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Congratulations for Choosing to go on an Amazing Adventure

You are about to learn the essentials of music composition. The elements, the rules and guidelines, the way music works. Music is a language. But not any kind language. The greatest and most powerful means of communication, mankind has ever invented.

A language that we all can relate to. A language to share joy and happiness. A language to share grief and sorrow. A language to portrait darkness and evil. And my favorite: a language to share the noble kindness and heroic goodness of your heart.

YOU can have all this POWER

The power to make people laugh, or cry. The power to give the listeners goosebumps on their arms, and chills running through their body. The power... of emotion. Because that's what music is. A dynamic and compelling story of emotions. And you are the both the writer, and the director of this story.

Examples of things you will Learn

The Elements of Music
The Foundations and Guidelines of Music
The Way to Create Your Music Story full of Emotions
Level up Your Knowledge Today

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Learn all the Concepts, Methods, Techniques and Tips etc.
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  Member 9.10.2016 60
this guy is a nightmare to listen to. he likes to sit in front of the camera mumbling bombastic meaningless vague bullshit for hours. and then he calls it a day and sends it in as a "course". just a little warning.

i truly hope this one is "better", but i have my serious doubts..
  Member 13.06.2018 1
Just listen to his soundcloud... https://soundcloud.com/peakeleven

  Member 9.01.2018 43
Looking forward to watching this after the previous comment. thanks
  Member 9.01.2018 43
5 videos in and I see what you mean now!

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