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fresh releases

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Soundethers Talis Ethers for SERUM FXP WAV-TZ Group screenshot
TZ Group | Patches for SERUM FXP WAV | 572.57 MB
Have you ever had an experience of truly subtle, cinematic textures, ever-evolving, deep, wide fields solwly moving in Serum? If "not exactly" is your answer, then TALIS ETHERS is the right soundset for you.

It's an instant atmospheres builder collection, made for film and game composers, IDM, Ambient, Chillout, and a lot more, based on original field recordings and textures.
Software » Mac OSX
PSPaudioware PSP FETpressor v.1.0.0 MacOS-[k]- offset screenshot
vst, au, rtas. 32 & 64 bits | 27.14 MB
PSP FETpressor is a FET feedback type compressor plug-in. It’s designed to provide accurate, almost instant compression with lots of character. Great for vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and whenever a classic 1970s-style FET compressor is needed. PSP FETpressor contains everything you’d expect from a FET compressor: an internal side chain high pass filter to control amount of low frequency pumping, smoothly adjustable compression ratio, ability to select which channel to process, and a link switch. This compressor also contains a dry signal blend for parallel compression. Additionally PSP FETpressor contains makeup amplifier and output transformer emulations to add subtle character even when set to 1:1 ratio.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
The Unfinished Trilian Humankind Patches for Trilian-TZ Group screenshot
TZ Group | Patches for Trilian | 378.52 KB
Humankind is a collection of four smaller soundsets that were originally released individually back in 2013. They were limited edition collections, only released for a short period of time, and in aid of Oxfam.

In Trilian Humankind there are 64 sounds for Trilian. The patches are designed for a variety of uses and genres, although with a focus on the cinematic; all with the quality and dexterity you’d expect from The Unfinished sounds.
Samples » loops
Q Up Arts Latin Groove Factory V1 WAV REX AiFF screenshot
FANTASTiC | Jan 26 2017 | 0.98 GB
By Global Blowerks & Q Up Arts

Styles include Songo 100, 116, 132, Salsa 82, 100, 116, and Mambo 82,100, 116. Plus multi-sample single hits of percussion instruments and drums. The recognized de facto standard for Latin Music and percussion samples. This is the most comprehensive collection of authentic traditional and contemporary drum and percussion grooves from Cuba and Brazil. Grooves from the cultures of Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and the Dominican Republic are also included in this smoking set of drum and percussion loops and samples. Produced by experts in the Latin music field, this collection offers the maximum amount of feel and groove allowed in samplers today.
Samples » loops
MSXII Audio Foul 808s Vol. 2 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | Jan 26 2017 | 60 MB
Those MSXII Foul 808s are back for the second volume! Once again, these were built from analog circuitry and then texturized by our distortion, bitcrushing, and modulating chains. In this package, we've left you with some KILLER loop based, idea starters as well as more DISRESPECTFUL sounds. If you've not copped the first, get the bundle and save. Peep the demo!
Samples » Kontakt
YummyBeats Massive Evolutions II Bundle NMSV KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 26 2017 | 4.92 GB
The Massive Evolutions II was especially designed for electronic music where synth swappings & unique sounds are important like Dubstep, Neuro Funk or modern Cinematic Productions like TV Commercials or Game Music. It is addressed to ambitious Sound Designer/DJs (customizable presets), to Live-Acts (easily, dynamically playable) as well as to cinematic producers who need to work fast without having to abandon quality e.g. with tv productions or advertisement projects
Education » Video Tutorials
JTC - Guthrie Govan Signature Series  screenshot
P2P | Jan 26 2017 | 106 MB
When we arranged for Guthrie to come back to JTC HQ to film a new set of tracks we decided it was time that we prised out his closest guarded secrets. In order to coax out these nuggets of pure genius and really see exactly how his mind works we simply had to challenge him with the most difficult jam tracks we could create. We spoke to our friends over at Yellow Boat Studios and they got to work, analysing Erotic Cakes and The Aristocrats before creating 3 incredible tracks to test Guthrie to the max! Plucky Seven is in 7/8 time, Man Alive is in 5/4 time and 'Five To Three' is in 4/4, although has a 5+3 feel, which Guthrie taps into a you can see why it is called the Signature Series!


loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Sample Magic 100 Chord Samples WAV MIDI [FREE] screenshot
26 jan 2017 / 65mb
One-half audio, one-half MIDI, this pack of 100 chord samples is perfect to give your tracks a more musical angle and kick-start inspiration. Whether you're classically trained or simply follow your ear, they're key- and tempo-labelled to quickly get your ideas rolling. There's virtuoso piano riffs, old-school sampler stabs, single note samples and a lot more inside.
Samples » Kontakt
Solo Alto Operatic Voice screenshot
This is a reworking of Soundiron's Voice of Rapture, the alto, using slicing technique I've made it far easier to use and trebled the key-switch range that now goes from C-2 to B1. This gives you a lot more ways to make up chants. I've done a quick demo to show you how the Alto voice can fit into a work. Included are two long Ah and Oh key-switches c-2 to Db for you to connect one word to another if need be. I've added a list of all the words so you can look them up and the key-switch.
Samples » multi-libraries
175 Drum Machines Samples | WAV | 16-24 Bit 44.1-48.0 kHz | 980 MB
Is an interesting library of samples of various drum machines. The collection includes 175 drum machines of different ages, from both well-known brands such as Boss, Alesis, Akai, Roland and many others. etc, and on the more alternative labels.

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