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Samples, multi-libraries, MIDI, SF, Akai
ProSamples Collection MULTiFORMAT screenshot
Format: AKAI, AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV
Quality: 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz stereo channels
Size: 15.06 GB

ProSamples vol.01 - Hip Hop & RnB 1 [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.02 - Hip Hop & RnB 2 [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.03 - Drum & Bass 1 [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.08 - World Vocals [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.10 - House [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.12 - Dance Vocals [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.14 - World Grooves [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.15 - Dance Drums [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.17 - Guitar Licks [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.19 - Pop Brass [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.20 - Orchestral Brass [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.24 - Breakbeat [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.25 - Pop & Funk Brass [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.33 - Orchestral Loops [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.33 - Orchestal Loops [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.34 - Hip Hop & RnB 3 [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.36 - Chillout [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.37 - Dance Synths [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.40 - Breakbeat 2 [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.40 - Breakbeat 2 [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.42 - Session Instruments [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.43 - Real Drum Kits [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.45 - Techno ID [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.46 - Flamenco [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.46 - Flamenco [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.47 - Breakbeat 3 [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.48 - Disco Fever [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.49 - FX-Area [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.51 - Classic Orchestra 2 [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.52 - World Instruments 2 [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.52 - World Instruments 2 [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.53 - Classical Prepared Pianos [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
ProSamples vol.54 - Techno 138 BPM [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.55 - Retro Sampler [AKAI]
ProSamples vol.55 - Retro Sampler [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]

detailed description of several disks

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  Moderator 21.01.2012 1071 10224
Thanks Meyer83 How do you use these Akai DVD ?
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3367
i think you can open them with CDXtract and extract the WAV's

it would of been nice if they were separate though all i a'm interested in is the

ProSamples vol.34 - Hip Hop & RnB 3 [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1071 10224
THanks for the answer Lyric8 then I agree, I would be better to have separate DL for each DVD
  Resident 25.11.2011 3 58
yes CDXtract or chickensys Translator
Pass: meyer83
winrar to unzip latest version
  Resident 14.05.2012 284
anyone has the other missing vols ?????

there are 27 volumes missing to have the full bundle ??
suck my, Big Mac
  Member 17.02.2019 47
I actually have the retail version of Vol 13, and 31. Let me see if I can upload them for you guys.
  Resident 6.01.2011 576 2665
This is NOT Best Service! LOL

Content is from Zero-G and EastWest...
  Resident 25.11.2011 3 58

100% would correctly

Best Service, EastWest, Zero G
All three manufacturers have contributed to this collection
Pass: meyer83
winrar to unzip latest version
  Member 6.04.2015 104
This is surely a most have. Thanks
  Member 19.10.2016 23
All images are corrupted, it don't open
  Banned 8.11.2014 8 2743
use cd extract this is akai format
greetings to the good people & always monster thank you to all release groups and people

and pls :
don't forget to SPAY AND/OR NEUTER YOUR PETS!!!
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 2491
It sure opens in Akai S3200, too...

Thank you so much for posting this Meyer83! Much appreciated!
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

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