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Hello, David Taub here from Next Level Guitar to announce that we now have available Beginner DVD course five through eight. This course picks up right where our last course ended so you can continue your guitar journey with us in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. This is a four DVD set with over 8 hours of instructional materials that you can watch on your big TV screens and not be chained to the computer.

We are confident that this is the easiest and most efficient way for you to continue your guitar journey and get your playing to the next level. We have made major enhancements to this package of 4 DVDs to make the learning process even easier. These lessons now include on-screen text to help you to understand concepts and techniques faster. Sometimes having the additional visual images really ties things together nicely. With this DVD purchase we are also including 20 written lessons so you can see many of the concepts, theory, fingerings, chord charts, and much more on paper. This is an invaluable tool to enhance your learning experience and get your playing to the next level. You will start to build a written guitar reference library that can be easily thumbed through when practicing.

If you are familiar with my methods then you know how important it is to have structured plan as you continue to climb the guitar staircase. I lay out the structure over the four DVDs and teach you exactly what to practice – so you continue to practice the right things. Many other methods leave out this structure and students end up frustrated and spinning their wheels. Remember, you just cant be practicing anything – you have to practice the RIGHT THINGS – and I provide you with structured practice routines that will maximize your time and get your playing to the next level fast. I also tie all concepts together and then apply them on the guitar. These are critical concepts when learning guitar that are often left out of traditional old school methods - So my instructional materials are not disjointed or fragmented – but tied together in a way that is easy to understand, apply, and will keep you moving forward to THE NEXT LEVEL and get you rocking out fast.

What's Included?


Strumming – Strumming, strum patterns, and rhythm and timing are probably some of the most challenging aspects of guitar learning. But I will make it easy and fun as I break each concept down and teach them to you in a manner that will demystify strumming techniques and get you rocking out in no time! In this DVD I continue to teach you about rhythm and meter while teaching you new strum patterns. I feel that developing you ear is one of the most important things you can do as a musician. ON DVD 5 I not only will teach you new strum patterns but I will also teach you to start picking strums off by ear as we will also work on training and developing your ear.

Embellishing Chords – In these lessons you will learn how to spice up your playing by embellishing chords with suspended and add chords. These chords and techniques are essential for every guitar student as they add a tremendous amount of richness and interest to your playing. You will also get practice progressions that will teach you how to use and then apply these techniques to your playing and songs. We will also work on getting good right and left hand separation so you can be strumming away with one hand and peppering in chords with the other – gaining total independence over both hands.

Music Theory – In my opinion music theory is very important and it will make you a better guitar player and musician. I don’t want to throw a lot of music theory at you in this stage of your guitar journey. However, a little theory at this point is needed to help you to understand the principles faster and then apply them on guitar. Plus I make music theory fun and easy – it does not have to be boring, dry, and abstract – we are all about fun learning here at next level guitar. In this lesson I will introduce and teach the major scale and use it as a benchmark to teach you the differences between suspended and add chords. In this lesson you will learn all about the major scale – big fun!

Chord Changing – As you are probably well aware changing chords in time while holding down various strum patterns can be one of the most challenging tasks for any guitarist. In this lesson I continue to teach you certain must know techniques of chord changing to make chord changing clean and easy. I give you techniques and tips to make your chord changes fluid. I also give you practice techniques on how to go about practicing the most difficult of changes. I also will teach you chord changing practice routines with fast changes that will help get your playing to the next level. Its so important to push yourself as a musician and take on challenging tasks as it makes the easier tasks like butter – and makes you a better player.

Ear Training – I say it often, but it is so important as a guitar player to develop your ear to its full potential. A good ear will allow you to pick off strums and rhythms by listening. It will also allow you to figure out chords by just by listening – who needs complicated tabs and sheet music! These principles and techniques will really open the doors and pathways when playing with other people – its invaluable as you can eventually get to the point where you can pick off songs just by listening and figuring out the chords solely by ear. I feel developing you ear is one of the most important things you can do as a musician. DVD 5 has ear training exercises and routines that will start getting your ear on its path to full development. You will learn how to listen for the “color” of chords as you learn what to listen for when you hear a certain chord and how to tune you ear into the differences between chords. I also have ear training practice regimens where I will test you on these principles and teach you how to go about developing your ear – its CRITICAL to get that ear developed and you will learn how on these DVDs

Chord Library - In DVD 5 we include up close videos in a chord library section. Here you will see chord fingerings and techniques up close with a very tight camera angle. It is so important to be utilizing the proper technique when fretting chords. In this library you will learn some suspended, major 7 th, and add chords.


New Chords to Learn – On DVD 6 you will learn a whole crop of new chords. Remember that as a guitar player you have got to have a very big catalog of chords to draw from – that is a must. And you will need to know how to use these chords, apply them, and embellish them – all techniques that we teach you on these DVDs and at On DVD 6 you will learn all about dominant 7 th chords and also all about slash chords where you will be adding low bass notes to chords to give them more bottom end bite. I will also give you application practice song wise and suggest some popular songs to learn that use these chords – this way you will be using songs as an application vehicle to practice these techniques, chords, and principles as you are learning

Strumming – On DVD 6 we teach you how to strum utilizing 16 th notes. In previous lessons you have learned all about measures, quarter notes and eighth notes. Now I will take you to the next level with 16 th note strumming and strum patterns and then commingling them together with quarter and eighth notes.

Artistic Discretion – In these lessons you will learn how to use artistic discretion to really spice up your guitar skills. I will teach you how to make your guitar playing more interesting for you the player and also more interesting for the listener. You will learn how to add that very cool and hip rhythmic percussive element called the “chuck” to your playing. You will also learn how to add suspended or add chords, change the strum, and chucking – all to add interest to your playing…and more fun. I will teach you all the needed techniques to start you off embellishing and adding tons of interest and with some practice you will be adding these embellishments and using your artistic discretion in all your songs and musical ideas.

Music Theory – DVD 6 continues with a little bit more theory to continue building a solid musical foundation as you continue with your guitar journey. In these lessons you will learn the 12-note scale and how to apply it on the guitar. There are only 12 notes in Western music and I will teach you how to get them down on the guitar and why it is so critical to learn these principles. I draw the scale out on a whiteboard and break the theory down to bite sized, easily digestible pieces with my special tips and hints to make it easy and fun. You will also learn about sharps, flats, accidentals, and other necessary musical terminology.

Practice Routines – As I always state it is so critical that you are practicing the right things as you continue your guitar journey. Follow these structured practice routines to maximize efficiency and bring your playing to the next level in the fastest and most efficient manner. In these routines you will learn practice progressions and how to apply the new chords you have learned. I will also name songs to learn and use as a vehicle to practice and apply your strumming, rhythm, timing, chord changing, and new chords. I will also teach you I-IV-V progressions and how they work and how to use them as a practice tool. You will also learn what I call a “long progression” to use as a practice tool for improving your chord changing, strumming, and timing. The practice routines tell you exactly what to practice while they keep challenging you and moving you forward. I also discuss where you should be at in your guitar journey to date and recommend areas to concentrate and work up – I am with you every step of the way good people!

Chord Library - In the DVD 6 chord library you can view all the close up fingerings and proper techniques for playing open position dominant 7 th chords


Strumming – In these lessons we continue with your studies on strumming, rhythm, and timing. We will now learn more complex strumming patterns that will commingle sixteenth note strumming mixed with quarter and eighth note strumming. I will teach you how to create interest with your strumming and tie it all together rhythmically with new and complex strum patterns. As always I break the concepts and techniques down and make it easy and fun. I will teach you to play rhythmically with feel and soul and not so much thinking about up and down strokes.

New Chords to Learn – Here you will continue to expand your chordal knowledge as I teach you open position major 7 th chords. We then start using these chords in practice progressions. Remember, a big part of my teaching methodology is that everything that you are learning we apply through practice routines, progressions, or use songs as vehicles to practice. I also name more popular songs that use these chords that you will want to go ahead and practice the chords and changes by learning the songs.

Ear Training – In these lessons we continue with your ear training and development. Here I will play various strum patterns out of camera range and you will try and figure out the pattern just by listening to the strum and using your ear. These are awesome practice tools to get that ear dialed in and developed to its full potential. I will also train you with the “color of chords” where you are tested on picking out the proper family of chords that I am playing. I teach you techniques on how to think about these sounds and relate them to chords and colors musically on the guitar.

Introduction to the Capo – In this lesson I will teach you all about Capos - how to use them and why they are such an important tool for the guitarist. You will learn what they do and what type to purchase. I will also teach you how the capo will open up a whole other sound palette and how it will allow you to convert bar chords to open chords. You will learn how the capo allows you to change the key of a song to a key more suited to your vocal range. There are so many popular songs that use the capo and you will need the capo to get that proper sound timber. The capo is a very important tool and it will soon be your best friend – and I will teach you the hows and whys in this introduction to the capo lesson.

Music Theory and Songwriting – We continue with music theory lessons making it easy and fun. You will learn all about the major scale as I whiteboard it out and explain why it is so important as you continue your guitar journey. This lesson builds the foundation for the included lessons on chord construction and songwriting. All along I show examples of the theory on guitar to illustrate and apply what we are learning to the guitar. You will also learn chord construction – how are chords built and why and why it is important. Again, I apply all the concepts on the whiteboard to the guitar – all while making the theory fun and easy. I explain the techniques and formulas in bite sized digestible pieces. Then we will tie all these principles and theory together and learn about what chords make up what key and why. I will teach you all about songwriting in major key all the while applying it to the guitar. Get ready to open the creative pathways and begin to write your own songs and progressions.

Chord Library - In the DVD 7 chord library you can view all the close up fingerings and proper techniques for playing open position major 7 th chords and a few other chords like a minor 7 th and more slash chords.


Introduction to Bar Chords – On DVD 8 I will begin teaching you the wonderful world of 5 th chords, power chords, and bar chords. These chords will open the doorway to a huge amount of new songs and creative pathways that you will soon be playing. I will teach you the secrets to playing bar chords in the fastest manner. Over DVD 8 I will teach you all about technique and get you playing bar chords using the proper techniques.

Power & 5 th Chords – In these lessons I will get you playing 5 th chords and power chords. You will learn the technical end of how to play them and how to use them. You will also learn a note cheater to start to name each chord properly and find them quickly on the neck. These are a very critical series of chords and I use them as a precursor to bar chord teachings – which we get into in coming lessons on this DVD. You will learn the proper shapes, techniques, and fingerings for these chords as we move them around on the guitar neck.

Tips and Strength – In this lesson I will teach you a bar chord strength builder exercise. You will learn through my teachings on these DVDs that playing bar chords is not all about brute strength. It’s all about technique – and I will teach you all the tips and tricks to the proper technique. You will need a little bit of strength to play bar chords and that is why I will teach you some strength builders on this DVD.

Bar Chord Technique – In these lessons you will learn the proper techniques to play a 6 th string root major bar chord and a 5 th string root minor bar chord – just to start. Technique is absolutely critical when playing bar chords and I spend a lot of time going over the proper techniques that you will need to know to make these bar chords possible. I use open chords that you already are familiar with to get you playing these bar chords fast. You can do it and I will get you there good people!

Bar Chord Variations – In these lessons you will learn a bunch of different bar chords very quickly. I have an awesome system to get you learning and playing these new bar chord variations very quickly.

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big thanks man, can you post 1-4 set if you have it
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Guys, i think i have a few nextlevelguitars cds/dvds i had bought, many years ago. .. don't know the title, but i know i have them. Would it be interesting for some of you guys ?

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If they're not already here (and with working links), sure!

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