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CreativeLive The Ableton Operator with James Patrick TUTORiAL screenshot
FANTASTiC | 07 August 2019 | 1.84 GB
This in-depth class unlocks the inner workings of one of the most powerful multi-mode synthesizer tools around: the Ableton Operator. Coined as the "Swiss Army Knife" of synthesizers, the Operator is capable of handling the heaviest sound design tasks - and of keeping the process simple and effective from start to finish. Join master sound designer James Patrick as he details every single element within the Operator instrument. Though he'll start by exploring it as a basic synthesis engine, by the end of the class he'll reveal it to be an instrument capable of creating the most advanced, futuristic sounds of our time. He'll talk about combining Additive, Subractive and FM synthesis elements. He'll also cover the details of creating drums, percussion, leads, brass, pads, and evolving textures.


•01 - Course Introduction
•02 - The FM Concept
•03 - Operator Fundamentals
•04 - FM Pro Tips
•05 - Classic Subtractive Techniques
•06 - FM Monophonic Bass
•07 - FM Polyphonic Leads
•08 - Drum and Percussion Overview
•09 - Kicks and Tom Drum Techniques
•10 - Snares and Hardware Techniques
•11 - Advanced Modulations
•12 - Crossfades and Aftertouch
•13 - Live's Filter Models

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  Member 23.06.2019 49
Im somewhat new here.. from my understanding the site makes revenue from premium links but im assuming the uploader doesnt...
I dont want to seem ungrateful here, but when someone uploads why dont they use a service like zippyshare where everyone can get the file quickly? These rapidgators and uploadeds are the worst, and i get it they are the worst by design... and yea i get it too, If i paid for premium i wouldnt have this problem, im more curious to how things work around here than anything...
  Member 7.10.2018 3 214
reevown or deepbrid will help ya
  Resident 30.12.2017 945
There are different kinds of posts here. What you see above is a red box stating that the uploader doesn't allow mirrors. In that case you won't see other users in the comments who post mirrors. When that red box isn't there then you will see mirrors by other users, some of which will occasionally post free file hosts like Zippyshare.

Often, things you see here can be found on torrent sites a little while after the initial release so if you don't want to get a premium account you could pursue that.

Generally though you'd want to buy access to premium, be it directly via UL or RG, or via a multi host service
  Member 23.06.2019 49
Thanks for the detailed clarification... I get it now
  Resident 19.11.2013 1 1621
I'll PM you to clear up a few of your incorrect assumptions and with extra info to help you download easier, I'm not willing to make a long detailed comment here because Olymoon is going to come on and do the "If you want to discuss links etc please make a post at Audiosex etc" thingy, and rightly so in this case as there are too many comments about it already, actually I'm gonna beat him to it.
Guys, if you want to discuss links etc please use PM or create a thread at Audiosex, or wait till Olymoon goes away on holidays :)
This comment is now nearly as long as the comment I was going to make in the first place.
  Member 23.06.2019 49
lol thanks
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1264 11943
  Member 13.08.2017 70
Operator is by far the most simple yet powerful tool also underestimated. Thanks Fantastic and really appreciate Audioz team for this!

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