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World, New Age - 125 (0.95%)
Avant-Garde - 141 (1.08%)
Folk, Country - 110 (0.84%)
Ska - 26 (0.2%)
Electronic (general) - 2766 (21.12%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 254 (1.94%)
- Club, Dance - 396 (3.02%)
- D&B - 435 (3.32%)
- House - 1153 (8.8%)
- Trance - 593 (4.53%)
- Industrial - 217 (1.66%)

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Is this CPU good enough for music production? DE - Deutschsprachige Metal Musik von 2000 How to fill the lines with notes elegantly? Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments Kontakt library tool for Mac I need some sort of even harmonics saturation like a portico Reaper 5 minute recording OOBS mixing Hans Zimmer - Randomly famoused composer Hey Mr DJ IK Multimedia ToneX - Discussion topic


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fresh releases

Windows, Mac OSX
New Nation APD Cinematic Plugin Bundle screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | VST3 / AU | 300 MB
Pads & Drones Plugin Combo by New Nation.
Do you ever wish you could take a piece of your everyday life and turn it into music? Or wish you could express your deepest feelings without speaking a word? Well then say HELLO to your new Partners "Tactures" & "Mesosphere" who, together, can do exactly that!

These plugins were built to go hand in hand with each other.
Software, Mac OSX
Arturia FX Collection 3 v14.01.2023 macOS screenshot
macOS | 14 January 2023 | 7.81 GB
28 essential audio production plugins offering musicians and producers the inspiring, musical, and pro-grade software tools they need to get creative with their mixing, combining unmatched vintage gear emulations with game-changing contemporary effects.
Software, Windows
Arturia Pigments v4.0.2 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 14 January 2023 | 845 MB
An immensely powerful wavetable and virtual analog software instrument, 20 years in the making. With huge modulation capabilities, stunning effects, and intuitive controls, it's going to change the way you make music.
Software, Windows
Arturia Analog Lab V v5.6.3 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 14 January 2023 | 2.7 GB
Analog Lab gives you streamlined access to 6500+ of the hottest presets from our award-winning V Collection. Featuring sounds from all 21 faithfully modeled vintage keyboards, combining awe-inspiring sound with exceptional ease of use and awesome features. In addition to studying the feedback from the music community, our developers worked hand-in-hand with professional ergonomists to optimize each aspect of this music production & performance dream instrument.
Software, Windows
NoiseWorks Multilay v1.0.0 Regged WiN-demberto screenshot
DB021 | 14 January 2023 | 5.59MB
Multilay gives you all the possibilities to create your own sound.

Split your signal into three frequenzy-bands or into transient and sustain, and add up to six FX-modules inside the feedback loop.

The ducking function, different mix modes and delay time in seconds give you the control you need to find a unique sound faster.
Windows, Mac OSX
Phil Speiser THE_SAMPLER [WIN MAC]-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 14 Jan 2023 | 311.1MB each
My Sample Packs. Supercharged.
I was thinking.. how could I get my Sample Packs to the next level...
I wanted to create a unique toolbox that instantly supercharges your creativity and makes it as fun and intuitive as possible to create amazing music with them. So I got to work and this is what I came up with: THE_SAMPLER
Windows, Samples
AkaiPro Neo Sunset v1.0.2 AKAi MPC EXPANSiONS WiN screenshot
AKAi MPC EXPANSiONS WiN | AudioZ Exclusive | 1.05 GB
AKAI Professional proudly presents NEO-SUNSET: A collection of Jazz and Neo-Soul infused Hip Hop samples, drum kits and presets for MPC. Following the rich tradition of sampling in Hip Hop, this MPC Expansion includes dusty jazz piano chords, soulful guitar licks, lush neo-soul keys, live bass, a huge selection of live recorded drums & percussion, slick off-beat drum rhythms, vintage lo-fi sounds and more.
Software, Mac OSX
Dj Swivel The Sauce v1.3.0 Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | January, 13 | AU | VST3 | 233.4 MB
The Sauce brings you all the essential ingredients you need to creatively transform your vocals in one simple plugin. Oh, and it sounds great on drums and instruments too. Find your flavor with The Sauce now!
Software, Mac OSX
DJ Swivel Spread v1.2.0 Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | January, 13 | AU | VST3 | 108 MB
INTRODUCING SPREAD is an intuitive all in one multi-band stereo imaging plugin that will take your audio and spread it to widest and most accurate stereo image possible, correct balance and low end phase issues, while still maintaining excellent mono compatibility. Happy Spreading!
Software, Mac OSX
DJ Swivel Knocktonal v1.1.0 Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | January, 13 | AU | VST3 | 42 MB
Knocktonal is a note-based resonance enhancer, allowing users to boost (or cut) resonances as well as their corresponding harmonic overtones. Simply put, Knocktonal allows drum tuning via eq, without the need for re-pitching samples. This can be quite useful, as destructive re-pitching or pitch shifting will often affect the tonality of sounds in negative ways. This may include unwanted augmentation of the transients, texture, attack, and decay of your sounds. Knocktonal allows these resonance boosts/cuts to be controlled statically, or dynamically with either automation or MIDI input, the latter of which can create some incredibly unique sounding melodic pitch augmentation. Knocktonal can also be used to turn simple drum sounds like short kicks, into 808’s with a long tail by narrowing the resonance Q control (#10 on plugin overview).
Software, Mac OSX
DJ Swivel Click Boom v1.0.0 Mac [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | January, 13 | AU | VST3 | 174.1 MB
INTRODUCING Click Boom is an incredibly powerful transient shaper, giving you independent control over both the high “clicky” transients, and the low “boomy” transients in your sounds. Clever name huh? Click Boom was designed with producers in mind, with a simple and easy to use UI, and producer driven features to really help you shape the tone and dynamics of your drums, guitars, basses and final mixes!
Software, Mac OSX
Arturia V Collection 9 v13.01.2023 macOS screenshot
macOS | 13 January 2023 | 22.2 GB
A premium suite of professional software instruments ranging from modern hybrid synth engines to emulations of the most evocative instruments ever made, enhanced for today’s production workflow.

Corrected title. hidera

Software » Windows
Hexachords Orb Producer Suite v. 3.0.1 WiN [MOCHA] screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | VST3 / VST2 | 274 MB
AI computing infinite patterns, melodies and basslines.
Easy-to-use Parameters: With a modern, powerful but simple User Interface, control every parameter and the magic happen.
erfect DAW Integration: Orb Producer Suite works on all DAWs (except Protools), VST2/VST3 and AU/AUFX formats are provided.
Easy export and import: A simple drag and drop and the MIDI is in your DAW. Incredibly simple to integrate into your workflow.
Software » Windows
JRiver Media Center 30.0.48 (x64) screenshot
P2P | 01.2023 | 48 MB
JRiver Media Center 30 is the all-in-one media management app turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub for complete control of your digital media: Audio, Video, Images, and Television. It connects PC to stereo, TV, remote control devices, digital cameras, scanners, and portable MP3 players. It plays all media, rips, burns, and organizes all your music, images, and video. JRiver Media Center encodes and plays all popular media formats.


Software » Mac OSX
IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 Complete v5.5.1 macOS screenshot
P2P | 23 October 2022 | 2.95 GB
IK Multimedia's AmpliTube software has forged a formidable reputation over the years for offering a comprehensive array of digital tone-tweaking tools, but AmpliTube 5 promises to eclipse its predecessors with with a newly designed GUI that is fully scalable and supports Retina displays, an enhanced user experience, and more gear. A lot more gear.
Software » Windows
GoldWave v6.67 (x64) screenshot
P2P | 22 October 2022 | 15 MB
GoldWave is is a top rated, a comprehensive digital audio editor. GoldWave is ideal for people who work with audio for CD editing, archive restoration, speech analysis, radio and TV, Java and Web pages, games, or just for fun. You can use it to make everything from elaborate answering machine messages to professional, high quality CD audio content.
Software, Windows
IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 v5.5.1 WiN screenshot
P2P | 20 October 2022 | 2.72 GB
IK Multimedia's AmpliTube software has forged a formidable reputation over the years for offering a comprehensive array of digital tone-tweaking tools, but AmpliTube 5 promises to eclipse its predecessors with with a newly designed GUI that is fully scalable and supports Retina displays, an enhanced user experience, and more gear. A lot more gear.

Use R2R keygen, not included
Software, Windows
IK Multimedia Tonex Max v1.0.2 WiN screenshot
P2P | 20 October 2022 | 1.6 GB
A revolutionary concept in rig modeling, and the core of the TONEX ecosystem, TONEX software uses breakthrough AI Machine Modeling™ technology to let you model the sound of any amp, cabinet, combo or pedal, and turn it into a plug-in, all with a sonic accuracy that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. You can instantly play up to 1,000+ Tone Models already available plus browse, demo and download the growing number of Tone Models available on TONEX in ToneNET.
Use R2R keygen, not included

Windows, outdated
FM Heaven VSTi v1.4.9-PARADOX screenshot
PARADOX | 4 April 2002 | VST | 652 kB
This synth, as the name implies, is based on the FM principle made famous by Yamaha's DX7 Maximum 64 voices of polyphony per instrument, and full multi-timbral operation. 6 oscillators for rich FM sounds. Oscillators can be individually fixed, or keyboard tracking, and are tunable over a huge range (+/- 96 semitones when tracking the keyboard frequency, or 0.4Hz to 25Khz when fixed).
Windows, outdated
Expert Sleepers Xfadelooper VSTi v3.0.5-AiR screenshot
AiR | 23 September 2008 | VST | 1 MB
Crossfade Loop Synth is at heart a simple sample playback synth plug-in. It plays samples in the classic sampler manner - by simply altering the playback speed according to the desired note. No fancy timestretching or pitchshifting is applied.
Windows, outdated
Evolution Sound Studio Pro II v2.0-ArCTiC screenshot
ArCTiC | 5 July 2003 | WinALL | 12,3 MB
Sound Studio Pro II gives you Groove Quantize with Groove Capture (from Wave file or MIDI file), an Arpeggiator (Guitar Strum, Analogue Bassline Sequences), Humanizer, Time Machine, and Controller Sweep Generator.

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