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Vir2 Instruments - Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer KONTAKTSonic Academy KICK Presets - Vol 2 - Ost & MeyerOrigins of Audio Imperium for U-He's Zebra 2PUREMIX How To Use Multiband Compression TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TEHoRNet SongKey MK2 VST VST3 AU RTAS AAX v2.0.1 OSX/WiN RETAiLHoRNet AnalogStage VST VST3 AU RTAS AAX v1.1.1 OSX/WiN RETAiLOrange Tree Samples - Evolution Rick 12 - KONTAKT - iMPRESSiVE/MUSiCMAN



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fresh releases

Samples » loops
Woodshed Audio Tastemaker Vol 1 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC July 25 2016 | 704 MB
[Vintage Machines + Manual Drums] Tastemaker Vol 1 is a unique collection of fresh and edgy sounds for modern music creators who aren’t bound by genre. And making Tastemaker was a blast! We covered drum sets with t-shirts and rattles, dropped things and yelled, carefully sampled vintage synths and then processed them abusively. To put it lightly… This pack is eclectic. Created in multiple spaces from Nashville, TN to Charlotte, N.C. with friendly people who love making awesome music. The result was magical.
multi-libraries, Kontakt
Samplephonics Melodic House and Techno MULTiFORMAT screenshot
FANTASTiC July 25 2016 | 634 MB
Melodic House and Techno fuses the beautiful with the tough, the elegant with the chiseled and the silky with the rough. Blurring the lines between processed and organic, this truly evocative sample collection throws the genres of Techno and House completely on their head, allowing the true beauty of musical progression to shine through when everyone else is reaching for nasty, sinister tones.
multi-libraries, Kontakt
Sample Magic Future Pop MULTiFORMAT screenshot
FANTASTiC July 25 2016 | 2.31 GB
Eclectic, emotive and experimental: Future Pop defines the sound of the mainstream today with a futuristic fusion of R&B, house, trap and electronica across 1.1GB of loops, MIDI, hits and kits. Packed with precision-programmed beats, rolling subs, neon-drenched melodics, woozy soulful vocals, trapped-out percussion and experimental FX, Future Pop has been crafted with the finest vintage hardware and digital tools to create a unique collection that surfs the sound of now.
Samples » loops
MMC and Dar’rell Banks Unfinished Friday ACID WAV Free screenshot
25 JULY 2016 | ACID WAV | 150 MB
Music producers MMC and Dar’rell Banks have announced the release of a collection featuring a drum kit plus some instrumental loops.

Here’s what MMC told us about the pack:
“DJ Pain 1 (platinum producer for Jeezy, Kevin Gates, Rick Ross, more) gives away free samples nearly every Friday on his Facebook page. Two regular participants, Dar’rell Banks and MMC, decided to collaborate on a royalty-free sample and drum kit, in the same spirit of giving.
This collection includes 6 royalty free instrument loops as well as a hip-hop drum kit including over 60 high quality .wav one-shot sounds. For a price of free, it doesn’t get much better.”
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Reveal Sound Spire Factory Bank by Function Loops FOR SPIRE Free screenshot
We fully utilized Spire's new Mod controllers (those 4 big new knobs on the left side) and have assigned cool sound-shaping parameters to all the presets, so each sound now has a few of those (plus the modulation wheel) assigned all the time!
There are all kinds of presets in there, spanning many genres, from modern to classic. We took it as a mission to kill that prejudice in people that Spire can sound only one way and that all it's sounds sound kinda similar. With this bank We believe We showed this synth can sound as good as the best out there.

Reuploaded. iNTEGRAL

Samples » Kontakt
Vir2 Instruments - Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer KONTAKT screenshot
FANTASTiC July 24 2016 | 7.3 GB
Vir2 Instruments is proud to introduce Aeris: Hybrid Choir Designer!

Aeris combines the usefulness and practicality of beautifully recorded male & female choirs and solo singers with the powerful sound design capabilities of the Kontakt engine. Vir2 multi-sampled all singers performing vowels Ah’s, Oh’s, Oo’s, and Hums. Composers will easily be able to create lush vocal performances for their projects with different articulations including non-vibrato, vibrato, and true legato.
loops, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
HighLife Samples Festival Euphric Trance WAV MiDi SYLENTH1 PRESETS-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | July 24 2016 | 342MB
HighLife Samples is back with the quality sound you have come to expect from one of the most professional labels in the business! HighLife Samples’ freshest release returns to your favourite genre, with the sound that has become the staple in today’s Euphoric Trance Scene! This pack offers the greatest tools and source of inspiration you have been missing! You will find 5 x Complete Construction Kits for your musical needs, including Buildup, Breakdown, Drop and main Bass Loops, Melodies, Chords, Leads, Plucks, Vocal Chops and FX, including Uplifters, Downlifters, Impacts and Noise, and of course all Drum loops. We have also included a selection of quality Trance Drum Loops and a Sylenth1 Bank of 128 Preset’s with must-have sounds for every Trance Producer.

...::: Reuploaded :::.... DISCOVER


Inner Rhythm Studios Virtual Reality Ambient Synth Pads WAV-AudioP2P screenshot
Team AudioP2P | 09-26-2009 | 343.8 MB
A Pristine Collection of Luscious Sonic Landscapes Inspiring the Canvas of Imagination…

Virtual Reality Ambient Synth Pads is the perfect loop CD to add that underlying tone to your composition. Inner Rhythm Studios would like to extend a special thanks to Ely Reis for his technical skills and inspired arrangements.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Adam Somers Mass Destruction FOR NI MASSIVE-DISCOVER screenshot
'Mass Destruction: NI Massive Soundset' is carefully designed with 48 sounds to add brightness, energy, and phat-ass bass to your compositions. These hard-hitting sounds will inspire productions in a variety of genres.
NI Massive has become a must-have for many EDM producers and this brand new addition to your collection could bring that creative spark to flare up your productions.
Samples, multi-libraries
Big Fish Audio V-Spot MULTIFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | 02/12/2008 | 2.04 GB
Welcome to a musical world of undiscovered treasures. This musical landscape lies somewhere between modern rock, dub, and electronica with a solid breakbeat style groove to bring it all together. These construction kits will inspire you to any number of musical possibilities. The ambient melodies of the guitars will soothe you and the basses will trance you with their sweet grooves.
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
HexLoops Dirty South Lex Luger SoundFonts SF2-KRock screenshot
KROCK | SOUNDFONTS | 24.06.12 | 240 MB
Lex Luger Soundfonts Instruments pack contains a full collection of soundfonts (sf2) similar to those used when Lex Luger creating beats. This is exactly what you need if you want to become a professional producer.
Using SoundFonts can serve as an ideal way to learn about sampling and synthesis. And for just about anyone, they can be an excellent resource to add to an audio arsenal.
Use this soundfonts to render your music and move your beat production to a new pro level.a
Samples » multi-libraries
XLN Audio Sloppy Grooves Midipak screenshot
Sometimes perfect isn't what the song needs. Sometimes a song is actually better when it has more relaxed (some might even say "lazy") drumming.
Here's a secret: Sometimes a song doesn't benefit from technical perfection and actually sounds better with more "relaxed" timing. That's why we created Sloppy Grooves. This MIDI Pak includes over 200 Pop/Rock grooves recorded by a very relaxed drummer. It might not be perfect for every song, but it will be just right for some.
Samples » multi-libraries
ModernBeats Guitar Elementz Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT screenshot
Download over 190 one-shot guitar samples for hip-hop & pop music production. Be it spanish, wah-wah, acoustic, vintage, distorted, or simply wicked guitar noisez, the Guitar Elements will grace your beatz with that current Hip-Hop guitar sound where each volume is accurately styled after Dupri, The Neptunes, 50 Cent, & other top hip-hop names.
Guitar Elementz 2 contains big amount of software sampler presets that load all 192 guitar samples automatically. Guitar bites and riffs featured in volume one range from wah-wah to electric to distorted & beyond. Each of the great amount of presets included in volume one contains 8 different sampled guitar bites that flow together allowing you to create hundreds of different melodies and rhythms in minutes. All guitar bite samples are split and laid out across the keyboard into 8 zones giving the producer a unique edge for creating new hiphop guitar riffs. Add today's HipHop guitar sound to your beatz now with Guitar Elementz!
Samples, presets, patches, impulses
Molgli Closet Bass Monsters Vol 2 For NI Massive NMSV-DISCOVER screenshot
Team DISCOVER | 07 DECEMBER 2013 | 3.45 MB
Molgli presents the second coming of their most evil creation 'Closet Bass Monsters 2' for Native Instruments Massive. This soundset unleashes another 60 highly destructive presets, each featuring adjustable macros to give you control of these demonic sounds. Every preset in this monstrous soundset designed by Molgli is bursting to wreak havoc from your synthesizer.
Samples, multi-libraries
Sonart Audio Hard Style MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | Nov 2008 | 699.73 MB
Sonart Audio HARD STYLE - Featuring over 3,100 24bit samples including over 300 loops and 2800 single hit sounds. More than 1.7 Gb of New Material!. Hardstyle, in the United Kingdom sometimes referred to as hardbass, is a genre of electronic dance music that is closely related to hardcore and hard trance.

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