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Win | 21 Mar 2020 | 128 MB
Pianoteq PRO is the ultimate product for professional composers and recording studios, and has proved to be an indispensable tool in many recording projects - from movie soundtracks and tv commercials to the latest hit songs.

By being physically modelled, Pianoteq PRO brings you an extremely sophisticated tool for sound shaping and instrument creation, letting you create your own unique sounds that will enrich your projects. The PRO version works with internal sample rates up to 192 Khz. By using its powerful Note Edit feature, you are able to adjust physical parameters for specific ranges, and even note by note. You can also turn any Pianoteq instrument into a multi-instrument by using advanced keyboard splits for up to 105 notes (concerns instruments with extended octave range).

Note editor
The note editor is designed so that you can work with it effectively - it saves you time and increases your creativity. On top of this, its spectrum profile editor lets you adjust each overtone for each note, bringing you thousands of sound combinations that will help you finding your own unique instrument.

Powerful note editing
Pianoteq PRO offers note-by-note adjustment for no less than 30 parameters:

Unison Width
Unison Balance
Direct Sound Duration
Hammer Hardness Piano
Hammer Hardness Mezzo
Hammer Hardness Forte
Spectrum Profile
Hammer Noise
Strike Point
Pickup Symmetry
Pickup Distance
Q Factor
String Length
Sympathetic Resonance
Pinch Harmonic Point
Duplex Scale Resonance
Damper Position
Damping Duration
Damper Noise
Key Release Noise
Blooming Energy
Blooming Inertia
Aftertouch Sensitivity
Hammer Tine Noise

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  Member 5.09.2015 8
  Resident 25.05.2014 2 269
Please share Parawave RAPID Synthesizer WiN Retail installer with Dima22839
This too shall pass
  Member 28.04.2019 141
I can share win and mac
  Member 20.07.2013 7 185
Yes, where can I find RAPiD?
  Member 17.08.2013 142
That would be an amazing release!
  Member 28.12.2017 3
Am I the only one having my AV deleting automaticaly Pianoteq.exe : It detects a Virus...
  Member 19.12.2019 9
i have the same problem with Avira.., and won't let me put pianoteq in the exception list
  Member 1.03.2015 4 251
thank you!
  Member 4.04.2017 100
Incredible, you did it again!
You're going to make some people very happy(Me Included)!!!
Thank You Dima22839!!!!!!!! ( )
  Resident 3.01.2016 675
Dropping Nukes, leave some for Putin and Trump. Thanks.
  Resident 30.03.2018 65 654
Thank you Dima22839.

Also, does anyone have an account with Modartt? I was looking to check out some of their free expansion instruments from here, but you need an account, and you need a serial number to open an account.

Edit: Nevermind, I think they're all included.
  Resident 24.05.2019 11
Is this real?!?? I can't believe my eyes. Thanks for this corona gift!
  Resident 10.07.2014 847
I can, since Dima came to scene..!!
  Resident 16.01.2014 2 178
I saved my hard earned musician money to buy Pianoteq Pro and now it's out for free? I am selling my license to whatever middle class cker wants it.

Does it work with all the addons too?
  Member 27.06.2019 9
Doesn't work here on W10, Reaper6. UI won't load (blank fx window), takes a lot of time to load (more than 10 seconds) and crash when trying to delete.

EDIT : oh well ok UI will finally load ok if you tick all boxes while installing (VST, AAX etc etc etc). It still takes ages to load up, I'm not super confident this will be stable :(... For some reason, the 32 bit verison loads faster than the 64 bit.

EDIT 2 : no actually it works. I don't know what happened first time, but now both 32 and 64 bit are quite responsive. Really weird but the good kind of weird.
Avances sur ta route car elle n'existe que par ta marche.
Saint Augustin.
  Resident 30.03.2018 65 654
Complete opposite experience over here. The only boxes I ticked were VST2 (64bit) and FXP Corner. Pianoteq takes about 2 seconds to load a instance if it's the first one. Takes about 0.5 seconds to load instance if there's already one loaded. So far no crashes...

Win 10 x64 1607 LTSB, Presonus Studio One 4.1.4 x64
  Resident 30.03.2018 65 654
Note: This has an annoying "bug" that some Korg plugins also have where you must click outside of the plugin's GUI after modifying a parameter, otherwise it won't detect your midi commands properly.

Not a huge deal. All good otherwise.
  Resident 30.12.2017 785
Do you mean this is an issue with Pianoteq, or with this cracked version?
  Resident 30.03.2018 65 654
Not exclusive to the cracked version.
  Resident 30.12.2017 785
Ah that's weird. Hopefully they can fix that sometime. Thanks.
  Resident 21.10.2014 8 273
Check your Antivirus protection if you have one. For me Kaspersky is reporting on me main program exe file, so i can imagine what other AV are doing. But it is safe and it is a false positive. Check your AV, maybe that was causing problems.
  Resident 22.11.2009 250
work here on windows 10. thanks for this gift in our darkest night
  Member 27.06.2019 9
Yup, as Majestic says, it's all good :).

This website is quite something. Thank you Dima22839 !
Avances sur ta route car elle n'existe que par ta marche.
Saint Augustin.
  Resident 30.12.2017 785
Brilliant, nothing short of spectacular. Thank you for everything you have done here. Stay safe, all the best to you.
  Resident 23.07.2014 2 93
Unbelievable!..thank you!! :-)
  Resident 16.03.2014 1198
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  Resident 5.02.2012 80
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  Resident 25.12.2017 2 951
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"Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the Hip Hop, The Culture." - Method Man -
  Resident 30.12.2017 785
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  Resident 7.11.2008 8 373
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