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fresh releases

Samples » loops
MarcDBeats Still WAV screenshot
07/06/2023 | WAV | 75 MB
Five high quality loops spanning multiple genres. Royalty free outside of major placements.

Peeplink fixed. LDVN

Boom Bap Labs Grimey Gems The Production Vault 8001 WAV screenshot
WAV | AudioZ Exclusive | 199.52 MB
All samples in this pack are not royalty-free. Bringing it to another level is all about the 8000 series. Amen goes deeper than ever in his private super secret stash. This pack contains 50 samples and a dozen bonus files like breakbeats to chop and movie dialogues. All files are in universal WAV format at 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bits resolution. All samples are curated by Amen.
Samples » loops
Kit Makers Dark Melodies 8 WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 10 June 2023 | 26.21 MB
'Dark Melodies 8' by Kit Makers is a RnB & Hip Hop melody pack containing over 24 melody loops to help you create new tracks with innovative ideas and concepts. Dark Melodies 3 is influenced by the likes of Frank Dukes, Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz & More.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Triple Spiral Audio Chapter 1 Exile for Pigments 3 (6000TH RELEASE)-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 6000TH RELEASE! | 07 Jun 2023 | 1.02GB
Chapter 1: Exile for Pigments 3 is the first installment in a series of soundsets for Pigments 3. Exile is an ambient cinematic soundset and you will find powerful, cinematic and even experimental ARP's, Basslines, Pulses, Sequences and Noise Sequences. Beautiful, lush and ambient pads, atmospheres, plucks and fx and nice collection of basses, synths and keys.
Samples, loops
EST Studios Drum and Bass FX Pack WAV-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 07 Jun 2023 | 136.6MB
Bring your production to the next level with the addition of these amazing FX sounds. Expertly produced and aimed at the modern Drum & Bass producer, these sounds will help you add in that final touch to make your track stand out from the crowd. In detail, expect to find over 213mb of content with all audio recorded at 24Bit & 44.1kHz. Including Risers, Atmospherics, Horns, Impacts, Transitions and more.
Samples, loops
EST Studios BCee Drum and Bass WAV-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 07 Jun 2023 | 453.2MB
Authenticity and soul are coded deep into everything BCee puts out into the world. Any beat he lays down, any song he writes, any artist he champions, any line-up he curates... Nothing has the BCee stamp of approval unless he has full belief in it himself. This sample pack is no exception, masterfully created using some of the classic samples you will hear in his highly regarded productions, this pack contains everything needed to get the BCee sound!
Boom Bap Labs Quincy Beats Cake Batter Drum Breaks Vol.1 WAV screenshot
WAV | AudioZ Exclusive | 132.28 MB
Quincy Beats presents cake batter drum break library. Comprising 40 originally composed drum breaks and 40 one-shots of kicks, snares and percussions created by sounds that are so knockin and fuzzy, they will produce earth-shattering boombap & hiphop beats in an instant, clever drum patterns that tiptoe on the line between groovy, hard and retro, these breaks are a refreshing approach with a signature IN hereditary retro sound of the boombap genre.
Samples » loops
Claro Beats Disco Rap Vol.2 WAV screenshot
07/06/2023 | WAV | 189 MB
You liked the first opus, this with joy that we present you "Disco Rap Vol. 2", in the vision of the future that mixes our best memories of the years 2000.

Let's Make a Hit
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
LFO Store Novation Peak / Summit Another Planet Soundset 50 Presets-ARCADiA screenshot
Team ARCADiA | Novation Peak / Summit Presets | 3.11 MB
Inspired by science fiction books and films, a well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz created a cinematic masterpiece using one of his favourite hardware synthesizer, Novation Peak. We are very accustomed to everyday consciousness, but thanks to music are able to spread the wings of perception and imagination, to experience new worlds, planets and civilizations.


Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Navi Retlav Mimic - Legendary Saws Reason + Pack screenshot
Navi Retlav | Rar 38.2 Mb | Unrar 39.5 Mb
An impressive collection of classic saw sounds recognized from legendary synthesizers. These patches utilize the creative sampler Mimic to its full potential. As a result, you’ll have beautifully detuned and phasing Pads, Polys, and Plucks at your fingertips.

** This pack can be used in reason's rack and daw also there's wav files to be used in other daws.So these are not only for reason + Companion and there not refills just folders**
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
ModeAudio Scatter Reason + Pack screenshot
ModeAudio | Rar 49.9 Mb | Unrar 59.7 Mb
Cleanse your tracks with streams of etheral noise and sounds. These mind-broadening patches are based around the sample manipulating instrument Grain, each focusing the aural energies in unique ways. Free your music, free your mind.

** This pack can be used in reason's rack and daw also there's wav files to be used in other daws.So these are not only for reason + Companion and there not refills just folders**
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Seán Murray Smokin Pop Reason + Pack screenshot
Seán Murray | Rar 33.8 Mb | Unrar 34.3 Mb
An excellent set of sounds, highly suitable for your next futuristic hands-in-the-air banger!

** This pack can be used in reason's rack and daw also there's wav files to be used in other daws.So these are not only for reason + Companion and there not refills just folders**
Samples, Kontakt
Best Service The Orchestra Essentials v1.1 Update KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 11/05/2023 | 85 MB

THE ORCHESTRA ESSENTIALS comes with a carefully selected curation of instruments from THE ORCHESTRA, STRINGS OF WINTER, and HORNS OF HELL and is powered by our groundbreaking ensemble-engine. Use this orchestra plug-in for beginners, take your first orchestral steps and create amazing music in no time!
sound effects, loops
Gowler Music Movie Dialogue Vol.3 WAV AiFF FLAC [FREE] screenshot
09/05/2023 | WAV | AiFF | FLAC | 127 MB
Movie Dialogue Vol.3 from Gowler Music Featuring 50 vintage spoken word and sound effect samples from B-list movies and TV shows, this sample pack is a must have for any music producer or musician looking to add quality sound FX to their track.

The samples are sourced from our previous horror and sci-fi movie dialogue collections. All the samples have been labelled for ease of use and are 100% royalty-free.
sound effects, loops
Gowler Music Holy Sine (Sample Pack) WAV [FREE] screenshot
08/05/2023 | WAV | 104 MB
Holy Sine is a free experimental music sample pack. All the loops included were created by processing a simple sine wave.

Perfect for sound collages, experimental music and electronic-based music productions, all the content is 100% royalty free and can be downloaded via Bandcamp today.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
SKP Sound Design Heartfelt Beats Reason + Pack screenshot
SKP Sound Design | Rar 90.7 Mb | Unrar 116 Mb
With vibrant pop-trance sounds, this pack is the perfect toolkit for crafting heartfelt beats that inspire and uplift. Featuring bright synths, powerful chords, energetic drums, sweeping pads, and more!

** This pack can be used in reason's rack and daw also there's wav files to be used in other daws.So these are not only for reason + Companion and there not refills just folders**

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