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fresh releases

Software » Windows
ValhallaDSP bundle 2022.11 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 22 November 2022 | 11 MB

•FreqEcho v1.2.0 - free freqshifter delay
•Delay v2.5.0 - tape/BBD/digital/pitch delay
•Plate v1.6.3 - classic plate reverb
•Room v1.6.2 - true stereo algorithmic reverb
•Shimmer v1.2.2 - pitchshifting reverb
•SpaceModulator v1.1.6 - free flanger
•Supermassive v2.5.0 - free space FX (delay/reverb/modulation)
•ÜberMod v1.1.6 - mutlitap delay & modulation
•VintageVerb v2.2.0 - classic hardware digital reverbs of the 1970s and 1980s.
Software » Windows
SmartScore 64 Professional Edition v11.5.98 WiN screenshot
P2P | 22 November 2022 | 636 MB
SmartScore 64 Pro recognizes scores without any restriction on the number of parts or pages. Notation, lyrics and text recognized with up to 99+% accuracy*. Process choral scores, band arrangements, operas, hymns, musicals, instrumental and solo parts as well as full conductor's scores. Scan, edit, transpose, extract parts, adjust page margins and reformat layout of practically any printed score. Print or save output to PDF, MusicXML, MP3 audio files all within a few minutes. Your new score will look great and playback will sound rich, nuanced and true-to-life.
Software » Windows
Kush Audio LG Drive v1.0.0-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 22 Nov 2022 | 31.1MB
2-Stage Tube Sat
At its heart, LG Drive is an elegantly simple device, a 2-Stage Tube Saturation colorbox whose thick, creamy distortions are pulled straight from the AR-1 variable-mµ compressor. When those distortions are coupled with a simple but powerful set of filters, then blended with the unprocessed signal, the result is a deceptively powerful tone-shaping tool that rivals (and often surpasses) eq with its ability to thicken and energize anemic drums, dramatically lift and level out dull, unruly vocals, add clarity and definition to murky bass, and fundamentally shift the tone and vibe of an entire mix.
Software » Windows
Roni Music Amazing Slow Downer v3.7.1 WiN screenshot
P2P | 22 November 2022 | 2 MB
An easy way to slow down the music without changing the pitch!

Amazing Slow Downer is available for Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iPhone/iPad devices. Click on one of the links below to read more, look at a screenshot, listen to some audio samples or download the trial version.
Software, Windows
iZotope Neutron v4.3.0 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 22 November 2022 | 122 MB
With Neutron 4 you can mix smarter and faster while staying in your flow. Eight powerful plug-ins combine powers through AI assistive technology to create your modern and intelligent mixing experience.
Software » Windows
MediaMonkey Gold screenshot
P2P | 11.2022 | 94 MB
MediaMonkey is a music manager and media jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs your CDs, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV and MP3 audio files. It looks up missing Album Art and track information via Freedb and the web, and includes an intelligent tag editor and an automated file and directory renamer to organize your music library.
Software, Mac OSX
iZotope Neutron v4.3.0 Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | November, 22 | AU | VST3 | AAX | 196.2 MB
With Neutron 4 you can mix smarter and faster while staying in your flow. Eight powerful plug-ins combine powers through AI assistive technology to create your modern and intelligent mixing experience. The modern way to mix. From the makers of Ozone and RX, Neutron will bring your mixes into the 21st century. Work faster than ever with better performance, new interactive visualizations, and Mix Assistant, which automatically sets levels across your session.
Software, Mac OSX
Dusty Devices Phaser-DDL v1.0.5 macOS FiXED-TRAZOR screenshot
TRAZOR | 21 November 2022 | 5.44 MB
Phaser‑DDL is the first cycle-accurate software emulation of the unique phaser algorithm from the classic Ensoniq DP/4 effects processor. Used in countless records since the 1990s by the likes of Daft Punk, Alan Braxe, Sébastien Léger and others, this phaser instantly gives you the unmistakable French vibe. Phaser‑DDL has all the same controls as its hardware counterpart, and you can choose from three different sample rates from the original Ensoniq equipment to get that vintage AD/DA converter flavor.
Software » Windows
Tek’it Audio Winkl Mod v1.0 by COLOVE Products (WINDOWS/VST2/VST3) screenshot
WiN | VST2 | VST3 | AudioZ Exclusive | 1.85 MB
Hi there! We present you a modification for plugin Winkl by Tek’it Audio. Our team has completely revamped original GUI and added a new design. Razor style X by COLOVE Products Soft based on the official plugin Winkl v1.3.0 last updated in (November 2020) with a bug fixes and improvements. We do redesigned to more modern, look a very nice yeah? Please look on “CHANGES” and “KNOWN ISSUES” list. Also want to say from our team next.. COLOVE do not change anything in code, so this officially plugin is exclusively free. Together we make only amateur design updates for fans of this plugin what develop team of Tek’it Audio. Our modification is available free of charge for buyers of our audio products. We do not distribute plugin, not sale or resale. Enjoy!
Software, Windows
MAGIX Video Pro X14 v20.0.3.176 Multilingual screenshot
P2P | 21 November 2022 | 1.03 GB
Video Pro X is the only video editing software that makes professional video production accessible for everyone. With intuitive editing tools and workflows, getting started with Video Pro X is easier than with any other professional video editor. The new video engine allows for seamless, uninterrupted editing of high-resolution 4K Ultra HD material on any PC.
Software, Windows
CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra v13.0.2309.0 WiN screenshot
P2P | 21 November 2022 | 161.59 MB
Your Professional Audio Workstation. No production is complete without sound design. Visually intuitive and stocked with tools and effects to master your production, AudioDirector is the comprehensive audio workstation for multi-tracking, mixing, editing and sound restoration.
Software » Windows
GiliSoft Audio Toolbox Suite 10.2.0 screenshot
P2P | 11.2022 | 158 MB
12 powerful and useful audio program in one pack, which including Audio Recorder , Audio Cutter, Audio Joiner, Audio Converter, Video to Mp3,ID3 Tag Editor,Transfer to iTunes,CD Ripper,CD Burner. #1 Audio Toolkit Suite is able to do almost every audio ripping, converting, burning, and editing imaginable. With it, you can easily convert and edit any audio files, rip, create and copy CD, convert audio files, burn music to CD, rip CD/DVD to different audio files, etc.


Windows, outdated
Alien Connections Pristine Sounds 2000 v07.26-DSi screenshot
DSi | 1 December 2000 | Win9x | 3,86 MB
Pristine Sounds 2000 is a digital waveform editor for Windows 95, Windows 98 , Windows NT4 and Windows 2000. It can handle files of a maximum size of 2Gb that lies directly on 1 or 2 hard drives. All functions are specifically and individually optimized for the Pentium, Pentium with MMX, Pentium II, Pentium III Pentium Pro. The program will run on every 100% Intel compatible processor.
Windows, outdated
DigiDesign ProTools v5.0.1 R2-ZONE screenshot
ZONE | 30 December 2000 | Win9x | 8,8 MB
This version of DigiDesign ProTools digital audio software is based on the ProTools Free version that doesn't require additional DigiDesign hardware. Memory management code has been added to allow 32 tracks of audio and 127 midi tracks. The check that blocked plugins from certain manufacturers has also been removed.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
GuitarML PROTEUS v1.1 VST3 AU AAX WiN macOS [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 17 October 2022 | 138 MB
Proteus is the new standard in GuitarML device capture, maintaining sound quality while dramatically decreasing CPU usage from the SmartPedal. Create your own Knob captures of the full range of a Drive / Gain / EQ knob from your amp or pedal, or quickly create snapshot models of a single setting. Download the Proteus Capture Utility and check out the tutorial videos for the easiest way to capture Amplifiers and Distortion/Overdrive/Boost pedals, and check out the growing ToneLibrary for pre-made tones from popular and rare guitar gear.
Special thanks to John Stutts for the hand sketched graphic and Stefan Schmidt for the 3D pedal and waves Blender model.
Windows, outdated
DiVerSe vocSteady VST v1.01-AiR screenshot
AiR | 28 February 2007 | VST | 2,9 MB
vocSteady was designed by an experienced sound engineer, who has over ten years of experience with vocalists of all types and professional levels. It is designed to be an intuitive vocal leveler: all you need to do is plug it on to your vocal channel, and in most cases - that'll be enough! You will get a steady and comprehensive vocal track - even if your vocalist whispers in the verses, screams in the choruses and sneezes in the C-part.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Analog Mania RC-808-PLG v1.0.8 x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 16 October 2022 | 110 MB
The RC-808 “Re-Create the 808” emulates the original TR-808 sound with analog manner synthesis. As the name implies, it is with respect to the original 808 sounds which is a criterion for sound synthesis as a vintage. Starting from this criterion, explore the multiverse of sounds, stretch out your vectors, to find out new criterion of your own. Yes, it can take you to the new sonic worlds that are completely different and yet so close and familiar to you.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Phuturetone GR-8 v1.2.0 x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 16 October 2022 | 20 MB
GR-8 is an 8 voices virtual analog synthesizer with built-in effects and an arpeggiator.

• Arpeggiator: 5 Modes (Up, Down, Alt 1, Alt 2, Random), 4 Octaves Range.
• Voice Modes: Mono, Unison (8 voices), Chord (4 stereo notes), Poly (8 voices).
• Voice Effects: Glide, Legato, Voice Detune, Voice Stereo Spread.
• Oscillators: OSC 1 (Tri, Saw, Pulse, Square), OSC 2 (Sine, Saw, Pulse, Noise).
• Oscillator Effects: Cross Modulation (FM), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Sync.
• Filters: Non-resonant High Pass, Resonant Low Pass (12, 18, or 24 dB/Octave).
• Modulation: Pitch Bender, Mod Wheel, LFO, 2 Envelopes.
• Effects: EQ, Distortion, Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Delay, Reverb.
• Presets: 88.
Windows, outdated
Digigram Multichanel Dolby Encoder Decoder v1.1a-MFD screenshot
MFD | 28 December 2000 | Win9x | 2,8 MB
This powerful, easy-to-use software is used to create Dolby Digital multichannel sound with no special hardware. Digigram's Multichannel Digital Audio Encoder is a stand-alone application that can also be used as a fully integrated plug-in with Digigram's Xtrack suite of digital audio tools. Operation is simple. In the main window, select the files to be assigned to each channel, a data rate, and the path of the multichannel sound file. Press "OK" and you're done! An advanced setting window allows adjustment of all the specific Dolby Digital parameters such as dialog normalization and surround mix-down level. Digigram's Multichannel Digital Audio Encoder can be used for DVD authoring, digital television, and other applications. Combining the software with Xtrack and Digigram PCX sound cards offers an integrated solution to a variety of Dolby Digital requirements.
Windows, outdated
DigAudio AudMorph v2.03.1 Incl. Keygen-H2O screenshot
H2O | 3 December 2003 | WinALL | 4,7 MB
AudMorph works with several different workstation file formats, but the same processes are not available for each supported format. This chapter explains some important details about the formats that are supported and the limitations on using some of the formats. The term “format” used in the context of digital audio workstation files actually refers to three distinct topics – the disk file system, the audio file format, and the EDL format. These are discussed in more detail in this section.
Windows, outdated
Delta SP v1.65-BEAT screenshot
BEAT | 25 March 2005 | WinALL | 4,9 MB
Delta SP is like a bunch of normal music software programs, except it's all been crammed into one, so it's much bigger, but more powerful and easier to use once you've learned the basics. Delta SP has a sequencer, which plays MIDI messages to it's internal synthesizer or to external MIDI devices.
Windows, outdated
DelayDots SpectrumWorx VST v1.1-PARADOX screenshot
PARADOX | 27 March 2004 | VST | 9,3 MB
DelayDots is proud to present their new ultimate mangler: SpectrumWorx. Preserving the excellent sound quality and user friendly interface of its predecessors, SpectrumWorx adds significant new features ľ not the least of which includes its new modular format. That's mean you able to create an endless quantity of presets using a vast palette of powerful processing modules. SpectrumWorx is a modular effect processor plug-in that works exclusively in the frequency domain and gives you endless possibilities for tweaking your sound. From subtle enhancements to wild flights of fancy, SpectrumWorx is built to inspire.

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