. 10,725,727) and modern mastering solutions like bx_masterdesk and the amazing BX Style Creator desktop app.
Windows, Mac OSX
DHPlugins Halo 2.0.3 Update Win/Mac screenshot
Win/Mac | 63Mb/170Mb
With a visual and creative workflow, HALO 2 redefines the space between audio and synthesis. Combining meticulously crafted re-sampled audio with a host of Synth layers, processing and FX, HALO 2 effortlessly creates enormous basses, soaring leads, lush pads, stabs and more. The immense presets will either slot straight into your projects or serve as an inspirational start point, but delve deeper into the extensive filter, FX and modulation options to make whole new sounds with just a few clicks. Unlike many Romplers, HALO 2 allows users to add their own custom audio files with infinite sound design possibilities, or simply load in one of the ever increasing range of Expansions, each with their own theme and sonic signature. And if that isn’t enough the HALO FX plugin is included with HALO 2, bringing all of the filters, distortions and effects right into your DAW plug-in chain.
Software » Windows
TOMO Audiolabs-Plugin Alliance LISA v1.2.1-TeamCubeadooby screenshot
TeamCubeadooby | 05.2024 | 18.2 MB
A new way to apply dynamic EQ
TOMO Audiolabs’ LISA is the only tool of its kind: An all-analog dynamic EQ, featuring a dedicated opto compressor cell for each of its 6 bands. This exacting model of the original brings a new way of applying dynamic EQ to the digital domain. Now you can take advantage of the character and workflow of this boutique mastering-grade hardware in the box.
Software » Windows
Brainworx Plugin Alliance bx_glue v1.0.0-TeamCubeadooby screenshot
TeamCubeadooby | 05.2024 | 7.7 MB
Give your mix what it needs
Get the sound of the greatest British-made VCA compressors of the 1980s, the warmth, punch and cohesion of analog glue compression with all the power and control of a modern Brainworx feature set with multiband capabilities. For the pros in search of the perfect mixing glue and amateurs, whose mix never quite gels, this is the definitive VCA glue compressor. Brainworx bx_glue brings it all together.


Software » Windows
Wusik Station X (incl. Data Sound Collection) v1.0.2 x64 VST VST3 STANDALONE WiN (FULL VERSiON) [Free For Limited Time] screenshot
02/05/2024 | x64 VST VST3 STANDALONE WiN | 81 MB + 17.2 GB
Wusik Station X elevates modular synthesis with a user-friendly and visually captivating interface.

Generator Mix & Match: Combine a diverse range of sound generators, including Sample Players, Multi OSCs, Drawable OSCs, Super OSCs, and Audio Loopers, to craft limitless sonic textures. Intuitive Design: Drag, drop, and connect modules with ease to build your dream synthesizer architecture. High-Resolution Graphics: Enjoy a clear and visually appealing user experience with enhanced graphics. Wusik Viewing Station empowers sound designers, producers, and anyone passionate about pushing the boundaries of sound creation.
Software, Windows
XYplorer v25.90.0100 Incl Keygen-RLTS screenshot
RLTS | 2 May 2024 | 6.9 MB
XYplorer is a file manager for Windows. It features tabbed browsing, a powerful file search, a versatile preview, a highly customizable interface, optional dual pane, and a large array of unique ways to efficiently automate frequently recurring tasks. It’s fast, light, and portable.
Windows, Mac OSX, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
SlapAsSound UB40 Can't Help Falling In Love v1.0 VST VST3 AU MIDi WiN MAC [Free For Limited Time] screenshot
01/05/2024 | VST VST3 AU MIDi WiN MAC | 859 MB
UB-40 Can't Help Falling In Love COVER-VST instrument with DAW project file & MIDI file included!

Want to observe and discover how your favorite hit song looks inside, under the hood? No problem. This unique VST has all the sounds and track arrangements for you to investigate and delve deeper. Basses, leads, drums, percussions, bells, pads, etc. Just grab the MIDI file and VST and investigate this iconic remake inside your favorite DAW. If you want to have quick access and open the project instantly, use the included Reaper project file where everything is already correctly set up for you.
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Rubin AI Replay (Advanced AI Cloning) v4.0.0 STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
30/04/2024 | STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC | 528 MB
Elevate your audio with Replay, the ultimate AI-powered app for music innovators.

Clone voices and instruments with precision, enhance your workflow, and access a massive AI model marketplace.
Advanced AI Cloning: Capture authentic sounds or forge new ones.
Blend AI creations with your music seamlessly.
Replay works independently for smooth production.
Explore over 16,000 AI models at your fingertips.
Windows, Mac OSX
Behringer Vintage (Retro Analog Synthesizer) v1.0.1.128 VST3 AU STANDALONE WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot
29/04/2024 | VST3 AU STANDALONE WIN MAC | 86 MB
Master the Waves and Take Control - Feel the power of vintage synth wizardry.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants - Get classic subtractive synthesis and retro sounding filters with the Behringer VINTAGE PLUGIN! Original virtual synthesizer with powerful oscillators, filters and lfos, modelled on the analog circuitry of vintage synthesizers. The VINTAGE is packed with all the features you need to effortlessly get those lush, classic synth tones that made the 70s and 80s roar or you can also create your own wild patches! And when we say “all the features” we mean it.
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
VCV Rack v2.5.1 STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
28/04/2024 | STANDALONE LiNUX WiN MAC | 25 MB
VCV Rack 2 is a virtual platform based on Eurorack synthesizers.

Dark room mode - Save your eyes at night with adjustable room brightness.
Module selections - Save, share, edit, and move around selections of modules.
Enhanced module browser - Zoom, favorite, and sort your module collection.
Software, Windows
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol v3.2.1 WiN-bobdule [Needs R2R Keygen] screenshot
bobdule | 27 April 2024 | 547 MB
KOMPLETE KONTROL opens the full potential of KOMPLETE series products. Feel the most advanced software tools come to life right under your hands - a more expressive, intuitive and inspiring than ever. View and download sounds with a single click - KOMPLETE KONTROL governs the entire universe in a single plug-in KOMPLETE through browser-based tags.
Windows, Mac OSX
Alex Harker HISSTools Freeze v1.0.1 Win Mac [FREE] screenshot
Free | Win Mac | 37 MB
HISSTools Freeze is a lightweight plugin for spectral freezing and morphing based on DSP built in FrameLib.
HISSTools Freeze was originally built for teaching purposes at the University of Huddersfield.
It supports several different freezing/morphing modes that allow control over the evolution of the output sound.
A randomisable multi-band filter allows the user to add movement to the sound.
Windows, Mac OSX
Alex Harker HISSTools Granular v1.0.1 Win Mac [FREE] screenshot
Free | Win Mac | 34 MB
HISSTools Granular is a lightweight plugin for granular synthesis based on samples.
HISSTools Granular was originally built for teaching purposes at the University of Huddersfield.
It supports the generation of grains in either 'streams' or 'clouds' modes.
It allows per-grain distortion and filtering, as well as giving control of more common granular synthesis parameters.
Windows, Mac OSX
Sixth Sample Spoton (Vocal Tuner) v1.0.0 VST3 AU AAX WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
26/04/2024 | VST3 AU AAX WiN MAC | 10 MB
Simple yet powerful.

The wallet-friendly way to tune your vocals.
Spoton is a free automatic pitch correction plugin with a clean sound and low latency. An octave of keys to select your scale, two knobs to set the correction style.
Competitive sound quality. Amount and speed controls. Individually selectable and automatable target notes. 10 Themes.
Windows, Mac OSX
DHPlugins Bass-Face (Sound Enhancer) v1.0.0 VST3 AU AAX WiN MAC [Free For Limited Time] screenshot
26/04/2024 | VST3 AU AAX WiN MAC | 94 MB

Small Plug-In, Big Sound… BASS-FACE is a ‘One-Knob’ style multi-effect plug-in designed to add presence and distortion to your sound. With 3 modes to select from, each increasing in drive and presence, BASS-FACE can add a gentle lift or face-melting heat to whatever you feed it. A Simple interface and HUGE sound, BASS-FACE is designed as an enhancer / drive unit, processing several effects to add character, drive, width, modulation and presence to your sounds.

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