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Windows, Mac OSX
LetiMix GainMatch v1.1.3 Regged (WIN OSX)-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 13 Jan 2021 | OSX: 31.7MB | WIN: 8.5MB
This tool was designed to make gain matching easy and fast!
Have you ever seen a plugin that sounds so much better when you put it on? And later discovered that it just adds 1 dB of gain on everything?

Or maybe a new compressor, that has a fixed 2dB steps output knob? So that comparing before and after is a pain?

Or maybe a saturation plugin with no output gain, so that it's almost unusable?

Decide if it's better, not louder, in a moment!

GainMatch is an affordable and easy to use tool that we think
everyone should have in their arsenal.

Usage Scenarios:

Use this tool to get rid of plugins that do not improve your sound.
Use it as an auto-leveling tool.
Use it as a meter to adjust your plugin's output.
Use it in "Left""Right" mode to get a perfect balance of hard-panned tracks.
Use it in "target loudness" mode to set your tracks to the desired loudness (for.
example, process guitars and basses with the same level across the album) or to the desired peak level (for drums).
Use it for testing compressors, saturation effects, etc. maintaining the same perceived output level.

Cool Features Like:

controlling "before" input gain reverse linked with "after".
mixing "before" and "after" signals.
one-click auto delay compensation.
variable RMS time and filtering.
adjustable auto-gain with gain tolerance ignoring minor level changes.
match "after" to "before" or vice-versa (while listening).
Stereo, Left, Right, Mid and Side modes (compare your right channel to left, control mid/side balance).
Neutral mode to use it as a regular gain knob with +-40 db range.
trim control lets you make adjustments in +-150 dB range.
optimized CPU usage.
auto-selection of group and mode upon inserting.
target loudness mode to match with a reference loudness or peak level.

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  Member 1.01.2021 29
By Far the best gain match tool.........this is a must have for all.
  Member 2.07.2015 25
Very Useful and a must have plug.
Cheap on the pocket as well. Should buy if you can.
Absolutely love it ... it has drastically improved my capabilities on detecting precise changes in any sound upon processing.
  Resident 17.08.2013 257
Bought it a couple of weeks ago when i stumbled upon it. A no brainer...
  Resident 29.05.2012 381
Super Plugin, bought it on BF .. try it and then buy it!
It’s only 19$
  Resident 23.11.2016 2 282
Thx R2R for OSX love. Handy tool btw.
  Member 26.04.2013 11
thanks :)
  Member 23.12.2017 121
This thing looks amazing and the other videos on that Youtube Channel seem very interesting
  Member 24.04.2019 4 41
Thanks but we have a license

from heaven to earth) from Softube to 9$ vst
  Resident 23.06.2013 1 430
quote by loodedfrom Softube to 9$ vst

what's that supposed to mean?
  Member 11.10.2015 3 37
WOW! Great plugin. Thanx R2R! You really ROCK DUDE!
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  Member 14.03.2016 3 96
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  Resident 10.07.2014 963
Switch to windows and never behave like an a-h0le...
  Member 14.03.2016 3 96
micro soft paenis user go figure
  Member 15.12.2018 1 18
bought it
only selfies
  Resident 10.07.2014 963
Tech like this must be included in all DAWs natively.
  Member 10.06.2020 217
Bitwig Studio (the "Audio Receiver" device)
  Member 2.08.2020 1 22
  Resident 26.01.2019 7 280
Wow! It writes its own MIDI automation track as it analyses!
AND it can also act as a realtime leveller from monitoring another track!?
Brilliant tool.
  Member 13.01.2015 40
That's a cubase feature. Doesn't belong to the plugin. In the video above he clicks write on the vst host window, not on the plugin itself. And then it records automation as you would do it if you move the controls yourself as the track is playing.
  Member 6.01.2015 1 188
is this better than tb ablm?

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