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Native Instruments Kontakt 6.3.0 FULL / UPDATE WiNREQ: Presonus Studio One 5Native Instruments Arkhis v1.0.0 KONTAKT DVDRkiloHearts Toolbox Ultimate | Slate Digital bundle v1.8.5 CE-V.RStrezov Sampling Storm Choir Ultimate KONTAKTStrezov Sampling JADE Ethnic Orchestra KONTAKTNative Instruments Kontakt 6.3.0 WiN (FULL RETAiL)-r4e



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Soundtracks - 579 (5.68%)
Pop, R&B, Funk - 819 (8.04%)
Rock, Metal - 1392 (13.66%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 1955 (19.18%)
Jazz, Classical - 364 (3.57%)
World, New Age - 104 (1.02%)
Avant-Garde - 107 (1.05%)
Folk, Country - 92 (0.9%)
Ska - 23 (0.23%)
Electronic (general) - 2214 (21.72%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 203 (1.99%)
- Club, Dance - 326 (3.2%)
- D&B - 358 (3.51%)
- House - 978 (9.6%)
- Trance - 512 (5.02%)
- Industrial - 166 (1.63%)

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How do I update Omnisphere 2? Exorbitant Sizes of Sample Libraries If I downgrade my macOS from Catalina to Mojave, will my plugins stop working? Public domain catchy melodies (Classical music & beyond) "User Keyscape.... inconsistent index data" Catalina and libstXX++ trick Studio One 5 - Discussion Thread Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments What format should I convert my .wavs? What are you listening to now?


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fresh releases

Software » Mac OSX
MDynamicEq v7.06 MAC OSX 32 Bits K-Only screenshot
MDynamicEq v7.06 MAC OSX 32 Bits K-Only

MDynamicEq is the perfect "go-to" parametric equalizer, combining an incredible versatility with ease-of-use to produce a really musical sound. Inspired by the analog world, but taking advantage of the digital!
Our MeldaProduction Adjustable Slope Filter (MASF) technology gives you natural sounding, versatile filters that are free of the resonance associated with other equalizers. Each highly adjustable and dynamic band let's you fix problems easily, whether you are putting together a mix, or, tackling compression, expansion or de-essing tasks.
Windows, Mac OSX, instruments
Best Service Titan (Virtual Instrument) screenshot
Quakeaudio | 28-12-2012 | 22 GB
The development and the sampling of this library was 10 years in the making.
TITAN offers 5500 multisamples of the best sounds from 200 (!!) classic Analog Synthesizers and Modular Systems including the biggest & most famous Digital Synths & Workstations of the 80s and 90s but also the newest Virtual Instruments and current synths all in one massive plug-in.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Windows, Mac OSX
Best Service Galaxy X Virtual Instrument screenshot
Quakeaudio | 26-12-2012 | 11 GB
After three years of development Galaxy Instruments proudly presents an exciting new virtual instrument with an extraordinary new kind of sound design: GALAXY X. X is a CONVOLUTION SYNTHESIZER, bringing an extremely powerful and creative sound design tool at your disposal: FX CONVOLUTION.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Mac OSX, multi-libraries, Education
Apple Logic Studio 9.1.8  (All GarageBand Jam Packs, Training) screenshot
Apple Logic Studio 9.1.8 (All GarageBand Jam Packs, Training)
12.2012 | MAC OSX | English | Format: .dmg

Logic Studio is a complete set of professional applications that lets you write, record, edit, mix, and perform. It’s also the largest collection of modeled instruments, sampler instruments, effect plug-ins, and audio loops ever put in a single box. So it’s easy to get amazing sounds and amazing-sounding recordings. Now you can tackle any stage of your project yourself without losing your inspiration along the way.
Software » Mac OSX
MegaSeg Pro v5.8.7 MacOSX Incl.Keymaker-CORE screenshot MegaSeg Pro v5.8.7 MacOSX |24 MB Team CORE 2012/12/19
MegaSeg Pro delivers power features designed for professionals; From broadcast automation for radio stations, to video for pro DJs and VJs, to background music for retail, hotels, restaurants and bars, to real‐time sound effects for podcasts, theater productions or sports arenas, MegaSeg delivers pro‐level tools. Playback and beat mix both audio and video. Trigger instant sound effects with hot keys. Use advanced auto DJ features, including playlist event timers to start playlists at various times of day. Automatically generate playlists with intelligent music rotations and messaging or ad insertion. Create continuous video playback with Ambient Video Playlists. Keep artists, albums, and titles separated with playlist rules. Note requests with automatic reminders. Customize the interface with track colors and many display options. Network sync between systems, with advanced logging, “Now Playing” features, and much more.
Windows, Mac OSX
ToonTrack Rock Solid EZX EXPANSION screenshot
TEAM AudioP2P | 12-19-2012 | 531MB
The Rock Solid EZX features a collection of modern drums perfectly suited for anything from classic rock to modern metal. It was recorded at the renowned Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada by one of the most prolific engineers of the last two decades, Randy Staub. Randy has worked with A-list clients back to back for the past plus 20 years, mixed groundbreaking works like Metallica's "Black Album", Mötley Crüe's "Dr Feelgood" and honed the sound for artists like Nickelback, Bon Jovi and Alice in Chains. Randy is beyond just an award-winning mix engineer, he's helped define the sound of a generation.
Software » Mac OSX
Native Instruments Solid Mix Series Mk2 v1.0.0 MacOSX screenshot
TEAM R2R | 2012.12.18 | 31.17MB
The new SOLID MIX SERIES emulates the distinctive EQ and dynamics sections of one of the most revered mixing consoles of all time, while TRANSIENT MASTER recreates a popular hardware processor that provides highly efficient transient processing. All products can used be used with the free GUITAR RIG PLAYER software, or expand the arsenal of the upcoming new GUITAR RIG 5.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Windows, Mac OSX
Native Instruments Reflektor v1.2.0 WiN/MacOSX screenshot
TEAM R2R | 2012.12.18 | Win: 277MB | MacOSX: 312MB
REFLEKTOR represents the pinnacle of digital signal processing - a definitive convolution reverb based on the groundbreaking Zero Latency Convolution technology developed by Native Instruments. This high-performance effect provides reverb ranging from super-realistic physical rooms to fully virtual acoustics, offering in-depth modeling parameters for creating unique spaces. It can perfectly emulate the sound of high-end, expensive digital reverb units and includes specially designed content for creative sound design. Combined with some highly usable and musical innovations such as the Sync and Reverse feature, this is the ultimate reverb for every production need, from classic to creative.

Reuploaded. GonBi


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