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Avant-Garde - 93 (1.07%)
Folk, Country - 78 (0.9%)
Ska - 19 (0.22%)
Electronic (general) - 1919 (22.1%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 182 (2.1%)
- Club, Dance - 288 (3.32%)
- D&B - 315 (3.63%)
- House - 863 (9.94%)
- Trance - 459 (5.29%)
- Industrial - 142 (1.64%)

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Roland FA 06 and RME babyface pro question Audio interfaces, sound cards and sound quality Need recommendations of Audio Interfaces. MIDI 2.0 is coming soon. FreeNAS - Building a SAN for my ESXi Server to Store Samples Ableton Live Psytrance Template - The Mother of all Basslines Kontakt noob questions. Help me finish this? Distortion pedal vst that dont suck Some advice needed.. (About Maschine MK2 Installation)


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Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire Tim Sparks Post-Modern Fingerstyle Blues TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 05 January 2019 | 2.14 GB
There's just a handful of bona fide mega-genius fingerstyle guitar players walking the planet today. Tim Sparks is one of them. Tim's extraordinary focus, passion, technique, musicality and creativity are all dead giveaways that he is also a time traveling master from the Renaissance sent here to treat our modern ears to his fresh, fascinating and singularly unique art of guitar.
Education » Literary
Creating the Revolutionary Artist : Entrepreneurship for the 21st-Century Musician screenshot
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1538109921 | 253 Pages | PDF | 7.56 MB
As traditional music career paths become increasingly scarce, 21st-century musicians must reach out to new and diverse audiences to ensure career success and sustainability. Many universities and conservatories now offer entrepreneurship courses for their students, but musicians already in the working world must also learn to build relationships with their communities, jumpstart and fund new initiatives, engage new audiences, and ultimately create successful and meaningful careers.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Beat Magazin - Februar 2019 screenshot
German | 100 pages | True PDF | 23 MB
Totgesagte leben länger: Auch nach über 30 Jahren ist Techno nach wie vor ein Dauerbrenner im Club und in den Dance-Charts. Beat liefert im großen Techno-Baukasten die Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung zu den angesagtesten Subgenres des Stils und gibt essenzielle Tipps für packende Club-Tracks. Des Weiteren verraten in diesem Spezial Top-Produzenten des Genres ihre Sound-Tricks.
Education » Video Tutorials
Lynda The Songwriting Process TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 04 January 2019 | 65.89 MB
Songwriting is a craft that requires creativity and discipline. By adopting a regular process, you can set yourself up for more productive and inspired sessions. In this course, professional songwriter and music industry veteran Cliff Goldmacher offers tips, tricks, and workflow suggestions for new and experienced songwriters alike. You can learn how to set up your songwriting space for effortless creativity, how to research your ideas, how to overcome writer's block and procrastination, how to develop chords and lyrics, and how to write better songs overall. Plus, get tips for working effectively with a cowriter and sharing your songs once they are complete.
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire Andrew Ford's 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 04 January 2019 | 1.3 GB
A great way for any beginner bass player to start developing solid rock chops is to learn the bass lines, progressions, and grooves that were commonly used in the classic rock era that are still being played today. Not only will you find yourself playing these grooves with your friends, or at the local jam, they also provide a solid foundation to build on as you progress into more modern styles of rock bass.
Education » Video Tutorials
Noiselab FM Synthesis TUTORiAL screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | 27 December 2018 | 456 MB
The origins of FM Synthesis date back to the 1970's. Frequency modulation is a type of synthesis that is heard in many genres of music including house, pop, dubstep, EDM, electronic music, and more. Popular synthesizers include the Yamaha DX7 keyboard and the software synth Native Instruments FM8 - both of which have been used by notable artists.
Education » Video Tutorials
Noiselab Ableton Live Hacks III Finishing Ideas TUTORiAL screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | 27 December 2018 | 283 MB
Welcome to Ableton Live Workflow Hacks! This is the third and final course in this series. In this segment, we explore tricks that will help you out near the end of the production process. The mixing hacks covered will help you apply processing and set levels more efficiently in your mixdowns. We will also touch on some frequently overlooked techniques for file management, such as organizing the browser for easy access to sounds, properly Collecting and Saving projects, and using Live's File Manager to locate missing files and seamlessly replace samples throughout a project.
Education » Video Tutorials
Noiselab Ableton Live Hacks II Developing Ideas TUTORiAL screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | 27 December 2018 | 252 MB
Welcome to Ableton Live Workflow Hacks! This is the second of 3 courses that focus on workflow hacks. In this segment, we will look more in depth at workflow tips designed to help you progress your ideas further. After initial ideas have been put down into a project, this segment will primarily deal with developing and enhancing sounds, working quickly in Live's Arrangement view, and adding automation. By the end of this course, you will be able to add more polish to your sounds, efficiently add movement and interest to your tracks, and use key commands and loop brace edit commands to navigate the Arrangement much faster.


Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Roberto Dalla Vechia - Flat out Flatpicking screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 960x540 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44.1 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 654 Mb

Hello I'm Roberto Dalla Vechia — welcome to my TrueFire Foundry course, Flat Out
Flatpicking, which I produced in my own studio.
Tone, timing, taste, speed, rhythm chops, ear are all essential skills that guitar players
from beginners to professionals need to address on a regular basis. These are the skills
that we admire so much in our guitar heroes.
We will spend eight weeks together learning flatpicking songs and practicing solid acoustic
guitar fundamentals, each week focusing on a different one. Each skill could easily be an
eight week course by itself, but here we will focus only on those aspects that are crucial
to establish a foundation to build upon.
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Ton van Bergeijk - Licks to Riffs Guidebook Jazz edition screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 960x540 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3, 192 Kbps, 44.1 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 560 Mb

In the blues edition of Ton van Bergeijk’s Licks to Riffs Guidebook, he showed you how to
turn licks into riffs for simple blues and jazz blues. Here in the jazz edition, you’ll
dive deeper into jazz blues, work on rhythm changes, minor and diminished tonalities,
different concepts of riffs, and riffs that you can use over a non-standard chord
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Ton van Bergeijk - Licks to Riffs Guidebook Blues edition screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 960x540 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3, 160 Kbps, 44.1 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 368 Mb

Guitarists love to learn licks from other guitarists and musicians, and then twist and turn
those licks to make them their own and expand their vocabulary. Part of that process is
learning how to adapt licks to different chord changes and progressions.
In this Licks to Riffs Guidebook for the Blues, master fingerstyle player, Ton van Bergeijk
will show you a systematic approach for modifying any lick to make it work over virtually
any chord or blues progression.
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Ton van Bergeijk - Fingerstyle Blues & Boogie Guidebook screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 960x540 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Size: 708 Mb

How would Blind Blake have played a Jerry Reed guitar boogie? What would it sound like if
Jerry Reed and Roger Miller recorded together? Or if Big Bill Broonzy jammed with Tommy
Tucker? How does a 60’s R&B bassline enhance a 30’s Country Blues?
Ton van Bergeijk’s Fingerstyle Blues and Boogie Guidebook explores the wide world of blues
and boogie and demonstrates how to artfully blend musical elements and techniques from the
past to breathe new life into contemporary blues and boogie performances and vice versa.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Rhythm - February 2019 screenshot
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 46 MB
Rhythm is the UK's best-selling drum magazine. Every issue of Rhythm is jam packed with exclusive interviews with the hottest players in the world, brilliant features covering every aspect of the drumming universe, independent advice on the latest gear from our team of experts, and all the news, reviews, gigs and gossip you could ever possibly want.
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Chris Buono - Guitar Gym Triad Chord Scales - Melodic Minor screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 864x848 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3, 192 Kbps, 44.1 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 697 Mb

In this edition of Guitar Gym, it’s all about mastering Melodic Minor Triad Chord Scales. Split into four leveled sections, these workouts guide you through a comprehensive, rigorous practice regimen designed to get these essential playing elements solidified and ready to build on. Buono will guide you through 48 Workouts across the 4 levels. The workouts are organized into tempo sets (from slow to fast) each with an accompanying overview video where Buono explains the ins and outs for practicing the workouts. Each Workout is also clearly laid out for you in Guitar Pro, which can further be adjusted to any tempo. Buono will perform each workout on video (in various views) for the prescribed amount of time and so you’ll always have your coach there to play along and sweat it out with in the Guitar Gym.
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Henry Johnson - Jazz expressions screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 960x540 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3, 192 Kbps, 44.1 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 864 Mb

Jazz is a ‘many splendored thing’ powered by innovation, imagination, and extraordinary virtuosity. While masters of jazz guitar were inspired in their early years by other players, each also brings something new and individual to the table thus compounding the splendor of the form. Henry Johnson is one such master. Old enough to have been privileged to have played, toured and recorded with many legends of jazz, Henry is also still young enough to bring fresh energy and creative approaches to the evolving art of jazz improvisation.
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Jesus Hernandez - Buena Vista Cuban Guitar Guidebook screenshot
Publisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 960x540 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3, 192 Kbps, 44.1 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 625 Mb

Cuban music is considered one of the richest and most influential world music genres. Its highly rhythmical featuring West African and Spanish elements combined with Classical and Jazz textures. Ry Cooder and Cuban guitarist Juan de Marcos González presented Cuban music to the world with the Buena Vista Social Club, which became the umbrella term to describe Cuba's musical golden age between the 1930s and 1950s.
Education » Literary
Jacquelyn Sholes, "Allusion as Narrative Premise in Brahms’s Instrumental Music" screenshot
2018 | ISBN-10: 0253033152, 0253033144 | 328 pages | EPUB, PDF | 19 + 3 MB
Who inspired Johannes Brahms in his art of writing music? In this book, Jacquelyn E. C. Sholes provides a fresh look at the ways in which Brahms employed musical references to works of earlier composers in his own instrumental music. By analyzing newly identified allusions alongside previously known musical references in works such as the B-Major Piano Trio, the D-Major Serenade, the First Piano Concerto,
Education » Literary
Counterpoint Workbook By Kent Kennan PDF screenshot
1998 | 96 Pages | ISBN: 0130810525 | PDF | 33 MB
Designed for courses in beginning and advanced counterpoint, this established text introduces the contrapuntal style of 17th and 18th century music through analysis and writing. While a limited understanding of contrapuntal elements may be gained through analysis alone, these elements are grasped in a more intimate way through the actual writing of contrapuntal examples. Also, by linking the study of counterpoint to music of a specific period, the text provides a clear model for students to emulate and a definite basis for the criticism of student work.

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